Thursday, February 26, 2015

Krissie Reads Ep 7

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Friday, February 6, 2015


14 Days of Love (Sonic Style)
Chapter 6: Jitters
Krissie: Well, which ship is it today? And which ship would you guys like to see?
Disclaimer: Who is the lucky ship today?
Vector thumbled around throughout the house. He had been trying to figure out why she had agreed and what he was supposed to do with himself now. His co-workers, Espio Chameleon and Charmy Bee, had been supportive of him, which lifted some of the stress off of his shoulders. Sadly, not all the support of the world could stop his teeth from chattering. Come to think of it, were his teeth still a small tinge of yellow?
The green crocodile marched up the steps. He began brushing his teeth again.
Espio and Charmy exchanged looks.
“Isn’t that the 15th time he’s brushed his teeth?” Charmy whispered.
Espio nodded. He knew Vector would be stressed about everything being perfect today, but he didn’t think the croc would go so… OCD on them. It started with him looking for a pair of shoes in the house that were ‘decent’ by his standards. Then the crocodile insisted on ironing the nicest jacket he owned 5 times. He had taken 10 showers scrubbing any and all dirt off of his person. And now he was on to his teeth.
“Why did we set him up on a date with Vanilla if he was just going to become a nut case?” the bee whispered.
“You’re still too young Charmy.” The purple chameleon told the 8 year old. “You’ll understand when you’re older.”
“Is it because he loves Vanilla?” The bee asked with innocent eyes.
Espio nodded as he looked at the bathroom door.
“Are you going to give him some advice to calm him down? Or do I have to try and fail miserably first?” the bee asked.
Espio sighed as he got up from his usual seat. He should have known he wasn’t going to be able to mediate any today. He knocked on the bathroom door. “Vector?” he called.
“Yes?” the croc’s voice sounded.
“Can I come in?” He tapped his fingers on the door frame.
“Vector just open the door.” He ordered.
Crocodile gave him a confused look. His mouth was full of toothpaste, but he allowed the ninja in the bathroom. He went back to brushing his teeth in front of the sink.
Espio closed the door softly as he sat down on the rim of the tub. “So, are you always this obsessive compulsive when you have dates?”
His red eyes glared at him before turning back to the mirror.
“I’ll take that as a yes.” Espio tapped his fingers on the tub. He looked around the small bathroom. He wasn’t good with dating advice. The ninja had rarely dated. “You know it’s going to be okay. Just be yourself. Not everything is going to be perfect. Especially if you keep freaking out about it.”
“I know. I’m just jittery.” Vector spat into the sink. He looked at the small clock Espio had placed by the sink when he moved in. He wiped the water off his face as he opened the door. He threw on his jacket and walked outside. He turned back to look at his co-workers. Espio was standing by his desk with his arms at his side. Charmy was sitting on the couch with a pillow in his lap.
“Thanks for the advice Espio. It’s nice to know you’ll always try.” He smiled. “Behave and don’t break anything.” He closed the door and walked off.
Espio sighed and turned to the bee. “What are you doing?” He arched an eyebrow as the bee sat on his legs and put his hands together.
“I’m praying, duh.”

Vector walked up to the small house. It was the homeliest house he had ever seen in his life. He slowed his walking, attempting to appear calm. He knocked on the wooden door. He strummed his fingers on his leg as he waited for someone to answer. He just hoped it wasn’t her young daughter. How was he supposed to explain that he was taking her mother on a date?
He was met with green eyes and a smile. The pink hedgehog gave him a quick look up and down and nodded. “Hey Vector!” She greeted. “How’s the Chaotix?”
“We’re doing well. Thank you Amy.” He answered. He stood there a moment, wondering if he should ask for the owner or just run for the hills. Running for the hills was better than this silence any day.
“I’ll be right back.” Amy told him as she turned back into the house.
Vector listened the Amy’s footsteps travel throughout the house. They sounded like they were weighted down by bricks. He smiled. She was heavy footed.
“He’s here.” Amy stated as she came into the room. “You ready? Or should I serve him tea while he waits another hour?”
Vanilla laughed. She was sitting in a seat with her daughter running a brush through her hair. “I’m ready.” She nodded. “Are you sure you girls will be okay here by yourselves?”
“Don’t worry mother.” Cream smiled. “We’ll be fine.”
Vector jumped a little as he heard the door open. He smiled as he saw Vanilla.
“Good evening detective.” She gave a soft curtsy.
“Good evening Vanilla.” He bowed.
“Shall we?” She gestured for them to go.
“Don’t we need to wait for Cream’s babysitter?” Vector asked.
“Amy will be watching Cream tonight.”
Vector arched an eyebrow. He knew the 14 year old was maturing, but he wasn’t sure if she could be fully responsible for herself and the 8 year old rabbit.
“Don’t worry. I trust the girls to behave.” Vanilla informed him as she linked their arms. “Now shall we get going?”
Vector nodded as his smiled spread across his face.

