Saturday, August 19, 2017

Blind Date Ch3

KRISSIE: now we begin chapter 3.
Rouge walked into work and stopped by Thomas' desk. "So how was your night?"
"It was great. That barista really knew how to move her hips!" Thomas beamed.
"So that's why you stood up Amy?" Rouge arched a brow at the cat.
"She doesn't sound like the kind to put out," Thomas shrugged. "I told Shadow to have you call Derek. Derek is good at teaching clueless girls how to kiss."
Rouge arched an eyebrow at Thomas. "You didn't send Shadow to take your place for a socialization exercise?"
Thomas paused as he looked at the bat. "No." He stood up and began scanning the office for the hedgehog. "Shadow still can't hang out with people right, let alone date. Did he take her on a date?"
Rouge nodded, "He said you told him to do it as a socialization exercise and he agreed so you would shut up about it for a while."
"I never said that," the two made their way around the office. They finally found the famous hedgehog in the shooting ranch practicing his aim.
"How upset was she after having to go on a date with Mr. Emo?" Thomas  mused as he jabbed his thumb at Shadow.
"She came back home giggling," Rouge proudly stated. "Shadow was a gentleman."
Thomas arched a brow. "Ok. How hot was this girl that Shadow lied to replace me and how is he able to make a girl giggle?"
Rouge glared at the first part. "1. Amy was stunning last night. She's a natural beauty anyway." Rouge shrugged. "And 2. Shadow and Amy have always gotten along."
Thomas shook his head. Then an idea occured to him. He might as well tease Shadow. There was a small pocket of silence as thw soldiers reloaded the guns for the next practice round.
"Hey Shadow, how did your date go last night?" Thomas asked in a yell into the range.
Everyone froze as they turned to look at Shadow. The word date and Shadow didn't sound right. So they wondered if the hedgehog had killed someone last night and if he was taking out left over blood lust on the target.
Shadow stayed silent as he thought about his reponse. Should he put Thomas through the ringer now? Nah, there were mainly male agents around right now. It would be best to do it in front of the female agents who would continue putting him through the ringer for a little while longer.
Shadow looked up at Thomas. "It went well," he called back at the same volume Thomas called put in. "We have a 2nd date scheduled for tomorrow. So try not to mess anything up so bad that I have to spend my weekend here fixing it." He turned back to the target and aimed his gun and began firing at the targets
Thomas nodded. "Good luck then!" He turned on his heel and left with Rouge closely behind him.
Shadow didn't mind that people were whispering about him behind his back. He was used to that. It was a constant. But he was suddenly aware that the discussion around him was different. Instead of being about how dangerous he was and if he was suddenly going to turn on everyone amd take over the world or feed them to the black arms, the topics were different.  In a way Shadow wasn't sure how to feel about it.
Shadow has a date? For real?
With who? Is it a girl or a guy? What? no one knows what he likes you know. He could be into guys for all we know.
Nah, I heard it's a chick.
Is she all doom and gloom like him? Does she work in the military?
We would know who it was if she did.
I doubt Shadow actually likes her. He's probably going on a few dates so he can fuck her and leave.
Who knew Shadow needed to get his rocks off too? I always kind of thought Gereald made him sterile so he wouldn't have those urges. A better way to get him to stay focused, you know.
I just hope this girl isn't expecting more then a quick fuck from him.
Well, if he does get his rocks off, maybe he'll come into work with a bettet mood.
Yeah, and maybe he'll smile.
Please he could fuck all day and night and not smile once. Look at him.
Shadow rolled his eyes as he finished up his paperwork. Why was everyone so insterested in his sex life all of a sudden? Normally when it came to things like that it was rumors about Rouge which were mostly false. And then a stray rumor about other co-workers. Shadow was sure most of those were false too.
The commander walked into the office and everyone suddenly hushed and busied themselves with work. He walked up to Shadow and Shadow naturally saluted out og habit. The commander waved his hand indicating he needent bother.
"Miss Amy Rose just came by," the commander stated with a neutral expeession. "She wanted to make sure you didn't have work tomorrow. From my understanding, you two have an outing planned?"
Shadow nodded, "Yes. We do have plans tomorrow. Is there anything I need to do tomorrow for GUN sir?"
The commander shook his head. "Just finish your paperwork and you're free to go. Also, if it's not too much trouble why don't you walk Miss Rose home. It's rather dark and from my understanding she gets lost easily."
Shadow smiled as he nodded. "Of course commander."
The commander nodded as he left to go handle other commander like things.
Shadow busied himself with the paperwork. He knew Rose wouldn't want to stay in the guest waiting area for long. He was sure she would be somewhere else in the building by the time he finished the paperwork.
The murmur of rumors slowly started up again. Shadow didn't comment on them, but he wish they would leave Rose out of it.
His date is with Amy Rose?
Isn't that the girl with the hammer? The Sonic fan girl?
Well she did grow out of that. But isn't she a bit... too young for Shadow?
She is grown. Maybe Shadow just likes younger girls. It's their personalities I'm worried about. They're total opposites!
But isn't the saying opposites attract?
Yeah that may be true, but I don't think it'll work for them. If anything they'll have a bad break up and Amy is such a fierce person she'll try to get Shadow with her hammer and he'll beat her with it for it.
Shadow clenched his teeth. There had been several instances were Rose had aimed her hammer and he had taken it and hit her with it. He felt slightly bad for it, but for the mission objective, he didn't have time to fight her.
You'll never know though, maybe dating Amy will make Shadow nicer.
Ha! The day he smiles and it's not a smirk about I'm better then you, then I'll wear a kilt and do a dance in the middle of Station Squares train station!
Shadow bit his tongue. The thought of seeing his coworker in a kilt dancing was very amusing. He recongized the deep voice too. He was sure it Steve. The large heavy set human was a good guy. He was often called a teddy bear. Shadow respected his hand to hand combat and hunting skills.
Shadow took a deep breath as he finished the last of the paperwork and filed it away. He needed to leave before he burst into laughter and everyone would think he finally snapped and was about to go on a murderous rampage. He didn't want to explain that he was eavesdropping on office gossip like some school girl.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Fanfic random ShadAmy

