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Sonic Adventure 2 Ep7

Shadow is a genie. That is the lesson we learn in this episode.

SpeedPaint Sunny

Journal Designs

Hey guys,
I've been working on designing hardcover journals for RedBubble for the pass 10 weeks. I'm still working on more designs.
I initially began these designs working for my art history class. This art history dealt with contemporary art, which is work from 1945 to the present. It was a super fun class but then again, I had possibly the best art history teacher ever.
The final project in all of her art history classes is always the same - write a two page paper, double spaced proposing something you're creating for a possible client that is based on/inspired by one of the types of art we're studying in that course. Art History 1 deals with the earliest art and I wrote a paper purposing making a comic book based on Egyptian Mythology. In Art History 2, I wrote about creating a book with illuminated initials and illustrations like one would see in old bible pages that we saw in class because to me, they were beautiful and interesting. For Art History 3, I talked about doing cartoon shorts about interesting facts about history and I was able to create a short video about Paul Revere.
For contemporary art, I chose to do designs for journals based off of Pop art and Optical art. I was able to get several designs completed, and I wanted to share my designs with you. You can also view them here.
So here we go!

Many of these are based off of photographs I have taken of family over the years. Some are meme based. I have a few more coming out soon that I'm working on. One is called Sad Kids at the Mall. Which is in honor of my teacher. Though she did say that her favorite was Your Wheel Is Broken.

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Tikal is Navi Animated

Tikal is Navi and/or Knuckles and the Fly
A short animatic I made based on old fan art of Knuckles and the GameGrumps commentary during their Let's Play of Sonic Adventure.

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Spoken Word Poetry?

I'm thinking of doing some spoken word poetry. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in listening/watching them?
I'll probably post them to YouTube and share them here.
But I'm not sure if it's something I should do.
I'm not sure if I want to film myself reciting them. Or if I make kind of a lyric video of them. I'm still on the fence about a lot of things right now. I've been thinking about it for a few months though. I'm just not sure yet and wanted to know what you all think of it?


By Krissie Gault
“I am sorry you had to deal with that.”
You say in the midst of the conversation
I give a small smile.
I don’t know if you see it;
I don’t care if you do, but inside, I’m thinking,
“Why are you sorry?
You had nothing to do with what happened to me.
You were not a factor when my parents were screaming.
When my mother yelled like a banshee and my father drank.
I was 11 and naïve.
I hid away in my room.
Curled up in yarn, surrounded by dolls,
I created plays - their fights outside
Tuning into a low hum almost like a lullaby.
Why are you sorry?
I cheered at the divorce.
I didn’t understand the word at first,
But I understood what it meant to break up.
I understood what it meant to separate.
For at school, I was separated from the others
Because I was ahead in math by a grade
And behind when it came to English.
Strange now that I write for a living
And I’ve no care for numbers much.
But a child knows separation.
To be moved from one classroom to another
In the middle of the day
And only in 2nd grade when you’ve never been in public school before.
Yes. I knew separation.
And I understood it well.
And while I didn’t understand divorce at the time,
I understood enough.
Mommy and daddy are separating.
They’ll no longer be together.
That’s all I needed.
All I needed to cheer.
To smile and feel the relief.
Because at 11, hiding away, quiet as a mouse,
I felt the acid.
The bomb and the idea that home may one day no longer be there when I got off the bus.
To me, divorce was a ray of sunshine
Coming from the sky, singing angel’s songs
And I cheered.
Cheered that I’ll no longer here the lullaby of screams
Wondering why the banshee is screaming
The sloppy stomping of an electrician’s boots on the floor
Going to a room to watch a game,
The arguments continuing till the morning and repeating.
To me, divorce was an end.
A freedom and release.
And you are sorry.
Sorry for what?
You, my beloved aunt, view divorce as bad
You’ve been through it before
Your parents called you in one by one
“Who do you want to live with?” They asked.
And you, the youngest, was last.
Your brothers crying and you confused.
You were about the same age I was.
To be asked on Christmas Eve
I’ll never understand that pain.
That pain is yours.
But I want you to understand,
It’s not your fault.
You have no reason to say, “I’m sorry.”
You have no need to be sorry.
You have done no wrong.
We have both dealt with our parents’ divorce.
And while divorce has left a bad taste in you,
It gave me relief.
You cried. I cheered.
I loved both my parents now
With all their virtues and flaws.
But if there is one thing I can not stand
It is people saying, “I’m sorry,” for things they have no need being sorry for.
You’ve no need being sorry for the things I cheer for.
I love you and sympathize with your feelings of divorce
But there is no need tell me “I’m sorry”
There is no need for that.
I cheered.
I will continue to cheer for all time for that divorce.

