Friday, July 31, 2015

Amy's Cookies

Animatic/Storyboard Script: Amy’s Cookies
Amy Rose stood in her kitchen. She pulled out a tray of cookies from the oven. She put them on a plate and smile.
“Finally got the cookies!” she beamed.
“Huh?” Amy turned.
“Who is it?” Amy asked as she opened the door.
Outside are the guys. Sonic, Tails, Shadow, etc. standing outside.
“Hey Ames,” Sonic gave his signature thumbs up. “Heard you baked some cookies. Can we have some?”
Amy sighs, “Happens every time.” She smiles.


Horrible Day

Horrible Day
I feel myself chocking
Is it my spit? My heart? Or my tonsils?
I’m not sure which.
I’m just upset.
And I could pinpoint all the reasons
But when I do,
I look at them and go
“Am I really having all these 1st world problems?
Are they even that important?
Is this something I should really be upset about?”
Should I draw back my tears
Tell myself I’m being stupid
I woke up to a morning of promise
But something told me no
No promises await you today
So I tried to rationalize
“So an okay day then?”
A question I tried to swallow and make true
But no.
No okay.
No promises.
No good.
The feeling grows stronger and stronger with each second.
Telling me No.
Confirming for me the truth I secretly knew
Today will be a horrible day.


Sonic Advance Ep9 Finale

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sonic Advance 2 Ep8

July 30th Thoughts

July 30, 2015
I really don’t like rude people. I just can’t find a way to like them. It’s part of the reason I don’t like my cousin. She’s just so rude. She’s always popping off the mouth at everyone and her attitude is horrible. It’s just so difficult to like her. Frankly, I find it hard to care about her at all. I hate that she now lives in the house with me, but I understand, she has to stay somewhere. I just wish she would behave like a decent human being. She cusses everyone out; her mother, her dad (before he died), Nanny (our grandma), her sister (who had custody of her for about a year), and everyone who doesn’t agree with her or try to tell her things for her own good. The girl just doesn’t know how to act. Plus, all of her friends are super rude as well. I hate it when she brings them over. Nanny doesn’t like them either because they waste all the drinks. Nanny buys about 4 12 packs of soda every week because she and friends keep wasting drinks. They’ll open them, take a few sips and leave them on the table for hours and refused to finish them when they get warm. She also has a dog that she doesn’t watch! She leaves the dog her for her brother’s girlfriend to watch. It barks and growls at everyone and has been known to bite. The dog is also not house trained either. Which is a problem. We’ve already thrown the cat outside because it shat all over the house. I haven’t seen the cat in several days which tells me it’s either ran away or Nanny dropped it off somewhere else, which I don’t mind.

It’s just so annoying and frustrating. I frankly avoid her, but I fear the moment will come when she gets rude with me and I’ll tell her to get over herself, and it probably won’t be in the nicest way. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sonic Boom Cover

I decided to sing Sonic Boom from Sonic CD. Sadly, I'm tone deaf, but I decided to share it anyway.

Future Plans

Hey guys, I hope you're all doing well!
I'm Krissie and welcome to my blog, Galaxy of Tales.
I've decided that instead of waiting for time to create art, I'm going to make my own time. I have awesome teachers this quarter which means I'm more motivated to do the work for their classes and have plenty of time to relax afterwards.
I'm also trying to pin down what I want to specialize my portfolio in. I've decided storyboarding for sure, because I really love doing that. I also like doing illustrations, so I'll be working on that as well.
But I've also decided that I'm going to be updating my YouTube channel everyday. It'll only be once, but it's something. I can't guarantee what will go up when, but just know that something will be going up at some point everyday.
I've mainly been using my channel for Let's Plays recently, but I'm also going to be posting other things. So the things you can expect to see are:
Let's Plays (As previously stated)
Covers - I really like singing, so I figured I would share a few with you all and you can laugh at how tone deaf I am.
Animatics/Animation - I do have plans for about 3 animatics right now. They're real short and sweet, but also, one is going to start a series I plan on working on.
Krissie Reads - originally scheduled for uploads every Sunday, this show went on hiatus because I don't think anyone watches it, but it will come back when I want to read anything to you guys. I also have some Spoken Word Poetry I'm going to be doing soon.
SpeedPaints - I enjoy showing you guys my process of drawing and I actually have a few I need to post. These will probably have music I've made over it. I am taking up the harmonica and still play piano, so I figured it would be a good way for me to practice.
Thank you all for reading and being awesome!

Sonic Advance 2 Ep6

Today I go through the Techno Base song!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Online Boyfriend

Theme: A girl discovers her online boyfriend is actually her computer.
Maris wouldn’t call ZoisiteLover27 her boyfriend by any means. After all, she had never met the guy before. They were just huge Sailor Moon fans who met online. He had become a close friend of hers even if they had never spoken to each other. Her name was MercuryChan96 on Tumblr and she mainly posted Sailor Moon stuff. Though she posted about all of her likes from the various animes to her inner most feelings.
ZoisiteLover27 was very much the same. He was kind and always there to give her advice or wish her the best of luck. That was just his nature. They had become friends quickly because of it.
But lately, their online friends and even Maris’ real life friends had paired the two together.
“It just makes sense after all,” Seren stated, “You two really are perfect for each other.”
Maris wasn’t sure if she believed that. After all, she had never heard of an online romance going well. She truly did love ZoisiteLover27. He had found his way into her heart and the flower of love was blooming in her chest. But she couldn’t express that love. Not without playing it off as kidding. After all, if she tried to pursue this relationship with an unknown online guy, he might just up and vanish from her life. That was something she didn’t want.

She would rather suffer from her love then risk losing his friendship. After all, she was sure she would get over it. Most of her friends had had crushes before that they said they loved with all their hearts before getting over it a few months later. She had even had a few crushes like that. Surely this love she was feeling for ZoisiteLover27 would wind up just the same.

Sonic Advance 2 Ep2

Friday, July 17, 2015

Sonic Advance 2 ep1

My new Let's Play, Sonic Advance 2. I hope you guys enjoy it!
There will be a new episode every day.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

What do you mean work with her?