Krissie: Well, Vector x Vanilla got todays story. Who will be tomorrows? Anyone you guys want to see, let me know? They might show up.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Love is a Horror Movie

14 Days of Love (Sonic Style)
Chapter 5: Love is a Horror Movie
Krissie: If you haven’t been introduced to the MilesXRosy ship, well welcome to it! If you don’t like this ship, just skip over to the next chapter. You might like the ship there.
Disclaimer: Insert snarky statement here.
Miles was tinkering with a new invention. He really didn’t care if it worked, he was just bored and needed something to do. He picked up the wrench and tightened a bolt on it. He was creating a new vacuum cleaner that would actually vacuum his floor instead of getting stuck under the sofa.
Miles ear twitched as he heard the door to his lab open. He gritted his teeth, hoping it wasn’t Patch or Scourge. The two were very annoying to deal with and even more difficult to get rid of. He decided to ignore them for as long as he could.
The footsteps stopped short behind him instead of going to the empty chair that sat beside him.
“Miles?” Rosy’s timid voice spoke up.
Miles sighed as he put down his tools. He turned his computer chair to face the pink hedgehog. Her meds had been stabling out her insanity and making her better. But she rarely came down to his lab.
“What is it Rosy?” He asked, brushing his grey hair out of his face.
“Do you know what today is?” She asked timidly.
“Saturday.” He answered plainly.
“It is Saturday. But do you know what today’s date is?” Rosy lightly kicked her feet.
Miles arched an eyebrow as he turned around in his chair. He opened the drawer and looked at the calendar that he kept in the drawer. “February 14th.” He read before closing the drawer and turning back to her. “Why?”
Rosy sighed. He didn’t get it. “I made dinner. Come up and eat.” She ordered before walking back up stairs.
Miles tilted his head in confusion. He looked at the calendar again. Valentine’s Day. “Oh. So that’s it.” He mumbled to himself.
He walked up stairs and was instantly hit with the smell of cooked food. He smiled as he saw cheeseburgers and fries on two large plates in the center of table. Rosy was leaned into the fridge, probably trying to figure out what to drink.
Miles smirked as he walked up behind her. “What are you doing?” He whispered.
“Trying to figure out what to drink with dinner. What do you want?” She asked as she looked at the choices; milk, orange juice, chao-cola, Sprite, and Snapple.
Miles reached over her and grabbed two Snapples. He pulled her out of the fridge and closed it. “Why don’t we watch a movie?” He suggested. He put a hamburger and some fries on each plate and carried them to living room. He placed them on the living room before walking over to the book shelf where he kept the movies. “What movie do you want to watch?”
Rosy sat on the couch as she thought about it. “What movies do we have?”
“The same as always.” Miles chuckled. “Your vast collection of Disney movies and my collection of horror films. Now what do you want to watch before I pop in Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”
Rosy pouted. She wasn’t too fond of horror movies. She walked up to the shelf and stared over his shoulder at the large display of movies. She really wasn’t in the mood for a Disney movie, but she wasn’t sure about watching a horror movie either. She really needed to go get some comedies next time she bought movies. Her eyes skimmed over a title she recalled Miles saying was funny. “What about this one?” She pointed to the DVD.
Miles pulled it off and smiled. “Cabin in the Woods, huh?” He popped the DVD into the player and sat down on the couch. He grabbed the remote and turned on the tv. Rosy sat beside him as he pressed play on the menu.
Rosy popped a fry into her mouth as she watched the movie. She let out a small squeak as Miles wrapped an arm around her shoulder and pulled her close. He peaked her cheek. “Happy Valentine’s Day Rosy.”


