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ShadAmy Beauty and the Beast Ch2

ShadAmy Beauty and the Beast
Chapter 2:
The town was abuzz with something amazing as Amy came with a fresh bundle of bouquets. She was greeted by seeing just about the whole village gathered around Charles’ pub. She had only seen this happen once before. When one of Tails’ inventions had malfunction and accidently took out the electricity in the village. Electricity was still fairly new in the village and everyone was in awe of it. Thus they were angry when Tails’ invention turned off the lights.
They had been furious then.
Amy felt her muscles tensed as she ran around the side of the pub. There was a side door that the pink hedgehog could enter. She swung open the door and raced inside the pub. “Tails! Charles!” Her voice called in a high pitch. “What’s going on outside?” Her eyes locked onto the familiar shade of orange as two blue eyes turned to face her. Amy wrapped her arms around the fox instantly. “Are you alright?” She stepped back to get a full look of the fox. He wasn’t disheveled or hurt. He even looked happy and joyful.
“I’m fine.” Tails beamed. “I didn’t cause a power outage this time.”
“Then why is everyone gathered outside?” Amy asked curiously.
“The prince has come to the village!” Sonic interjected as he leaned in with a big smile. He gestured to an ebony hedgehog with red stripes with his head.
He had piercing red eyes. His clothes were far nicer than any Amy had seen before with beautiful embroidery. His facial expression was stern and serious and almost angry. His posture represented much the same thing. Amy found herself hugging Tails tighter to her body.
She had heard of the princes. They didn’t stay in the lime light often. Queen Aleena Bernadette Hedgehog ruled the country. Her other family members stayed fairly quiet. Amy couldn’t remember all the princes’ names. There were Queen Aleena’s sons, Maurice and Jaleel. Then there was her nephew who was also a crowned prince. His name was Shadow, she thought, but wasn’t sure.
If that was the name of this prince, it would surely fit.
“Prince Shadow wanted to come see this village. You know, see what it’s like outside his home.” Sonic lied with a sweet smile.
Amy tilted her head. She didn’t quite believe it. Something about the way Sonic said it told her otherwise. But she smiled anyway. She nodded her head to the prince. “Welcome your majesty,” she rubbed Tails’ shoulder. “I hope you enjoy your visit. Though I suggest next time you visit a place you go dressed as a regular person. People are more likely to show you who they really are. Plus they won’t crowd around you so much.”
It was obvious to her that Prince Shadow was a loner. He didn’t seem to like how loud it was here, much less all the people trying to get his attention.
Shadow nodded in agreement. “I unfortunately listened to the delivery guy,” his glare was directed at the blue hedgehog. “Are you his sister?” His finger transitioned between her and Tails.
Amy shook her head. “Just friends,” she removed her arm from Tails’ shoulder.
“I was just showing them my new invention.” Tails beamed with excitement.
“Yes. It’s quite the wonderful thing.” Shadow gave a small smile. “Have you seen it?” He waved his hand over a metal box.
“That’s the toaster!” Amy squealed with delight. “You finally got it to work, huh?”
Tails nodded with a bright smile.
Amy kissed him on the forehead. “That’s very good. I’ll come by to see it work after I finish my work.”
“You don’t want to hang around Amy?” Sonic tilted his head.
“No. I have to deliver these bouquets before they wilt.” Amy held the basket that was dangling on her arm up. “Speaking of bouquets,” she began to look for the one she had made earlier. It had blue and red flowers with a little bit of yellow spotting through. She plucked up the bouquet and put it in Sonic’s hands. “Can you deliver this to Sally for me? She’s accompanied her father. You know where, right?”
Sonic nodded. “I’ll see to it that she gets them.”
“Before sun set?” Amy stated sternly as she gave the blue hedgehog his payment.
“Before sun set, I promise.” Sonic nodded.
“That’s a beautiful bouquet.” Shadow complimented. Shadow actually loved flowers. His sister had loved arranging flowers before she died of illness. Every time he saw a flower arrangement, it reminded me of his sister’s bright smile. “What’s the occasion for her to get such a wonderful bouquet?”
“It’s Tuesday.” Amy shrugged. “I make her one every Tuesday.”
“And I deliver them every Tuesday!” Sonic smiled.
“Yep.” Amy smirked. “You do.” She couldn’t believe she had used to have a crush on the blue hedgehog. He was like a toddler sometimes.
“Routines are just a thing here, I take it?” Shadow sat on a bar stool as the toaster popped up two slices of toast. He reached over as if it was nothing and grabbed the hot piece of bread.
“Yes. On Tuesday, the butcher has fresh pig. The baker bakes a fruit cake that is bought by Mrs. Doris. She’s a kind old widow. She’s also the only one here who likes fruit cake. She eats it on her porch with a picture of her husband. I bring her a bouquet of white lilies with some clovers in them. The kids play basketball after school. Rob has made new spears that go on the shelves in his store.” Amy went on about the normal Tuesday routine as she put the fresh flowers in the vases around the pub. She maneuvered around the packed pub like a ballerina.
The villagers just smiled as she passed by them. She even handed some of her bouquets to the normal people who received them. Amy was good with routine. They made life easier. Though she did often wish for a change to the routine. She guess she would have to thank the prince for the nice change. It was amusing to see everyone try to catch a glimpse at the prince.
Once Amy’s basket was nearly empty, she put the basket on a stool behind the counter. She picked up the plates of food that had yet to be delivered to people. Luckily she knew who ordered what. Everyone tended to get the same thing every day.
Though Sonic was the only exception to the rule. Sure, he got chilidogs every day. But before he left for the evening he got his chilidogs and then something else. And it was different every day. Though on Monday, he always got a dinner box of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans.
“Just about the only person here who doesn’t stick to a routine is Sonic.” Amy nudged her thumb at the blue hedgehog. “Unless you count the chilidogs of course.”
Shadow smiled. “I doubt he’ll eat anything else.”
By this time, people began to go back to their everyday lives. They had seen the prince, eaten their food, and now it was time to get back to work.
“No. Sonic gets a new dinner every day but Monday.” Amy stated proudly. “By the way, how were the peas last night, Sonic? You normally get green beans. I think you also got two slices of cake last night. You know too much cake will rot your teeth out right?”
Shadow hid a smile behind his hand.
Sonic gave a sheepish smile.
“Are you the mother of everyone in the village?” Shadow mused.
“No. More like the annoying sister I never wanted.” Sonic chuckled. He was greeted with Amy punching his arm. “Ow! That hurt!” Sonic whimpered as he sunk into a stool.
“Sorry it took so long!” Charles greeted as he came up from his record room.
“Ah there you are!” Amy smiled. “Did your records get mixed up again?”
“A bit.” Charles’ face turned slightly red from embarrassment. “I found those records you asked for.” He walked up to Shadow.
“Is it tax time already?” Amy tilted her head.
Shadow chuckled. “No. Sonic brought me dinner from here last night. He brings me dinner every Monday. The cake was delicious. I want to know the baker so that I can order a whole one for a little get together the family is having.”
“Yeah, I hear her majesty loves cake. It is such an honor that one of the royal family would visit here, especially for cake.” Charles bowed.
Shadow nodded as he opened the book and read through it. “Ah here it is! Strawberry cake maybe by an Amy. No last name.” Shadow frowned at that. “Where’s this Amy with no last name at?”
“Oh that’s Amy.” Tails pointed to the pink hedgehog proudly. “She really does make a yummy cake!”
Amy felt her face flushed as she turned away. She swatted at Tails’ hand. “And who sent Sonic with two slices of my cake?”
Charles looked at Amy and knew he didn’t want to answer. Amy didn’t like too much attention.
“I did! I told him it was the best one here. He told me if it was better than the baker’s that he’d give me 5 shillings.” Tails beamed.
“5 shillings?” Shadow arched an eyebrow at Sonic.
“Oh yeah!” Sonic took out the shillings from his purse. He placed them in Tails’ hand. “Here you go little buddy!”
Shadow nodded as he turned and walked up to the pink hedgehog and stared down at her. “How long have you been baking Miss No last name?”
“Rose. My name is Amy Rose.” Amy crossed her arms and glared at him. “And I’ve been baking since I was a tot. Mama taught me how.”
Shadow nodded. “Well you have a talent for it. How would you like to come to my castle and do some baking for a little party?”
Amy bit her lip. It really was quite the honor to be given such a job. But Amy was no professional. She couldn’t possibly carry out a task like that. “I think…”
“Amy will have to talk to her family first,” Tails stated boldly.
Amy turned to the fox in shock. The orange fox was never so bold in front of anyone. He had trouble looking anyone in the eye. And yet he stood tall now, looking Shadow in the eye, the cutest smile on his face. 
“Amy isn’t yet old enough to leave her home without her family’s permission. You’ll have to ask them for permission first before you ask her. It’s not proper any other way.”
Shadow crossed his arms as he stared at the fox. He seemed greatly annoyed but he took a breath and there was a small smirk on his face. “You’re a very smart boy. Would you mind showing me the way there then? Sonic has deliveries to make.”
Sonic nodded. “Don’t let him scare you Tails!” Sonic whispered before zipping off.
Amy sighed. “If he zips like that, he’ll ruin the flowers.”
Shadow took one long look at the pink hedgehog and then to the orange fox. “Well let’s be on our way. I want to have a baker secured before my family arrives.”
“Okay!” Tails giggled as he walked out from behind the counter. “Follow me!”
Amy arched an eyebrow. “Charles is Tails okay?”
Charles merely stared. “I don’t know. I’ve never seen him so social. I guess he’s finally coming out of his shell.”
“Maybe.” Amy picked up her basket. She had a few banquets left to deliver.

