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Antique Mirror Ch3

Antique Mirror
Chapter 3:
April rolled out of bed and stretch. It was 8 o’clock. She must’ve shut off the alarm ealier and went back to sleep.
“Oh shit!” She felt her heart race.  “Angel! Get dressed.” She banged on her sister’s door as she ran to the kitchen to make coffee. There was no way she’d survive the day without it. She stopped on a dime as she found Angel cooking eggs.
“We don’t have school for the rest of the week, remember?” Angel reminded her as she pushed her long hair back.
“Oh yeah.” April gave a nervous laugh. “Coffee?”
“Already made.” Angel jabbed a thumb at the coffee pot.
“Thanks.” April pulled her creamer out of the fridge. She was glad Angel could cook. She didn’t know what she’d do without her. April could barely boil water. Aside from being able to make pecan pie, April couldn’t cook. Angel, however, cooked all the time. She enjoyed bbig dinners that left leftovers in the fridge for days.
They ate breakfast in silence.
“So… What do you want to do today?” April asked. That strange dream from yesterday was still clinging to her. She needed a busy day to remove it.
Angel took a sip of orange juice to wash down the last off her food. She was looking pale as she stared at her plate. She wanted more bacon but she wasn’t really hungry. “Can we go to the book store? The next issue of my manga came out the other day and I want to see if it’s there or not.”
“Sure!” April beamed. She loved the bookstore.

The bookstore had a few people bustle busseling around. It wasn’t a very busy day at the book store, but it still had people either sitting in the coffee shop or in the rubber chairs around the bookshelves.

Angel was curled up in one of those rubber chairs, reading a manga she had picked up because the image was pretty.

This story is cancelled as of April 8th, 2015. 
My apologizes to all who liked this story and were enjoying it. I know it wasn't long and the story itself had barely started. I also know that I have schedule this story to be published after this date. On the date, my sister is upset with me. She told me I am no longer her sister and to never come over again. So I am holding her by her statement. It hurts, but I will accept her wishes. Not being able to give this story to her in person is sad, so I will share as far as I have gotten and not touch this story again.
I will be moving on to other projects now. I can only hope that you all will enjoy the new stories I create.
Several days later:
My sister and I have made up, but I still am not going to be touching this story again. I have other stories I am working on and want to finish.

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            So I was on Tumblr when I found this post reblogged by someone I follow. The post has links to a Buzzfeed article and a petition to change the advertisement.  
            The advertisement is made by a company called Protein World. It has a yellow background with a woman in a yellow (same kind of yellow as the background) bikini. The women is skinny/slim. In big bold black text around her though it says, “Are you beach body ready?” in all caps. In the corner it says “The weight Loss collection” with a picture of Protein World’s products. But it’s small and only takes up the corner.
            There are many problems with this ad. The first and most notable is the woman’s size. That is most likely not the body you would get from using their products. In fact, most people wouldn’t be able to get a body like that.
            I’m disgusted that such an ad was allowed pass their PR department. But sadly, I’ve seen some of the tweets from Protein World and it seems to me that they don’t know how to be a proper, mature company. Their response to the backlash of their ad was not to apologize, or make a mature response. Their response was immature and childish, like a middle school student. To me, that is not a company. That is a child who thinks they are running a successful company. They’re not. They’re ruining themselves by sticking their feet in their mouths.
            I have read that the ads will be removed from the rail ways of London, where they were put up. That brings me relief. I knew many girls who were insecure about their bodies growing up in school, and I still meet women like that. I knew many who tried to gain a ‘perfect body’ by many different methods. I, myself, never tried to obtain a ‘perfect body’ as I felt it wouldn’t help me either way. I felt like I wasn’t pretty/beautiful/sexy/etc. as a teen and a part of that was caused by the gauge of beauty I grew up knowing here in the US. I’m sure it’s just the same for many young teens, female and male, all around the world. The other part was caused by bullies from school and offhand comments from adults who didn’t understand how much their comments would affect me.
            That ad can cause the same damage to a young girl’s image of themselves. We’re constantly look at media to tell us how we should look, talk, and behave. It’s what teens do. They want to fit in. They want to be cool. They want to be liked and loved, even if they have to be fake at times to achieve it. It’s just the way we are and it will take years to fix it to where we don’t feel pressured to be that model’s body that many of us can’t achieve.
            I’m just glad the ad is being removed. But I’m appalled by the company. They have called people against the ad ‘extremism’ and the CEO of the company, Arjun Seth, who I’m sure probably runs the Protein World’s twitter account has even told Channel 4 News that the critics of the advert were ‘terrorists’.
            To which I have to say, “Do you even know what a terrorist is?” Because it seems to me you don’t. He also seems to be laughing, saying that sales are increasing. This is annoying and yet I know how it works. It’s like with celebrities. They do crazy, stupid stuff and they wind up being in the news all week and more people buy their products because they’re what’s in and the latest fad. That sucks, but that’s how they do it. Bad press is good press as far as they’re concern, just so long as it makes them money. I say the best thing to do is to boycott them. Don’t buy their products and encourage others not to buy it either. If no one’s buying their products, they won’t be laughing off all this negativity like a middle schooler much longer.

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Late For Class

Creative Writing Shorts:

April 26, 2015
Theme: You're late for school because you overslept, but your teacher hates over-sleepers. He does love entertaining stories, so create the most outlandish excuse as to why you were late.

“But Mr. Pumpernickel! You don’t understand!” Mahsa cried.
“Oh really?” Mr. Pumpernickel sneered down at her. He knew very well that Mahsa had a horrible habit of oversleeping. A habit he hated and very much resented the teen for. “Then let’s hear you’re excuse for being late today?”
The gears in Mahsa’s head started turning as the story began to weave itself. “I left my house on time this morning, but on my way here there was a car accident!” she began. Mr. Pumpernickel leaned back in his chair as he listened. He did love a good story. “I noticed that there was a guy passed out in his car. The cops hadn’t gotten there yet, so I went to help him. There was this horrible smell of burnt rubber and smoke coming from his car and he was just unconscious on his steering wheel.
“I struggled with the driver side door before it popped opened. I fell backwards and landed on my butt. It’s still sore from the concrete. I tried to wake the guy up, but he was out like a light so I had to pull the guy out. He was really heavy.


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Krissie Reads Ep16

Charity Livestream

Markiplier is doing a charity livestream right now for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital today!
You can view the livestream here:
and you can go donate here:
For those who don't know who Markiplier is, he is a YouTuber. Mark is a wonderful person who is very caring and has raised a lot of money for charity in the past. His goal today is to raise $64K and $53,971 has been raised in the pass 4 hours. 
Markiplier is a very funny guy. I've only been watching his videos on YouTube since November, but he really makes me smile. Mark, to me, seems to be like the big brother figure to a lot of people. He's mainly known for playing horror games like Five Nights At Freddy's.
I've drawn a few sketchies during the livestream that I have posted on Twitter. You can go there to see them. I'm also writing a little bit. I seem to be kind of dead while writing right now, but hopefully it'll pick up.
But if you want to have a good time, go watch Markiplier's livestream. He's currently playing Yoshi's Island right. And if you can, go donate, even if it's just dollar. I mean, every little penny helps. If you can't donate, that's fine. See if you can't encourage others to donate and just get the word out.
Thanks you guys! You're all way pass cool!