Theme: "What do you mean work with her? She tried to kill me!" 
“What do you mean work with her? She tried to kill me!” Those had to be the words she spoke.
Tsetse hung her head in shame at Csilla’s words. The ram was deadly when enraged. It also seemed that she wasn’t very forgiving. Tsetse expected this reaction from Citlali. But the girl simply hugged her when she entered the room.
Citlali was currently seating up food at the table. Maris and Kulani were helping her. Celeste stood in shock at Csilla’s reaction. Lilith was staring daggers at Tsetse. Estelle and Astrophel were judging her closely. Izar merely puckered her lips and watched Csilla expectantly. Dara’s eyes were poking up from the top of a book she was pretending to read. Her eyes darting back and forth between Csilla and Tsetse.
“Guys!” Citlali popped out of the kitchen. The biggest grin on her face. “Food ready! Come eat!”
Celeste gave a nervous smile. “Um Citlali…”
“No buts!” Citlali shook her head. “I made food so you guys have to come eat it! She grabbed the closest arms to her, which happened to be Seren and Xenia, who were playing chess before Csilla’s outburst. “Come on the rest of you!” Citlali yelled shortly after seating her two confused friends. Citlali certainly had a way with dealing with people.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I Don't Want To Go To The Ball Ch9

I Don’t Want To Go To The Ball
Chapter 9: Wednesday, The Sixteenth
Deathy: This chapter is beginning on page 42 in my word document. Wow! This story is longer than I thought it would be.
Disclaimer: This is the final chapter!
Amy fidgeted in her seat.
“Amy, you need to hold still,” the sixteen year old rabbit chided.
“I’m sorry.” Amy bit her bottom lip.
“Don’t bit your lip! You’ll ruin your makeup!” Cream had insisted on doing Amy’s makeup. She was so happy to be doing it too.
Amy smiled at her friend. She was happy for this time. Yesterday had been stressful. She didn’t even remember a water creature trying to take her away. It made the pink hedgehog uncomfortable. She didn’t like blacking out. It made her feel like she wasn’t in control of herself. She may not have been the most mature of the freedom fighters, but she had grown into holding her own. Her hammer could have easily handled that stupid creature. And yet she had been helpless.
But now wasn’t the time to dwell on that. It was time to prepare for the peace ball. It was going to be a fun day. Cream looked adorable. Her hair was fluffy and curled. Her pink dress actually showed off her curves a lot more than they were all expecting, but the rabbit rolled with it.
“So, are you excited?” Amy asked curiously.
“Of course!” Cream squealed. “Aren’t you?”
Amy nodded. “Tails is a great dancer. So you’ll have plenty of fun tonight. Though I might come by to steal a dance with you guys.”
Cream chuckled. “I’m sure Mister Shadow will give you at least one dance.”
“Shadow? Dance?” Amy mused. “Those two words just don’t sound like they belong together. No. I’ll just have to dance with others and help Shadow avoid conversation when need be.”
Cream rolled her eyes. “You never know. Mister Shadow just might surprise you.” The cream rabbit picked up a tube of lipstick. She examined its color before putting it back and picking up another one and doing the same. “I mean, wouldn’t it be just like a movie if he admitted he loved you or something. Maybe even steal a kiss during a dance.”
Amy merely stared at the rabbit. She would retort, but the rabbit was applying a lipstick to her mouth preventing her from doing so. So a pointed stare would have to do.
“Don’t give me that look.” Cream ordered. “We all know you’ve had a crush on Shadow. You’ve had it for years. You just go into denial and then try to redirect your attention to Sonic. All of us girls have known. We’ve just been standing back and watching because you’re stubborn and we didn’t want to make your denial worse.” She picked up a gloss. “Now Mister Shadow asked you to the ball and you said yes. That’s a good sign. So swallow your doubts and go with your gut!”
“How so?” Amy shrugged.
“Simple.” Cream began tweaking with her hair. “If Mister Shadow makes a move. Go with it. Don’t run away like last time.”
“Last time? What last time?” Amy tapped her fingers on the arm of her chair.
“At the beach last year.” Cream stated. “Mister Shadow was totally flirting with you. He’s not the best at it, but we could all tell. Even Sonic figured it out. But you were dense and gave singles that you were friend zoning him.”
“What?! How?”
“Mister Shadow went to hold your hand when you two went out to gather sea shells on the beach. We were spying on you guys.” Cream answered Amy’s arched eye brow. “You held his hand, and you two got along well. Until sunset came. Mister Shadow leaned in to hold while you gazed into the sunset. Something romantic, right? You leaned back to be held, but then your started having doubts. We could all see it on your face. That part of your brain that tears down your self-esteem and makes you doubt everything. It kicked on into high gear and instead of suppressing it, you walked away. You gave Mister Shadow some bullshit excuse and left him there. Then the next day you started up on how much you love Sonic. Even though for the three years before, you hadn’t tried to pursue Sonic at all.” Cream wagged a finger at Amy. “We all caught on after that.”
“I… I…” Amy hung her head. “I’m a real idiot, huh?”
“Yep.” Cream popped the p loudly.
“I didn’t even realize…”
“A part of your brain did.” Cream interrupted. “And then it decided to doom you. So this time, you need to get it right.”
“Well, instead of letting Mister Shadow make the first move,” Cream thought, “Why don’t you?”
“Make the first move?”
“Yeah, you know. Flirt a bit. See how Shadow reacts. Then take it from there.”
“This can not end well.” Amy threw her head back and rested it on the back of her chair.
“Think positive and it will end well.” Cream ordered.
“Fine.” Amy looked at the rabbit. “You going to be making any moves on Tails tonight?”
Cream’s face turned red. “Uh…”
Amy smirked. “I love you Cream.” She poked her best friend in the check. “I really needed this. Thanks.” She glanced at the clock. “You better get going. Tails is sure to be waiting for you by now.”
Cream looked at the clock and nodded. “You’re right. I just hope Cheese and Chocola haven’t been too much trouble for him.”
“I’m sure they’re fine. Tails can handle two chao on his own.” Amy waved her hand.
Cream barked out a laugh. “Barely.” Cream grabbed her purse and slipped on her shoes. They were cute flat dress shoes that fit with her dress, a pink dress with a puffy skirt, quite nicely. She bid her farewells as she swung open the door, hitting a black and red hedgehog on the way. “I’m so sorry!” She squeaked out.
Amy walked over to the door and covered her mouth with her hand. Trying to suppress her laughter.

Shadow T. Hedgehog struggled to put on his tie. He knew how to tie one. Professor Gerald had shown him how to wear one on the Ark. Even the Commander took the time to show him how to put one on when he first got this suit. But for some reason, Shadow couldn’t get the tie right. It was frustrating!
He took the tie off and glared at it. He didn’t have time for this. He had to go get Rose soon. He needed to protect her from that thing that tried to take her. He growled in frustration. He looked in the mirror and draped the tie around his neck.
“Remember Shadow,” Gerald stood beside the black hedgehog in a mirror. “You have to clear your mind when you tie a tie. Take it slow and steady and you’ll get it right.”
“I don’t think this is right Professor.” Shadow scrunched up his face as he looked at the knot he tied. It was crude and crooked.
Gerald chuckled.
Shadow glared at his creator. He didn’t like being laughed at.
Gerald patted Shadow on the back. “Relax.” He rubbed his knuckles on the boy’s cheeks. “You know, if you keep making that face it’ll get stuck that way.” Shadow still glared. “Let’s go over the steps again then.”
Shadow murmured the steps as he moved his hands. He finally got the tie right. It wasn’t perfect, but it was tied and looked decent. That was all he needed in order to be presentable. He safely tucked away a gun in a holster that was strapped to his waist. He picked up his keys and spare helmet. As he got on his motorcycle, Shadow pondered if he should think about getting an actual car.
Nah.” Shadow thought as he drove down the street. “I like my bike.
Shadow arrived at Rose’s house in record time. Now he just hoped she was ready to go. Rouge had told him that a woman always took a long time to prepare fancy events. Shadow knew this to be fact from experience with Rouge. Rose would surely take a while too. He walked up to the door and lifted his hand to knock. Then the door swiftly open and knocked the black hedgehog on his ass.