The Prince was there when she arrived home. Rob and Marian were both nervous and happy to have a prince in their home. Amy placed her basket by her door. Amy sighed as she walked into the house.
“You sure you still want me to bake for your party?” Amy asked.
Shadow looked up at her as her cousin’s gasped.
“Amy, for thee to talkth like so. It is not proper of a young lady.” Rob chided.
“My apologizes.” Amy curtsied. “But I’m not an experienced baker. I couldn’t give you a professional quality good. I can bake well enough for home. Tails giving you my cake yesterday was a fluke.”
Shadow listened silently as Amy tried to dissuade him.
“In fact, you’re lucky my cooking didn’t make you sick,” Amy added. “I’m just a simple little flower girl. Knowing this, are you still wanting me to bake for a royal party?”
Shadow looked from her to her cousins. “Your cousins have already given their consent for you to come to the palace to bake for the party. I guarantee that you will have anything you need to complete the task assigned to you. Your cousins will be allowed to visit you anytime during the day as well. So yes I do still wish to have you bake for the party. Your cake was delicious and my aunt would love to taste something like a home cooked dessert.”
Amy sighed. “So what do I need to bake and when do I need to have it done? And what do you mean my cousins can visit me? I live with them?”
“My castle is rather far away. If you’re not with Sonic, it might take a day to get to it,” Shadow stated. “So you’ll be living at my castle until the day after the party. That way you’ll have plenty of time to get acquainted with the castle and the kitchen. It would be a great embarrassment if you were to get lost while baking the desserts. You’ll be baking a number of desserts. That strawberry cake being one of them. But you are more than welcome to decide the others, with my approval of course. So what do you say?”

Amy thought about it for a moment. Tails seemed to be really comfortable with Prince Shadow. Plus it would be extremely rude to turn down royalty. If she even dared, she would be the talk of the town. “Very well, I accept your job offer.” She bowed. “Thank you for a wonderful job opportunity.”
Krissie: I hope you enjoy this. Let me know what you guys think.

Little Mermaid Sonic Version Ch2

The Sonic version of Little Mermaid is continuing. Enjoy. Let me know what you guys think.
Pairing: Sonic x Amy
Amy dashed towards him as fast as she could. Luckily, she was a great swimmer. She grabbed the blue hedgehog and dragged him towards the surface. 
She gasped as her head came out of the rough water. Rain was pouring onto her face and blinding her. She pulled the man out of the water enough for his head to be completely out of the water. She squeezed his stomach and he began couching up water.
Amy smiled knowing he was still alive. She propped his face onto her shoulder. she held him tight as she tried her best to stay upright. The wind was blowing her to and fro and Amy had no clue where land might be. The young mermaid had never been anywhere near land where landers lived. She was scared but pushed it aside. If the lander stayed in the sea too long, he would die. 
It took several long minutes to find land. Amy sighed in relief as she swam up the shore line. She tossed the blue hedgehog off her shoulder. She placed her hand on his chest and smiled as she felt his heart beat. The storm had now died down and it was only a soft rain. Now Amy had time to look at the lander. He was quite handsome and his blue fur was a bright blue. 
Eyes flickered and Amy gasped. His jade eyes caused Amy’s heart to leap into her throat. If she hadn’t fallen for him yet, she had now. 
“Wh…” His groggy voice escaped as he tried to move. 
Amy leapt back into the sea. She knew if he saw he tail, it would be difficult and possibly deadly for her. 
He sat up and his eyes vaguely focused on her. “Who are you?" 
Amy opened her mouth, but nothing came out. Just then another woman arrived on the beach. 
"Sonic? Sonic!” She called as she raced down the beach. “What happened to you?” She was a chipmunk with auburn hair. She held Sonic up as she checked him over. 
Sonic turned towards her. Then pointed back to Amy. “She saved me.” Amy turned bright red as they both stared at her. 
 "Oh my! You must be freezing! Come here and we’ll get you both some warm clothes and soup.“ 
Amy shook her head. There was no way a mermaid like her could get onto land. Though she did want to spend more time with the blue hedgehog. She stared down into the water. It was a dark blue green, but she could see her tail reflecting the sunlight as it swayed back and forth under the water. 
Amy felt no evil from Knuckles and no one else was around, but this beach didn’t feel safe. While her heart yearned for the blue hedgehog, Amy knew as a mermaid her longing to be with him would be impossible. 
Amy jolted up as she heard splashing. The red headed woman was wading in the water towards her. Amy felt her hair stand on in as she dove under the water. Being careful to keep her tail far enough under the water so it wouldn’t be seen. A few seconds later and she was several yards away. She popped her head up and the two were now small dots. They were calling out to her, but their voices for too far away for Amy to hear what the words were, they were just soft sounds. 
Amy dove again and soon found her way home. None of the other mermaids seem to pay her much mind as she made her way to her home. Everything was going on as normal. Amy smiled as she passed by several mermaids.
She soon found herself sitting in the coral reef by the cave she called her home. The reef had several beautiful plants that she loved to watch the little fish swim through.

May 31st

I think today is the first day in a long time that I've posted something on my schedule. Which if any of you have forgotten was 3, 6, 13, and 31 simply because I like those numbers.
I am still writing and I'm actually thinking about writing in a genre that will be completely new to me. So I'm sure it will be foreign and be all weird and horrible. So I'm going to do a few test writes before I post it.
Also, I've been writing a lot of poetry. So you guys will probably see that soon. I even wrote a poem about food today.