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Antique Mirror Ch2

Antique Mirror
Chapter 2:
April stretched as she rolled out of bed. She had taken a good long nap. She pulled the sleeves of her panda pajamas out as she walked down the hall. She found Angel in the study. It wasn’t really a study. It was just the room where they put all their books.
Angel was curled up on the window bench. The book in her hand was slipping out as her gripped loosened. April shook her head at the sight. Her notebook was lying on the floor already. The last sentence stopped mid-sentence. Angel was fast asleep.
April turned to the closet to grab a blanket for her little sister. She stopped as she saw her reflection. It was an old antique mirror. They had gotten it for decoration. It was large and beautiful, the frame covered in intricate carving. It was a gift their parents had gotten to celebrate moving into a new home. It was a shame that they died before it had arrived. April ran her hand on the smooth glass. It was such a pretty mirror, but at the same time it was haunting. Sometimes April imagined that ghosts haunted it.
A flicker of curving light in the mirror made her blink.
“I must be imagining things.” April thought to herself.
But the flicker was still there and it was growing. It was becoming a steady flame.
April rubbed her eyes, but the flickering flame was still there. She leaned closer to it. Her reflection was laid over top of it, but the flame was still there. Then it burst forth as if someone had held a can of hair spray behind it.
April yelled as she fell back onto the floor. Angel stirred in her sleep. She screamed at the sight before her.
It looked like molten glass. Yellows, oranges, reds, silvers, blues, and greys were swirling inside. Then the long bubbly substance began to form. It slowly spread out its arms and flexed its fingers, drops of glass spraying off with each movement. It brushed its hands against the top of itself and a feminine human face took shape with long hair. Dragon wings protruded from its back, flapping to keep its forming body a float. It looked just like April in appearance.
Once it had taken shape, it tried to fly around. It let out a shrill cry that sounded like glass breaking when it met resistance. It looked back and saw its les were still connected to the mirror that birthed it. It pulled on its legs, flapping its wings hard. Its feet popped freed and it rolled back.
It landed on Angel. Angel stared at it in shook as her breathing stopped. It stared back at her in confusion. She rolled off the couch and out the open window. She looked around the dark yard before looking back at the sisters. Then she shot up into the black night sky.
April crawled over to Angel. They held their hands as their breathing steadied. Then Angel found her voice.
“What kind of strange dream am I having?” She asked.

“I don’t know.” April answered. She was hoping this was a dream, but it felt far too real to be a dream to her.

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Krissie Plays Pokemon Blue

Brotherly Love and Hate ch1

Brotherly Love & Hate
Chapter 1:
11/4/2012 Deathy: I’ve been writing this since October 28th. I was inspired by a picture on deviantart by DanielasDoodles. The picture is titled “random Manic doodles”. It made me laugh so much and one of the doodles inspired this little fanfic.
Disclaimer: We all know I own nothing.
Manic the Hedgehog stared at the door intensely. It was early in the morning. The sky was barely turning bright.
“Did I call and tell him I was coming?” the green hedgehog pondered. His brown eyes sparkled with delight. “Oh well.” He shrugged innocently. He lifted his green furred leg and lounged his leg forward. His red shoe broke down the door.
BAM! The door vibrated for a while on the floor.
“Hello! I’m here!” Manic’s booming voice sang, filling the house.
The blue hedgehog flinched in his bed. His ear twitching.
“Yo dude!” Manic broke down his twin brother’s bed room door. “What’s up?”
“Arg!” Sonic moaned, squeezing his lime green eyes shut. “Not me!”
“Awe!” Manic’s hyper levels deflated some. Then like a rocket, the hyper levels were higher than before. “Come on! Why are you still asleep so late in the day?”
“Forget you!” Sonic muttered.
“Oh that’s a song! And a good one too!” Manic said as he burst into song. “I see you driving around town with the girl I love! And I’m like fuck you! And fuck her too!
“Shut up!” Sonic screamed as he threw a pillow at the green hedgehog. It hit its mark.
“Now, now Sonic.” Manic made a tssking sound. “That’s not very nice. I mean when was the last time we saw each other? I come to visit and chill with you and you completely diss me! Me! Your loving twin brother who only loves you and wants to spend time with you.”
“You stole something and got caught and now you’re running away from the cops, aren’t you?” Sonic questioned bluntly. He was now sitting up in his bed. His quills going in every which way. The green hedgehog shrunk back. His brown eyes avoided his twin’s. “What? No retort? No admission? None of your typical denial? Hmm… I wonder why.” Sonic fell back into his mattress. “I’ll see you in the morning. Good night!” Sonic began to snore happily.
“Okay.” Manic pouted. He, however, wasn’t sleepy at all. He slumped out of his twin’s room and down to the living room. He pulled out a hand held game and began to play Pokemon.
Once he heard Sonic’s heavy steps in his room, Manic smiled. Sonic was still a bit sleepy, but now he was awake.
The brown eyed hedgehog hopped up off of the couch and into the kitchen. Food always put Sonic in a happier mood, especially chili-dogs. Once the chili-dogs were done, he placed them on the table. Then, there was a knock at the door.
Hearing the gentle knock, Manic’s ears twitched.
“Sonic!” A soft female voice called. “What happened to your door? Are you okay?”
Manic stepped out of the kitchen and into the living room. “Sonic’s –“
Manic didn’t have time to finish his reply as a large Piko hammer hit him in the face.
“Scourge!” Amy screamed. “What are you doing here and what have you done to Sonic!?”
“What are you talking about?” Manic squealed as he tried to dodge the deadly weapon. Unfortunately, she had good aim. “Sonic!” he cried.
The blue blur walked out of his room, unaware of what was going on in his living room. He stared in his shock and wonder as Amy chased a frantic Manic around the room.
The green hedgehog finally had enough of this crazy chase. He pulled out his drum sticks from his pocket. Striking them upon the ground. The ground began to shake, causing the pink hedgehog to lose her balance. She fell backwards. Manic seized the opportunity to swat the hammer away from her. He pinned her to the ground.
“Now what is your problem?” Manic questioned as Amy struggled against him.
“What’s your problem, Scourge?” Amy spat back.
“Who’s Scourge?” Manic questioned. “My name is Manic.”
“HA! Like I’m going to fall for that!” Amy glared. Her eyes soon widened with surprise. “Oh my! You really aren’t Scourge.”
“Yes. I’m NOT Scourge. I’m Manic. M-A-N-I-C. Manic. Now, no more trying to kill me unless I do something wrong, okay?”
“Okay.” She gave a soft nod. “Now get off of me!”
The green hedgehog quickly stood up. “Sorry, but I didn’t know how else to stop you from trying to kill me!”
“I’m sorry.” Amy apologized. “But I thought you were Scourge. It wouldn’t be the first time Scourge has tried to hurt Sonic. Come to think of it. What are you doing in Sonic’s house?”
“I came to visit him last night. I was making breakfast when you brutally attacked me.” Manic explained. “What are you doing here, anyway? And who are you because I’ve never met nor heard of you before.”
“One. I came to see how Sonic was doing. Eggman’s ‘bot blasted him really hard the other day and I was concerned.” She pointed to a first aid kit she had left on the front porch. “Two. I’ve never met nor heard of you either, Manic. Three. My name is Amy Rose.” She said his name with a little distain.
“A pleasure Amy.” Manic replied with equal, if not more, distain.
“Good morning!” Sonic called from his door way. “Are you two done wrecking my house?” He surveyed the damage.
“Hello Sonic!” Amy gushed happily. “How are you?”
“I’m okay.” Sonic replied not really focused on her. He was amazed by all the damage they had caused.
“Breakfast is on the table.” Manic gestured. Food always made Sonic forgive him. Sonic walked into the kitchen.
“Cool! Chili-dogs!” Sonic sat down and began to munch away. Manic and Amy followed into the kitchen. “Amy, this is my brother, Manic.” Sonic gestured to his twin with his free hand as he ate. “Manic, this is Amy. She’s a friend of mine. She’s the stalker fan girl I told you about.”
“Hey!” Amy protested this title.
“Really?” Manic gave her a scrutinizing look. Amy glared back. “Are you sure? She seems like she could take Eggman down no sweat. I mean, with the giant hammer and all. I’m sure Eggman runs away from it.”
“Is that a complement or an insult?” Amy crossed her arms.
“A complement.” Manic answered. He had already strode over to the stove and was making more chili-dogs. “Will you be eating breakfast with us?” He put a chili-dog on a plate and slid it on the table over to her.
“Thank you, but I already ate.” Amy slides the plate over to Sonic, who happily accepted more food.
Manic raised an eyebrow at her. He looked at the clock on the microwave. It was 9:00 am. She must be an early riser.
As soon as Sonic was done eating his breakfast, Amy got out the first aid kit. The blue hedgehog had a bruise on his arm. Manic was in awe of how well his brother was able to move his arm without making a face of agony. Then Manic realized he was faking it. As soon as Amy took her emerald green eyes off of Sonic’s face, he made a face of pure agony and pain. Clenching his teeth and balling up his hand, Sonic tried to keep his cries of pain hidden and secret. Amy did her best to fix and wrap up the wound. Oddly enough, her gest was pretty good.