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Basket of Grapes

14 Days of Love (Sonic Style)
Chapter 4: Basket of Grapes
Krissie: Rouge is a lot harder to write then I thought it would be. Ah well. Today’s ship is Knuckles x Rouge.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but random ideas. Everything else belongs to SEGA.
Knuckles the Echidna sat with his back leaned against the Master Emerald. It was one of those rare peaceful days and he was taking it in. He was watching the clouds inch along in the sky. He let out a content sigh as he closed his eyes to take a nap.
His eyes snapped opened as he heard the leaves of a tree rustle. Most would have presumed it was a squirrel, but Knuckles knew the sound was too heavy to be a simple squirrel. There goes the peaceful day.
“Come out from where you’re hiding!” Knuckles growled.
“Relax Knuckie.” Rouge flew out of the tree she had landed in. “I just came by to say hello.”
“Yeah right.” Knuckles growled. “You’re here to try to steal the Master Emerald again.”
Rouge rolled her eyes. “Are all echidnas as stubborn as you are?”
Knuckles answered her with an aggressive growl.
The white bat’s eyes widened as she looked at him. What has gotten into him?
Last of his kind.
Shit!” Rouge thought as she realized she had hit a sore spot. She hadn’t thought about it when she said it, but now, she regretted it. Knuckles was always quick to anger and she was sure that he wasn’t going to calm down soon. She held up her hands in defeat.
“Now must be a bad time. I’ll come by later.” The white bat took off into the sky.
“Don’t come back!” Knuckles shouted.
The red echidna stood there breathing heavily. Once his breath had calmed down, he walked back up the altar. He sat back down and glared around the clearing. Rouge knew how to rile him up. He eventually closed his eyes as he tried to clear his head.
Knuckles jumped up as he heard the familiar sound of Rouge’s wings. “What do you want, batgirl?”
Rouge landed a few feet in front of him. She rolled her eyes. She held out a basket to him. The contents was several bunches of grapes and a few muffins. Knuckles stared at her blankly. She heaved a sigh and placed the basket in his hands. “I’m sorry about what I said earlier.” She leaned up and kissed him. Knuckles stiffened at the sudden intimate contact. Rouge smirked. She took a step back and jumped back into the sky. She gave the red echidna a sweet smile before flying away.

Knuckles stood still for several minutes, just holding the basket. He looked into the basket and nodded at all the grapes. He popped one into his mouth. Content with the food, he sat back down in front of the Master Emerald.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Happy Anniversary

14 Days of Love (Sonic Style)
Chapter 3: Happy Anniversary
Disclaimer: Roses are Red,
Antoine beamed at the table. It had taken all day, but he had done it. Dinner was simple, but it looked great on the table. The cake had icing on it with a design of simple flowers. He knew his wife wasn’t one for overly fancy things, but Antoine just wanted to spoil her sometimes. He pulled out two wine glasses and placed one by each plate.
He then opened his fridge to look at his drink options. They had milk, orange juice, grape juice, V8, and a bottle of wine. Today was their anniversary and he wanted it to be special. He picked up the bottle of wine and swished its contents around. Bunnie wasn’t too big on alcoholic drinks, but seeing as it was a special day, it couldn’t hurt. He placed the bottle back into the fridge.
“I’ll wait for her to get home to decide what we’ll have with dinner.” He closed the fridge. He opened the oven to check on the food. It was still warm. He turned to the rest of the house. Bunnie wouldn’t be home from work until 6. He had two hours until then. He began to clean the whole house.
Bunnie opened the door to her home and smiled. The house smelled freshly clean. Antoine must be home already. She put her purse on the couch. She let out a surprised squeak as arms wrapped around her.
Bon jour ma Cherie.” Antoine kissed her shoulder.
“Hi Suga-twan.” She relaxed as she leaned against him.
“How was work?” He asked sweetly.
“It was good. The average day of styling hair.” Bunnie answered. “How was yours?”
“I came home early and made souper.”  He replied.
“Hmm…” Bunnie turned around to hug her husband. “So what are we having for dinner?”
“Steak, potatoes, green beans because you love them. I made a salad in case you want that too. And for dessert, we have chocolate cake.” Antoine beamed with pride.
“Hmm… sounds delicious.” Bunnie hummed. “We better go get it before it gets cold.” The two walked into the kitchen and Bunnie smiled. Antoine lit the candles on the table. He pulled Bunnie’s chair out for her and then went to the fridge.
“What would you like to drink, ma Cherie?” he asked.
Bunnie hummed as her finger traced the rim of her wine glass. “Why don’t we drink that wine before it goes bad?” She suggested.
Antoine grabbed the bottle. He poured some in each glass and placed the bottle in a bucket of ice he had placed on the counter. He sat down across from his wife and smiled. The two said grace before picking up their forks.
“Happy anniversary.” The two said to each other with a soft smile.