“Are you okay?” Amy asked, extending her hand out to the red striped hedgehog.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” Shadow groaned as he rubbed his head. “Did you have to hit me so hard with the door Rose?”
“That wasn’t me.” Amy rolled her eyes as she helped him. “Cream did it by accident. She was in a hurry to go meet up with Tails.”
“Hmph.” Shadow shook his head. “How are you?” Shadow paused as he took in the pink hedgehog’s appearance.
Her quills frame her nicely. Curling a bit at the end. Her eye shadow had some glitter in them, making her eye lids sparkle. Her lips were glossy and a bright pink color. He had seen Rose with makeup on before and every time, Shadow marveled at how beautiful she was. But it was the dress that really caught his attention. It was a green dress that matched her emerald eyes. The skirt flared out a bit and came down to the midpoint of her shin. Rose always loved to dress nice, but this dress was strangely different. Then Shadow caught sight of it.
The top of Rose’s dress was a corset. It barely covered her breasts and it looked as if they were about to pop out at any moment.
Great…” Shadow thought as he adverted his gaze from Rose. “Things to avoid looking at all night.
He turned back to talk to Rose, but blinked as Rose was no longer there.
“Sorry to keep you waiting.” Amy came back onto the front porch. She was holing a small purse in her hands. She now had on a fancy, but simple looking necklace with a locket in the center. She looked her door and turned to him. “You seem to have dazed off. Did you see any funny shapes in the sky?”
“Hmph.” Shadow crossed his arms. “Are you ready to go?”
“Yep!” Amy beamed a smile at him.
Shadow arched an eyebrow. “Shouldn’t you get a jacket?” It’s going to be hard ignoring your chest without one.
Amy tilted her head at him quizzically.
“In case you get cold.” Shadow lied.
“Oh!” Amy nodded her head. She pointed to the shawl wrapped around her waist. “I can use this shawl for that.”
Shadow nodded as he handed her a helmet. “Hold on tight.”
Amy put on the helmet and climbed on the motorcycle behind Shadow. She wrapped her arms around him tightly.
Shadow clenched his teeth. He had forgotten how strong Rose was. She had grip that could break a normal man’s spine. Luckily for him, he was the Ultimate Lifeform and could withstand several tons of pressure. He tapped his fingers on her hands.
“What’s wrong Shadow?” Amy loosened her grip to look him in the eye.
“Too tight.” Shadow sighed. “Has anyone told you that you don’t know your own strength Rose?”
Amy blushed as she sat on the back of the bike. She wrapped her arms around again, but this time not enough to choke him. “Sorry.”
“It’s okay.” Shadow turned on the motorcycle and drove off.

The Ball was already underway by the time they got there. Shadow and Amy linked arms as they walked up the stairs. An Acorian soldier met them at the door.
“Your names?”
“Shadow Hedgehog.” Shadow simply glared. “This is Amy Rose. You know us both Ted.”
Ted merely shrugged. “I’m required to ask, even if I know you.”
“Why?” Shadow arched an eyebrow at him.
Ted merely smiled ear to ear. “For this.” He turned and tapped the long golden staff he was holding on the ground, drawing everyone’s attention to the entrance. “Announcing the arrival of Shadow Hedgehog of the Guardians of the United Nations and Duchess Amy Rose of Mercia.” Ted tapped the staff again before turning back to Shadow with a grin even bigger than the last. “Have a good evening.”
“I hate you Ted.” Shadow growled.
Amy chuckled as she pulled her escort forward. “Come on, people are staring.” She whispered. “Hope you have a good time Ted.”
“Thank you Duchess Rose.” Ted waved.
Amy smiled as they entered the ball. Shadow stuck right beside her. To Amy’s surprise, several people wanted to talk to her and not Shadow. She knew them as higher up citizens of Mercia, but she felt bad that she didn’t know their names. They were all really nice and humble. Shadow was a bit confused as to how the few Mercian’s that came seem to look like medieval people from a movie he once watched on TV. They were even nice to him. Questions like, “How are you faring? What have you been up to?” Just simple, polite things.
Amy was enjoying herself greatly. Though the thing that was bugging her was that Shadow was watching her like a dog. The black hedgehog was on edge and it was obvious to everyone.
“How long do you think he’ll be like that?” Cream asked as she danced with Amy.
Amy sighed, “I don’t know. I just hope it doesn’t last long.”
“He’s just worried about you.” Cream shrugged with a meek smile.
“But this ball won’t be any fun if he doesn’t enjoy it too.” She pouted.
Cream thought for a moment. “Maybe you should talk to him about it?”
Amy’s eyes lit up. “That might actually do the trick. Plus, Shadow hasn’t seen the flowers yet.”

Tails tapped Shadow’s shoulder. Red eyes pierced at the orange fox. Tails merely smiled as he help up a cup of punch. Cheese and Chocola were flying together in a circle close by.
“You seem stressed.” Tails made small talk. “Is being Amy’s date that stressful?”
“Hmph.” Shadow turned back to stare at Amy. He needed to keep his eyes on her at all times.
“Take the drink.” Tails held the cup in front of his face.
Shadow accepted the punch. “Thank you Tails.”
“No problem.” Tails sipped his drink. “We set up sensors around this building. If that thing from yesterday shows up here, the sensors should catch it. So you should enjoy the ball. After all, she can’t fully bloom if her date is a grouchy guard dog.”
Shadow glared at the fox. He hated to admit when the fox was right. Then he realized something. He was having to look up at the fox to glare at him. It was only slightly – an inch if that – but he, a 25 year old man, still had to look up at an 18 year old. “When did you get taller?”
Tails looked at Shadow with a confused look.
“Have you seriously not realized that you’ve gotten taller?” Shadow placed his hand on the fox’s head.
“Hey, watch it!” Tails swatted his hand away. “Do you know how long I…” Blue eyes widened. “I’m taller then you?”
“Yep. You just realized.” Shadow shook his head.
Tails just stood there awestruck as the girls came back.
“What’s up guys?” Amy asked as she waved.
“What happened to Tails?” Cream whispered.
“He just realized that puberty is being very generous with his height.” Shadow answered.
The girls looked at Tails and noticed that he was indeed taller than Shadow. They each gave a harty laugh, knocking Tails out of his little world.
“What’s going on?” The two tails fox asked as he eyed the girls.
“Don’t worry about it.” Amy grinned ear to ear as she wrapped her arm around Shadow’s.
Shadow stiffened a bit.
“I haven’t showed you the garden yet. So let’s go!” She gave his arm a little tug. Shadow complied. “We’ll see you guys later!”
Cream and Tails waved.
“So how have the chao been?” Cream asked, turning to see the chao sitting on the ground, bobbing their heads back and forth.
“They’ve been good.” Tails smiled. “Though it looks like they’re tuckering out.”
“I’ll have to take them home soon then.” Cream sighed.
Tails picked up Chocola and Cheese. “You don’t have a babysitter though.”
“I’ll just have to stay at home.” Cream shrugged. “It’s no deal. The ball was fun while it lasted though.”
“One more dance before I take you home then?” Tails smiled. “After all, as your date, I think you should save the last dance for me.”