“There we go!” Amy smiled up at the Hero of Mobius. She closed the first aid kit. “Try to be careful with our arm for a while. I’ll check up on it later tonight. So try to be here or at Tails’ place.”
Krissie: I found this hiding on my computer and realized I would probably never finish this. So here ya'll go.

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Commission Information

My friend and I want to go to a con in TN, so I'm opening up commissions to raise up money so we can go. All commissions will be paid for via Paypal. I think I've covered everything in the images above, but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I'll answer them.

Krissie Reads Ep15

Welcome back! Today I read Masks by Shel Silverstein
read the poem here:

Sonic Underground Ch3

Sonic Underground
Deathy: So, it’s been a while. I’m so sorry you guys had to wait so long for an update. But I’ve been busy but I’m back. Now strap in for a ride.
Chapter 3: Beginnings Part 3
Disclaimer: I can’t think of a witty comment…
Manic got up from the couch. It was way too cold in here. Maybe there was an opening somewhere. He hated it when the house was drafty. He walked around the house looking in the usual place for drafts. He found the source of the draft. It was a giant hole in the roof of Ferrell’s room. Manic almost screamed, but covered his mouth to stop the girlish shriek. He spun on his heel and ran to his room. He grabbed all the cash he had on him and stuff it in his shoe.
He heard a familiar whirling sound that made his quills stand on end. He grabbed a skateboard he had tricked out and crawled into his closet. Through the crack in his door, he saw a drone fly in. Its red eye searching for life to robotize. He stood on an old box of comic books and opened a latch at the top of his closet. He stuffed his board in a back pack with emergency supplies for moments like this. He crawled up in the space and carefully closed it. He then took off as fast as his feet could go. He opened a latch that led into an alleyway. He dropped the latch. He ran into the busy street as the latch burst up with several drones flying out. They were followed by SWATbots. The people on the streets began to cower into buildings. Manic followed the crowd, knowing that blending in with random faces was his best chance of survival.

The Freedom Fighters snuck up to the power plant. Sonic was itching to blow the bits. He was doing several warm up stretches. Antoine was trying to stop his teeth from clacking together. Sally was using Niccole to scan the power plant’s shield. Rotor was beside her, discussing possible weak points. Bunnie was watching out for SWATbots.
“The weak spot is right there.” Sally pointed to the left side of the green shield.
Sonic smirked as he crotched down like an Olympic runner. “You guys ready?” The freedom fighters nodded as they all got into a takeoff position. “It’s time to juice and jam!” Sonic took off into a blur.
The shield singed his blue blur, slowing him down. Sonic gritted his teeth as he picked up speed again. He wasn’t going to lose to some stupid shield. He was Sonic the Hedgehog, freedom fighter. Speed was his claim to fame and breaking Robuttnik’s things was his game. He couldn’t lose to some stupid shield.
He cheered as the shield fizzled out like water on a hot frying pan. He raced to the inside of the power plant. He took out most of the badniks he came across. Once he got to what he was sure was the center of the building, he began spreading the bombs around. The others would get the outer rooms.
The four freedom fighters raced inside. Sally used Niccole to hack into one of the computers. She was searching for the doctor’s newest schemes or schematics. If they could figure out how he made the robotizer, they could make a machine to turn everyone back. She got a few schematics for some of Robotnik’s basic badniks. She gritted her teeth as the others called out to her. Their time here was up. She disconnected Niccole and began to run for the exit.
Sally squealed as Sonic scooped her up and picked up more speed. The other freedom fighters grabbed on as he ran passed. Within a few seconds, they were standing several miles away from the factory. Within a few seconds, it was going up with loud explosives.
“Oh look!” Sonic smiled. “Fire works!” He plopped down in the dirt and began laughing before taking some deep breaths. Carrying everyone was hard. He might be the fastest thing alive, but he definitely wasn’t the strongest. They sat admiring their handy work for a few moments.

Sonia gasped as she heard loud explosions. She jumped out of her bed and raced out to her balcony. She gasped as she saw one of Doctor Robotnik’s factory’s going up in flames. She could help but smirked. It served him right. She had learn what a dictator was in her books and Robotnik fit that title to a T. She stood on her balcony and watched the show until the doorbell rang.
Who could that be?” She thought. She walked to her door and crept it opened. She gasped as she saw Winston staring up at a huge SWATbot. Winston called for Lady Windermere. She came and had an equal expression of fear. Winston carefully walked up the stairs.
He softly opened Sonia’s door and entered. “Pardon me, Lady Sonia.” He said after closing the door. He gave a sad look at the door before walking over to her closet.
“What’s going on Winston?” Sonia nodded her head towards the door.
“There’s a spot of trouble.” He said in a hush tone. He pulled out her backpack. “We can only distract them for so long, Lady Sonia.” He opened the bag and nodded. “I’m glad we taught you to repack this once a month.” He handed the bag to her and pulled out a water bottle from her mini-fridge.
“What’s going on?” Sonia felt a lump of dread in her throat.
“You need to run.” Winston stated with the saddest and sternest face he had ever used. “Run as fast as you can. As far as you can. You just need to get away from here. Far, far away.”
“We want so much more for you Lady Sonia.” Winston patted her head. “But Robuttnik wants more Robians. Hedgehogs specifically.” He allowed this note to linger a moment. He hugged her before releasing her. “Run.” He ordered before heading to the door. “Remember Lady Sonia, no matter what, we love you.” Winston exited, leaving Sonia alone.
The magenta hedgehog was afraid, but being a robot sounded worse than running away. She went to her balcony and did gymnast tricks to the garage. She pulled out her motorcycle and raced away. She took a back road and stared at the flaming factory.
Freedom Fighters.” She thought. “They fight Robotnik. Maybe they’ll let me stay with them.” She reeved the bike up. Maybe she could meet them around there before they fled to wherever it is that they live.

Manic watched in awe as fireworks lit the sky. Dr. Robuttnik’s factory was going up in flames. He smirked. There would be a good plunder for him there. Maybe even something to help him deactivate the stupid spybots that were chasing him. He turned and made a bored face at the robots a few yards back. He tsked.
“You guys never know when to give up, do you?” He tapped his foot as he waited for them to get closer. When they were close enough, he raced away and made several turns. Some of the bots hit the walls on the turns. Manic smirked as he heard the clanging metal. He zoomed up a tall wall. The last of the spybots crashed into the wall. Manic hid himself in the dying forest as he raced towards the factory.