And for that, there is no need for you or anyone to say, “I’m sorry.” 

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Knuckles Breaks His Leg Ch1

Knuckles Breaks His Leg
The red echidna glared at the blue hedgehog. He had come to his island speaking nonsense, and frankly, he didn’t feel like putting up with his antics today. Which is why the red echidna now carried Sonic the Hedgehog over his shoulder in an iron grip. He knocked on the wooden door to Tails’ workshop and waited for the orange fox to open it. The whole time Sonic squirmed and spoke rapid nonsense. Knuckles tuned it out, knocking on the door again.
I just want to return to my island.
Tired blue eyes opened the door. “Knuckles?” His groggy voice asked. “What are you doing here?”
He pointed to the blue boy draped over his shoulder.
Tails nodded. “Hi Sonic.” He pulled the door opened and gestured for them to come in. Knuckles came in and plopped the blue blur onto the couch with a careless thump. He nodded to Tails and began to leave. Or at least, he would have had Sonic not grabbed a hold of his arm.
“Aw come on Knuckles!” Sonic whined. “Can’t you hang out for a little bit?”
“No. I have to protect the Master Emerald.” Knuckles stated firmly.
“Ah! But it’s been snowing for 3 days straight. Why not just take a break and relax for once? We can build a snowman.” Sonic gave him a hopeful smile.
Knuckles looked at the blue hedgehog with a stale face that could rival Shadow’s. He shook his head and proceeded on his way. He didn’t have time to deal with this hedgehog. He had an island and emerald to protect.
Too bad for the echidna, the icy ground at Tails’ house was against him. His leg slid on the ice. He tried to steady himself, but his leg twisted in a way legs shouldn’t twist. Tails jumped at the loud crack that filled Mystic Ruins. Sonic stood frozen for a minute, silent as he stared at the echidna’s crumpled form.
“Tails!” Sonic screamed, “Get the first aid kit!” He grabbed Knuckles arm and wrapped it around his shoulders. “Knuckles, are you okay?” He glanced at the twisted foot and winced.
Knuckles hissed as he looked at his foot. “It’s broken.” He allowed the blue hedgehog to carry him inside Tails’ house.
Sonic tried to put him down on the couch gently, but Knuckles was heavier than Sonic expected and plopped down into the cushions. Tails was there with the first aid kit and proceeded to examine his foot.
“Just bring me to sticks and hand me the gauze. I’ll make a make quick cast and be on my way.” Knuckles stated.
Sonic’s jaw dropped. He knew Knuckles lived alone on Angel Island, but he couldn’t let the hot head try to tend a broken bone alone. “Knuckles, I don’t…”
“I’ll be fine Sonic.” Knuckles stated. “Just get me some sticks.”
Tails, by this time, had placed a phone to his ear. He knew he was going to need help dealing with Knuckles. There was snow on the floating island and he didn’t trust Knuckles not to get worse if left alone. He was currently applying ice to the foot as the two boys bickered.
Sonic heaved a heavy sigh. “Tails, talk to him.”
The orange fox arched an eyebrow at the blue blur. “Get me the box out of the hall closet. It’s got supplies to deal with injuries like this.” He ordered before turning back to the foot. He grabbed the scanner off the table and turned it on. He set it to x-ray mode and held it above the echidna’s foot. He examined the x-ray. “Do you hurt anywhere else?”
“It’s just my foot.”
“Want some pain medicine?” The fox offered. “I think I have some Advil.”
Knuckles sat contemplating it. Did he really need the medicine? It probably couldn’t hurt. He nodded with a low, “Thanks.”
The orange fox got up, carrying the phone with him. He pulled a white and blue bottle out of the cabinet in the kitchen. He proceeded back to the couch, handing the bottle to Knuckles.