Amy walked out into the garden. There was a wide assortment of flowers and a small pond. The pond had a few fish in it.
“So what do you think of the garden Shadow?” Amy beamed a smile. “It’s not that big, but it’s still nice.”
“It is.” Shadow nodded.
Amy walked over to the fish pond. She looked down into it and her eyes widened. “They’ve added fish to this pond!” She bounced up and down with excitement.
Shadow smiled as he watched her cheer. His face turned bright red as he noticed her chest bouncing. They were so close to popping out. Shadow instantly turned away to stare at flowers planted at his feet. He clenched his teeth as he slowly counted the flowers to bring his heart to a normal pace.
“Is something bothering you Shadow?” Amy leaned into Shadow’s line of sight. Her bright emerald eyes staring up at him with concern.
“I’m fine Rose,” he lied.
Amy pursed her lips and gave him the ‘I’m-not-buying-it’ look.
“Rose, I assure that I’m fine.” Shadow tried to assure her.
Amy propped her hands on her hips and puffed out her chest. “Why don’t I believe you?”
Shadow looked the pink hedgehog up and down. He could tell she met business, but he was stuck resisting the urge to check her out and losing the battle anyway. Shadow sighed.
“You know this ball isn’t going to be very fun if you’re stressed out the whole time.”
“I’m not stressed.”
Amy arched an eyebrow at him. “You’re following me around like an overprotective guard dog. You’re stressed.”
“Rose, I’m just trying to protect you. It’s…”
“Dangerous?” Amy finished his sentence. “I know that Shadow. It’s always dangerous. We stop Eggman’s evil schemes all the time. There will always be danger around us. But for once,” Amy wrapped her arms around Shadow. “Can’t you just…” She looked up at him. Her eyes watering. “I don’t know, relax. Even just for a little while. Please Shadow. Just for a few hours. This won’t be a fun ball if you’re on edge the whole time.”
Shadow sighed. He wrapped his arms around her in comfort. He should’ve seen this coming. Rose was feeling stressed too. After all, she was the one the strange creature was after. She was trying to have fun, but his foul mood was affecting her. He wanted her to have fun. That was the main reason he asked her to come. To see her smile and enjoy herself. To watch her flit around like a butterfly. She was supposed to be having the time of her life. Shadow pulled her closer.
“I’m sorry Rose,” he spoke softly into her ear. “I didn’t mean to dampen your mood. I just don’t want you to get hurt. That thing said it would be back for Maria’s sake.”
Amy rested her head on Shadow’s shoulder. “We’ll be fine if it does. But for now, can’t we just enjoy the ball?”
Shadow pondered the idea for a moment. He smirked as he gave her a quick peck on the head. “I like that idea.” He grabbed a hold of her hand. “Besides, I still you owe you a dance.”
Amy’s green eyes lit up in awe. “Really!”
“Yes.” Shadow gave a court nod as he walked her back into the ball.
The creature from the day before rose up from the pond. It looked to where the two hedgehogs had walked off.
“I will keep my promise.” It vowed as it inched closer to the entrance.
Amy smiled like a child on Christmas as Shadow led her onto the floor. Shadow wrapped his arm around her waist and held her hand in the other. Amy’s arm rested on his shoulder. Shadow began the dance and Amy followed.
“You dance very well,” Shadow complemented.
“Thanks.” Amy blushed. “You dance very well too.”
“Thank you Rose.” Shadow nodded.
“I’m sorry about Rob’s lessons. I hope it wasn’t too… eccentric.”
“Oh no,” Shadow shook his head, “There is nothing more eccentric then having your boss as a dance partner with the king of a foreign country poking you in a back telling you to stand straighter and be more charming.”
Amy giggled. “That does sound like Rob.”
“So how are you enjoying the ball?” Shadow leaned in to whisper in her ear.
“Yep!” Amy smiled up at him.
“I’m glad.” Shadow smiled as he stared down at the pink hedgehog. His ruby eyes gentle for one of the rare moments in his life. Shadow gave Amy a small spin and she giggled.
“That was fun!” Amy praised as they ended their dance.
The sound of someone clapping filled the room. Everyone became quiet as they turned to the source of the sound. It was an eerie clap, one that stood out and demanded attention. Everyone’s eyes locked on to the source – the water creature who had tried to take Amy away yesterday.
Shadow clutched Amy close to him. Amy stared at the creature with a confused look. Shadow formed a chaos spear in his hand.
The creature merely stared at them in a cocky stance. Its form became clearer as it walked closer to them.
“Oh no you don’t.” Sonic spindashed the creature.
The creature merely waved the blue hedgehog off with its hand. A shield built of chaos energy protecting him and trapping Sonic in a ball. It walked up to the pair and bowed, the water turning to flesh. Before them stood a tall male hedgehog with broad shoulders.
Amy gasped as she moved from behind Shadow to beside him.
“Nickolas?” Rob arched an eyebrow at the red hedgehog. “What art thou doing hither? How did thou geteth hither? Waiteth,” Rob shook his hand as he walked closer, “’ere all that, how art thou alive! I heard thou wast dead.”
Nickolas gave a hearty laugh. “My apologies Robert.”
“Rob,” the teal hedgehog corrected.
Nickolas gave a small smile as he continued, “But it was hard for me to get here. I’m afraid I don’t have long.” He turned towards Amy. “But I wanted to keep my promise. It was just hard to get in contact with you.” He reached out and rubbed Amy’s cheek.
Amy smiled as she leaned into his touch. “I remember now,” Amy’s eyes fluttered, “I made you promise to see my first dance at my first ball as a lady.”
“And I’ve kept my word.” Nickolas smiled. “I have also brought you a gift.”
“A gift?”
“Aye. From us and me crew.” Nickolas pulled out a box from his pocket.
Amy accepted the box and stared at it with wide eyes.
“Well open it lassie!” Nickolas urged.
Amy opened the box and pulled out a crystal flower hair pin. She smiled as she put the pin in her hair. She gave a soft curtsied. “Thank you.”
Nickolas bowed. “Now, I have to be off. I can’t project too long.”
“I understand.” Amy smiled as the form faded away. “Good bye.”
“So it was just Nickolas.” Rob smiled gently. “That’s a relief.”
“Yep.” Amy turned back to Shadow with a smile. “Shall we go get something to drink Shadow?”
“Sure.” Shadow nodded as things slowly turned back to normal with soft chatter and dances continued.
“So, who was that Nickolas guy?” Shadow leaned in to ask the pink hedgehog.
Amy smiled. “Oh. Him?” Amy avoided eye contact as she looked around the room. She grabbed the ebony hedgehog’s hand.
She led him to the garden and walked along the small path. They were at the farthest end of the garden before she spoke again. Shadow having finished his small cup of punch before they even left the hall. “That man…” Amy turned to Shadow with a serious face. “You have to promise you won’t tell anyone. Not Sonic and certainly not Rouge.”
“Rose?” Shadow arched an eyebrow. “What’s gotten into you?”
“You have to promise!” Amy held a finger to his face.
Shadow held up his hands. “I promise I won’t tell anyone.”
Amy sighed as she sat down on bench. She patted the spot beside her on the bench and Shadow sat next to her. He stared at her, waiting patiently for her to speak. “He’s the king of pirates.”
“Ah.” Shadow nodded his head. He recalled several people murmuring things along the line of pirate king in the ball. “Was he on good terms with your parents?”
Amy giggled a bit. “He’s my father.” The pink hedgehog watched Shadow’s face from the corner of her eye as she waited for his reaction.
Shadow simply nodded. It was all making sense. Rouge had mentioned Rose’s father was a mystery to general public. “Is there a reason why no one knows he’s your father?”
“Rob knows.” Amy corrected. “I don’t know about Mari-An though. But father doesn’t have a very good reputation. Being a pirate and all. So everyone agreed that it should be kept secret.”
“Everyone being?”
“The royal family. Daddy as well.” Amy smiled as she looked at the sky. “I’m just glad he remembered that promise. I had completely forgotten.”
Shadow smiled as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders. “I take it you’ve had a great time so far?”
“Yeah.” Amy gave a court nod as she scooted closer to Shadow. “You?”
Shadow shrugged. “I’ve been in a room full of busy body people all night and I haven’t lost it yet. So I guess it’s been good.”
Amy chuckled as she leaned her head on his shoulders. They sat in silence, star gazing for several long minutes.
“Hey lovebirds!” Sonic yelled out from the door way. “Get inside!”
Shadow glared at the blue hedgehog as Amy turned bright red.
“Come on, we’re doing the last dance now. Afterwards, you can do whatever you want.” Sonic waved them inside. “Just be responsible and I won’t have to be an overprotective big brother.”
“SONIC!” Amy yelled as she smacked the blue hedgehog with her hammer. She walked back inside and took a deep breath. No one paid her any mind. It was normal for the pink hedgehog to hit someone with her hammer at least once a day. The fact that it was Sonic was perfectly normal to them.
Amy watched as Lil’ Jon danced with Alexis. Rob and Mari-An were sharing a nice slow dance. Amy smiled. She wished she had a camera to take a picture of this moment.
Shadow walked passed Sonic, whose face was implanted into the ground. He walked up Amy and tapped her shoulder. “Would you like one more dance before we go?”
Amy curtsied. “I would like that.”