The freedom fighters turned to head back to their home.
“Wait!” A voice called out as a force field of sorts surrounded the group.
“Ah Mah stars!” Bunnie exclaimed as knocked on the green field.
“Mon Dieu!” Antoine shook in his boots.
“What is this?” Rotor began to examine the force field.
“What’s the big idea?” Sonic began to rev up for a spin attack.
“Everyone stay calm.” Sally tried to take control. “Niccole, scan this force field and find a weak spot for me.”
“Scanning in progress, Sally.” The hand held announced.
“Do not be too hasty freedom fighters.” The Oracle of Delphi appeared before them. “You have new comrades coming to join you.”
“Who is this guy?” Sonic waved his hands above his head. “He certainly doesn’t look like one of Robuttnik’s goons.”
Antoine stiffen and saluted the tall mobian, causing everyone to give him a questioning look. “Monsieur! It is an honor to meet you again.”
“Bonjour Antoine.” The oracle bowed.
“Suga-twan,” Bunnie backed up from the strange new comer, “You know that man?”
Qui. He is the Oracle of Delphi.” Antoine explained. “He’s visions are usually spot on. He is the reason Uncle Chuck brought Sonic to Knothole with us.”
“What!?” Sonic jumped, turning to glare at the coyote.
“It is true.” Oracle waved his hand. “You’re comrades are on their way. You must wait for them.”
“What? Other freedom fighters are on their way here?” Rotor asked. “Why? Robotnik is bound to send SWATbots here soon.”
The oracle of Delphi shook his head. “Not freedom fighters. Not yet.” He pointed a long slender finger at Sonic. “Your twin siblings.”
Sonic’s jaw dropped. “Twin siblings? I don’t have any siblings. I’m an only child. ONLY! Numero Uno!”
Antoine sighed as he rubbed Sonic’s back.
“They’re alive?” Rotor gasped. “What about Sonic’s parents?”
“What are you talking about Rot?” Sonic clenched his fist.
“You do have two siblings. They came here with your whole family.” Rotor explained. “You were really little so you probably don’t remember, but your parents left you and Uncle Chuck here. They took your brother and sister with them. I don’t remember all the details. Do you Antoine?”
“A few more details then you, mon ami. But only a few.” Antoine continued rubbing Sonic’s back.
Sonic growled for a few moments. Why hadn’t anyone told him? Why did they never mention it to him? Why did they keep it a secret? If he had known… Sonic leaned into Antoine as his blood cooled. “A brother and a sister?”
Qui.” Antoine bobbed his head.
“And they’re on their way here?” Sally asked, trying to take in all the new facts. She looked at Sonic, feeling bad for him.
The Oracle nodded.
“We have to find a safe place to hide!” Bunnie stated. “If Robotnik’s SWATbots find us or them, it’ll be straight to the robotizer! And that thing is God awful!” She rubbed her robotic arm as she winced.
“Do not worry, I will keep you invisible from Robotnik’s forces.” The Oracle looked off into the distance. “There she is.”
A burgundy motorcycle drove up to the group. It slid to a stop as it nearly drove into Rotor. “I’m so sorry!” The girl cried, jumping off her bike to check up on the walrus. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m fine.” Rotor nodded. “You didn’t hit me.”
“Another inch and you would’ve though.” Sonic laughed.
“Who are you people?” She asked looked at the group. “Are you guys freedom fighters?”
“Yeah. We’re freedom fighters.” Sally answered.
“Oh thank goodness!” She hugged the chipmunk. “Please can I come with you? Robotnik’s SWATbots took my adoptive mother. Winston told me to run. Please? Let me stay with you. I don’t want to be a robot!”
“Relax suga.” Bunnie rubbed her back. “You can stay with us. Mah name is Bunnie Rabbot. What’s your name?”
The girl took off her helmet and brushed her hair out of her eyes. “My name is Sonia.” She curtsied.
Sonic stared at her. This was his sister. He wasn’t sure how he felt about this.
“Welcome Sonia.” The Oracle of Delphi put his hands together and bowed. “It is so nice to see you in good health.”
Sonia gave him a confused look before she bowed back. “Nice to meet you to. If you don’t mind me asking, who are you?”
“I am the Oracle of Delphi.” He stated with a kind smile.
“Oh! I’ve read about you in books!” Sonia stated with a bright smile. “You’re well known for your visions. You need to run! Robotnik wants you robotized as soon as possible.” Sonia’s excitement instantly turned to fear for the man.
He smiled as he looked off into the trees. “I am only here to reunite the three of you.”
“What do you mean?” Sonia tilted her head.
“Your brother.” He pointed to the blue hedgehog.
Sonic looked at her and gave a weak wave. “Heya sis. Nice to meet ya.”
“I have a brother!?” Sonia shrieked.
“It’s a surprise to me too.” Sonic answered.

A green hedgehog raced out of the city. He was riding a floating surf board by the looks of it to the others. They all gasped as he was being followed by Robotnik’s robots. Though instead of the usual spybot or SWATbot that the doctor deployed in his city, they were actual buzzbombers aiming to kill. He swerved in a zig-zag pattern, dodging their attacks.
Manic flew into the Oracle’s force field and screamed as he suddenly saw people. Unfortunately, his board hit Antoine in the chest, causing the coyote to fall to the ground in pain and the green hedgehog to be flung into the air. He fell onto the ground with a loud thud.
“Ow…” He groaned. He then sat up straight. “Oh my gosh! I hit someone!”
Antoine curled up on the ground. “Why? Why mon Dieu? What did I ever do to deserve this? Se il vous plait, mon Dieu tell me why?”
Everyone took turns looking between Antoine and Manic.
Manic tried to get on his feet, but his legs wouldn’t work. So he crawled on all fours to the coyote. He put his hand on his shoulder on shook him some. “Hey, dude, you okay? Do you need a doctor?” He moved Antoine’s arms to inspect his chest for blood. He huffed as he was meet with Antoine’s blue coat. He pulled opened the shirt and cringed at the bruise he saw forming on his chest.
“What do you think you’re doing?” Antoine sat up and clasped his shirt close with his hands. Antoine instantly started shrieking in French as the others watched on.
“I’m trying to make sure you’re okay! I hit you with my board. I wanted to make sure you weren’t bleeding. You still need a doctor and I need to get to the freedom fighters or some hideaway. And the badniks… Oh crude!” Manic screamed going into similar hysterics. “The badniks are after me!”
“They can’t find you.” Sonic tapped the green hedgehog’s shoulder and pointed to the retreating badniks. “Orc here made a force field or something that makes us invisible to them.”
Manic’s shoulders slumped. “Oh…” he seemed so lost and confused. He glanced at Antoine. “He needs a doctor! Doctor. Where’s the closest doctor?”
“Hey, chill out.” Sonic rubbed his shoulder. “Ant will be fine.”
“I beg to differ.” Antoine glared.
Sonic rolled his eyes. “What’s your name?” Sonic turned back to Manic.
The green hedgehog crossed his legs as he stared up at him. “Manic. You?”
“He is Sonic, your brother.” The Oracle spoke up, drawing everyone’s attention. “The pink one is Sonia, your sister.”
Manic blinked a few times. “Uh-huh.” He nodded. “And the rest?”
“Freedom fighters.” He answered.
“I have two brothers?!” Sonia shouted.
Manic tilted his head at her. “So I’m not the only one confused here. That’s a relief.” He turned to Sonic. “Why aren’t you freaking out?”
“You missed that part by two pages bro.” Sonic shrugged.
Manic nodded before turning back to the Oracle. “So why are we meeting now? And why is this Oracle guy involved.”
The Oracle smiled. “Because in order for you to defeat Robotnik, you three will need to work together.”
Manic nodded. He turned to Sonic. “So… Did I hit my head and now I’m dreaming? You know like one of those long dreams about being the chosen one. Blah. Blah. Blah. You know the deal right?”

Deathy: It’s been months since I’ve worked on this story. I finally got it done and guess what’s out? The internet. Joy! Well until then, I guess I better say thanks for reading! I’m sorry I haven’t updated this story in a long time. I’ve been busy with other school and other projects. I also started a let’s play on my YouTube channel. It seems I like to bury myself in lots of projects.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Shadow Acrostic Poem

Saving the world in Maria's name
How he misses her everyday
Afraid to get close to others for fear of losing another friend
Did he really lose his memories again? Someone tell him to keep a journal or something
Oh how loved he is by dozens of fans
Wild and furious and I don't mind, you're still one of my favorite characters!

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plans for tops

I have plans! Plans that are probably too big for me to do, but I don't care.
I'm going to start making Top list videos. I know the world has enough of them, but I decided to share my opinions with the world too. My Tops videos will basically be tops about things I like or am interested in. I have plans to do a Top 5 Dr. Robotnik Lackeys and a Top 10 Robotnik Badniks.
I'm still thinking of some others. If you have any ideas let me know!