Shadow frowned at the wall as he strummed his fingers on the table. "Where are you Rose?" Came the question he had repeated a few times now.
"Uh..." the voice seemed to struggle to answer. "I really don't want you two to fight."
"I will not start a fight, but I will handle this so you're not feeling awkward. Where are you?"
Amy sighed as she rattled off the name of the shopping center.
Shadow chaos controlled and was there in a flash. He ran along the roofs until he spotted the familiar pink. He frowned at Sonic who seemed to be pestering her. He noticed a few others standing around.
He jumped down amd began walking towards them. "Rose!" Shadow called as he walked up to them.
Amy beamed a huge smile, relieved that she didn't have to reject Sonic on her own. "Hi Shadow!" She ran up to hug him. "How was work?"
Shadow nodded, "It was good." He turned his attention to the freedom fighters he could see. Sonic, Sally, Antoine, and Bunnie. He was almost surprised that Tails wasn't there. Sonic seemed completely shocked to see Amy huge the ebony hedgehog.  The others just seemed slightly confused.
Shadow was surprised. It had been a few years since Amy had moved to Mercia and slowly had bare minimal contact with them. They saw Shadow whenever they had to work with GUN. "What is going on?" Shadow asked with his usual monotone.
"Eggman has some new bot running around," Sonic stated.
"Since it is close to Mercia, we thought we would invite Amy to join us." Sally stated.
"Just like old times," Sonic smiled.
"That can not be done at this time. Rose has an appointment today." Shadow stated firmly.
"Amy told us that," Bunnie nodded.
"But we could really use her help," Antoine stated, "And a simple check up can be rescheduled."
Shadow shook his head, "No."
"Why not?" Sonic crossed his arms and glared at Shadow. "You're not the boss around here Shadow."
"That is true, but sending a woman with child onto the battlefield is out of the question." Shadow crossed his arms as he glared at the blue blur.
Amy turned red as she avoided eye contact.
"With child?" Sonic tilted his head as the news slowly processed.
The news quickly dawned on the other. Antoine smiled as he patted the pink hedgehog on the shoulder. "Congratulations ma ami," his voice was full of warmth.
"Why didn't you just tell us that from the beginning?" Sally asked.
"More like, why didn't you call with the news, suga?" Bunnie pulled Amy into a hug.
Amy gave a shy smile. "I'm not that far along, so I was waiting a bit."
"Well, we should throw you a party when we get back," Sally suggested.
"Does a baby shower sound alright to you Amy?" Antoine asked, "I can make some macarons for you. Or anything you want."
Amy smiled. She liked tha idea.
"Wait. Wait, wait, wait." Sonic waved his hand in the air as he held his head with the other one. "You're pregnant?"
Amy nodded.
"You're going to have a baby?" Sonic struggled to accept the news.
Amy nodded.
"Did I miss the invite to your wedding?" Sonic waved his hands around.
Amy shook her head. "No, I'm not married."
"Then who's the dad? Is he going to help you with the kid? Cause if not, I need to met the punk to talk to him."
Amy sucked in her bottom lip as she glanced up at Shadow.
Shadow seemed amused by Sonic. "I haven't been called a punk in years. Why don't we discuss your concerns on our way to handle Eggman. Rose, do you need me to take you to the doctor?" Shadow turned to Amy as Sonic's jaw laid on the floor.
Amy shook her head. "You guys go and stop Egghead. I'll see you later." Amy gave a soft bow before leaving the group.

Friday, June 30, 2017


I am just sitting still
So muxh to do.
So little time.
I have plans
I have visions
I'm just in pain
Zapped of everything.
I have nothing to distract
But no energy is here
Depression is a scary thing
I'm frightened and struggling.
Just a step
One tiny step
I want to succeed
I want to fly.
Make a vision come alive

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Deutsch Notes

I began recording myself going over my old German notes from high school in 2010. So here are the first two video sets of notes.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Update about Art Institute of Atlanta

I was informed by a relative who knows about legal stuff to write a letter to the Art Institue of Atlanta about all the grievances that I've had with the school and teachers assoicated. I was told to write of every instance and explain how I did not receive the education I had signed the loans for and how I would refuse to pay them for the lack of education and quality they provided. I was informed to send it certified mail to them so that they would have to sign for it and to send a copy to my relative and a legal team. I was informed to send it before the school becomes non-profit durning the summer quarter.
I am slowly working on the letter because I don't want to miss anything and I will also include tales from fellow classmates that I have heard. Because a lot is wrong with this school, I don't want to be queit about it anymore.
If any of you have had similar experiences, I encourage you to also write a letter and send it certified mail as well.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Random scene

Hershey the Cat stood outside of Amy's hunt. She held a bowl of soup in her hands. She stared at the door contemplating if she should just ding dong ditch the food on the stoop or greet the young girl inside.
"Is she still refusing to see anyone?" Sonia asked.
Hershey jumped a little as she turned to see the magenta hedgehog.
"I'm not sure what to say when she amswers the door," the cat admitted.
"True." Sonia nodded. "Who would have thought Amy would react like that just by being asked to sing happy birthday."
"We were all sure if sugahog asked, she would do it," Bunnie as she walked up with another tray of food. "Is she not coming to the door?"
"Haven't knocked." Hershey replied with an embarrassed expression. The three girls stood around the porch. Amy Rose had run off crying after Sonic tried to get her to sing happy birthday to Rotor with him. None of them had expected her stage fright to be so bad.
"Maybe I should have brought ice cream..." Hershey mused.
"It would have melted by now," Sonia stated.
"Shouldn't one of us knock?" Bunnie asked.
"You were here first Hershey." Sonia waved a hand.
"Bunnie suggested it!" Hershey whined. "And you're not carrying anything, why don't you knock?"
"Are you three forming a cult on people's front lawns?" A voice cut through their hush whispers. The girls jerked back to see Geoffrey St. John staring at them.
"What are you doing here suga?" Bunnie asked.
"Walking." Geoffrey stated. "What's with the cultish behavior?"
"We're not in a cult," Hershey denied loudly.
Geoffrey arched an eyebrow. "Uh-huh. Are you trying to get Amy to join?"
"No," Hershey shook her head.
"Amy is upset and we're not sure how to cheer her up." Sonia answered. "They both brought food for her too."
"Is Amy not amswering the door?" Concern was evident of his face.
"We haven't knocked yet." Herhsey replied as she looked down.
"Well cold food isn't very good," Geoffrey stated as he walked past them to the door, "It's best to eat it warm and fresh." He knocked on the door loudly.
"Geoffrey!" Hershey hissed. "None of us know what to say to make her feel better yet. What if what we say something that makes her feel worse?"
"That's ridiculous. At the very least she'll be happy you tried." Geoffrey shot back.
"You just don't get it." Hershey shook her head. The two began a smal bickering war.
The door opened and she looked at them confused. She looked at Geoffrey and Herhsey bickering and then glanced at Bunnie and Sonia. She took note of the food in Herhsey's and Bunnie's hands. She took a deep breath. Bunnie smiled as Sonia gave a wave.
"What's going on?" Amy finally voiced.
"Oh hi Amy!" Hershey gave a nervous laugh. "I brought you some food."
"I see. Bunnie too." Amy nodded. "Why are you here?"
"We wanted to make you feel better about what happened earlier, suga." Bunnie stated.
"And you brought him because?" Amy pointed at Geoffrey.
"I was out for a walk when i saw them forming a cult on your stoop. You haven't joined a cult have you?" Geoffrey asked as he slowered himself to look her in the eye.
"No. I haven't joined a cult." Amy smiled. "Or at least not a new one ypu don't know about."
Geoffrey burst into a laughter. "That's my girl." He reached out to ruffle her hair.
"Dad, we talked about the hair ruffles." Amy pouted as she moved her head out of his way.
Geoffrey frowned. "Very well then.  I'll be on my way. Make sure you eat the food before it gets cold." With that he turned and walked away. "Oh remember to call your mom tonight."
"I will."