Shadow walked Amy to her door like a perfect gentlemen.
“Thank you Shadow!” Amy planted a soft kiss on the cheek. “Today was very fun.”
“You’re welcome Rose.” Shadow nodded. He attempted to hide the blush on his face.
“Good night.” Amy walked into her house. She smiled to herself as she skipped upstairs. She changed into her pajamas and washed the makeup off. She crawled into bed and curled up into her blanket. She drifted off to sleep shortly after.
Shadow marched to his bike and road home. He undid the tie and plopped down on the couch. He stared up at the ceiling until he fell asleep.
Deathy: 1st day of my summer quarter and I just finished this. I’m hoping you guys enjoy this chapter. This story is 50 pages long. I’m going to go work on some original stories now. I’ve decided to become a professional writer in order to support myself. So if you like my fanfictions, perhaps you might like some of my original work, so feel free to check it out. Links to the books I’ve published are on my profile. Thank you all so much for reading!

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I Don't Want To Go To The Ball Ch8

I Don’t Want To Go To The Ball
Chapter 8: Tuesday, the Fifteenth
Deathy: Welcome back everyone!
 Disclaimer: Amy bakes in this chapter.
Amy sighed in relief as she inhaled the sweet scent of baked goods. Rob and Mari-An had to go attend some board meeting between all the big heads of each country. So Amy was left home in peace to bake sweets.
“Amy, am I mixing this right?” Jon asked curious as he held up the bowl.
“Yes.” Amy nodded with a kind smile. She wasn’t exactly alone though. Jon was with her. But luckily, Jon didn’t ask her questions that made her uncomfortable. Sure Mari-An got her to admit she had a crush on Shadow. She was admitting it to herself. But it wasn’t something she wanted everyone to know yet. After all, Amy was known for being hot headed and gun-ho about anyone she liked. She didn’t want to admit her feelings just to be shot down by a blunt Shadow two minutes later.
Amy divided the mix into the cupcake pan before sliding it into the oven. She grabbed a new pan and prepared it.
Amy and Jon jolted.
“It sounds like the police on TV.” Jon muttered.
Amy snorted as she swatted the young echidna. “I’m coming!” She called as the knock resounded again. She knew exactly who it was. And while she wasn’t sure if she was ready to see him, she knew she didn’t have much of a choice. She pulled back the door and smiled, “Hey Shadow. What’s up?” She tried to be casual.
“Hello Rose.” Shadow greeted. “You’re looking lovely today.”
“Thanks.” Amy stepped aside and waved him in. “I was just baking.”
He nodded as he followed her into the kitchen. He nodded to Jon as he entered. Jon nodded back. Shadow sat down as Amy pulled out a glass and filled it with juice.
“So what brings you here Shadow?”
Shadow shrugged. “Avoiding Rouge, to be honest.” The bat had been pestering him all day with questions. He was growing tired of them. Rose’s house was normally quiet, so he figure he would come by to see her.
“What is she up to today?” Amy put the glass in front of him as she continued baking.
“She’s just asking a lot of questions.” Shadow waved his hand. “Pestering ones.”
Amy nodded.
“Well, you’re in luck!” Jon beamed. “Amy’s house is actually very quiet today. I didn’t notice it before, but I think that’s because dad was here earlier.”
“That’s because Rob is naturally loud.” Amy chuckled. “I think he’s afraid of silence or something.”
Jon nodded. “That sounds like father.” He washed the bowl and put it on the drying rack. “I just chalked it up to him being eccentric.”
“He certainly is that.” Shadow snorted.
A timer shaped like a chicken went off on Amy’s counter. Amy turned it off and went to the stove. “You came at a good time Shadow,” she opened the stove and pulled out a fresh tray of muffins, “They just finished. Would you like one once they’ve cooled?”
Shadow nodded with a small smile. “That would be nice. Thank you Rose. What kind are they?”
“Oh lots of kinds!” Amy smiled. “These are blueberry. Those are banana nut. I’ve got some strawberry, some strawberry and blueberry ones, a few chocolate and a few vanilla.” Amy placed the tray on the stove. “I’ve just got to pull them out.”
“Let me help with that.” Shadow walked over and grabbed an oven mitt from the drawer.
“Be careful,” she warned cautiously.
Shadow felt the waves of hit rolling out of the oven. It didn’t bother him though. He had been faced with hotter places then a simple stove. He pulled out a tray and set it beside the other ones on the stove. Shadow then grabbed another with his other hand and placed it on the stove. “Do those others tray need to come out?”
Amy shook her head as she closed the stove. “Jon,” her emerald green eyes darted to the red echidna. “Go get the first aid kit.”
Shadow tilted his head. “Are you hurt Rose?”
Her eyes darted back to him. She just stood there, blinking at him with a face daring him to figure it out on his own. He felt his heart beat quicken. He clenched his fist out of habit and winced. He looked at his left hand with confusion. His hand was burnt. How did--- Shadow’s brain kicked on. Shadow let out a whistle as he stared at his hand. It didn’t hurt before, but now that he was aware of it, it was beginning to hurt more than it should have.
Amy patted his shoulder as she spun him around and walked him to the sink. She turned on the sink and placed Shadow’s hand under it. “Some cold water will help.” She walked to the fridge and pulled out a tray of ice.
Shadow hung his head. “Thank you Rose. You’re really good at being a nurse.”