Sonic Underground ch2

Sonic Underground the Rebels
Krissie: Hey ya’ll! Here’s Chapter 2.
Thank you everyone who review, followed, and faved. It means a lot to me. I’ve actually been sharing a lot of my thoughts on where I want to take this fanfic on tumblr just so I can get it out and see if it makes sense to others. Now on to the fanfic!
Disclaimer: Trying to write at least 6 different stories in my head at once? Can I do it? Or will I fall flat on my face? You decide.
Chapter 2: Beginnings Part 2
Several Years Later…
The blue hedgehog strummed on his guitar. “Come on! I wanna get this going!” He called over to his friends.
“Have a little patience, Sonic.” Rotor carefully put the powder mixtures into a metal casing. “It takes a little while to get all these bombs ready.” He put it with a neat stack of other completed bombs.
“30 seconds is my limit, Rot.” Sonic impatiently tapped his foot. He counted the number of bombs already assembled. “Surely 20 bombs can take out Robuttnik’s new factory.”
Je ne sais pas.” Antoine handed the walrus another metal casing. “Robuttnik builds hiz factories with ze zick walls, non?”
Sonic shrugged and resigned himself to strumming away on his guitar. After a few notes, he sighed and fell on his back. He didn’t know what song he wanted to play. He pulled at the silver chain around his neck and fiddled with the medallion. He held it up to sky and puffed out air.
“When do you think we’ll be able to get Uncle Chuck back?” He muttered wishfully.
Rotor froze as he looked up at the speedster. He wasn’t sure what to say or do. Sonic was always smiling and joking around. A sad Sonic was never a good sign. He screwed the top of the explosive on and placed it into the stack as he tried to figure out what to say.
Antoine D’Coolette walked up to Sonic and leaned over him with a big smile. “As soon as we build a de-robotizer! Then we will get everyone back and Robuttnik will have ze egg on hiz face. Zen we will come home and party! You will play songs on ze guitar and I will zing ma mere hymns off key and you will throw ze pie in mon visage. Zound great, non?”
Sonic stared up at the coyote’s silly face and couldn’t help but laugh. Something about Antoine always made him laugh ever since he was a kid, or well, a little kid. Maybe it was his funny accent or his weird haircut. Maybe it was how easy it was to pull pranks on him. Either way, Antoine was an instant smile for Sonic Hedgehog. He laughed as he sat up. “You won’t even try to sing on key?” He carefully tucked the medallion under his shirt. “Are you guys ready to go yet?”
Rotor counted the bombs. They had about 50. Surely that would be enough. He put up the materials and nodded. “Yep. Put the bombs in the bags and we’ll be all set to go.”
Antoine saluted as he set to the task. He had barely gotten one bag full of bombs before Sonic finished off the other four. Sonic threw one bag over his shoulder as he picked up two others.
“Let’s go get see if the girls are ready, Ant.” Sonic began to walk off without him. He paused to hand a bag to Rotor before continuing.
Antoine put one bag on his shoulders before following the blue hedgehog.

Magenta fur flowed in the breeze. She cringed at the awful smell. Sure she lived in the city, but even the city smelled of gross smug. Everyone who lived within the thick city walls of Robotropolis was used to it. Everyone except Sonia. She hated the smell and the charcoal sky. But she knew there was nothing she could do. It was either follow the rules of Robotnik or become a robot. Her best option was to wait it out and be a loyal subject.
“Sonia, come down from there!” Lady Windermere called.
Sonia smiled down at her adoptive mother. She was such a kind woman. She had puffy, brown hair and wore elegant gowns covered in various purples and teals. Sonia loved the woman as if she really were her mother. She knew that a lot of people had advised the human woman not to adopt Sonia, a hedgehog. But Lady Windermere stood firm on her decision to take the child in as her own.
Sonia did a back flip off the top of the roof. She landed on a tree branch and did another flip and landed gracefully on the ground. “Hello Lady Windermere!” Sonia greeted with a bright smile. “How was your trip to the store?”
“It was good. I bought some of that jam you like.” Lady Windermere smiled as her 15 year old daughter took some of the bags from her arms. “What were you doing on the roof dear?”
“Oh…” Sonia hummed. She wasn’t sure why. The roof was just her favorite place to sit. She would sit there for hours, staring off into the distance. She always felt like something was missing She felt depressed as she waited for what was missing. But what was it she was waiting for? Unsure how to answer, she just shrugged, “I just wanted to feel the wind.”
Sonia didn’t see it, but Lady Windermere gave her a pitiful look. She often felt like her charge was waiting for something on her roof. Sonia’s sweet hazel eyes couldn’t lie to her. She could see the longing clear as glass in those eyes.
“Have you done your lessons yet?” She asked as they put the groceries away.
“Yes Lady Windermere.” Sonia nodded. “I finished them while you were away. The books are ready to go to the school for grading.”
“Very well, I’ll look over them for you. Then tomorrow, we’ll have Winston take them to the school for us.” Lady Windermere stated.
Winston, Lady Windermere’s butler, was very nice. He usually just acted as her chauffer, but he would also go pick up or drop off things for her when needed. Winston mainly saw to it that Sonia got her books from school. She lived in a mainly human district of Robotropolis, so the schools weren’t able to accommodate for Sonia. Also, being a hedgehog wasn’t easy either. Robotnik hated hedgehogs, any and all. So Lady Windermere purposely kept her child out of the schools and safe at home.

Big brown eyes stared in awe at his latest find. He had hit the jackpot today and it was only 3:30.
Not bad. Not bad. He counted the money in the wallet. He stuff the money in his socks before tossing the wallet into a trash can. The streets were busy this time of day. People were out and about and so was Manic. As long as he stayed in a mainly mobian populated area, he wouldn’t stand out. He had gained $250 in cash and several credit cards. He would have to take them to Ferrell. He also had several watches. No one ever seemed to miss them which surprised him. He loved watches. He liked the ticking sound they made. It was like a heartbeat; constant, reliable, always there, never leaving. The only thing it wasn’t – warm.
Manic loved warmed things. If there was anything he collected it would be surf boards and warm things. He wasn’t sure why. He just did. Ferrell told him he was like that, ever since he found him in a basket one night. Manic would curl up next to anything warm; a blanket, camp fires, the furnace, and people.
Manic couldn’t count how many times he went to sleep far away from people and woke up practically in their sleeping bags. It annoyed all of his partners in crime. Nack, Bark, Fiona, Sleuth, heck, it even annoyed Bean. The only one who didn’t seem to mind was Rouge. But that was probably because Manic had given her some jewels he found before then. He didn’t work the bat often because he didn’t deal jewels. He fiddled with the pearl necklace he had snatched and shoved into his pocket. Maybe the jewel thief would like it? He would have to find her later.
He took a turn in the sewer and gave a weak smile as he came into Ferrell’s and his make shift living room. “I’m back.” He called softly. He closed the door and made sure it was good and tight. It’s cold in here. He sat on the couch with a depressed slump and began organizing his goods. He placed his cash in his hiding place and then stared at the watches and bits of jewelry. He would have to wait at least a week to pond them. And even then, he couldn’t pond them. Hedgehogs going into a store was never a good idea. Robuttnik kept surveillance in pond shops and most stores. If he ever saw a hedgehog, he would have them instantly picked up by SWATbots and robotized. The green hedgehog cringed. He didn’t want to be a robot. He grabbed the blanket off the back of the couch and wrapped it around himself.

Deathy: Thank you for reading. Hope you’ll share your thoughts with me. I’m now off to write chapter 3. I’ll try not to make you wait as long for an update I promise!

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Excerpt Genie x Rosabella

Title To Be Determined
By Krissie Gault
Genie X Rosabella

Chapter 1:
Genie stared out the window. How long did Mr. Tredgins except the class to listen to his lecture? His voice had all but become a low drum in her ears. It merged with the rustle of autumn leaves and trains that passed by every hour like clockwork. It was the most soothing lullaby and it bored the hell out of her.
When is something interesting actually going to happen?
A loud knock sounded in response. The class began to murmur as Mr. Tredgins wobbled over towards the door. Genie glanced up at the door. She knew by the silhouette that it was the vice-principle, Mrs. Pole. Genie rolled her eyes as she turned back to the window. Someone was probably in trouble again. Maybe Officer Wolfe found Tracy’s stash of weed in his locker during another one of the school’s notorious locker checks?
Genie wondered how many kids had to by new locks for their lockers. She hoped she wasn’t among them. She couldn’t afford to buy another to buy another lock for that tiny metal box. But her locker was on the same hall as Tracy’s. She was doomed.
“Genie Teresa Rocklins!” Mr. Tredgins’ yell broke Genie’s thoughts.
Genie stared dumbly at him. His face was purple and seemed to be drenched in sweat. Everyone in the class was snickering at her. “What is it, Mr. Tredgins?” Genie faked the best innocence she could.
Mr. Tredgins glared, not buying it. “Move your feet out of that seat so the new kid can have a place to sit.”
Genie blinked as she slowly moved her feet out of the seat. She stared at the girl who took the seat. She was short with long hair that came to her knees. It wasn’t wavy, yet it wasn’t straight either. She seemed like some fragile flower.
“Who are you?” Genie blurted with her usual bluntness.
The new girl moved her hair out of her face as she looked at Genie. Genie felt her heart skip a beat. The new girl had a soft face with large dark eyes that reminded Genie of a cute baby seal. Her small, plump pink lips parted.
“She is your new classmate.” Mr. Tredgins growled with annoyance. “You would know that if you weren’t day dreaming Genie.” The class giggled. Mr. Tredgins began writing can the board as the class settled down.
Genie glared down as she felt paper poking her in the arm.
“Rosabella McDonald.”
It was written in an elegant hand writing. It almost seemed like calligraphy. Genie looked up to find the new girl staring at her from the corner of her eye. Rosabella it seemed so fitting for her. Elegant yet innocent.
Rosabella’s dark eyes darted from Genie’s face to the paper and back again.
Genie nodded as she scribbled a response on the paper. She felt bad that her handwriting wasn’t as neat or pretty as Rosabella’s.
“Hi. I’m Genie Rocklins. Welcome To Conyers. Where are you from?”
Genie slid the paper over to Rosabella. Rosabella read it and scribbled a response before sliding it back over to Genie.