Monday, May 29, 2017

Random scene

"We have almost everyone here!" Sonia cheered.
"Yeah, but Merica is still hard to navigate," Sonic frowned at the map. "Do you guys have any clue where they might be?" He looked at all the people in the room.
His mom hummed as she strummed her fingers on the table. Her magenta quills were more purple then his sister's as the lay on her shoulder. His father thought by tapping his finger on his chin. Max could only shrug. The commander said nothing which everyone took as no.
"We're only missing one person for the council of four," Manic frowned, "And no one has a clue where the royal family of Merica is?"
"Well," Aleena looked up at Alexis, "The last time I saw the queen of Merica was with you right?"
"Yes. She was very upset and argueing with Abe. He wasn't commander then, but just a soldier." Alexis nodded. "What exactly where you arguing about? She said you'll see she was right."
The commander crossed his arms as he glared at the two woman. He was being ganged up on and he didn't like it. "It doesn't matter. It was years ago, but of you must know, she wanted to take Shadow with her to her country.  I greatly opposed it. I opposed it several times."
"Why would she want to take Shadow?" Sonic perked up. Shadow was still newly redeemed after the whole ark incident and he could tell none of the humans liked him much. The commander seemed especially so with how he constantly kept watched over him.
"She claimed to have a vision. Frankly, I don't much care for such things." The commander stated. "But I refused to allow her to take Shadow every time she came to try to get him."
"She came more then once?" Jules mused.
"Yes. With her brother too." The commander nodded.
"Brother? " Manic asked.
"Merica was ruled by the queen and king, but they were siblings. The king was married. So technically there were two queens. The king had one son. The queen wasn't known to be married at the time Eggman made his coup." Sonia explained.
Manic nodded as he kind of understood.
"Just out of curiosity, what was the prophecy she made about Shadow?" Jules asked with a slight smile.
"It was ridiculous would be nothing of help here." The commander stated.
"Did what she say come true?" Max asked as he loomed at him. A smile forming as his face as he watch the commander clench his fist. He arched an eyebrow as ge waited.
The commander looked away. He hated this. "There were several. So far, two or three has come true." He grumbled like a child admitting defeat.
Max smiled, "Of course. She was rarely wrong."
"Some of her prophecy were worded in fun poems and riddles too." Alexis smiled foundly.
"Like the time she came to me out of the blue and apologized for the Merican flower that would bug my son for a few years. That poem was funny." Aleena beamed.
"You had just found out you were pregnant too. We hadn't announced it yet and yet here she came with that silly poem." Jules shook his head at that memory. "But amazingly that one hasn't come true."
"Not yet at least," Aleena smiled. "So Sonic will soon have to deal with two girls chasing him."
"How are you sure it's not me?" Manic pouted.
"She specially said blue in the riddle. You're green." Jules stated. "She gave a few about you though. One being you have sticky fingers."
Manic frowned slightly. "Why does Sonic get all the girls..." then a thought struck him. "Did she say anything else about this Mercian flower?"
"She told us once that if we couldn't find her that the flower would be the compus to find her." Alexis stated. "Why?"
Manic smiled. "We've had a compus the whole time then." He hopped up and walked to the door.
"What are you talking about?" Aleena got up to follow her son.
"Amy's last name is Rose," Manic beamed at this knowledge.
"And?" Jules stretched in his chair.
"Amy is from Mercia." Sonia stated as she hopped up. "So if the queen of Merica gave always correcy prophecies that means Amy is the key to finding her."
THEY found Amy playing a violin with Shadow. He was very good at it. It was one of the many instruments Maria had asked him to play for her. He found it nice that Amy wanted to practice with him. She hummed along with the song as she played the notes.
"There you are!" Manic came into the room with a bright smile.
Shadow glared as he stopped playing and put down the instrument instantly.
Amy frowned at Shadow's reluctance to play in front of others. But she couldn't talk. She refused to sing in front of others. She evem refused to sing happy birthday in front of them, even when Sonic asked her too. She turned back to Manic. "Did you get bored with the meeting?"
"Nah Dudette," Manic waved a hand. "Do you by any chance know the queen of Mercia?"
Amy tilted her head. "No. Why?"
"Apparently she was known for giving pretty accurate prophecies," Manic stated, "She once told everyone that if they needed to find her a girl like a flower would be the compus to lead to her."
"So just because I'm from Merica doesn't make me the flower." Amy shot back.
"But your last name is Rose." Shadow stated. "And don't you believe in fortune telling amd prophecies and all that magical nonsense."
"It's not nonsense Shadow," Amy pouted, "But I'm not the only Merican girl with a flower for a name. It could be any of those."
Manic nodded. "But you're the only one we know right now. So care to give us hand?"
"How do ypu expect me to give you a hand?" Amy crossed her ankles amd sat up straight.
"I... don't really know." Manic admitted. "So how about, where would you like to go?  Any places you would like to see or visit?"
Amy tilted her head.
"Are you thinking that if we go to tjose places we might run into the queen that way?" Sonia mused.
"Why not have Amy use her cards to get an idea of where she is?" Sally suggested as she walked into the room. She loomed at Amy.  "You told me once that your cards help you find Sonic. Is it wrong to assume you can't use them to find the queen of Merica?"
Amy chewed on her bottom lip. "I might be able too..." she muttered in defeat. "But I can't get grauntee anything."
"Would you mind trying?" Sonic beamed a huge smile at her.
Shadow glared at the blue blur.
Amy smiled back as she fiddled with her hands before a frowned appeared. "I'm not sure..."
"Aw... come on," Sonic looked at her with hopeful eyes.
Amy could only open and close her mouth as she tried to find the words to say. She didn't really want to find the queen of Mercia.
"Ames?" Sonic called his nickname for her hoping for a response. What he got was Shadow standing between them.
The black hedgehog glared down at Sonic. He didn't have much of a height advantage, but he knew how to look bigger.
Sonic glared back.
"You're making Rose uncomfortable with your prodding." Shadow growled. He stressed Rose as he stared at Sonic. "Rose is obviously unwilling to do this. If you need hep finding the Merican royal family, go ask that oracle. Leave Rose alone." He glared at everyone in the room.
The adults stared back with confused faces at him while the ones his age nodded slowly and stepped back. Sonic just glared at him.
He turned his attention to Amy. "You haven't eaten since you've been here. Let's visit the kitchen." He held his hand out for her.
Amy gave a soft smile as she took it and allowed Shadow to escort her to the kitchen.
Shadow tsked as he heard the adults gather to whisper amongst themselves. He knew they were talking about him. That's all anyone seemed to do once he left the room. It was irritating.
"Shadow," the commander knocked on the dolr frame as he entered the kitchen.
Shadow saluted. "Commander," he then turned back to the fridge. Amy was sitting silently at a bench table as shadow looked through all the food in the base's kitchen.
The commander walked in and opened the freezer he looked inside. He nodded. "Shadow, have you heard of comfort food yet?"
Shadow looked confused for a moment. "I haven't."
The commander nodded at this response. He stood close to the black hedgehog as he whispered. "Girls like comfort food when they're upset. Offer her ice cream or chocolate." He stood up straight and began making a cupbof tea.
Shadow could only stand still for a few moments before he went to look into the freezer where the ice cream was store. "Rose, would you like some ice cream?" He asked as he looked at her.
Amy looked up and seemed to smile. "That actually sounds rather nice. What flavors are there?"
Shadow looked back at the ice cream in the freezer. Ice cream came in different flavors? That was something new to him.