Sonic came back with another first aid kit, though Knuckles wouldn’t call it a kit. It was a huge box a little bigger than Sonic’s head. He promptly dropped it on the ground next to Tails. Tails placed his phone on the hook. He slid the radial dial phone under the table as he opened the large box. Knuckles wasn’t surprised to see the fox sit up on his knees and bend over into the box. He pulled out some pieces of a crutch and placed them together to form a whole one. He made sure it was secure before piecing together a second one.
Tails pulled out several other medical tools.
Knuckles struggled to open the bottle, but he got it open with a loud pop. He dropped two pills into his hand and threw the pills back.
Knock! Knock!
“Sonic get that.” Tails ordered as he organized what he had pulled out of the box.
Knuckles recognized some of it. There was gauze, some sticks to hold his legs in place, rubbing alcohol, and a pack of band aids. The rest, Knuckles wasn’t sure what the rest was. L
“Shadow?” Sonic gasped as the black hedgehog made his way into the living room. A familiar pink hedgehog was right on his heels.
“Faker.” Shadow nodded. “Tails. Guardian.”
Knuckles greeted Shadow with a court nod. The two didn’t speak much. Usually Knuckles only Shadow saw when he came to get Rouge for a G.U.N. mission. “What brings you here?” Knuckles arched an eyebrow.
“Tails called.” Amy answered as she walked around Shadow and sat in front of Knuckles’ leg. “Wow.” She winced in sympathy. “That’s gotta hurt. Did you take any pain killer?”
“Two advil.” Knuckles held up the blue and white bottle.
Amy nodded. “It doing anything for you yet.”
“It helps.” Knuckles shrugged. “I’ll be fine.”
Amy arched an eyebrow as she looked at him. It was her skeptical ‘you’re-full-of-it-and-I-know-it’ look.
“You guys think you can do it?” Tails looked at Amy and Shadow, ignoring the confused looks of Sonic and Knuckles.
“Of course.” Shadow walked behind the couch. “Rose?”
“It’s an easy fix.” Amy sighed. “Got a big stick?”
Tails pulled out a wooden baseball bat and handed it to the pink hedgehog.
“That’ll do.” Amy nodded as she handed the bat to Knuckles. “Bite down on this.”
“Before that, down this.” Shadow handed Knuckles a blue plastic cup he got out of the kitchen.
Knuckles blinked for a moment, but he took the cup and stared into it. It had a foul smell that he couldn’t identify.
“It’s a pain killer.” Shadow answered Knuckles mental question. “Down it real quick.”
Knuckles nodded as he threw his head back and let the liquid travel down. Knuckles coughed rapidly. “It burns!”
“Yeah. I know.” Shadow held the bat to his mouth. “Now bite.”
Knuckles bit down on the bat. Amy grabbed Knuckles broken leg and twisted. Knuckles let out a muffled scream as Shadow held him still. Sonic stood back with a confused look.
Amy began to place long sticks around Knuckles’ leg to hold it in place as she wrapped it in a gauze. “We should get him an actual cast later, but this will hold for a few days.”
“Thanks Amy.” Tails nodded. “You too Shadow.”
“Can I go back home now?” Knuckles asked as Amy stood up.
Amy, Shadow, and Tails exchanged glances.
“You can’t be considering this, are you?” Sonic whined.
“I’ll stay with the guardian until his foot has healed.” Shadow stated.
“You’ll need some supplies.” Amy stated. “Pain killers, coats, food…”
“Alcohol is a great pain killer. I bought a whole bottle.”
“Winter coats, food, ear muffs?” Amy arched an eyebrow.
Shadow sighed. “You want me to take you to the store, don’t you?”
“Store and then you can teleport to Angel Island with Knuckles.” Amy nodded as she adjusted her coat. “Knuckles do you have blankets on Angel Island to sleep under?”
Pfft!” Knuckles rolled his eyes. “What do I need blankets for?”