“Thanks. I’m from the UK. This is my first time in an American school.”

Krissie: This is an excerpt from the 2nd draft to Banshee which is also apart of my LGBTQQIAAP book series. I'm changing the title to something else, but I'm not sure what yet, so it's to be determined until then.

Sonic Underground ch1

Sonic Underground The Rebels
Deathy: Hey everybody! You’re all probably going, “Don’t you have enough unfinished fanfics you should be working on?” Well, yes, I do. I’ll admit that. But writer’s block on some stories keep me away. But writing what I can is better than not writing at all. So now I’m going to do something daring and new that I’ve never done before. I’m going to write my own adaption of the French Sonic cartoon, SONIC UNDGEROUND! (Yes, the show was animated in France.) Of course, since I’m a big fan of all things Sonic, I’ll be blending them willy-nilly with other versions. For example, while Tails didn’t appear in SU, I will be adding him in. Read What Instrument Do You Play? for Tails intro into the Underground. I’ll also be mentioning other places, such as the Kingdom of Acorns, Mercia, and even the Guardians of the United Nations. I’ll try to explain the rest via story. Feel free to ask as many questions as you need.
Chapter 1: Beginnings
Disclaimer: Juice and Jam time!
“Everything used to be so peaceful.” She thought as she feed her child a bottle. She glanced out of covered window with a worried expression. “But that was before Robotnik came.” The dictator had appeared out of nowhere and swarmed several kingdoms on her side of Mobius. He was taking any resisters to his machine. He called it the Robotizer. The terrible machine turned innocent people into mindless robots. After broadcasting what the Robotizer could do over TVs all over the world, everyone wanting to live raised their hands in defeat. The power crazed man had already gained control of the Kingdom of Acorns, many of the fractions of the Guardian of the United Nations, and Mobodoon. The other smaller countries or tribes that surrounded the area were quickly giving up. But for an extra measure, Robotnik made all the previous rulers outlaws and was searching for them.
She held still as she saw a red light flash through the window. She leaned her back close to the wall trying to hide. She relaxed some as the light left. She huffed hair upward from her lower lip, rustling her hair. She needed to find a way to keep her children safe from the power crazed man.
A latch door in the floor lifted up slowly. She stiffened as she drew her sleeping children closer to her grasp. It was hard to keep three children safe in these hard times. She breathed a sigh of relief as her husband emerged with a weary smile.
“Are you alright?” He asked softly as he crawled out of the secret passage. He was a blue hedgehog. He wore a green cameo jacket and brown hiking boots with white gloves.
“I’m fine Jules.” She replied as she laid the baby hoglet in her arms back into his little crib.
“And the kids?” He asked as he glanced over to them with loving eyes.
“They’re sleeping as if the world isn’t going into sudden turmoil.” She smiled sweetly.
“As all children should.” Jules stated. “We have company too.” He reached his hand down the hole to help someone up. An old man came up. His wore a hood. He had pale green skin, but he wore a soft knowing smile. He gazed at the children with concern.
“Hello your majesty.” He greeted with short bow. His back creaked a little as he straightened.
She bowed to him. “Hello Oracle of Delphius. I’m glad to see you are unharmed by all this.”
“Yes. But sadly, I bring bad news for you, your majesties.” He stated as he addressed Jules as well. The blue hedgehog sighed. He didn’t like were this was going already. He helped another hedgehog up the steps before closing the passage again. The other man was a paler blue then him. He had brown eyes and had a mustache. He was wearing brown boots and gloves with a button up plaid shirt.
“Charles!” She nearly cried with joy. “You’re safe as well. What’s happened to Acorns?”
He held up a hand. “Don’t worry Aleena.”
“Please, I told you to call me Bernie.” She rolled her eyes. “Aleena’s a pretty name, but frankly, I prefer to be called Bernie.”
“Very well, Bernie.” Charles corrected. “We were able to move some of the children to Knothole. Some of the soldiers are already trying to make a counter attack on Robotnik. But I’m not sure if there’s much we can do. This is all happening so fast. So come on, we should get you and the kids to Knothole as quick as possible.”
“Sure. We’ll take Bernie and the kids to Knothole. Then you take me to the other soldiers. I’ll be damned if I don’t go fight too.” Jules hissed.
“And who says I’m not going to want to go with you?” She shot her husband a glare as she stood up and dusted some of the dust off of her green dress.
“We both can’t go, Bernie. One of us has to stay with the kids.” Jules argued back.
“Might I speak first?” The Oracle asked. His voice was a low whisper.
“Yes of course.” The two agreed as Charles sat next to the kids.
“I’ve seen the future.” The Oracle announced. “It’s not set in stone. But it’s a great possibility. But it comes at a cost.” He paused as the three adults stared at him with curiosity. “Someday Robotnik will be defeated, but your children, they will need to be separated.” The adults gasped at this idea. “Don’t worry; they will meet again when the time is right. But you should give them these.” He pulled out three medallions out of his sleeves. “They’re magical. They’ll help keep them safe and guide them when needed.”
Bernie accepted the medallions with a solemn look as tears threatened to escape from her green eyes. She held the necklaces to the light to examine them. Each was engraved with a child’s name. She carefully walked back to the children and placed them around their necks. The children cooed in their sleep as they shifted.
“Are you sure about this Oracle?” Jules asked nervously.
“Sadly, yes.” The Oracle stated.
“Can we do me a favor to ease my mind?” Charles spoke up at this point.
Everyone turned to stare at the pale blue hedgehog. “What’s the favor brother?” Jules asked with concern. His brother’s face looked grim.
“If we separate the children, you say they’ll meet up again. When will this be? And why?” Charles questioned.
“When they meet again, they will help lead the rebellion to defeat Doctor Robotnik.” The Oracle answered simply.
Charles nodded in what appeared to be understanding. “Of course. Of course.” He mused. “Leave it to your triplets to grow up to really be something other than princes and a princess.” A chuckle escaped his lips as he sat up straight. “Now, I’m not too keen on using magic to predict things. But I know better than to question the Oracle of Delphius. So do me a favor, send one of the kids with me to Knothole.” He looked at his brother and his wife with a stern look. “That way, when the kids do meet up again, they’ll have a safe place to come to and at least one family member there for them. Because let’s face it, I know both of you. You’re going to get involved in the resistance against Robotnik and fight with everything you’ve got. I also know that separating the kids is going to hurt you both. I, on the other hand, am not a soldier. I’m a scientist. It’ll be best if I stay in Knothole and help from there. I can easily take care of one kid by myself. After all, what is an uncle for if not times like these?”
Jules huffed as he considered the idea. He looked over at his wife. Bernie reluctantly in agreement. “Who all is in Knothole right now?”
“A few adults and a lot of kids.” Charles stated. “Many of the kids are children of soldiers who have gone off to join the resistance. King Max has also sent his daughter there for protection.”
“What about his son and wife?” Bernie asked.
“I don’t know.” Charles shrugged. “My guess is that he’s hidden them someplace else.”
“Very well.” Bernie nodded. “But where do we leave the other two if we need to separate them?”
“I have a vague knowledge of where they will be safe.” Oracle stated.
The three hedgehogs nodded, each picking up a child. “Down the rabbit hole we go then.” Jules sang.

Deathy: Been a long while since I worked on this. So here it is, finally complete. Whoot! I’ll begin work on chapter 2 shortly. 