random Fanfic short

May 16, 2016
Krissie: I’m bored and this scene played in my head. So enjoy this.
Sonia and Sally followed Geoffrey to his home. The skunk had been refusing their help with the large brown bags full of groceries.
“Are you sure you’ll be able to eat all of that?” Sally asked curiously. It seemed like the leader of the Underground Freedom Fighters was buying for a whole family.
“Trust me, I can eat a lot. Not as much as Sonic, but I can put away a good amount. Any soldier can.” Geoffrey paused at the front door of his home. It a fortified home he had built into a cave. He struggled to shift the bags in his hands to grab his keys from his pocket.
“Let me get that for you.” Sonia gave him a big smile as she took one of the bags from his hands.
Geoffrey gave an awkward smile as he noticed Sonia bat her eyes at him. “You don’t have to.” He tried his best to be polite.
“Oh it’s no problem. I want to help.” Sonia beamed. The hot pink hedgehog was flirting hard. She had been flirting with Geoffrey all day. He was regretting the fact that he had flirted back. He had no intention of dating her or Sally seriously.
“If you say so,” he pulled his keys out of his chest pocket and opened the door. He held his hand out for the other bag. “Thank you very much for your help. I’ll be right back with those data disc you, Princess.”
“We can help you put away the groceries first,” Sally suggested.
“Yeah.” Sonia beamed in agreement.
Geoffrey fought the grimace that was happening inside. “That won’t be necessary.”
But the girls had already walked into his home anyway.
Geoffrey sighed. “My apologies for the state of my home. I haven’t had the time to properly clean.”
“What do you mean?” Sally brows rose. “You’re house is spotless.”
“It’s cleaner than any of the mansions I’ve been to.” Sonia commented.
“Heh… Thanks.” Geoffrey walked to the kitchen.
“The smell is heavenly.” Sonia added. “Smells like apple pie.”
Geoffrey sniffed the air and his pupils shrunk. “I don’t have any air freshners that smell like apple pie.” The skunk rushed into the kitchen. The two girls on his heels.
A little girl stood on a chair by the sink. She was humming as she washed the dishes. She paused as she felt a new presence in the house. She looked up and beamed at Geoffrey.
“What are you doing?” Geoffrey placed the bag in his hand on the table. “You should be resting.”
“Angel wanted to show me how to make apple pie,” she murmured as Geoffrey hoisted her up into his arms. “I wanted to learn.”
Geoffrey sighed. “You know I don’t like it when you use the kitchen without me here. What will happen if something catches fire?” He placed his hands on her head. She didn’t have a fever. He sighed with relief as he placed his forehead on hers. “How long does the pie have left?”
The little girl turned to look at the chair at the end of the table. “About 15 minutes.” She answered when she turned back to look at him.
“Angel tell you that?” He gave a soft smile.
“Mmm-hmm!” She nodded. Her little pink quills bouncing up and down.
“Geoffrey, who’s your friend?” Sally and Sonia stood in the doorway dumbfounded.
The girl turned to look at them. She let out a squeak and buried herself in his chest.
Geoffrey sighed. “She’s shy.” He answered as he rubbed her back. “You can put the bag on the table.” He waved his hand to the table. “They’re safe. Princess Sally and Princess Sonia here are freedom fighters. They came to get some data discs from me so they can fight Robotnik.”
“The bad round man?” The girl tilted her head.
“Yes.” Geoffrey nodded.
“Princess Sally. Princess Sonia.” She repeated the names as she pointed at them.
“Yes. So be a good girl for me, okay?” Geoffrey smiled at her.
She nodded as she squirmed out of Geoffrey’s arms and onto the floor.
“Play nice until I get back.” Geoffrey ordered as he left the kitchen.
Sally and Sonia smiled at the little girl.
“Hi!” The girl waved as she put the chair by the sink back at the table. “You can have a seat if you want.”
“Aw!” Sonia squealed. “You’re adorable!”
Sally took a step away from Sonia. Sally looked the girl up and down. She was a pink hedgehog with short quills pulled back by a red hairband. Her green eyes were large and shined like emeralds. She looked like she was only two to three years younger than them, around Tails’ age.
“My name is Sonia. And this is Sally. Which you already know. What’s your name?” Sonia knelt in front of her.
She merely smiled before making a loud sound as she looked at Sally. Sally froze as she stared at the girl. “Angel’s sitting there. Don’t sit on here.” She pouted. “Sit next to her.” She pointed at the seat next to the one at the end.
Sally merely smiled as she sat down in the seat the girl told her too. The girl must have an imaginary friend. “I’m afraid I can’t see Angel. My apologizes.”
“It’s okay. Most people can’t see her.” The girl sighed.
“Well can you tell me about Angel and yourself?” Sally smiled.
“Yeah, like a name?” Sonia beamed down at her as she helped her into a seat.
“I’m Amy Rose.” She smiled.
Sonia eyes widened at that name. “You wouldn’t have happened to write a letter to Sonic the Hedgehog once a month would you?” She had seen that name before on several letters Sonic received. Amy Rose was a big fan.
Amy Rose nodded. “I send one once a week,” she corrected, “He says I can only send candies once a month.”
“Sonic says that?” Sally smiled.
“No. Geoffrey-san.” Amy shook her head. “He says too much candy will make Sonikku sick or fat. Then he won’t be able to save people anymore.”
“And that fact still stands. Too much sweets are bad for you.” Geoffrey returned holding a box full of floppy discs. “Here are those discs for you, Princess Sally.” He placed the box in front of her. “That should hold all the specs we’ve been able to get on Robotnik’s robots. Now back to the topic of sweets, did you brush your teeth this morning?” He stood over Amy’s chair, staring down at her.
“Yes. Angel made me.” Amy pointed across the table. “She’s very naggy about stuff like that.”
“Well thank you Angel.” Geoffrey bowed to the empty chair.
“You certainly have a way with kids,” Sonia cooed. “You even encourage her imaginary friends.”
Geoffrey sucked his bottom lip into his mouth. Amy wasn’t going to like the phrase imaginary friend.
“Angel isn’t imaginary!” Amy yelled. “She’s real. Just because you can’t see her doesn’t mean she isn’t real. Angel is very nice. She’s one of the nicest ghosts that I’ve met.” The little girl stomped her feet on the chair.
Sonia leaned back. “I… uh…”
Geoffrey sighed as he placed his hand on Amy’s shoulder. “Amy, it’s okay. Remember that thing I told you?” His voice was calm and he looked at the little girl kindly. It was the kindest the two girls had ever seen him.
Amy looked down at her feet. “Most people can’t see ghosts. I can see them because I’m special.”
“That’s right. So why can’t you be mad at others who don’t understand?”
“Because people have trouble understanding what they can’t see or feel themselves.” Amy pouted.
“Can I ask for an explanation on the all the ghost stuff I just heard?” Sally leaned forward and said in a soft voice.


Queen of Gems

Queen of Gems
Once upon a time, there was a small village. The village didn’t make a lot of money but the king that ruled over them was kind and didn’t tax them much. But one day, the kingdom went into war and a new king came into power. This new king was ruthless and cruel. He taxed the small village too no end and brutally punished anyone who couldn’t pay his hefty taxes.
One day the king decided that he no longer had any use for the tiny village and decided to set the village a flame. The villagers tried to flee their burning homes, but found the king’s men outside waiting for them with their swords unsheifed. The villagers were to be taken away as slaves for his majesty. Those who resisted would meet the blade and greet Hades.
A young maiden did not like these options and as she was quite cunning, she dressed herself in furs from the beasts her father had hunted. She crawled out the window in the back of her hom and into a tall apple tree. She jumped from the tree’s limbs into other trees until she was well inside the forest. Anyone who saw her believed she was either a bob cat or a large squirrel.
Once in the forest, she sighed with relief. She was safe, but she had no place to go. She knew how to sew and cook, maybe she could go to another kingdom and become a maid of sorts. She climbed down from the tree and began walking. After a few hours, she realized that she was completely lost and she didn’t like the look of the dark grey clouds in the sky. It soon began to rain and the young girl cursed her luck.
She soon came upon a cave. She quickly raced and hid inside. She curled up and closed her eyes. She figured she would sleep until the storm ended. When she woke up a nymph stood in front of her.
“From where do you come from?” The nymph asked, “Why are you here?”
The girl told her of he village and what had happened. “Now I’m lost in this large forest. I don’t suppose you know the way out, do you?”
The nymph simply smiled and patted the girl’s head. “It’s okay now. Come with me and I shall take you to a new home.”
The nymph walked further into the cave and the girls followed her. Along the way, the nymph asked the girl several questions.
“Everything is made up mostly of this. It’s so vital to everything’s existence that all living things live close to it. What is it?” The nymph asked.
“Water.” The girl answered.
“Correct. Now what gives warmth, but also kills. It’s used for cooking, but if untamed could destroy all around it. Lightning gives birth to it.”
“Correct. Now, everyone walks upon this. It nurtures the plants and flowers. It is  seen as the middle ground for most things.”
“Correct. Now, this moves the world. It rustles  the trees and carries seeds. It’s invisible to all, but felt and known by all.”
“Correct. Now, everything is driven by this. It is the very thing that gives life. It makes us strike to go forward and be better. It never dies.”
“That sounds like someone’s soul.” The young girl mused.
“Correct. Those are the 5 main elements. With them all put together, you create life. And now since you answered all of the questions, I will grand you a wonderful gift.’
“Really? I just want to go to a peaceful kingdom and get a job to support myself.” The girl stated.
“Awe, but this is better,” the nymph smirked as she tapped the wall of the cave. There was a rumbling sound as a rectangular slab of stone moved aside revealing another dirt path light brightly by the reflection of various gems. The girl’s jaw dropped at the sight. The nymph guided her down the path until they came upon a beautiful kingdom made entirely of jewels.