Amy shook her head.

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Waking Sonic (Animatic)

Animatic short of Sonic the Hedgehog, Manic Hedgehog, and Miles "Tails" Prower.
Voices provided by:
Give props to the awesome voice actors!
Katon Draws Comics:

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Sonic Adventure 2 Ep1

I have begun playing one of my very favorite games of all time! Come watch me fail at the boards and squeal at the cute chao in the chao garden.

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Breakfast after a Vision

Chapter 2: Theme: One Week To Live
Gizmo jolted up with ragged breaths. The dream he had was horrible. It left him with aches and shivers. He could feel his heart constricting. He laid there, just breathing for the longest time, blinking every so often hoping that the dream would fade into a blurry shadow. But it didn’t. It stuck with him. Haunting him even as he sat down hours later for breakfast.
“What’s the matter?” his brother asked. His brown eyes watching his younger brother stare soullessly into his captain crunch. When several minutes passed by without a response, he opened his mouth again.
“It’s not fair.” Gizmo muttered.
“What’s not fair?” Rockeo tilted his head. “You haven’t even added the milk yet.”
Gizmo shook his head. He looked up at the young adult. “Not that.” He tapped his head with two of his fingers. “I had another one.”
“A vision?” Rockeo’s half-joking tone turned solemn. “What happens?”
Gizmo stared back into his bowl of captain crunch. “There is nothing I can do to change it. But I still feel horrible about it. I want to tell her, but telling her will do nothing.”
“Hold up a minute.” Rockeo placed his hand on the teen’s shoulder. “Who’s she and what happens?”
Gizmo licked his dry lips as he reeled his thoughts back in order. “Lemon. She’s going to die.”
Rockeo slumped back into his seat. He had met Lemon before. The girl was in the same class as Gizmo. She was such a sweet girl. It seemed like everyone was her friend. “When is she supposed to go?”
“In a week.” Gizmo scooped up some cereal in his spoon. He stared at it for a long moment before tipping the spoon so the cereal fell back into the bowl.
Rockeo nodded. “And there’s no way to stop it from happening?”
“None.” Gizmo shook his head. “It is not wise to mess with faith.”
“Then the only thing we can do is try to make sure she has a great last week with the living then.” Rockeo sighed as he watched a butterfly land on a flower in the windowsill garden.

Gizmo’s eyes lit up. “That’s it!” He snatched the jug of milk and poured a healthy amount into his bowl. “I’ll make sure she has the best week ever!” he proudly stated as he began shoveling captain crunch into his mouth.
Krissie: This is an excerpt from a book I'm working on. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Among The Sleep Ep1

This is a game from Steam that my friend, Micah recommended I play. The teddy bear creeps me out.

Jacksepticeye's Guardian Ep6

This is the final episode!
I might go back and try to get the other story.