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Excerpt from Caiside X Donald

Title to be Determined
By Krissie Gault
Caiside x Donald

The air was stiff as he came to the new shore. He couldn’t believe how different the coast of North America was compared to his home of Scotland. The boat’s horn flared as it docked. Caiside cringed at the sound.
“Why must they ring that horn?” he muttered as he looked over the railing. The water was very different too. He sighed as he walked off the boat. This country was his new home, rather he liked it or not.
Caiside had only one tall rolling suit case with him. His curly hair clung to his moist skin as he walked away from the boat. He needed to get away from the coast before he ran home like a child. If he was going to make it in this country, he’d need to find a new home.

Donald glanced up at the chime of the bell of his bookstore. It was pouring outside, so he shouldn’t have any customers today. No one ever came into his store when it was raining. People barely came in when it was sunny. Donald marveled at his guest.
The man was soaking wet but seemed indifferent to it. His curly black hair clung to his body and looked like a wet mop. His yellow stripped sweater clung to his body revealing all the muscles underneath. Donald gulped at the sight. Large greyish green eyes flicked up to him.
“Um… Hello!” Donald greeted as he put down a pile of books. “How can I help you?”
“Is this the library?” He walked up to the counter, rolling a tall suit case behind him. He had a slight accent that Donald could place as European.
“Hollins Books is a library. We’re also a book store.” Donald informed as he walked over to look at him. “I guess it’s really pouring outside. Did you lose your umbrella?”
“I did not bring one.” He responded, looking around. “I just arrived in this country today.”
“Ah.” Donald nodded. It all made sense now. He must be wanting to spend the night at the library. “Let me get you a map of hotels in the area.” He got this all the time. He pulled out a pamphlet from the drawer. Man, he wished that just once a hot guy would come in to discuss books with him. “Here ya go. Can I get you anything else?”

He stared at the pamphlet dumbly before looking back up at him. “Actually, I was wondering if I could have a job application.” He gave a meek smile.

Krissie: This is an excerpt from my first draft of one of the books for my LGBTQQIAAP series. I wanted to share it with all of you. What do you think of it so far?

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Excerpt from a Shadow X Amy fanfic

This is a excerpt from I Don't Want To Go To The Ball chapter 5. I decided to change the story and take out this part, but I liked out it was written, so I'm sharing it with you guys.

“Bye Rouge.” Shadow turned the lock on the door before stepping out into the street. He looked up at the sky. It was evening. Almost dinner time. He ran to his apartment was there in seconds. He guess he should eat something before finding Rose. She was probably eating dinner by now anyway. Shadow looked through his kitchen. There wasn’t much. He had chicken he needed to cook though. He wondered how he should cook it as he went looking for the cook book he had borrowed from Amy several weeks ago. 
“Darn it!” Shadow shook his head. “I gave that book back to Rose 2 weeks ago.” He put the chicken in the fridge to thaw. He could just zip over and borrow it for a while. She wouldn’t mind. Shadow wrote a note on the notepad on his fridge before zipping out.
Buy a cook book.

Shadow arrived at Amy Rose’s house a few minutes later. It was a simple house with lots of flowers planted meticulously in the yard. Shadow knocked on the door and waited.
Jon opened the door. “Oh! Mister Shadow. We weren’t expecting you.” He walked on the porch and closed the door behind him. “What can I do you for, sir?”
“I wanted to ask Rose if I could borrow a cook book. Can I speak with her?”
Jon gave a nervous smile. “Well, huh… Now might not be a good time. But why don’t I go get that cook book for you?”
“Why can’t I speak to Rose?” Shadow crossed his arms.
Jon chattered his teeth as he thought. “Cousin, she, well, she got hurt today. Father is trying to make her take this old family tonic. She isn’t too happy about it.”
“How did Rose get hurt? Did Eggman attack?” Shadow clenched his fist. How could not have seen Eggman attacking? How could Eggman hurt Rose? Eggman did kidnap her often, but Eggman was always careful not to hurt his captives. Makes them more compliant, he guessed. Shadow began to glow a faint red.
Jon backed into a door. “Oh, ‘twas nothing liketh that. Cousin m’rely h’rself with a garden shovel. The cuteth isn’t too deep. The doct’r says she’ll be fine in three days timeth if she rests.”
Amy’s shrill scream cut through the air.
“Rose!” Shadow rushed into the house, passed Jon. He passed two other figures, but he didn’t slow down to make them out. He raced up the stairs and found Amy gagging in disgust as she stared into a coffee mug. “Rose are you okay?” Shadow was at her side in a second.
Amy looked up at Shadow confused. Then a broad smile spread across her face. “Hi Shadow! What’s up?”
Shadow brushed some of her pink quills out of her face. “You screamed. Are you hurt? What happened?”
“Oh…” Amy blushed. “That was because this tonic my cousin brought me taste horrible. Sorry. I didn’t mean to worry you.”
“It’s okay Rose. As long as you’re okay.” Shadow’s thumb stroked her cheek. “Jon said you got hurt earlier. How did you cut yourself with a garden shovel?”

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Antique Mirror Ch1

Antique Mirror
By Krissie Gault

This story is written for my sister, Cassy Smith. 

Chapter 1:
April groaned as she opened her locker. It was proving to be a long day. First a pointless lecture in her Spanish class and now she had math. YUCK! She was hoping Mrs. Butters wouldn’t spring any surprise pop quizzes today. But that wasn’t likely. Mrs. Butters was on a rampage today. Everyone in the whole school had heard about her foul mood by now. April knew the pop quiz was coming.
She could skip class today.
“Hurry on to class April!” Mrs. Butters croaked from her door.
April groaned as she plopped her math text book into her bag with a sickening thud. So much for that plan. Why did she have to get the locker by the moodiest teacher in the school?
April slumped into her desk and stared at the board. There was nothing but random scribbles. She pulled out her notebook and began to scribble. She might as well scribble some eye balls while she waited for the impending doom. Everyone else seem to have similar feelings as they were all trying to relax.
“Get your pencils ready for a pop quiz, everyone!” Mrs. Butters chimed with glee. Too much glee. It was the glee of a sadist overlord about to force her subjects to perform a silly circus show.
Everyone let out a collective groan as they cleared their desk.
“Can I borrow a pencil, Mrs. Butters?” Dan asked as she put the quiz on his desk with a smile.
Mrs. Butters froze. Her gleeful joy turned into rage in the blink of an eye. “Why don’t you have one?” She began to rage. “Do you always come to school unprepared, Mr. Peters? Do you think you can make it through life like that? Do you?” Mrs. Butters lectured continued on, raising in volume as her face turned purple.
April felt bad for Dan as Mrs. Butters yelled. She laid her shin on the desk and stared at the clock. It was going to be a long day. She began counting down the seconds to lunch. Just 20 more minutes.
A loud explosion made everyone jump. April stayed in her seat as looked around. Everyone else was jumping out of their desk, crying. Mrs. Butters had stopping yelling at Dan who was now freaking out. Everyone began calling their parents while April watched on. They were thinking it was a gun, but April knew better. Guns made popping sounds. That was a loud bang. It was an explosive. It wasn’t a deadly one since the ground didn’t shake, but it was an explosive none the less.
April wasn’t sure who the target of the explosive was, but she knew for sure that they were going home early.
Several minutes later, April slid into her car with a smile. She was going to go home and take along a nap. The best thing was that school was cancelled for the rest of the week and today was Monday. It brought a huge smile to April’s face.
The passenger door opened and her little sister slid into the car. “Hey!” Angel greeted, tossing her duffle bag into the back. “What’s up?”
“Put on your seat belt.” April ordered reflexively.
“Already on Capitan.” Angel saluted with bright blue eyes.
April smiled as she drove away. “That explosion was you, wasn’t it?”
Angel gave a nervous laugh. “No one was hurt.”
“Who’d you prank this time?” April lectured.
“Saline Gomez.” Angle answered. “She’s such a snotty bitch. She’s rude to everyone. She told Donnie to go kill himself and he almost did! That cheerleader isn’t causing any cheer. Someone had to stop her.”
“And you did?” April asked.
“Yeah!” Angel nodded. “How many other 16 year olds do you know that can build an explosive that sprays condiments and ink everywhere?”
“Tell me again why you’re not in college yet?”
“I love you too much to want to be a grade above you.” Angel shrugged.
“With the way you are, I’m amazed you can stand school at all.” April shook her head. Angel had always been smart – scary smart, in fact. Their parents had no clue what to do with her. Angel always needed a new challenge and without their folks to push her, Angel was stuck with personal projects, like explosives. April just hoped the school didn’t realize the condiments and glitter bombs where Angel’s handiwork.
April plopped down on the couch. “I’m beat!” She stretched. She shifted over for Angel. “Want to watch cartoons with me?”