Krissie: Found this written in my old Sailor Moon notebook. I may or may not finish it.

Emi the Deity Ch4

Emi the Deity
By Krissie
Chapter 4:
Today was the first day of Deity 101. Emi was nervous. Carmike had already left back home to manage his booming business. He wish he had begged his uncle to stay with him. So now Emi was seating in the patio chair bouncing his knee up and down alone.
“Emi relax,” the boss spoke soothingly as she came out with a tray of cups and a pitcher of fresh lemonade. She poured him a glass before pouring hers. “Symphia said she would be here in a within the next five minutes. That Grey fellow may or may not come.” She sat down across from him with a nice smile. “No need to be so anxious.”
Emi nodded.
They had decided to have Deity 101 at the café on Sunday. The only day the café was closed. The boss had a lovely back patio. With a nice garden that customers loved to walk around. The boss took great pride in growing a majority of the plants herself. It was a large garden area. With tall trees around the edges, creating a fence.
“How’s the lemonade?” the boss asked with a hum.
Emi glanced up at her and then back at his untouched cup. He quickly took a sip. His puckered up at the tartness of it. “It’s good,” he replied.
“It’s too sour though,” she pouted. “You know you shouldn’t tell me everything I make is good just to spare my feelings. Ladies like a man who is honest, no matter what.”
“Yes boss,” Emi bowed his head.
“Sorry I’m late!” Symphia called.
The boss and Emi looked up to see the Indian woman on top of the roof. She jumped and with a wave of her hands, strings of many colors appeared everywhere. Her feet landed on several clusters of the strands daintily. Her weight caused the strings to lower her safely to the ground. Once her feet were touching the ground, she snapped her fingers and the strings disappeared.
“My, that was certainly a neat trick!” the boss clapped her hands.
“That was a landing move. It’s actually really difficult to learn and requires a ton of practice.” Symphia smiled as she dusted off her nurse pants. “Pardon my appearance. Work kept me a bit later than I thought.”
“It’s okay.” Emi stated. “Will I be able to that thing with the strings when I get the hang of this deity thing?”
“No. But you will be able to do something similar.” Symphia assured. “I’m a deity of love, so my powers and abilities are very different from yours. I used strings of fate to land. You, since you are a water deity, will probably use water in order to land safely. But first we should start with basics.”
“Can I ask how you became a deity?” Emi ran his finger along the edge of his cup.
“Me? Well it was years ago,” Symphia waved her hand. “But it was a lot different from you. In the town where I was born, I liked to help all of my friends with their love life. If they were pining or aching, they would come to me for advice. I was very good at it. I was even good at playing match maker. A rumor started that if I made a match it would last through reincarnation. People from all over came to visit me to see if my talent was true. Then one day, a god visited me. He saw that I indeed had a mystical talent to see bonding ties between people. So he made me a deity of love, so that I could always help people find love. We discussed it for weeks before I became one and I was well taught during that time. I am very glad to be a deity. But you’re a different deity.” Symphia paused as she placed her hand on top of Emi’s.
“You were made without consent by a god you never saw,” Symphia stated firmly. “It’s not a proper way to make a deity. And it is very odd for a god to do so. The other gods will be displeased by this. Especially since most deities who are made through such means turn bad and become demons. But you’re a sweet soul. I want to make sure you know the rules and can grow.”
“Rules? What are the rules of deities?” Emi sat up straight, curious.
“There are many rules. I don’t even remember them all. But the most important is to do your job or assign task. However, you weren’t given one, so you’ll be fine. But you need to learn how to use your powers first. Almost everyone’s powers are connected to their emotions. So the best thing to do is just to practice.”
“So I’m going into this blind?” Emi pouted.
“Not completely. You can freeze liquids. So we know what element to focus on.” Symphia stated proudly. “So let’s focus on trying to do something with that puddle of water over there.”
Emi got up and walked to the small puddle of water sitting in one of the chairs. “What should I do?”
“Well try to see if you can freeze it,” Symphia shrugged as she stood beside him.
Emi took a deep breath.
“Just try to feel the same emotions you feel when the water freezes. That normally does the trick.”
Emi placed his hands on his hips. He could remember what he had felt when the water froze. He was just working. So maybe stress? He certainly felt anxious now. He leaned over some, propping his hand on the bench. He tapped his fingers and he tried to figure out how to freeze the water. The gears were turning, and he stared intently at the water.
Subconsciously, he began humming.
The water began to come up in little sprouts. All in a line, bobbing up and down like one of those audio graph.
Emi jumped back. “Did I?”
“Well that wasn’t what I was expecting,” Symphia hummed as she clapped. “But it seems humming can cause water to move.”
“That explains the kitchen bubbles.” Emi nodded as he placed his hands in his pockets.
“Maybe if you sing a song, something really cool will happen!” The boss stated as she cleaned her camera lens.
“What are you going to do with that camera?” Emi exclaimed.

The training had amazingly gone smoothly. Emi hadn’t been able to freeze any water. But he did find out that if he sang songs that he could move the water. The streams could only go up and down, but Symphia assured him that with practice and time, he’d be able to make the water move into other shapes.
Emi felt more comfortable with this though. If he could gain control over these new abilities, he could hopefully live a normal life. After all, Symphia was a deity and she worked at the hospital.
He examined the tomatoes before picking three. Today was Sunday and he hadn’t gone grocery shopping yet. Carmike wasn’t sure when he would feel like eating, so the only thing Carmike bought were cans of soup and ravioli. Emi, however, wasn’t in the mood for canned food today. In fact, the only thing he wanted was a sandwich and those little carrot sticks. He placed his choice of tomatoes in his basket. He got bread, sliced ham, cheese, tomatoes, and orange juice.
Emi carried the brown paper back out of the store. He had only walked a block when everyone around him started whispering about a movie. They were all in awe and some were taking pictures. Emi turned to see what they were so infatuated with. What he saw on the other side of the street was a centaur.
The centaur had the upper half a man and the lower half of a horse. Emi tried to find the seams to the costume but couldn’t. It was a very well made one. The man had dark black stringy hair that came midway back. He had a scruffy beard and sharp, daring brown eyes. His body was built like that of a body builder. The horse part of the centaur was a chocolate brown with a dark brown tail. He turned his head and locked eyes with Emi.
Emi turned away quickly. It was rude that stare. The crosswalk sign changed to a person and Emi quickly walked across. He needed to stay focused. He was going to go home, make a sandwich, do the laundry, and then get a long good night’s sleep before going to work tomorrow.
Emi yelped as he was suddenly hoisted into the air. He clung tight to the paper bag, squishing the bread.
“So, it is you,” a deep male voice spoke. It was a powerful yet soft voice.
Emi cracked open one eye and looked at the person who had picked him up. It was the centaur. The centaur pulled Emi closer to get a better look at him. Hot breath blowing Emi’s hair out of his face.
“Such a weak fragile deity,” the centaur stared with indifference, but Emi could feel a hint of displeasure.
Emi looked around nervously and people were just looking on in awe. Some were whispering about it being a film set. Emi wish someone would realize that this wasn’t a movie stunt.
Emi looked at the ground. He was good two feet off of the ground. He could survive that drop if someone rushed the centaur. “Can you put me down please?” His voice came out as a rough squeak.
The centaur placed Emi on the ground and then tightly grabbed him at the top of Emi’s head and forcibly craned it back. Emi screamed in pain and suddenly the people around began to realize this wasn’t for a movie. “Give me your powers and I’ll let you live.”
“Hey what are you doing to that girl?” A man demanded as he walked up to them.
Emi didn’t have the ability to correct the man. He was just glad someone was giving him a hand.
The centaur glared at the man. He released Emi and turned to the man. His front feet high in the air. A good foot about the man’s head. The man froze and stared at the centaur. The centaur lowered his feet on the man’s head.
People screamed as the man laid knocked on the ground, blood coming from his head. The on-lookers ran in all directions. Emi stumbled to his feet and quickly ran into the chaos. He wasn’t about to let a centaur who probably just killed a man catch him again. The groceries he had bought laid scattered on the ground.
The centaur turned and growled as he couldn’t find the deity again. He stomped his feet as he rushed after someone with long black hair.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Emi the Deity Ch3