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My Cousin

So today I realized that my cousin is a racist. My day was calm and peaceful. I went to go make myself a tomato sandwich for breakfast. My cousin, Monica, was talking to her brother's girlfriend, Brandy. She was talking about some CD that her father had full of racist songs.
I wasn't surprised to hear that, since I remember what kind of person her dad was before he died last year.
Monica proceeds to sing, "Nigger hating me." a song that was on that CD. Brandy said she had heard it before. Then Monica continues running her mouth. Then she says something that I can't believe would even come out of a 17 year old girl's mouth. Much less anyone under the age of 30.
She said, and I quote, "Girls only date niggers when they can't get a white boy."
I was stunned and appalled. I think Brandy said her name like "Monica!" Like she was surprised she said it too or to tell her to shut up.
I stay quiet. I don't want to deal with her. So I continue making my sandwich and go to my room to eat. The whole time, I'm going, "She really is racist." And I think she said it on purpose just to get at me because she knows my boyfriend is black.
I didn't much care for her before. Now I really don't care for her at all. It was just my surprise to find out that she was indeed racist. But at the same time, can I really be surprised? Her father was racist too after all. he raised her.
I guess I'm just really angry and annoyed with her.
Monica has never had any manners. She's always been rude. No respect for anyone. She cusses at her mom, Nanny (our grandmother), her sister, everyone. She even cussed out her father a few times when he was still alive.
I want her to do better with her life then her parents did. But I doubt she'll get too far. Her attitude is horrible and while I'm told she's smart. But I've never seen her intelligence. I feel like she'll eventually crash and burn and when it happens, I will not feel sorry for her. I will stand back and watch or walk away. She isn't worth the trouble or effort. I know it's a cruel thing to do to ones family. But frankly, I hardly consider Monica apart of my family.

Krissie Reads I Want A Cookie Too

A sonic fanfiction. You can read it here:

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ShadAmy Beauty & The Beast Ch1