Krissie: Yay! My first time writing AntoinexBunnie.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Lunch Date

14 Days of Love (Sonic Style!)
Krissie: Welcome to Chapter 2! I hope you’re all ready!
Chapter 2: Lunch Date
Disclaimer: Go ahead and flame. I’m expecting it.
 Espio fidgeted at the table. He shouldn’t have agreed to this. What was he thinking? He took a deep breath to calm himself. She had been dealing with a stalker and had asked the Chaotix to help stop him. Problem was, no one knew who the stalker was yet. Vector suggested that they follow her around to see if there was anyone suspicious following her. But she didn’t feel safe. He had been taking pictures of her going about her daily routine and mailing them to her. It was plain creepy and making her skin crawl. She didn’t want to walk around town alone. She wanted someone to stand by her. Such a thing was normal of a stalking victim. What made Espio nervous was that instead of tailing her with someone else walking beside her, he was the one standing beside her.
What was Vector thinking? The crocodile knew the ninja was more suited to observing from the shadows. Is this punishment for losing the payphone money? I swear those games were rigged! Rigged, I say!
“Espio? Are you okay?” the soft female voice asked. The purple chameleon had suddenly plopped his head down on the table. Hard. The magenta hedgehog was concerned about his health. Sonic had assured her that Espio was the sanest out of all the Chaotix.
“Yeah.” He mumbled as he lifted his head up and rubbed his hands on his face. “I’m fine. How are you?”
“I’m good.” Sonia answered. “Feeling a lot safer today. Thank you.”
“I’m happy to be of service.” Espio responded out of habit. “Though, I’m curious. Why didn’t you call your brothers to help you with this stalker problem? Sonic is, after all, the hero of Mobius. I don’t have much info on Manic though.”
“You have information on my brother and me?” Sonia raised an eyebrow at him.
“I’m a ninja. My job is to know information on everyone I need to, just in case.” Espio stated.
“Like black mail?” Sonia questioned.
“Sort of. Or just in case someone needs to be stopped.” Espio shrugged.
“Like Batman?”
“I guess. You can put it like that.”
“So what do you know about me, Mr. Ninja?” Sonia gave him a toothy smirk.
Espio made a poppy sound with his lips as he took it in. He wasn’t quite sure how to answer that. Her bright hazel eyes were full of curiosity. “Not much. I usually only gather information on people involved with Eggman, rather they work for him or fight him. Your name only came up as Sonic’s twin sister. Though it’s not clear which of you is older.”
Sonia laughed. “The age order didn’t pop up in your ninja investigation?”
“Not exactly.” Espio shrugged. “It just says you three are twins. Though I imagine it must have been a lively house growing up.”
Sonia giggled. “It was. Do you have any siblings?”
Espio raised an eyebrow. “Why do you ask?”
“Well, you like to have information on people. Well so do I. Why don’t we share?”
“Okay. I guess we could that.” He nodded in agreement.
Sonia smiled. He had to admit. He liked her smile. “So… Siblings?”
“Only child.”
“I don’t know if that’s nice or lonely.” Sonia stated.
“Why do you say that?” Espio cocked his head at her and gave her a smile.
“Well, there were lots of time I wished I was an only child. But at the end of the day, I loved getting under my brothers’ skins and annoying them. It’s just a sibling thing, I guess.” Sonia answered as she took a sip of her drink. “Your turn.”
“Okay.” Espio nodded as he thought of a good question. He wasn’t used to asking questions directly.
The lunch was better than either could have imagined. They had found out that they shared some things in common. They both like classical music and reading. They were currently walking in the park. It was very peaceful and sunny. Vector had yet to single him to tell him that they caught the stalker yet. The chameleon, himself, wasn’t seeking out the stalker. His attention was on Sonia.
“Oh! The forget-me-nots are in bloom!” Sonia beamed as she stared down at the blue flowers.
“They’re very beautiful.” Espio smiled at the flowers. They were his favorite flower.
“They’re my favorite flowers. What are yours?” She turned to him with her hands clasped behind her back.
Espio arched an eyebrow at the magenta hedgehog. “My favorite flower? Hmm…” He pretended to think about it. “I think I’ll keep it a secret.” He smiled.