Emi the Deity
Chapter 3: I have powers?!
The sound of the shower filled the house. Carmike fried eggs and sausage in the kitchen. Carmike smiled as he heard Emi singing. He shook his head at the silly song his nephew was singing. He finished the meal and placed it on the table. He held the still hot frying pan under the sink facet and turned it. Cold water shot out for a brief second and the pan sizzled as the water evaporated. This was normal.
What wasn’t normal was that the water in the spout started coming out as bubbles that floated around the kitchen. Carmike stood still watching for a moment in confusion.
Emi walked into the kitchen. A bright smile was on his face. He was brushing his curly hair and was singing a Johnny Horton song. He plucked the hairs out of the brush and threw them away.
“So what’s for…?” He paused as he stared at the floating bubbles. He gestured to the bubbles with his hand, “What? How? Why?” The soft whisper was barely audible.
Carmike flung his arms about. “I turned the nob and then those came out! I was just trying to rinse the pan out so it wouldn’t be super greasy later. So I held it,” Carmike began to ramble and Emi tuned him out quickly.
The ebony haired male walked around the bubbles. His eyes were wide with curiosity. He reached his hand out to poke one of the bubbles and it burst. All of the bubbles burst at once. Leaving the floor and most of the items in the kitchen nicely wet. Luckily it was mainly the floor.
“It’s a good thing I’m working in between the dinner and lunch shift today.” Emi mused dryly as he went to grab the mop from the storage room. Carmike could only nod in agreement.
It took about two hours to clean up all the water. Neither Carmike nor Emi could come up with a reasonable explanation for what happened. Carmike dropped Emi off at work, stating he would call a plumber friend and ask.
Today Emi got to wear a costume. The first time since he wound up in a coma. Today he got to dress up as a fairytale princess. All his female co-workers had agreed that it suited him. Emi didn’t mind, so he proudly wore the outfit. He was very thankful to be wearing flats though.
“Can you do magic?” A little girl asked. She had round brown eyes. Her cute little curls were tight to her head. Her yellow and black dress reminded Emi of a bumblebee.
“Oh, not much,” Emi focused hard on keeping his voice an airy high note. “I’m still in training.”
“Can I see?” She bounced in excitement. Her family giggled in amusement.
Emi smiled as he pulled out the small toy want from his sleeve. “I can’t guarantee anything will happen.” Emi hummed a bit as he waved the wand around the table. His eyes drifting up to see Jeff in the rafters above. A small bucket of confetti in his hands. Emi’s smile grew across his whole face as he turned his blue eyes back to the little girl. “Abracadabra!” Emi flicked the wand.
Confetti fell down from the ceiling onto the young girl. Giggles erupted from her. Her family members clapped happily. All five of them.
“And well you look at your cup honey,” the father explained as he stared at the cup. “That’s some magic trick.”
Everyone turned to see the cup. It should have been a simple hard plastic cup. It was green in color. But now, the cup no longer looked like the simple cup it had been. It was now adorn with frosty images of ballerinas and snowflakes. All of it was made in ice it seemed. It also appeared to be on both side of the cup. Around the straw was more frost with a dolphin shaped tip to sip the Sprite through. Everyone marveled at it. Except Emi. He glanced up to Jeff, who shrugged, not knowing how it had happened. He looked around at all the nearby servers. All of them seemed amazed by the cup as well. No one gave any sign of being the cause of it. Emi felt a sickening feeling in his stomach.
“Thank you very much princess!” The little girl cheered as she hugged Emi.
Emi smiled back as he hugged her. “You’re welcome dearie. I guess I have more magic then I thought.” He gave a sweet laugh as he helped the girl back into her seat. “Is there anything else I can get you?” His attention now on the adults.
“So more unsweet tea please.” The grandfather stated holding up his up.
“I’ll be right out with that,” Emi walked back into the kitchen.
The kitchen was full of people dashing back and forth. Emi felt his body begin to shake as he began to walk to the cups.
“Are you okay?” Jeff appeared from his side. “You look pale.”
“I’ll be fine.” Emi lied. “They need an unsweet tea.”
“I got that right here,” Jeff held out the red cup. “That thing with the cup though was amazing. Was that your doing?”
“I,” Emi began, but nothing else came out as the sound of crackling ice caught their attention. The two turned to the red cup. The unsweet tea was frozen.
Jeff whistled at the sight.
Emi shrieked a shriek so high that it broke a glass pitcher of lemonade being carried into the kitchen. Jeff feared Emi would faint, so he grabbed a hold of the young man’s shoulder. Other employees rushed over to help calm Emi down as two other employees watched on curiously as they cleaned up the lemonade.
Jasmine prepared another cup of unsweet tea out to the table.
“Here you go. My apologizes, but the princess has slipped and injured her foot. So I will be your server for the remainder of your meal,” She gave a bow. Jasmine was dressed as a maid, the standard cosplay outfit for the café. They nodded in understanding.
Jeff merely stared at Emi. Jeff was 24. He wasn’t a big guy. He was strong from years of gymnastics, but there was no way he could carry Emi to the back room. Not with him hyperventilating the way he was. “I’m going to need some help here.”
Emi was hoisted into the air. Grey eyes stared uncaringly at Jeff. “Where do you want to take him?” His wore black pants and a black vest. His shirt was a bright white. His dark grey hair was neatly cut and framed his sharp face.
Jeff numbly pointed to the door that led to the back door. Grey nodded as he walked to the door. He shifted Emi in his grasp so his hand was under his knees. He opened the door slightly before kicking it open the rest of the way. He walked down the small hall and into a larger room. There was a small two seat sofa there. Big red and fluffy. Grey carefully placed him there.
“Who are you?”
Grey turned to see a woman standing behind him. She was a very curvy woman with red lips. Her hair stacked on top of her head. Grey gave her a flirtatious grin.
“Can I help you miss?” He responded.
“Grey! Don’t. You. Dare!” Symphia busted into the room. Her hair disheveled and she was breathing heavy. But her brown eyes were out to kill him.
Grey sighed as he stood up. “I haven’t done anything.” He held up his hands innocently. He stepped away. “He’s freaking out.”
“He’s in shock.” The woman ran to the Emi’s side. “Emi dearie, what’s wrong?”
“Boss?” Emi looked up at his employer. His icey blue eyes were so pale they were almost white. “I froze a cup of water.” She opened her mouth to comment. “Just by touching it. I think I did it earlier with that girl’s cup. And I think I froze the mop water. I don’t… I…” Tears formed in his eyes. He curled up tighter. “Something’s wrong with me!”
“Nothing’s wrong with you Emi.” The boss rubbed his back.
Pfft! Wrong? I think developing weird powers categorizes as wrong.” Grey laughed. “But when you’re done,”
Symphia punched him in the stomach. “You’re only making this more stressful for him!”
“Who are you people?” The boss demanded as she hugged Emi to her. Emi looked up at them. His vision blurry from his tears. He blinked a few times.
“Symphia?” Emi uncurled some. “What are you doing here?” His eyes widened. “You’re a nurse! Do you know… what’s wrong… with me?” His voice became a soft squeak by the end of his sentence.
“Nothing!” Symphia blurted loudly. “Nothing,” she softened her voice. “You’re just changing. Like a butterfly!”
Grey rolled his eyes as he crossed his arms. “Do you know what a deity is?”
Emi turned to look at Grey. He had never seen someone with grey eyes before. “They’re like gods, aren’t they?”
“Kind of.” Grey nodded. “We’re deities.” He waved his finger and himself and Symphia. “We’ve been deities for a while. And you are a new one. Granted deity status by some god somewhere, who apparently didn’t explain heads to tails to you beforehand.”
“Can’t you be a little nicer Grey?” Symphia growled. She patted Emi’s foot as she sat on the couch. “Don’t worry, I’m here to help.” Symphia smiled.
“I’m just here to observe.” Grey smirked. “We have a bet on you,” he gestured to himself and Symphia once more.
“Bet?” Emi perked up curiously.
Symphia gave him a warning glare.
“Yeah. If you die by the end of the month, I win. If you survive, she wins.” Grey stated. “Most new deities don’t last long. Especially without the god who made them one there to protect them.”
“Why would I die?” Emi asked. “Can these powers kill me?” He began to panic again.
“Oh no. no.” Symphia patted him on the knee. “Your powers can’t cause you any harm at all.”
“Demons, lesser gods, ghosts, a human,” Grey listed on his fingers. “There are lots of beings that would kill you just to harvest your powers. That’s just the way of life.”
Symphia nodded. “But the quicker you learn how to use your powers the better off you’ll be,” she added. “I can help you with that. If you let me.”
“Can you freeze water too?” Emi asked as he uncurled.
“No,” she shook her head. “I’m a deity of love. You seem to be a deity of water. But tapping into one’s powers are usually very similar.”
“What about you?” Emi turned to Grey.
“Deity of death.” He stood filled with pride for his job.