August 31, 2015
Krissie: So I found a story on fanfiction that’s basically Beauty and the Beast rewritten with Amy as Belle and Shadow is supposed to be the Beast. But I felt like the way it was written was more like making Amy Disney’s Belle and it didn’t sit right with me too much. It’s written well; good grammar, good spelling, proper formatting. It’s just… It seems too carbon copy of Disney’s version. And well...  *shrug* I’m just not feeling it. So this is my try at it. I’m going to be publishing this exclusively on my blog, Galaxy of Tales. But I might post the first chapter on DeviantArt.
Now on with the Fanfic!
The village of Knottinghem was in a delightful mood that day. Amy Rose opened the doors of her cottage and stared out across the great expanse of green fields. She couldn’t believe that just a little over a year ago, she had lived a lavish life in the city with her family. That was, until their ships went missing. Losing most of their goods and their livily hood. Not to mention, the loss of her father.
Amy sighed as she sent a prayer for her father’s soul.
Now she lived in a simple cottage with her cousin Rob and his wife, Marian.
She walked down stairs to find the house as quiet as a mouse. A rare sight, but it made her smile none-the-less. The sun was just rising after all. Amy grabbed the small wooden basket as she walked out of the house, being careful not to wake the others.
“Where are you going?” A hushed voice whispered. The hot breath sending chills along her neck.
Amy squealed as she turned to see Tails standing behind her with a mischievous grin. “Tails…” she hissed, “What are you doing her so early in the morning.
The orange fox merely smiled. He was an orphaned boy who had been adopted by Charles, the local pub owner. He was a kind man and treated the fox well despite him having an extra tail. The main reason no one wished to be around him.
“It’s Monday.” His blue eyes reflected the cloudy sky. “You said I could help you pick flowers on Monday.”
Amy chuckled. “I did, didn’t I?” She walked down the driveway. “Well, come along then. I don’t want to wake Rob up this early. He’s cranky when he doesn’t get his beauty sleep.”
“Does he recite Shakespeare when he’s cranky?” Tails mused.
“Nah. He does that all the time.” Amy waved her hand as they came across a large field. Her eyes lit up as she scanned all the flowers. She was going to be able to make tons of flower arrangements today. She quickly got to work as Tails sat by and watched.
The fox didn’t care much for arranging bouquets of flowers. He liked tinkering with his odd little inventions much better. But Amy was nice to him so he liked hanging out with her in the morning. Especially since he couldn’t sleep half the time.
“You can take a nap if you want.” Amy informed him with a kind smile. She had already arranged four bouquets. Each beautiful in their own right. Tails could already tell which would go where too. The white lilies to the church for the wedding service that was to be held later that day. The blue and orange flowers would go to Charles’ pub. Tails wasn’t sure why, but the pink hedgehog always sent the blue and orange ones to the pub. The yellow flowers would go to the baker. The mainly red one would go to Rob’s shop where he sold hunting equipment. There were so many others too.
Tails didn’t know the name for all the flowers, but he did know where each bouquet would go. Amy made her living by making those beautiful arrangements. She really was quite talented at it. The fox laid down under the tree and looked up at his friend.
“Why do you always send the blue and orange flowers to Uncle Chuck’s pub?” He asked in a groggy voice. Once he had laid his head on the grass, his eyes began to flutter close and soon he was fast asleep.
Amy shook her head. “You haven’t been sleeping well at night Tails,” she murmured as her hands carried out the work. She began to sing a soft lullaby to Tails as she continued. This was the routine every Monday. She would wake up as the sun was rising. Tails would join her to fields to make bouquets. The fox would take a peaceful nap and she would sing to him. She sang a lullaby that she knew would relax the young fox.
She smoothed out his hair. She had heard of how the two tailed fox had wondered into the town. No family, no money, no memory. The poor thing. He had been nicknamed Tails by Charles. Charles was the first and probably only person who was kind to the young fox. He took him in and raised him as a son. Even though the boy didn’t properly understand that Charles was now his dad, he still greatly liked the pub owner.
Amy continued with her song until she heard the crunching of leaves within the thick of the trees. Her head whipped around in the direction of the sound. Her eyes narrowed as she made out the vague image of a person hiding.
“Come out into the light.” She ordered as she moved closer to the sleeping fox.