Amy smiled. “You’re welcome Shadow.” She reached on her tip toes for the sandwich bags. But the bags were being illusive jerks and pushed themselves back. Amy pouted as she tried to reach back for them again.
Shadow chuckled as he watched her struggle.
Amy turned to glare at him. She meant for it to be threatening, but it came out as more of a cute pout then anything.
Shadow tried to stifle his laugh, but he failed. The black hedgehog walked over and grabbed the bags and handed them to her. “Next time, ask for help.” He teased.
Amy pouted as she accepted his gift. “Next time, you should listen when I say be careful.”
Shadow leaned his forehead against hers. “You’re stubborn Rose.”
“You’re more stubborn.”
Shadow smirked as he opened his mouth.
“Eith'r kisseth h'r 'r goeth backeth to the sinketh and puteth thy handeth backeth und'r the watereth.” Jon stated sternly. He stood in the doorway. His eyes locked on the two.
The two turned bright red. Shadow jolted up right and walked like a wind-up soldier back to the sink. He put his left hand in the water and kept his eyes fixated on it. His body healed faster than normal mobians. His hand would be better within a few hours.
“Jon!” Amy spat with her face as red as a cherry.
Jon merely arched an eyebrow at her.
“You…  That…” Amy searched for the right words to say, but failed to form a sentence, so she went with the best her brain could cook up, “Shut up.”
Jon cocked the other eyebrow up at her.
“Shut up.” She pouted as yanked the box out of his hands. “You’ve got it all wrong,” she hissed in a whisper before walking to tend Shadow’s wounds.

Jon stayed quiet for the next few hours. He mainly stayed in the kitchen helping out. Amy gave soft instructions. She had pretended that the incident earlier had never happened, and Shadow was glad for it. Shadow was currently slicing apples for an apple pie. He was glad Amy had agreed to let him help her. He felt awkward just sitting at the table watching the two cook food. His hand wasn’t completely healed, but it was healed enough for him to slice basic fruit.
“I finished slicing the apples, Rose.” Shadow swept the slices into a bowl. “What do you want me to do with them?”
Amy didn’t respond. She was staring out the window.
“Rose?” Shadow tapped her arm, but received no response.
The pink hedgehog was just staring mindlessly out the window.
“Amy? You okay?” Jon grabbed a hold of her hand and looked up at her.
Amy turned on her heel and began walking out of the kitchen. The two boys called out to her, but she didn’t respond. Her emerald eyes had clouded over. She opened the door and began walking outside barefoot.
“Rose!” Shadow began following her. “Rose! Come back here!”
“Should I call Sonic or Niccole?” Jon cried from the front door, holding up the phone.
“You do that!” Shadow looked over his shoulder at the red boy. “I’ll follow Rose. Figure out where she’s headed to.” He turned back and groaned. While he had stopped to talk to Jon, Amy had already gained several leagues between them. Shadow could barely see the top of her pink head. He was glad he was one of the fastest things alive. Though he still didn’t like having to share the title with Sonic. He zipped over to her side.
“Rose,” his voice showing concern, “Where are you going? What are you doing?”
Amy didn’t respond. She walked all the way to the local fishing pier. She stopped a few inches from the shore line.
“Rose!” Shadow stands in front of her and shakes her shoulders. “Rose?” His voice was the same deep sound it always was, but there was something different in it. Emotion. His voice was full of emotion. There were so many emotions – concern, fear, sadness, and frustration – straining Shadow’s voice.
Shadow stiffened. He heard the water raising behind him. He turned around and saw the ocean rising to form a watery figure. He clutched Amy’s shoulder and pushed her behind him. The ebony hedgehog knew who Chaos was. He knew what the guardian of Chao looked like. This was not the water god he knew. This was something Shadow didn’t know. His quills stood on end as he growled at the approaching watery figure. It stood several heads taller than Shadow.
A growl filled the air and it took Shadow a moment to realize that he was the one growling.
The figure tilted its head in confusion before stepping to the side. It held out an arm for Amy. The pink hedgehog reached forward to accept the hand.
“No!” Shadow yelled as a chaos spear flew from his hand.
The figure stepped back as the spear zoomed pass it. It turned to face Shadow. Shadow formed another spear in his hand. The figure dashed forward, covering Shadow in water. Shadow was left floating in water, gasping for air. He flung his hands about as he tried to escape. He let out a few chaos spears, but they didn’t have much effect on the creature.
The creature formed outside of the bubble outside of Shadow. It turned to face Amy and circled around her. Amy stood there in a trance, unmoving.
“Rose!” Shadow yelled in fear as he threw a chaos spear at the creature.
The creature stepped away from Amy and walked towards the bubble it had trapped Shadow in. It held its hand up to the bubble and popped it. Shadow fell to the ground with a loud plop. It turned back to Amy, who walked forward with heavy feet. The water creature reached out and brushed Amy’s cheek.
“Don’t touch her!” Shadow screamed as he stepped between them.
The creature looked at him and then back to Amy. “I’ll be back for you.” The creature’s voice was odd sounding. It was echoing and sounded as if it was being filtered through water. It made Shadow’s skin crawl. With that, the creature returned to the ocean and disappeared.
Shadow stood still for a moment. Waiting for his heart to slow down.
Then Amy fainted.