Emi had stay in bed for the next two days. It was such a shock to his system. He was a deity now. It was hard to take in. He finally had enough of just laying in bed. He couldn’t just sit there for the rest of his life. According to Symphia, he didn’t have any major duties because the god who gave him his powers hadn’t given him any. Which was still confusing.
Why would a god give him powers?
Or did he gain these powers by accident?
Maybe the god had bad aim.
Emi washed his face before heading down stairs.
Uncle Carmike greeted him there with a bowl of tomato soup and a box of gold fish. They sat quietly at the table. Emi staring into the bowl and Carmike fiddling with his fingers. Carmike was supposed to be going home today.
“Do you want me to stay?” Carmike broke the silence.
Emi wasn’t sure as he slowly looked up at his uncle. “You have your business to run.”
“I could always expand it out to here.” Carmike suggested. “And then I could run it from here.”
“Weed isn’t legal here.”
Carmike clucked his tongue. “Crud. Wish they would come around and make it legal already. But you’re right.”
Emi heard the chair squeak and then the clacking sounds of Carmike’s shoes. He looked up when Carmike paused next to him. Carmike’s arm wrapped around him.
“I love you. No matter what.” Carmike stated.
“I love you too.” Emi hugged him back.
“You call if you need anything,” Carmike ordered. “I don’t know much about deity stuff, but,” he paused, “I will do my best to be here for you. Rather it’s an ear, a shoulder, or whatever. I’ll do my best.”
Emi smiled as he nodded.
“Now eat some of that soup. You haven’t eaten in days! Look you at you. All skin and bones already.”
Emi chuckled as Carmike when off. He grabbed the box of gold fish and poured a handful into his hand before dropping them into the soup with a little ker-plops­. He stirred the fish in with his spoon before bringing a spoonful with one fish to his mouth. He knew the soup was cold by now. At least it should have been. To his surprise, though, the soup was warm as if it had just cooled down enough to eat.
“I can warm liquids too!” Emi exclaimed at this revelation.
Carmike paused in his rant. He looked at the bowl and sure enough, it had steam rising off of it. “Wow,” he whistled, “At least you can melt what you freeze.” He gave a nervous laugh. “It’ll take practice to figure out what all you can do.”
Emi nodded as Carmike ruffled his hair.

Emi the Deity Ch2

Emi the Deity
Chapter 2: Back to Work
The restaurant was bustling. Carmike was humming along with the song playing over the speaker. Emi stared at the menu. His eyes glancing over the options, but not really processing them. Emi wasn’t sure what he wanted. He knew he was happy to be have something other than the hospital food. The food there was nice, but it just didn’t have that warm feeling food normally had to him.
“What can I get you gentlemen this evening?” The waitress appeared with a bright smile.
“The steak enchilada sounds good to me,” Carmike closed the menu. “I’ll have sweet tea to drink. Emi?”
Emi looked down at the menu. His eyes fell on quesadillas. “The veggie quesadilla for me please.”
“Anything to drink with that sug?”
Emi glanced up at the waitress. Only one woman called him that. A grin spread across his face. “Shelia!” He pulled the 30 something woman into a tight hug. “So this is your second job?”
“Yeah. I gotta buy my baby something nice for her birthday.” Shelia chuckled. “Now what will you have suga?”
“Water please.” Emi adjusted himself back in his seat.
Shelia wrote it down and was gone within a minute.
Carmike propped his head in his hand. “You know a woman with kids is a lot of commitment right?”
Emi felt his face heat up. “I don’t like her like that! Shelia works at the grocery store. I serve her and her kid every Friday at the café. We’re just good friends.”
“Good.” Carmike nodded. “You’re not ready for kids yet.”
“Carmike…” Emi growled.
“Here are those drinks,” Shelia placed the cups on the table.
Carmike tore off the end of the paper wrapping before sliding the paper off of the straw. He swirled the straw in his cup. “No need to be so embarrassed.”
Emi huffed as he grabbed his cup. He tilted the cup up only to find that a majority of the drink was ice. It was like it was just grabbed from the freezer. Emi glanced up at where Shelia. She wasn’t looking at him. Emi smiled as he shook his head. She must have wanted to play a prank on him. Now he knew where her son got it from.
The food came shortly and it was delicious. It was also piping hot as Emi found out. He took a bite and then spat it out as he stuck his burning tongue into his cup of ice water.
“Take your time, it’s not going anywhere,” Carmike laughed as he blew on his food.
“Gos sis.” Emi mumbled.
They finished their food and went home. Though Emi had to drag his uncle away from the hostess he was flirting with.

Emi was finally cleared to go to work the next week. He tied his converse shoes tightly to his feet as he pulled his hair up into a high ponytail. He wore a simple button up white shirt and black slacks. He wasn’t sure if he would be cosplaying at the café today or not. The only thing Emi wished was for his uncle to not come to work with him.
“I can’t let my nephew travel all the way to work by himself after being in a coma,” Carmike degreed as he forced the 19 year old into the passenger seat of his car.
The café was as busy as ever. The boss had told Emi to take it slow, so he didn’t have to cosplay for work today. Though it did feel weird being surrounded by a bunch of video game characters.
“Here’s your strawberry sundae, my lady,” Emi gave his best winning smile as he placed the food in front of the young high schooler. She blushed as she shyly grabbed her spoon. “And a chocolate latte for you, my lady.” He placed the drink in front of the girl next to other girl. The girl, Samantha, was a regular at the café.
“It’s been so long Emi.” She beamed as she picked up her latte. “Where have you been? I’ve missed you.”
“My apologizes my lady,” Emi bowed, “But I had some important matters to tend to. But I hope my comrades were able to give you good company.”
“It was, but not as good as yours.” Samantha sighed. “Will you be working again this weekend?”
“I believe so.” Emi smiled as he gave a quick bow. He quickly walked to the next table. Being a host was a hard job. All day the costumers kept asking him where he’d been. He didn’t feel like saying he was in the hospital, but he was sure most of them knew he wasn’t off handling ‘important matters’. The lie was so overused. Emi took a deep breath.
“Hey what kind of joke is this?” Shelly, a co-worker, exclaimed as she stared into the bucket. “How am I supposed to mop if the water is frozen?” She was a Chinese American woman of average height. She was dressed as a squirtle.
Tommy, who had handed her the bucket, looked back confused. “Frozen? That’s the hottest water I could get out of the tap mixed with Pine-Sol and bleach.” Tommy was dressed as King Dedede and around the same height as Shelly. Maybe an inch or two taller.
Emi and two other co-workers came to look.
“Really? Then why is it a block of ice?” Shelly nearly screamed.
Sure enough, it was a block of ice in the bucket. They all turned to look at Tommy.
“It wasn’t like that when I put it in,” Tommy was turning red from frustration and confusion as he looked into the bucket too. He seemed genuinely confused.
“Then how did it end up like this, Tommy?” Shelly propped her hands on her hips. Her foot tapping with loud clacks on the floor.
Tommy could only open and close his mouth like a fish.
“Maybe it was magic?” Everyone turned to stare at the boss. She gave a smile, her lips a ruby color. She looked like she walked out of a pop art piece. Her hair done up like a woman in a 50s ad. Her polka-dot, high collared shirt with no sleeves and high waist pint striped pants. She wore ruby shoes as if she was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. The boss was a vivacious woman. She leaned down over the bucket and nodded. “Yes. It was definitely magic. Magic that I haven’t seen in such a long time. Don’t be too mad at Tommy, dearie.” She patted Shelly’s shoulder. “He’s not the cause of this.” She picked up the bucket like it was nothing. “Now let’s go make another bucket. I doubt the magician will do the same thing twice.”
With that the whole situation was over. Swept under the rug. The boss was good at that. If she brushed it away, then most people would brush it under the rug.
The rest of the day went off without a hitch. Emi smiled brightly as he clocked out. Dinner shift would begin in an hour and the boss had given him orders to go home for the day. She didn’t want him overworking himself. She even followed him to make sure he’d clocked out. As Emi turned around, he felt arms wrap tightly around him.
“I’m so glad you’re doing better!” the boss exclaimed.
“I’m doing a lot better.” Emi nodded.
“That’s good. I was so worried.” She held up his face to look at her. “You’re just so precious. And to think you wound up in a coma during your first modeling gig.” She pouted as she brushed his hair out of his face. “Has Joe shown you how the pictures came out?”
“No. Not yet.” Emi shook his head. “I think he emailed me copies, but I haven’t looked at them yet.”
“Well I’ve seen them and you look adorable.” She patted his head.
“Emi, there’s a guy here for you,” Tommy came into the back room. “What do you want me to tell him?”
The boss smiled as she turned to face Tommy. “That must be your uncle. You better get on before he comes back here looking for you.”
Emi nodded as he grabbed a juice from the fridge. “I’ll see you tomorrow?” Emi wasn’t sure what his hours were at the moment, but hopefully he would still be working.
“Yes. You’ll be on breakfast shift. So get plenty of rest,” the boss wagged her finger along with the order.