Saturday, May 27, 2017


You haven't realized that I'm standing close to an edge
A bloody edge, where if nudged a step more to the side
Existence will cease
Breath in this body is possible with struggle
Where did all the air go?
I'm afraid
Wishing there was enough air to scream
All there is is silence
A throat which feels tight from constrictions
Can not make a sound
Trembling in this form
A paper hits paper and it finally stops
A final goodbye
Scribbled for hours
Not sure where to place it
Just put it anywhere it'll be found
Try to get enough air for the final act
Scooch closer to the edge
The bloody edge
A little more and you're there
A little more and I'm there.
Closing my eyes
I don't wanna look down
A call cries out.
Not mine.
Take a step back
Opening the phone to see your name
A bitter sweet smile grace my lips
What kind of physic are

Thursday, May 18, 2017

R.o.S. ch9 part1

Krissie: now we start on the dinner at Myriam's house.
Jadeite bowed as he greeted Amelia at the front door. She smiled back as she hugged him and Masato close.
"It's so good to see you two!" Amelia planted a kiss on Masato's cheek. Amelia had to stand on her tip toes to do it, but she managed. "I have so much to talk to you two about."
"We can talk as we perpare dinner," Myriam smiled.
"We also brought you a gift," Jadeite handed her a small box.
"Plus myself," Masato pointed to the christmas bow in his hair.
"And it's my favorite color too." She sang as they entered the house.
Once inside, Myraim and Jadeite set to work on dinner. Myriam didn't like the idea of making her guest cook.
"So what all happened with the dark agency? I know from last night they kidnapped you and the sailor scouts saved you. But what else?" Amelia pryed.
Masato and Jadeite sighed.
"It's complicated," Jadeite stated.
"Well say it as basically as yoy can," Myriam waved a hand.
"The Dark Agency was run by Metallia. An evil being." Masato began.
"Alien, basically." Jadeite shrugged.
"She brainwashed us in order to do her dirty work for her under the order of Beryl, another puppet of hers. We also went by different names." Masato finished explaining.
"That does sound serious," Amelia nodded. "But the Dark Agency seem to disappear 3 years ago. So where have you guys been?"
"What names were you called?" Myriam asked with a concern look in her eyes.
Masato took a deep breath. "I was called Nephrite. Jadeite was still called Jadeite. Izono and Shin were called Zoisite and Kunzite. And the last three years..." he loomed at Jadeite, "I really don't want to say."
"Was Endymian there?" Myriam asked with a blank face.
Masato and Jadeite looked at Myriam with wide eyes.
"You were a baby at the time," she looked Jadeite, "But you told me about a few passed lives you had. You mentioned Endymian a few times. You even named your teddy bear that. I thought it was because of all the minerals I have around the house, but mentioned things in such a way." She smiled breifly. "I just knew you remembering your past lives. I guess you don't remember telling me all of that because you were so young. But do you remember all of that one now?" She patted her son's cheek.
"I remember most of it." Jadeite admitted, "Though I don't remember recalling it as a kid. Or telling you."
Myriam smiled. "So was Enymian there?"
"Actually," Jadeite busied himself with perparing dinner. "We've been with Emdymian for the pass three years... as rocks." He avoided all eye contact.
"What does he mean as rocks?" Amelia stared Masato down.
Masato cringed, "We lost our physical bodies and became rocks."
Amelia arched an eyebrow at him as she gestured to his body.
"Serenity and Emdymian found a way to give us bodies." Jadeite stated.
"The moon princess?" Myriam tilted her head. "She was reincarnated too?"
"Yes," Jadeite nodded with a small smile.
"You complained she once ate a cake you were saving by accident," Myriam mused.
Jadeite chuckled, "She loves to eat in this life too."
"Are Endy and Serenity planning to get married in this life too?" Myriam hummed.
"Yes. Though they have different names now," Masato chimed in.
"Well at least you're back home. And not as rock," Amelia laughed, "I have no clue how to take care of a pet rock."
"You couldn't take care of a fish Aunt Amelia," Masato shook his head.
"And yet you asked me to take care of at least 4 pet fish for you while you went on trips." She laughed. "I wish you had learned after the first one not to leave your pets with me."
"Well I don't have any pets right now. And it'll be a while before I can get one." Masato laughed.
The door bell rang. Amelia got up with a quick, "I'll get it."
She opened the door with a soft hello before screaming. "Myriam what engagement service did you sign your son up for?"
Jadeite and Masato arched an eyebrow as they look at Myriam. Myriam went to the door with the two men watching from the the end of the hall.
"Oh that's Rei-chan. She's here for dinner." Myriam stated.
"Like an interview before the marriage?" Amelia questioned.
"No. She's not here to be married." Myriam assured the woman.
Amelia nodded as she stepped away. "Jadeite you don't have to run away and change your name," she said with a smile.
Jadeite nodded. "Whoo. That was a close one." He mocked wipping his brow.
"You're awful." Myriam pinched his cheeks as she walked back to the kitchen. "Dinner is quite yet done, but feel free to sit at the table and chat."
Rei nodded with a soft thank you. She wore a nice red blouse and a black skirt that went a little pass her knees. She even wore light make up for the occasion.
Jadeite thought she looked very attractive as he walked back into the kitchen to finish dinner with his mom. He grabbed a can of red pepper and handed it to Rei after she was seated.
Rei arched an eyebrow at the can.
"If Thomas tries anything stupid throw that in his face." Jadeite stated as he pointed to the can.