Sonia gave a hearty laugh. “I guess a ninja like you has to keep some things a secret, huh?”

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Waffle Cone

14 Days of Love (Sonic Style!)
Krissie: Okay, so this is a new thing I’m doing. In honor of Valentine’s day, and/or Single-Awareness-Day, I am making a series of one-shot fanfics for you all to enjoy! And I’m doing it Sonic the Hedgehog style! Each chapter will be a new shipping. So here you go!
Disclaimer: Make a plan, stick to the plan as best as you can. Unless you procrastinate. Then, procrastinate.
Chapter 1: Waffle Cone
The pink hedgehog dusted off her dress. She had changed it from her red hoop skirt dress to a more modest Japanese-esq dress. She had matured a lot and was proud of the fact. She walked out of her door and stretched. She smiled at the bright sun. Today was a good day for a morning jog.
The air was crisp and the smell of leaves and fresh grass filled her nose. Amy Rose stopped to take a breath in the park. She had been running for a while. She had to keep training if she wanted to keep up with her hero, Sonic. She had grown out of stalking him, much to his relief, but she was still determined to be there as a part of the gang. She saw two blurs on the other side of the park, a blue one and a yellow one.
Sonic and Shadow must be racing again. She thought about going to say hi to them, but figured the two males would be too busy trying to outdo each other. Her eyes perked up as she heard a familiar bell go off.
“Ice cream!” She licked her lips. Ice cream would be the perfect treat after her long run. She jogged up to the ice cream man.
He smiled as he waved to her. The blue cat stopped in his usual spot. He served the people who came up and ordered. Amy reached him shortly after.
“Good morning!” She beamed at the familiar face.
“Good morning Amy.” He nodded his head. “What will it be today?”
“A vanilla ice cream cone please.”
“Waffle or regular?”
He began preparing her order when she heard a familiar voice come up behind her.
“Sweet! Ice cream!” The blue hedgehog stopped on a dime a few inches behind Amy.
“Hi Sonic!” Amy gave him a soft wave.
“Hey Amy!” He waved. “What brings you here so early in the morning?”
“Just a morning jog.” Amy stated. “How was your race with Shadow?”
The blue hedgehog shrugged. Amy smiled. It must have been another tie for the two. “What kind of ice cream do you have today?”
“The usuals; vanilla, chocolate, strawberry. We also have mint, peanut butter, pistachio, pineapple,” The blue cat listed off several other kinds. He handed Amy her cone and change during this time.
“I’ll take chocolate please.” Sonic ordered.
“Bowl or cone, sir?”
“Cone.” Sonic nodded.
“Waffle or Regular?”
Sonic got his ice cream and started walking with Amy around the park. “How many flavors do you need for ice cream?” He stated. “Are the original three not enough for some people?”
“Apparently.” Amy giggled as she listened to the blue hedgehog’s rant.
Sonic took a huge bite of his ice cream. He made a face as he waited for the brain freeze to subside.
“Don’t eat it too fast.” Amy patted his shoulder.
Sonic laughed. “Yeah. I guess I never learn.” He turned to look at Amy and burst into laughter. The pink hedgehog had ice cream on her nose.
“What’s so funny?” She asked with a confused face.
Sonic laughed harder. “You have ice cream on your face.”
“What?” Amy turned red in embarrassment.
“Yeah. Right here.” He wiped the ice cream off with his finger. He stared at the vanilla ice cream that now coated his gloved finger. He popped his finger in his mouth and sucked the ice cream off. “Hmm… Delicious. I’ll have to get vanilla next time.”
“Sonic!” Amy’s face turned a brighter red.
Sonic gave her an innocent expression. “What?”

Krissie: I hope you guys enjoy this. I’ll be writing more chapters soon. So which ship would guys like to see next?