Symphia smiled as she watched the young raven hair man get into the car. She wasn’t sure what kind it was, but she knew it was expensive just by the looks of it. He hadn’t yet realized that he had been turned into a deity, but his powers were beginning to manifest. She entered the café during the ice bucket incident. That just had to be Emi. She couldn’t think of anyone.
“So his ability is to freeze things…” Symphia hummed.
“There’s probably more to it than that?” Grey appeared beside her.
Symphia jumped back as she looked at the deity of death. He really made a bad habit of popping up out of nowhere.
“What are you doing here?”
“Stalking the target like you.”
“I’m not stalking him!” Symphia jumped up.
“Sure you’re not,” Grey crossed his arms, “You keep telling yourself that.” Grey snapped his fingers and turned to dust again. The dust floated away and Symphia was left there glaring at the specs of dust that flew away from her.
“Grrr.” She stomped her foot before walking away. Her shift at the hospital started in about half an hour.


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Emi the Deity Ch1

Emi the Deity
By Krissie Gault
Author's Note: This is a rewrite of the original story (which you've only seen tidbits of before) and so it's not going to be connected to the Mockery plot line anymore. I am going to posts the chapters here as I write them. Currently I'm planning on making a comic book version of this which will be made after the first book is created and will be published via Smashwords. So enjoy and let me know what you think.

Chapter 1:
The sun was shining bright that day. The koi in the koi fish pond swam about, bored with the dullness of the day. Nothing new or interesting was happening, so the koi were just bored. People walked by the koi pond, a few coming to look at the greyish colored fish.
Though there was someone who was super excited today. That someone was Emideus Cheshire Saint. Emi for short. Today was Emi’s first modeling gig and he was stoked for it. Grant it, the modeling gig was for a friend, but a gig was a gig. Emi beamed with pride as he held the umbrella above his head as he posed a small water fall in the koi pond. His long wavy black hair was loose and fell softly down his back. His blue eyes sparkled the color of pool water.
“You look great Emi!” Joe praised. Joe was the camera man. A 24 year old photographer who took photos of cosplayers for several cons. He was becoming quite popular for those photographs. Joe wore a green cap to block the sun with a grey t-shirt and a pair of cargo shorts.
Emi, being only 19 and fresh from high school, felt so honored to be photographed by Joe. Emi was wearing a Victorian style dress with frills. It was a dark burgundy color. He wore a nice pair of pointed boots of a similar color. Clip on dangle earrings added to the outfit. Emi spun around so the ruffles of the skirt would flare up slightly.
There were several clicks and flashes.
“Wow! I can’t believe you didn’t fall down doing that,” Joe complimented.
Emi merely chuckled. He had been cross dressing at every opportunity since he was a child. He had a good few years of experience now. He tucked a loose strand of hair behind his ear. “Are there any other poses you would like me to do?”
“Do you think you can give me a classy, elegant lady pose?” Joe mused as he set the camera stand up to get a steadier picture.
“I would be delighted.” Emi did a long sweeping curtsy. His legs crossed like a ballerina’s. Standing straight, Emi thought of every elegant woman he had ever seen. The umbrella propped on his shoulder, both hands holding onto the end right before the curve. He crossed one leg in front of the other softly. He turned his head to the opposite and pretended to look off into the distance with a dreaming expression.
“Beautiful!” Joe gasped as he adjusted his camera to get to get the best photo. Several flashes went off and Emi held still. Then Joe gasped, “What is that?” He pointed into the sky.
Emi turned to find a rock flying through the air. It just kept getting bigger and bigger. Than he realized that the rock was heading straight for him. He froze in fear and the rock hit him right in the eye.
Emi lost sight in that eye as he fell back. He saw Joe rushing towards him before turning black.

Earlier, in another space:
An elegant woman dressed in a fancy kimono. The layers of cloth engulfed her figure. Ribbons flowed freely around her. She wore a crown made of coral. Her large eyes stared out the balcony of her home.
“I don’t know have much time.” She sighed as she closed her eyes. She traced spirals on the railing of the balcony. “The new deity must awaken sooner than I expected.” She grabbed the pendant on her kimono. Clutching it tightly, she took several deep breathes. “Please stay safe little one.” Ripping the stone out of her pendant, she threw the stone over the balcony. “Awaken and know, I’m sorry.” Tears streamed down the woman’s face as the stone fell to the mortal realm.