The pink hedgehog woke up in her bed at home. She sat up and looked around. Shadow was asleep in a chair by her bed. Amy stood up and looked around. The last thing she remembered, she was baking in the kitchen. But it was already dark outside.
“How art thou humour?” Rob lightly tapped the door frame. Amy looked up at him confused. “Thou went into a trance. ev'ryone is v'ry conc'rn'd f'r thou. He hasn't left thy side this whole timeth.”
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to worry anyone.” Amy gave Shadow a soft smile as she took the one of the blankets off her bed and wrapped it around his shoulders.
“I’m just fain thou’re finally awaketh. How art thou humour? Any pains anywh’re?”
Amy thought about it for a moment. “I feel a bit nauseas. But otherwise, I feel fine. What happened?”
“Thou black’d out again.” Rob wrapped his arms around her and gave her a tight hug. “Don’t worryeth, we’re going to taketh good careth of thou.”
“Thanks Rob.” Amy hugged him back.

Deathy: So things are heating up quickly. Hopefully, I’ve answered some questions with this chapter. The next chapter is the ball! The final chapter and all answers shall be revealed. But please let me know if you have any questions and I’ll try to answer them with the next and final chapter! Thank you all so much for reading!

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Sleepy Pirate

Theme: "You can't just sit there all day." 
"I've done it before. Never underestimate my ability to idle."
Charas: Kitts McGee and Pirate Callin.
Pirate Callin was laid back in a tree.
Kitts McGee walked under the tree. He propped his paws on his hips. “You can’t just sit there all day.” He wagged a figure at the pirate.
Pirate Callin laid on his side as he arm dangled down from the tree. He smirked as he lazily eyed the detective. “I’ve done it before. Never underestimate my ability to idle.”
Kitts McGee shook his head. “You’re hopeless.” He turned on his heel and walked away.

Pirate Callin curled up on the branch and snoozed. 

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Stuck in the Mud

Theme: "I can't take another step." 
"I know. I'm tired, too." 
"You don't understand. I really can't take another step."
Emi’s foot became stuck in mud and vines. He glared as he tried to remove the vines.
He looked up at Grey. “I can’t take another step.” He called.
“I know, I’m tired too.” Grey waved a hand behind his head. “But we need to get through this forest in order to get back to the others.”
“You don’t understand.” Emi shook his head. “I really can’t take another step.”
Grey turned around and his jaw dropped.
Emi was stuck. Vines wrapped around his leg, his feet buried in the mud.
“Pfft.” Grey turned his head to the side. “You’re the first person I’ve seen get stuck in the mud.”
Emi pouted and gave a pointed glare. “Shut up.”


Meteor Mockery

Meteor Mockery:
The meteor zoomed pass stars and clouds of dust and junk. The bright stone was swirling with billion different colors with its colors changing in swirls and random shapes. Then the meteor came upon a blue planet known as Earth. As the meteor closed in on the Earth’s atmosphere, the meteor began to crack.
The meteor shattered!
Each piece was a different color and shape and flew off. The pieces sprinkled around the planet like snow. Where did they strike and what did they do?

Well that’s the fun part of the story isn’t it?

Now Remember

Theme: "Now remember, if you hear ominous chanting, the appropriate response is to run." 
“Now remember,” Darla stated in a hush tone, “If you hear ominous chanting, the appropriate response is to run.” She was leaning forward in her rocking chair as she said it.
Josh remembered the woman’s rule very well. But for some reason, he wasn’t following that rule.
Josh walked out into the woods behind his house.



So I'm wanting to do some animations on my YouTube Channel! I'm just not sure what kind of animations to do. So I want to know what kind of animations you guys would like to see.
You can vote here.
I'm thinking about doing 3 types of animations. They are as follows:

Fan Animations:

These types of animations are animated shorts centering around things I'm a fan of. For example: Sonic, Sailor Moon, Powerpuff Girls, etc. With these, I would probably be animating scenes from fanfictions I've written.

Original Animated Shorts:
These are animated shorts that don't have any fanart associated with them. These would be animated shorts dealing with my original characters like Cleovim, Emi, Caiside, Shelly, etc. These will also include animated shorts based on Fairy Tales and even shorts starring cats. 

Animated Music Videos
I've made several of these before. These are where I animate songs that I like or that have been stuck in my head. I did this recently with Paranoid Castle's Weed Man. I don't normally animate a whole song, usually just a few seconds of it.

So, let me know what you guys would like to see. You can vote in the poll here or comment down below. Whichever you feel like.

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I Don't Want To Go To The Ball Ch7

I Don’t Want To Go To The Ball
Chapter 7: Monday, The Fourteenth
Deathy: A funny moment is planned for this chapter. I hope you’ll enjoy it.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my ideas.
Shadow wasn’t sure how to feel about the teal hedgehog standing in front of him. He glanced over at Commander Towers with a questioning look. He knew something was up when the commander called him to his office. He was expecting another mission, not to be standing in a room with the commander and the king of Mercia.
“What can I do for you, Commander?” Shadow asked in his normal court tone after he saluted.
“Hello Shadow.” Commander Towers nodded. He looked pale and weary. “I called you up here at King Rob’s request.” He gestured to the teal hedgehog. Rob smiled at the black hedgehog.
“To what do I owe this pleasure?” Shadow asked, trying to keep cool.
Rob extended his hand to him. “It's good to seeth thou Shadow.” They shared a firm hand shake. “I’ve ask'd command'r tow'rs hither if it wouldst okay if I took up some of thy timeth today. He hath been so kind as to agreeth.”
“Really?” Shadow arched an eyebrow as he glared up at the commander who glared back.
“Aye.” Rob nodded. “I’m going to be teaching how to ball cubiculo danceth today.”
Shadow looked at teal hedgehog. “Huh?”
Rob chuckled. “I’m going to teacheth you…”
“How to ball room dance?”
“Aye!” he nodded.
“Because you’re esc'rting mine ladybird cousin to the ball of course!” Rob stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
“If you don’t mind, but what does that have anything to do with teaching me to dance?” Shadow tilted his head.
Rob chuckled as he shook his head. “Ev'ry couple wilt shareth at least one danceth when they goeth to a ball. And since ye are mine ladybird cousin’s esc'rt, I wilt maketh sure that thou knoweth the meet dances. Aft'r all, I wouldst hateth to seeth mine cousin embarrass'd by thy lack of arts at dancing.”
“I know how to dance.” Shadow pouted.
Rob gave a soft smile. He swooped his right hand over his stomach as he did a low bow. The commander sucked in his breath. “Then pardon mine rudeness. but i wouldst still liketh to seeth thy arts bef'rehand.” Rob stood back up. “Besides, it shouldst be moo relaxing then training hither.”
Shadow merely stared at the king. Rob must’ve missed the common known fact that the most relaxing things to the black hedgehog was training at G.U.N. Shadow followed Rob out the door a few steps behind. Commander Towers walked beside Shadow.
“What made you ask a duchess to the ball?” he whispered in a hush tone. “What kind of political move are you trying to make?”
“I didn’t know Rose was royalty.” Shadow hissed back in a whisper. “I just wanted her to go to the ball and have fun. She loves socializing.”
“She’s royalty?” The commander seemed bewildered. “And related to the king of Mercia.”
“Apparently.” Shadow shrugged. “She’s still Rose.”