Sunday, May 14, 2017


The chipmunk stared at the child wrapped in several layers of clothes. She could tell it was a child, but she could barely see their eyes through the vail.
"Who is this?" Sally asked as she gestured to the child. It was burning up in the kitchen and yet this child was dressed in so many layers. How was she not dead from heat exhaustion?
Geoffrey gave a nervous smile as he stepped in between the two. "A child obviously," he responded.
"What's your name kiddo?" Manic smiled as he walked up to the child. "I'm Manic."
Geoffrey glared at the green hedgehog. He didn't like people being too close to the kid, especially when he didn't know them personally yet.
The child looked at Geoffrey and saw his glare at Manic. They turned around and grabbed a cookie from the plate. They handed it to Manic shyly before taking a step back.
Manic smiled at it. "Thanks. I love sweets. Is your name cookie?"
They shook their head.
Geoffrey kept a close watch on the two.
"Geoffrey?" Sally called becoming alarmed by his odd behavior. "Who is this child?"
"Just a child. Nothing for you to be concerned about." Geoffrey answered without looking away. Manic was guessing at the kid's name at random. He was now mixing a bowl of cookie dough with the child's mute instructions.
"It sure doesn't look that way," Sally crossed her arms. Sonic smirked as he walked up the child and picked them up.
"Hey I'm Sonic." Sonic beamed. "What's your name?"
Geoffrey seemed to snap and his pulled his crossbow and took aim. "Put her down or I'll put an arrow through your hand!" Geoffrey bellowed.
"Dude!" Manic held his hands up in the air.
"What's up with you Geoff?" Sonic's eyes widened.
"You heard me," Geoffrey growled. "Or would you prefer an arrow through the knee?"
"What's going on in here?" Tails walked in rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He paused as he took in the scene. He sighed as he walked up to his adoptive brothers. He looked at them, shook his head before walking up to to Geoffrey.
"Hi Geoffrey," he greeted, "Have you seen dad, mom, or uncle?"
"No I haven't," Geoffrey kept his eyes locked on Sonic.
"Would you be so kind as to not aim a weapon at my adoptive brother?" Tails asked as he stood between them.
"Make him put her down," Geoffrey ordered.
Tails nodded. "That's reasonable," Tails turned to face Sonic. "Sonic, could you put Geoffrey's daughter down. He doesn't like people he isn't personally acquainted with around her."
Sonic's jaw dropped with everyone esles. He slowly put the little girl down.
"So Geoffrey is just a big ole mama bear, huh?" Manic mused as Geoffrey lowered the weapon.
"So why not tell us about your daughter?" Sally asked quietly.
"So no one can use me against him in a fight," came the reply of the little girl as she took a few steps away from Sonic.
"Besides, she's not my daughter. She's just my charge. I'm taking care of her until her family can take care of her." Geoffrey corrected.
"But you sure are a protective nut case," Tails smirked.
"And why weren't you were you were supposed to be young man?" Geoffrey turned on the Orange fox. "I was supposed to drop off Intel for your dad, but no one was there. I've been looking all over for any sign of you and any Prower."
"I got antsy and did some freedom fighting on my own. I got adopted by them," he pointed to Sonic and Manic. "I can guarantee they're safe and no harm to the little rascal here." He waved towards the little girl.
She was offended so she swatted at Tails' arm and he gave a cry of pain.
"Hey! No hitting," Geoffrey chided.
The girl scoffed as she stared at him. She gestured to him and then Sonic.
"That was a different matter." Geoffrey stated. "Besides, I never actually physically hit him."
The girl stomped her foot.
"Don't be too upset with Geoffrey. I've got news that will send him into a tizzy." Tails rubbed his arm, "I think you gave me a bruise."
"Sorry," the girl bowed her head in guilt.
"What's the bad news?" Geoffrey walked up to stare down at Tails.
Tails gave a coy grin. Sonic and Manic exchanged a glance. Tails was about to become an evil genius on them. That was the look he always got right before the evil started.
"Take a seat," Tails gestured to the chairs. He turned to the girl. "Do you have any candy?"
She rushed off to a cabinet and came back with a tin full of wrapped candies.
Tails happily popped one in his mouth. "Have you heard of thr Oracle's prophecy? About the council?"
"I know of it," Geoffrey nodded.
"So you know we're looking for royal family members from 4 kingdoms. We have Acorn and Mobotropolis." He gestured to Sally and then Sonic and Manic. "It would be best to get them all together as quick as possible, wouldn't you agree?"
Geoffrey nodded, "It is only reasonable."
Tails smirked, "I'm so happy that it does." He popped another candy in his mouth, "Which is why Amy should come with us."
Geoffrey glared at the fox. "No."
Tails sighed. "Geoffrey, you and I both know she is the only surviving royal family member of the O'Hedge family. She is the only heir to the Mercian thrown!" He gave Geoffrey a stern look. "Having her travel with us would be best to complete this prophecy quickest."
"She is also only a child and her parents gave up the crown. She has no stake in this." Geoffrey stayed stern.
Tails rested his head in his hand. It was like playing a game of chess. He needed to tread carefully. Though he loved pushing the skunk's buttons far too much. "Being the only one alive means there isn't much choice for her now is there?"
Geoffrey only glared.
Tails sighed. He turned to Amy. "What do you want to do Amy?" He asked.
"What are all of my options?" Amy asked.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