Emi awoke in a hospital bed. His head was aching. He was relieved that he could see through both eyes, but he wish his head didn’t hurt so much. He shifted to his side only to be shocked at seeing an IV stuck into his wrist. His body felt weak, most likely due to the headache, so he just stared at the IV for a moment.
“How am I supposed to sleep comfortably with this thing in my arm?” Emi murmured.
“Good afternoon Saint,” A female voice greeted him.
Emi looked up to see a curvy Indian woman with her black hair tied back into a ponytail. She was staring down at the bored in her hand as she walked to the beeping machine that was connected to Emi.
Emi glared at the device. That device is probably why I have a splitting headache.
“Your heart seems to be quicker than normal.” She turned to face Emi. Her eyes then widened. “You’re awake!”
Emi nodded slowly. “How long have I been here?”
The nurse smiled at him. “Let me call the doctor first.” Opened the door to the hallway and leaned out. “Hey, tell Dr. Jones that patient Saint has just woke up. And bring the poor thing some food.”
Emi heard a muffled reply of a few nurses before the door clicked shut and the nurse came back to stand by his bedside. A warm smile was on her face, “I’m Symphia. How are you feeling, Mr. Saint?”
“My head hurts. A bad headache.” Emi answered. “How long have I been here?”
She only smiled, “Can you tell me what the last thing you remember was Mr. Saint?”
“I remember something hitting me in the eye.” Emi answered. “I think it was a rock or something. Was it so bad that Joe brought me to the hospital?”
“I see,” she murmured as she scribbled a note down on the board. “Well you see Mr. Saint, you’ve been here for about 2 months. Since you were breathing on your own, we didn’t put you on a breathing machine. We’ve been feeding you through a tube. So try not to move around too much until we can remove it.”
“Two months?!” Emi sat up and then regretted it. He clutched his head in pain.
Symphia helped lay him back down again. “Don’t worry, you’re going to be fine.”
“What hit me?” Emi’s voice sounded half awake.
“We’re not entirely sure. All we know is that an explosion happened at the koi pond that day. We’re not sure about who set the bomb off or why. But don’t worry, you’re going to be fine.”
“Bomb?” Emi chocked. His heart beat skyrocketed. “Where’s Joe? Is he okay? He was with me.”
Symphia smiled as she patted his head. “Don’t worry. Everything’s okay. Joe has recovered. He’s actually come by to visit you. I think he said he would be visiting today last time he came by.”
Emi sighed with relief. His heart slowing down to a normal pace.
“Now you take a rest while I go get you an aspirin.” Symphia ran her fingers through Emi’s hair for a moment. He soon dozed off to sleep. She smiled as she walked out of the room.
The hall was busy with bustling nurses and doctors. Some walking with patients in tow. Symphia glided throw the crowd. Her brown eyes rested on a small janitor’s closet. She opened the door and side stepped inside without anyone noticing.
“Come on out, you little creep.” Symphia growled.
“Creep? Is that the best you can do?” Particles of dust shifted off of the objects into one pile on the floor in front of Symphia. The space was small and cramped and it only became more cramped as Grey appeared. His grey eyes were piercing color and made him look blind. His short, neatly cut hair was a dark grey. His clothes were a neatly pressed. A white button up shirt tucked into a pair of black slacks. His always freshly polished shoes were black. “You used to be so much better with nicknames,” he glanced at his nails, “Are you losing your edge Symphia? Or has being a love deity made you soft?”
“What’s a death deity like you hanging around a hospital for?” Symphia spat.
Grey smirked as he stood straight. “Lots of people die in a hospital. It’s the perfect place for me to work isn’t it?”
Symphia growled. “I’d hardly call stalking around a comatose boy’s room working.”
Grey laughed. “19 is hardly a boy, Symphia. Especially given the job that’s now fallen into his lap since you wouldn’t let me take him.”
“He was breathing on his own. You know very well you can’t take a living soul to the afterlife.” Symphia pressed a finger onto his chest.
Grey looked down at the finger and then shifted his eyes to Symphia’s brown ones. He could see the fire in her eyes. Symphia valued life and enjoyed protecting them. It made his job harder. “And what do you suspect we do when his powers manifest?”
Symphia took a step back. “He was chosen to be a deity by a god. I’m sure he’ll be just fine.”
“Ha! More like he’s going to get in a bunch of trouble.” Grey rolled his eyes. He propped a hand on his hip. “Just you watch, he’ll wind up in the afterlife because of those powers. It could be a demon, a lesser god, or even a human. And when that happens, I’ll take his soul. Young deities like him never last long these days.”
“You don’t know that. He’ll become a deity. I can feel it.” Symphia smiled.
Grey rolled his eyes. “Wanna bet on that?” Grey did love a good bet.
“Depends. What’s the wager?” Symphia tilted her head. Symphia enjoyed a good bet too.
“If he can become a full fledge deity, I’ll be your personal chef for a whole year. If he dies before then, you become my personal chef for a whole year.” Grey smiled. They were both good cooks, so the trade seemed fair to him.
“I like this bet. It’s a fair trade too.” Symphia thought it over. “You’ve got a deal.” They shook hands. “I’m looking forward to you making me sundaes every day.”
Grey laughed. “Just hope he doesn’t die before then.”
Symphia opened the door and exited, going about the day as if nothing had happened. None of the nurses notice. Grey simply disappeared in the dust again.

Emi was glad that his headache was now gone. He sat up in his bed looking around. The doctor told him that he would be able to go home in about another day after some more observations. Emi nibbled at the food Symphia brought him.
“You’re awake!” Joe cheered as he came in behind the nurse.
Emi smiled. “Yeah. I was told there was an explosion?”
“Yeah. It was crazy!” Joe stated as he sat in the chair by the bed. “I got knocked off my ass.”
“You’re camera wasn’t damaged was it?” Emi’s eyebrow rose as he saw the camera hanging from Joe’s neck.
“Yeah, amazing huh?” Joe smiled as he held up the camera. “I just got done with some elementary school pictures. I’m getting paid a good bit for it.”
“That’s cool!” Emi gave a thumbs up.
“I brought the pictures from that day with me. Do you want to see them?”
Emi opened his mouth to speak, only to have the door slam open. He looked up to see his uncle Carmike standing there. His salt and pepper hair was a mess. He smiled the moment his eyes rested on Emi.
“You’re alive!” A tear came to his eyes as he wrapped Emi up into a bear hug.
“When did you get here?” Emi squeaked.
“He was the only family contact we could find for you,” Joe whispered, giving a look of sympathy.
“Who’s we?” Emi arched an eyebrow at the cameraman.
“Everyone at the café,” Joe scratched his cheek with his finger. “I can’t believe you’ve been working there for two years and not even the boss has met your parents. But the boss remembered meeting your uncle once and she had his number so she gave him a call.”
“Ah, I was so disappointed that she didn’t want to go out for that coffee.” Carmike sighed.
“You hit on my boss?” Emi cringed.
“What? Can you blame me? That lady is a looker. Who wouldn’t want to get with a woman like her?”
Emi groaned as he fell back into his bed. “I love you Uncle Carmike.” It was all he could think to say.

Emi stared out the window of the car. Carmike owned a nice hybrid car. He had saved money for years just so he could have one. It was a green car. Emi was never sure why Carmike decided to get a green car, but he was sure the car magnetic on the bumper advertising a marijuana business was a good clue.
“Is your business doing well?” Emi asked softly. He wasn’t sure if Carmike would hear him over the Johnny Horton.
Carmike turned the radio down to a soft whisper. “Yep! It’s booming! I was even able to get this shiny new car.” He laughed as he pulled into the driveway. Emi’s home was a simple place. A two story apartment with a small flower garden out front.
Emi smiled at the still alive little flowers.
“I watered them for you.” Carmike stated as he opened the door.
“How’d you get the key to my apartment?” Emi paused as he stared at his uncle, who stood in the doorway like a deer in the headlights.
“The nurse gave me your belongings,” he answered after a long pause. “I wasn’t given your clothes though. Apparently they had to cut them off of you.”
Emi sighed, “Oh well.”
He’s two floor apartment was quite nice. The first room you entered was the living room. To the right when you came in was the kitchen. To the left was the stair case and a small bedroom that Emi used as a storage room. A small bathroom was under the stair case. Up that stair case was Emi’s bedroom, a large bathroom and the laundry room. Emi really liked his apartment. It was a real nice one too.
He paused as he stared at the tall suit case leaning against his couch. A soft smile spread across his face as he noticed the papers on the coffee table. They were to do lists in Carmike’s handwriting.
·         Water the plants.
·         Sweep and mope
·         Change car oil
·         Visting hours are 12p to 5
Emi gingerly picked up the paper. He found it funny how Carmike would often misspell certain words if he was in a rush.
“Thanks for taking care of my place while I was in the hospital,” Emi placed the paper back on the table.
“It’s no biggie.” Carmike shrugged. “Though I was surprised that you didn’t have a pet when I got here.”
“What makes you think I would have a pet?” Emi asked as he sat down on the couch. He didn’t feel like going to bed. It was the first time he had been home in two months. The thought was surreal to him. But at least he wasn’t gone for years.
“You always wanted a pet when you were little. I think for a while you had trouble deciding if you wanted a cat or a turtle.” Carmike smiled at the old memories. He sat down beside his nephew and ruffled his hair. “You’ve grown up so quick. You used to be so tiny.”
Emi laughed as Carmike held his hand out at the height he was when he was a toddler. “I remember you used to look like a giant to me.”
“Your mum must have been the tallest giant then.” Carmike had a far off look in his eyes.
Emi smiled bitterly. His mother was a touchy subject for him. “She was really tall, but normally she would kneel down to talk to me or pick me up.”
“Yeah that sounds like Isabell.” Carmike nodded. “You’re her pride and joy, you know that?”
“Yeah.” Emi brought his knees to his chest. His eyes falling on his mother’s picture hanging on the wall. Isabella Saint. His mother. She had pale blue eyes and long wavy black hair. Her smile lite up the house with a warm glow that made everyone feel welcomed. She was the center of Emi’s world. At least until she went missing.
Emi sighed as he uncurled himself. He didn’t want to think about the past. “I’m hungry. What’s in the fridge?”
Carmike laughed. “Not much.” He groaned as he stretched. “Are you wanting to cook? I’m thinking going out to eat would be good. Yeah, a nice outing since you’re finally out of the hospital.”
Emi smiled as he watched his uncle ramble on.

Chapter 2