“Nah.” Angel shook her head. “I have a project I’m working on. You have fun though.”

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Krissie Reads Ep14

Today I read Our Lady's Glass by Brothers Grimm!
If you guys want me to read any other stories, please leave a comment and I'll be more then happy to read it!

Poem About Love

I never thought I'd feel love
Not romantic love anyway
I had family love,
It's confusing but there
I barely grasped friendship love in high school
It's a lot like family love, but less drama
But romantic love was a mystery to me
Then you had came along
You made my heart race,
A heart thought frozen and broken
From lack of emotion
You made me feel love
And it feels great
I often thought it was over exaggerated
I had often wish I'd find a love
But I never voiced that wish
I always shut it off mid-thought
Love is an ideal that few find.
I believed myself undeserving of love
It was something I would never feel
But then you came.
You slowly inched in and turned on a switch
How you got the key to my heart, I'll never know
But you turned on all the good emotions that barely functioned
I had been told about love before
I had seen it in cartoons
But I never felt it
But with you, I feel it.
My heart races and I care
I care how you see me
I'm happy when you text or call
I'm giddy when you're near
Thank you so much for showing me love
Thank you so much
Even if you leave me,
I'll still love you.
I only want the best for you.
I only want you to be happy.

Blue Man Group

On Friday, April 10th, I with my boyfriend and 2 other friends to see the Blue Man Group. When I was first invited to go, I had no real clue who the Blue Man Group was, so I watched a video or two of them on YouTube.
On the way there, we actually saw one of our teachers. We yelled hi to her, and she did look for us, but I don’t think she saw us. My boyfriend said he saw her face pop up on the screen at the concert, so we smiled and decided we’ll tell her we saw her when we see her at school.
The show itself was awesome and I enjoyed it. The Blue Man Group was very funny and the music was great. I really like the theatrical performances they gave and it was such an enjoyable experience. I was actually inspired to draw some fanart of the Blue Man Group based on parts of the performance.

If you ever get the chance to see the show, go see it. It’s a fun experience and you’ll enjoy it. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Acrostic Sonic

Speed of sound
Oh how I sometimes worry for you
No, I'm not mad at you
I've loved you since I was a kid
Comics with your name were the first I read

They haven't done you justice
How could they realize an unfinished game
Exorcising the bad things won't work

Hydrophobia is a understandable thing
Excitedly running towards the future, I'm hoping for the best
Dodging badnik attacks
Green eyes marvel at the world
Eggman can't defeat you, but still tries
Homing attacks and spin dash
Oh how fun the games are to play
Great things await you so long as you learn from pass mistakes.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Acrostic Poem 2

Here is another Acrostic Poem.

Knowing a lot of useless junk
Riding on a wave of crazy ideas
Imagination will never stop
Silly with strange cries and giggles
Serious about my work, I just want respect
I suffered from confusing emotions growing up until you came
Excited for a future I'll hopefully share with you

Thursday, April 9, 2015

04092015 letter

Poem 04062015

You run and play
And cause trouble all day
At home you climb whatever you can
Either to perch yourself or to stand
You're filled with giggles
Asking for cookies with reminded pleases and thank yous
I love having you at my home
Because I get to watch you run around
Enjoying the large yard I grew up in
It makes me happy
Knowing I get to share with you
A piece of our family history
and for an aunt without much to give
I'm glad I can give that much to you.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Acrostic Poem

Here is an Acrostic Poem. One of the very first poems you learn in school even if you don't know it. It's really fun to do. So I did one with my name.

Kitkats are yummy, because I don't know many words beginning with a K.
Righteously searching for my dreams
Imagining the greatest tales I can create
Silly as an old joke book full of pun
Serious shell to keep people out
I was shy for years, until I slowly bloomed.
Efficient at my crafts I want to share with the world.

Continuous Haiku

I remember once
when we were young, I refused
to play with you, so
you took my boombox and threw
it upon the ground
and broke it in your tantrum
I was so upset
but you did not care, you said
I deserved it for
Not wanting to play with you
Suffering your screams
today, I thought of that time
And now I don't know
how to feel about today
because you said I
am no longer your sister
well so be it, I'm
tired of the pain you cause
when I don't agree

Poetry of my pain

April 8th, 2015

I woke up happy
I woke up cheery
Ready to face the day
With joy and optimism
I had made my schedule
I wanted to stick to it
So I did.
Laundry day is Wednesday
So laundry I began today.
But then you started to call
You had your two children.
You should be able to handle them
Why must you call me to help you then?
I offer you to come over here with them
But you decline,
I accept this. I’ll see you after 2 loads,
But before the first load is barely, you explode
Texting me,
Calling me,
Complaining to me
I have no clue what to say to pacify you
But you’re blaming me
Saying I’m a liar
Saying I never keep my word
I was going to come over,
But then you started insulting me
Making me feel like I’m in an abusive relationship
I don’t want to be in an abusive relationship
You’re saying I’ll never be able to hold down a job
I’ll never have a career
Because I can’t keep my promises
I’m trying to keep my promises
But you make it difficult
But I know, in my heart, that in order for me to keep my promises
I must first be able to keep the promises I make to myself
That’s why I made a schedule
A schedule for me to keep
A schedule for me to do things by
Wednesday was my free-est day,
So I made it laundry day.
Why it seems like a mundane task to you
It is a chore that I need to do
A chore I need to keep up with
But you seem to think that it is an excuse
An excuse made up by me because I don’t want to be social
Sorry, but I don’t believe that watching your kids is social
I don’t complain to be outside while inside at your house
I do complain about being outside
Because your garage is gross and makes me feel sick
And you seem to love to bring me outside in weather when you know I shouldn’t be outside
Are you aware of how much your words hurt?
How much your words affect me?
I’m tired of this.

I just can’t deal with this.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Haiku Super Metroid

Last Baby Metroid
Kidnapped by Ridley
Start Super Metroid?

Haiku Sonic Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog
Running at the speed of sound
Defeating Eggman

Monday, April 6, 2015

Fehler Draft:Meet Ima Stone

She marched into the room with a stone face. Half of her head was shaved while the rest was brushed over the left in a wild swirls. Her black slacks and button up shirt was her uniform. Her tie was a bold yellow with gold swirls in it, a grand contrast to her purple hair.
The men lowered their guns and stepped back from her. Their faces going from sculls to nervous and all because she had entered the room. Fehler didn’t know who she was, nor did she care. She didn’t like the scary men and if she could make them cower, she liked her.
Fehler jumped as she felt an arm wrap around her. She looked up at the man who had brought her here. He was nice. He brought her juice. His smile, however, was now gone. Sucking in his bottom lip to bite on it, his eyes watched the woman as she walked around the room. He pulled Fehler closer to him as she walked closer.
Her cold eyes looked at him and then to her. She arched an eyebrow at her and turned back to the man. Wordlessly, the two had a conversation, each taking turns to eye Fehler. Fehler fidgeted closer to the man. The woman’s cold stare made her uncomfortable.
The woman stooped down to make eye contact with her. Fehler watched as her stone eyes turned soft. “Hello.” She gave a soft nod. “My name is Ima Stone. I’m a doctor. What’s your name, sweetie?”
Fehler looked up at the man. He nodded to her. “Fehler.” She mumbled.
“Fehler?” She repeated. She pulled the pen out of her clip board. “How do you spell that?”
Fehler tilted her head. “Was?” She repeated.
“Ah.” Ima nodded. “Du sprichst Deutsch?
Ja! Ja!” Fehler bounced in her seat. Finally, someone who spoke German. She was having a hard time figuring out what any of these strange people were saying.

Ima smiled at her enthusiasm. She was glad she knew some German.