R.o.S. Family call

Shin entered the house only to hear the piano playing. "Izono Saitou!" He chided as he marched to the room with the piano. He glared at the younger male. "Why aren't you in bed?"
Izono glanced up at his older brother. He meekly smiled as he pointed to the phone nestled between his neck and ear.
"Who are you on the phone with?" Shin whispered in a hiss.
"Mom, big brother just got back," Izono stated as he pulled the phone away from his ear. He clicked the speaker button and placed the phone on top of the piano.
"Is he ok? Are you two eating healthy?"
"We're fine mom," Shin sighed as their mom rattled on.
"I can't believe you two got lost in the middle east." She whined. "Your father and I are getting everything in order and we'll be there to bring you both home as soon as possible."
"What?" Izono seemed to whine.
"I'm afraid that won't do mom, Izono has a possible gig coming up." Shin stated. He didn't want to leave just yet. Their king was here. How could he just contently leave for London and stay until their over protective mom felt secure enough to let them be on their own? The answer was he couldn't.
"What gig?" She sounded irritated.
"A concert gig. Just a small one. But still a gig." Shin stated. He knew his mom wouldn't get in the way of Izono's dreams.
"What gig?" Izono whispered as he leaned away from the phone. This was the first he heard of it.
"Performing the one for Miss Taitou that we missed due to the chaos. Aino wants to help us perform it on miss Taitou's birthday."
Izono smiled. "That'll be perfect!" He turned back to the phone, "Please mom, let me perform. You and dad can come see it too!"
"Of course we'll come watch. But we're coming early to see you two.  It's been so long! I bet you two need some clothes right?"
"Yeah we could use that," Shin smiled.
"I'll bring a few clothes. I'm not sure if anything here fits you anymore. But I can always take you shopping later." She seemed content with that.
Krissie: well here is the end of chapter 8. It's broken down into 3 parts. I'm actually not sure if I ever posted chapter 7 on this blog. I'll check next time I log in on my laptop.

Cutting off my hair soon

So it's 90 degrees in Georgia and I hate the heat. So in order to stay cool a bit better, I'm going to get my hair cut. I just got off work,  so I have a while before I get to the station where there is a hair place I can get my hair cut at.
I'm actually thinking of just shaving all of my hair off, but I don't own any  hats to cover my head so people don't think I have cancer or something yet

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

R.o.S. Mina's test

Mina gulped as she walked onto campus. She was nervous. She had spent the last hour going over geometry with Shin.
"Good luck Aino-chan!" Shin waved to her from the gate.
Mina smiled as she waved back. She wished he would call her Mina, but he was refusing too so far. Once she was inside, she saw him begin to walk away.
"Who is that?" An underclassman asked as she oogled Shin from the window.
Mina smiled, "A friend." And with that she marched to class. She had to pass this test.
Mina was amazed to see that she finally understood what was on the paper in front of her. Shin had really helped her prepare for this test. But then again, he made sure to bribe her and keep her attention with said bribe. She turned in the test and then axiously sat at her desk waiting for the teacher to grade it.
The teacher gave her a surprised look to see her waiting for the result. She still began grading it anyway. Her eyes went up by the end of it, but then smiled happily as she got up and walked to Mina's desk.
Mina looked up at her teacher. The nervousness was eating away at her.
"Well done," the teacher placed the paper on her desk. "You passed.  And did a lot better this time. You studied really hard for this with your friends."
Mina nodded. "Saitou-kun is a great tutor." She looked at the 78 written on the paper. It wasn't an A, but it wasn't an F, so Mina didn't care. She picked up the paper and went to her next class.
She met Ami in the hallway.
"How was the make up test?" Ami asked.
Mina smiled, "78."
"That's great," she congratulated. "Do you want to celebrate after school at the arcade?"
"That sounds good, but Shin owes me something first. So I want to show this to him."
"What is it that he owes you?" Ami asked.
Mina quickly told Ami about the concert plan. The blue haired girl smiled at the idea. "Do you want to help?"
"I'll see what I can do." Ami nodded.

R.o.S. Mina & Shin first date

Rebirth of Shitennou
More random tidbits
KRISSIE: I'm not sure if anyone from fanfiction reads my blog, but seriously, there is so much extra stuff to my fanfics here.
Shin brought his hand through his silver hair,  "I had to come to Japan for business and Izono came with me. Even though we're descendent from Japan,  we had never been here. We were excited so Izou got us a tour guide while we tried to learn enough Japanese to get by."
"Really? How was the tour?" Mina asked with a smile.
Shin smiled a huge smile, "Our tour guide was Jadeite!"
"Really?" Mina seemed amused as Shin went over the memories with her.
"Yes. He was really stiff and nervous at first. He worked a lot of jobs in order to support himself and his mom since they weren't too well off and he went to school too. But I remember that I went to put our bags in our room and Izou stayed with Jadeite to practice his Japanese. I was gone five to ten minutes max,  and when I came back the two were best buds." Shin shook his head. "Jadeite wanted to be a model and since Izou wanted to be a pianist the two joke about becoming pop idols together. While I was at work, those two went to a few auditions together. I had met Masato through work and since he was a talent agent, we sat down over drinks and talked about their chances. We had a plan and everything to get those two on a stage to perform. The Dark Agency was supposed to put them on a stage. It would've been their debut. Though it involved singing and not modeling, but Jadeite took it."
"Can he sing?" Mina wondered.
"Very well actually," Shin nodded. "Izono too. We were going to put on a public concert. Jadeite and Izono decided to do a performance for Jadeite's mom since it would be held on her birthday. They had practiced so hard too. It's a shame we didn't get to do it."
"Well when is Jadeite's mom's birthday?" Mina asked.
"October 22nd." Shin stated.
Mina gasped. "We don't have much time!"
"What do you mean?" Shin arched an eyebrow.
"Well it might not be a debut stage, but such a sweet performance, why not do it this year. It's already the 5th. That's not long to find a stage. Do you remember how long their set was?"
"It was only one song," Shin stated. "We were going to perform at a music festival in London with several other beginning artists."
"But still it was for her birthday, roght?" Mina stated. "She should at least be able to see it. This park might be a good place. There's actually a stage at the other end that  is used for festivals. I'm sure if we ask, they won't mind letting you use it for one day."
"Aino-san, I appreciate what you're trying to do,  but I don't know if Jadeite or Izono will be interested. Well I'm pretty sure Izou will jump at the chance. I know my little brother like the back of my hand... Well I thought I did until this morning..." Shin shook his head. "But besides that, Jadeite might not be up to it."
"Then we'll ask him," Mina waved her hand in the air, "I'm sure he'll say yes."
Shin sighed. "What about your geometry test?"
"That can wait. This is more important."
Shin crossed his arms. "How about this, if you get good marks on your test, I'll let you help arrange this little concert starting when you get off from school today."
"What?" Mina seemed to whine.
"Good marks on your test or no show." Shin stated firmly.
Mina sighed with a pout. "We better start studying now."
KRISSIE: this is a part of chapter 8. Enjoy it.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Rebirth of shitennou random scene