Amy looked around the garden. It was just Mari-An and Jon. Rob had went for a walk. Though Amy doubted it was just a walk. He had been gone for hours.
“Do you think we should go looking for Rob?” Amy asked.
“Nay.” Mari-An shook her head. “Rob will be fine. He belike decid'd to goeth meeteth the oth'r lead'rs. ”
Amy nodded. “That would be Rob.”
Jon held up a flower to Amy. “What kind of flower is this?” It was a flower with lavender petals and a golden yellow center.
“It’s an aster flower.” Amy answered with a sweet smile. “Plant it in that section over there.” Amy pointed to a small patch of garden. 
“Okay!” Jon happily rushed off to plant the aster flower.
“He really likes gardening, huh?” Amy giggled.
“Oh aye.” Mari-An nodded. “He’s constantly asking questions of the garden'rs. I’m amaz'd they geteth any worketh done with how many questions he asks. Speaking of flow'rs,” Mari-An grinned as she scooted closer to the pink hedgehog. “Will thou be wearing flow'rs with thy gown?”
“No. Why would I wear flowers with my dress?” Amy shook her head.
“Because,” Mari-An leaned in close, “Flow'rs naturally suiteth thou and if thou wast the right kind i’m sure that ebony soldi'r will only hast eyes f'r thou.”
Amy’s face turned red. “Wha! Mari-An!” Amy covered her face. “I don’t.”
“Aye thou doeth.” Mari-An poked her cheek. “We’ve already discuss'd this. Thy heart is an openeth booketh. Thou can’t hideth such strong emotions f'rev'r. besides, the scent of flow'rs will filleth the cubiculo when thou two danceth.”
“D-d-d-d-dance!” Amy screamed.
Passerby’s looked at her with a questioning look. Jon stood up and looked at her. He accessed the situation and decided to go back to planting his flower.
Amy looked down at her lap and waited for people to stop staring at her. Her emerald eyes looked up at Mari-An. “I can’t dance with Shadow.” She whispered in fear.
“Wherefore not?” Mari-An tilted her head.
“Shadow doesn’t dance.” Amy stated simply. “And even if he did, I doubt he would want to dance in front of all those people. Shadow would never want to dance ever! Especially not with me!”
“I doubteth that.” Mari-An blew a few strands out of her face. “Aft'r all, Rob hath gone to giveth him danceth lessons today. He’ll maketh sure that Shadow can danceth adequately with thou at the ball.”
“He’s what!” Amy squealed. “Oh no.” Amy collapsed her head into her lap. “Shadow has probably punched him by now.”
“Nay. i don’t thinketh that hath betid. oth'rwise, robeth would’ve been home by anon.” Mari-An tsked. “Anon wherefore don’t thou telleth me wherefore you’re afraid to danceth with Shadow?”
Amy sighed. “I’m not good at dancing.” She flicked the flower in front of her. “Shadow is tall, proud, and aliquant with everything he does. I… I’m a klutz. There’s no way I can dance with Shadow. And in front of everyone? I’ll fall flat on my face for sure.”
“Ah...” Mari-An smiled as she nodded her head. She smirked as she came up with a plan.

Amy pouted as she stared at all the girls before her. There were even guys here too. Just what she needed – to be embarrassed in front of everyone while she tried to learn how to dance.
“So what’s the first dance we should practice?” Niccole asked curiously.
“The waltz would be a great place to start.” Antoine stated. “It is the most common dance at balls.”
Amy, Niccole, Tikal, Cream, Tails, Knuckles, and even Sonic didn’t know how to waltz. So the others spent their time teaching them how to waltz. Then Rouge showed up.

Shadow grumbled as Rob pushed his back so he stood straighter. They had been practicing dances for hours. Shadow was coming to a very real conclusion – he hated dancing with a passion. He glared at the teal hedgehog. He didn’t like Rob either. He was crazier than Faker.
Then it clicked for Shadow.
Basic psychology stated that people tended to be attracted to people similar to their parental figures. Rob and Sonic were both silly and crazy and both got on the ebony hedgehog’s nerves. Amy must like men like that.
Shadow froze.
“Shadow?” Rob paused to look at the black and red hedgehog. Shadow’s face was expressionless, as if he had been drugged into a coma like state. “Art thou okay, sir?”
Shadow released the king’s hands. His face still blank. He turned and walked out as Rob followed him. Shadow just kept walking. He was done dancing. He was done dealing with Rob. He needed a break.
A break from everything.
A nice long one.

Rouge and Amy stared at each other. Amy felt very uncomfortable as the white bat taught her the proper dance steps. Rouge for some reason was insistent on teaching Amy how to dance. Unfortunately, Amy kept stepping on the bat’s feet. Rouge would grunt and give her an annoyed look. Amy stared down at her feet, too afraid to meet Rouge’s eyes.
“You need to look your partner in the eyes Amy.” Rouge stated sternly as she tapped her under the chin. “After all, it makes it seem like you don’t want to dance.”
Amy pouted as she met the bat’s eyes. “I do want to dance,” she mumbled, “I just can’t dance.”
Ocean eyes rolled. “You can to dance,” Rouge stated sternly. “You’re just too nervous. Take a deep breath and relax. Have fun. You’re just dancing with a good friend.”
“We’re friends?” Amy arched an eyebrow.
“Yes.” The bat nodded. “I think all the times we had to work together would make us friends.”
“I thought we were just acquaintances.” Amy glanced down. “Since we don’t really talk.”
Rouge chuckled as she patted Amy on the head. “Now, now, don’t turn down my friendship. It’s almost hurtful.”
Amy felt her face grow hot from embarrassment.
“Besides, I want to help you be able to dance with ease. After all, Shadow will probably wind up stepping on your toes.” Rouge winked.
Amy face became as red as a cherry. Something the bat greatly enjoyed and couldn’t help up chuckled at. It only made Amy’s face even brighter. The pink hedgehog let go of her hands as she took a few steps back. She could feel her heart thumping in her ears. Amy turned on her heels and ran.
“Amy come back!” Rouge called after the retreating form. Black wings flung out as Rouge began to push herself forward.
“Nay. Letetg h’r goeth.” Mari-An interjected.
“Sssh,” the echidna woman put her finger to her lips, “Our dram rose needs some high-lone timeth.”
Deathy: I hope you guys are all awesome! Thanks for the patient waiting. In other news, I published my book, The Prince and The Unicorn, the other day! Super proud of it. I’m working on other original work while working on my fanfics. And we have 2 more chapters left to go for this story. Way past cool! We’re going to figure out what happened to Amy’s memory within the next two chapters. Thank you guys for reading! Please leave a review so I know if this is something you guys like.


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4th of July

Happy 4th of July! I'm still writing a bunch of stuff. Hope you're all having a good day. I drew some cats today. I shared some of them on twitter earlier.