With reluctance, the figure took a few steps forward. Holding his hands up in a sign of defeat. “Sorry,” his voice was rather loud. The blue hedgehog gave his signature smile. “I was just out for a run when I heard a song. I was curious if it was new bird I had never seen before.” The blue hedgehog was easily recognizable with his red sneakers. Sonic the Hedgehog was the best delivery guy for miles around. He was insanely fast. A lot faster than most the men driving carriages around in the country.
“Well, I’m not a bird.” Amy stated as she continued fiddling with her flowers. She felt nervous around the blue hedgehog. She had had a crush on hyper active young man. She had only resigned to let her crush die when she noticed that Sonic would only love two things – Charles’ chilidogs and the wind.
Sonic’s lime green eyes widened as he stepped closer. He seemed speechless, something Amy didn’t think was possible.
She arched an eyebrow at him. “Is something wrong with my singing?”
“Is he… asleep?”
Amy blinked.
In a gust of wind, Sonic was now leaning over the orange fox. His eyes locked on the small form with shock. He lifted his hand, stretching it out to touch the young boy. Only to have Amy swat it away. “OW!” the loud cry caused birds to fly away.
Tails began to stir and Amy began to sing the lullaby until he stopped whimpering in his sleep. She smiled as she rubbed his back.
“Don’t touch him,” came the stern glare. She was extremely protective of the little fox. She wasn’t going to let anyone hurt him while she was around. Not even the man she had once loved. She still cared for Sonic. And a part of her brain told her that Sonic would never hurt the young the fox, but she wasn’t going to take that chance.
Sonic sat cross-leg and kept his arms locked on Tails. “I’ve never seen him so peaceful.”
It was a soft whisper. But Amy heard it. And it that one sentence, Amy heard something else. A tender, gentle affection. Awe and wonder. It almost sounded as if Sonic was related to the orange fox.
Amy eyed the blue hedgehog curiously.
Sonic smiled as he took off his jacket. It was worn brown pilot jacket that Sonic always wore. He placed it over Tails’ sleeping form and this time Amy didn’t swat him for it. He then stood up and grabbed his satchel full of letters and boxes. He threw it over his shoulder and adjusted it as he walked away. “You know, the people in your village are talking about a mystical creature who sings in these woods in the early mornings. They’re only rumors of course. But I wonder how true they are, don’t you Miss O’Hedge?”
Amy rolled her eyes. “Rose. My name is Amy Rose. My cousins are the O’Hedges.”
“Oh… How silly of me.” Sonic chuckled as he left.
Amy smiled as looked at Tails, sleeping soundly like he should. She finished the last of her bouquets and placed them all neatly in the basket. She softly shook Tails awake.
“Huh? Wha?” Tails sat up as he rubbed his eyes. “What time is it?”
Amy chuckled as he question came out slurred and barely understandable. “It’s time to go back to the village.”
He nodded as he stood. Then he tilted his head. “Where’d this come from?” He held up the jacket. “This is Sonic’s.” His brain began to slowly function.
“He came by.” Amy informed him. “He gave you his jacket to use as a blanket.”
“I’ll give it to Uncle Chuck. He can give it to him when he stops by to drop off the mail. Or eat all the chilidogs.” The fox shrugged.
Amy chuckled. Tails always said Uncle Chuck. Never dad, pa, father, pop, or variation of the word. She thought it was cute, but she could tell that sometimes Charles wished the fox would use one of those words. Even if it was his one variation of the word father. Charles would be joyous with hearing it. Even just once.
Amy sold her bouquets to all the normal people. They bought the same ones every Monday. Nothing ever seemed to change in the village. Not one thing.
Amy walked into Charles’ pub to deliver the bouquets for the tables inside the pub. Charles greeted her with a smile as he handed Sonic back his jacket. Tails must’ve given it Charles when he got home.
“How are you, Amy?” Charles asked with a kind smile.
“Good.” Amy placed all the flowers in their rightful vases. “You sir?”
“Well. Going to need to get more eggs though,” he chuckled. He was always running low on eggs on Monday.
Sonic swallowed the large bite of his chilidog. “It must be Monday, huh?”
“Yep.” Charles nodded. He opened the cash register and took out Amy’s payment. “Here’s the money for those flowers, Amy.”
“Thanks Charles.” Amy smiled.
“You know you can call me Uncle Chuck?” Charles informed her. “Everyone else already does.”
“I know. I just like to be a little different.” Amy chuckled before she went home to help Marian and Rob with the house chores.
Sonic bid adieu shortly after as he had finished his chilidogs. He ordered a few to go and was soon on his way. He smiled as he looked up at the sky. “I think I found a proper candidate.”