Izono smiled at his parents as he finished playing th song on the piano.  They clapped happily from their spots on the couch.
"That's my boy! Always a good pianists." His father praised. "Just wish you would apply more effort in other activities. "
"Oh hush dear," his mom batted her husband's arm. "At least our baby is home." She raced up to hug Izono and nearly chocked him out with it. "Now where have you been?"

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Blind date part2

KRISSIE: I really just wanted to continue this. So here we go!
"So he flaked?" Hershey arched an eyebrow. "And why isn't Amy here with you?"
"Well, he sent Shadow to take his place as a socialization excerise." Rouge sighed. "I'll talk to Thomas about it tomorrow."
"So Amy is on a hang out date with Shadow?" Bunnie questioned as she played with Hershey's hair.
"Unfortunately yes." Rouge plopped down in the armchair.
"I don't think Amy is going to be too happy when she gets back," Cream pouted. "She hasn't like any of these dates we've set her up on."
"For the record, I tried finding a guy with the qualities she loves of Sonic and I feel like it was the worse date she went on. She just doesn't want to admit it," Sonia gave a laugh. "Let's just prepare an ice cream for her return."
"Yeah," Rouge laughed, "She can tell us how bad it was."
An hour and half later, Amy came through her front door. She was giggling as she walked into the house. The other girls looked up at her.
"Did you get room mates Rose?" Shadow gestured to the girls.
"No," Amy shook her head.
"We're here to gossip about how her blind date went," Cream answered with a smile.
Shadow arched an eyebrow. He didn't know how to respond to that. He turned to look at Amy. "That chocolate cake. Can I have it now so I can leave Rose?"
Amy nodded as she tried to stiffle her laugh. She walked into the kitchen amd pulled the chocolate cake she had made for him earlier. She placed it in his hands. "Don't eat it all in one sitting."
"You have people breaking into your house to gossip about dates Rose. I think I can eat a whole cake in one sitting if I want without being judged." Shadow shot back as he walked away.
Amy shook her head. "Don't be surprised if I refuse to make you one til next week." She close the door and smiled at the girls sitting in her house. "So what's up with y'all? Did you raid the fridge yet?"
"No," Rouge shook her head.
"So how was the date the Shadow?" Sonia wore a huge grin.
"It was lovely," Amy answered. "Shadow was a gentleman as always. We ate Mexican and went for a walk in the park."
"What did you guys talk about?" Cream asked.
Amy shrugged as she took off her shoes. "Normal stuff. Shadow's been into art recently, so we talked about different art styles and artists. There is a new art exhibit this weekend. So we're going to go see it this Saturday.  Do you guys want to come with us?"
Cream smiled as she shook her head. "I already have plans. But congrats." The rabbit went to sit down next to Bunnie whose hair was being done by Hershey.
"So your blind date that was supposed to flop for you got you a second date?" Hershey asked.
"It's not a date," Amy shook her head. "If it was, why would I invite you?"
The girls laughed.
"Good point." Hershey nodded.
"But it still sounds like a date," Bunnie smiled. "So enjoy it."
"I fully intend to," Amy stuck her tongue out at the rabbit.
"Well we should at least make sure you look stunning for it," Sonia mused. "Should we go with some glittery eyeshadow or just go natural tones."
"Oh! Do you still have that glittery lip gloss? The gold or slivery one?" Rouge perked up.
Amy nodded.
"That'll bring lots of attention. Wear that over a cute lipstick color and you'll be good." Rouge smiled.
"Now all we have to do is put together an actual outfit," Hershey mused. "Do you feel like pants or a skirt?"

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

art live stream


I will cry for you
My tears aren't yet dry
I feel the apprehension inside my soul
I'm in pain
Trying to hide
I'm trying to stand again.
I want the tools
Not a quick fix
I want to fed for a life time
Not just a day
Hey, can you give me tools?
Teach me how to fish
How to not fear myself
The thoughts in my brain.
Where are the tools I can use so I can survive?
The pherapist didn't give me them.
Do I need to fashion myself?
How can I when I don't know where to start?
I'm afraid. Confused?
Should I just roll over in the corpse cart?
Well unsteady step. Unsteady step number 2. Here I go onward to struggle.
To find a way.
To make my tools.
To not be a fool.
Step number 3.
Find the ground and breath.
Step number 4.
Figure out a goal. Not long, just a short.
Step number 5.
Begin to walk towards that goal.
Remember to breath.
Write notes

Diary 5/2/2017

Hi there,
On my way too school. Way too early but I have to be there at 8:15 when he starts over viewing our portfolio.  I've also noticed that today is the first anniversary of Carmen's death.  I feel like I'm going to have a break down at some point today. I'm afraid of that.  I'm two hours away from home.  Wasting four hours of my day to just think. That's a dangerous thing because I don't wanna think today. I don't wanna go down dark rabbit holes today. I just don't.
I'm going to try to make it. Deafen my brain with music.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Sailor moon fanfic

Ami mizuno smiled at the tv screen. The hot new boy band was now walking off the stage. They were all the rage and Ami found them all attractive. 
Mina and Lita were raging about how much they loved them. Lita stated how one looked like her ex. Usagi even admitted how handsome the band members were. Rei was even checking out the band members. 