The castle’s garden was overgrown. The corridors dusty and parts of it decaying. It was nothing like the gander that it had once been. Sonic sighed as he pushed open the heavy iron gate and made his way up the stone steps to the tallest tower in the castle.
His brother/cousin sure loved to be dramatic about things. I mean, how cliché could one get beyond locking yourself in the tallest tower in a decrypted castle. He knocked on the door, ready to begin the daily debacle. Sonic was growing tired of it, but for the sake of their family, he had agreed to stay. To tend to the curse prince.
“Go away!” Came the gruff reply. It never changed.
“Spikey pain in the ass,” Sonic muttered as he opened the door anyway.
“I said go away!”
Sonic dodged as a lamp flew pass his head. “Yeah, it’s dinner time. If you don’t eat, you’ll die.”
The prince curled up his usual corner and pouted. The room was a wreck due to the werehog running amuck within the confided space. “I’m not hungry.”
“That’s a lie.” Sonic rolled his eyes as he opened the box. The aroma instantly filling the room. Sonic set the food out on the table and sat in his seat, a plate of chilidogs in front of him. Sonic smirked as he heard his brother/cousin’s stomach grumble. “Come on Shadow. Time for dinner.”
“Alright. Alright,” Shadow grumbled as he walked over to the table. “I hate this.” He clenched his fist.
“Being cursed is a bitch, I get it,” Sonic nodded in agreement, “But we’ve got everybody looking for a way to fix it. Besides, it’s only at night anyway. The least you could do, is you know, go out during the day.”
Shadow glared at the blue hedgehog. Ivo had cursed him to this werehog form out of vengeance for stopping is tyranny years ago. If he ever got his hands on that bastard, he would sever his head and put it on one of the spikes on the gate.
“I got you something new today,” Sonic tried to ease the tension.
Shadow arched an eyebrow. “Something new? On Monday?” Sonic rarely got new food for Shadow. Especially on a Monday. He knew how stubborn the black hedgehog could be about eating. He liked changes to his diet just about as much as Sonic did. He stared down at the plate of food. It smelled delicious. It looked like meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and peas.
“They didn’t have green beans today?” Shadow arched an eyebrow.
Sonic chuckled. “Yeah. It happens.”
Shadow shrugged as he began eating. His stomach was begging for food. Shadow wish it wouldn’t, but his stomach liked to spite him too it seemed. Once dinner was finished, Shadow knew they would have to make some small talk. Sonic always forced him to have it.
“I saw Tails today,” Sonic said softly.
“Still no memory?” Shadow hummed as he looked out the window. There was no moon in the sky and yet Shadow was stuck in the form of a beast. Tails had been the nephew of the court wizard and the royal pilot before the incident with Ivo had wiped his memories. Sonic had wanted to run and bring Tails back to the palace, but they had all agreed against it. They would let him live a normal live in Knottinghem Village until his memories began to resurface.
Sonic hated it. Tails was like a little brother to him and hated the idea of leaving him in a village with strangers. Especially the ones that would be mean to him. But Charles had proven to be a kind man. Adopting Tails as his own son. Shadow knew the fox would be safe there. And hopefully, he would live a normal life.
“Yeah. But I saw him sleeping.”
“Still stirring from nightmares?”
They both knew the young fox suffered from horrible nightmares. Probably caused by the trauma he suffered due to Ivo. Yet another reason Shadow wanted to but that egg shaped man’s head on a pike.
“He was peaceful.” Sonic smiled happily. For the first time, the blue hedgehog seemed relieved about Tails’ new living conditions.
Shadow’s ruby eyes widened as he faced his cousin. “Peaceful? How?”
Sonic shrugged. “I found him and a girl from the village in a field in Fawn Forest.”
“The one everyone is saying as a mystical being singing in?” Shadow mused. “What were they doing in there? I can hear that siren from here.” He jabbed his thumb in the direction of his window seal. His castle was deep into the forest. Far deeper than anyone would ever venture. And yet even he could hear the song that raised up through the forest every morning. It was especially early on Mondays.
Sonic chuckled. “Siren? You thought the being was a siren?”
“It has to be. No other creature could sing so beautifully and make a man want to venture out into a possibly dangerous place. You agreed with me just the other day.” Shadow reminded the blue hedgehog, that he had indeed agreed with Shadow about the voice belonging to a siren.
“Well, we were both wrong.” Sonic beamed. “I saw the owner of that voice this morning. She was singing a lullaby to Tails. And he was so peaceful. He wasn’t even that peaceful when he lived with us.”
Shadow sat in awe. “And what about the village girl you mentioned being with him?”
“She’s the singer!” Sonic spoke with glee. “She makes bouquets in a flower field.”
“So she’s just loud and not magic?” Shadow pouted. He didn’t much care for magic, but he had secretly been hoping the voice was magic. He had actually been contemplating going to the siren and asking for help in removing Ivo’s curse.
“I wouldn’t say that…” Sonic shrugged. “Her singing causes flowers to grow. I saw that for sure. Though I don’t think she noticed. She must be completely unaware of her magic.”
“Such an odd thing.” Shadow mused. “And Tails slept peacefully near her?” Sonic nodded. “She really must be magic. And she lives in the village and no one has noticed.”
“Well she’s only been there for about a year. Her parents died and she moved in with her cousin, I think.” Sonic stated. “She makes beautiful bouquets. Maybe I can bring you one tomorrow.” Sonic looked around the room with a stern look. “Maybe it might brighten up the place. It’s way too stuffy in here.”

Shadow rolled his eyes. “I like it dark…”
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