Then an announcer came on stage. He introduced one last surprise act for the night as crew members in the back rolled a grand piano on stage.
The girls all became quiet as they watched a man walk like a confident soldier onto the stage.
"Zoisite?" Ami felt herself gasp.
His wavy golden red hair was tied in its usual low ponytail. He wore a slick suit and looked like a dream boat. He gave a winning smile before sitting down at the piano. The announcer left the stage and Zoisite began playing a beautiful piece.
"Wow..." The girls breathed out at the end of the set.
"How did he wind up on tv?" Mina whined. "And why didn't he invite me?"
Ami couldn't respond.  She was too busy staring at Zoisite on the screen. Every inch of him looked perfect and based off the screams in the audience, the girls in person thought the same.
A news reporter followed Zoisite as he went to leave. Ami gritted her teeth. She didn't like seeing the curvy beautiful woman flirt with him.
"Is there anything you would like to say to your fans sir?" She beamed.
Zoisite smiled, "I don't think I have any fans yet. I did just start."
"Nonsense!" The news caster waved towards the audience,  "After such a dazzling performance you've made several fans out of our audience both here and on tv. So is there anything you would like to say to them?"
Zoisite thought for a moment. "Well next week is a lot of exams, right? So I guess, good luck with studying and make sure to eat well." He gave a soft smile.
"How considerate of you." The woman smiled. "Do you have friends still in school?"
Zoisite nodded. "Ami-Chan is working very hard to become a doctor and the rest of the girls are also working diligently. I would love to play piano for them more, but it would be too distracting I fear." He glanced at his watch. "I have to head home now.  Have a great evening, ma'am." He gave a quick bow before rushing off.

The girls all stared at the tv in shock. Ami felt her face grow hot and hid it in the book she was reading. The girls all smirked as they looked at the blue haired girl.
"Well we better study hard," Usagi stated as she picked up a book. "After all, Zoisite is routing for us now. We can't disappoint him." She looked into the book and frowned. "I don't understand this word problem."
The girls all laughed.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


What were you expecting?
That I would go to my knees
Just like that?
Did I sneeze?
Man you're some kind of sleaze.
I should have never come.
I should have waited
Looked a little more
But a shiny new penny doesn't always blink.
We only give so little time to think
Jump in before you sink
Well I jumped on a boat.
I met tons here and there
Awesome people sure
But the bill isn't worth this.
We're swimming in debt
How many times have I been sent to the internet?
5. 6. 100 or so? Take a bet.
Sucking me dry.
My will. My mind.
Am I just some doll that's supposed to go through the factory?
I don't feel secure.
Take my advice, just stay home.
You can learn everything from the internet and books.
I mean just take a look.
So many other people are doing what I wanna do and they're all self taught much like me.
This isn't worth it.
It's awful.
Just learn elsewhere.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Luce and Pam blog

I made a new blog! It's specifically for all the Luce and Pam stuff since I'm planning to  make it it into a webcomic and since it'll be rated 18+, I had no clue where to post it. So I'm going to post it there.
There is nothing on the blog right now, but you can check it out here!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Rough Animation Plate Flash

A very rough breakdown for an animation I'm going to be making. I'm working in flash which is very new to me, but I'm trying to get the hang of the program as I work.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Luce Pam short

Pam groaned as she rolled over. There was nothing that was making her comfortable. She had been struggling for at least 3 hours now. She knew because she glanced at the clock with red numbers on display.
She was tired of that color too. She had been seeing it all day.
"UGH!" she rolled out of bed. All she wanted was to sleep her period away, but her body wouldn't let her. She went to the bathroom. She splashed water in her face. It was going to be a long day. Pam hated this.
She wasn't hungry. Though she probably should be, she hadn't eaten all day. Maybe putting something on her stomach would make her comfortable enough to sleep.
"That sounds good," Pam muttered to herself as she walked out of the bathroom. She froze as a hand placed itself on her forehead. 
"You're sick," Luce stated after a moment, taking his hand away from her head.
"Just because I'm on my period doesn't mean I'm sick," Pam felt herself growl.
"That's not what I ment," Luce shook his head. "You have a fever. You're probably coming down with a cold. Your throat hurts too doesn't it."
Pam glared at the demon. He had no right to be so spot on.
Luce sighed. He may be a demon, but now he felt like he was a den mother. "You can't get comfortable to stay in bed either?"
Pam stuck out her bottom lip. "Maybe..."
Luce nodded. "I'll go make you some hot tea and then some soup. It might help. Do you have any medicine here?" Luce was already looking through her cabinet.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My Brain Webcomic

My Brain | LINE Webtoon A comic series about my brain and the random thoughts that pop into it.

So I've started making a web comic. I'm not sure when I'll update it yet. Depends which day I chose to update it on. But I'm working on making more strips. So look forward to it.

Monday, March 20, 2017

ShadAmy Beauty & Beast Scene: courting?

Sonic couldn't help but laugh as he made his way to Shadow's room. He knocked twiced in between giggle fits before entering the room.
Shadow glared at him from his usual seat.
"What is so amusing for you Sonic?" He growled. He wished for once that Sonic wouldn't be so obnoxious.
"I heard an interesting rumour, " Sonic smiled.
"Do I want to know?" Shadow rolled his eyes.
"It's about you," the blue hedgehog sang.
"That I'm awful? A disgrace to the crown? I'm a murderer? What could it be that you're laughing about me now?" Shadow sighed as he got up from the window seat.
"That you're courting someone." Sonic stated matter of factly.
"I'm doing no such thing," Shadow denied.
"What do you call wrapping your arms around a woman and putting flowers in her hair?" Sonic smirked.
Shadow clench his fist. He had done that. Several times already. Now that he thought about it was very much tip toeing the courting line.
"There are also sightings of you going for walks during the day. Outside your usual places, you know,  where people live. And people have seen a young maiden in your arms." Sonic put 'Young maiden' in air quotes.
"Rose has never been in my arms in town." Shadow spoke up to correct the blue hedgehog. "I held her hand to guide her so she wouldn't get lost."
Sonic became silent as he pursed his lips.  Shadow enjoyed the brief silence. "Not in town? So when is she in your arms?" Sonic gave Shadow a disapproving look as he crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair.
"I'm not courting her," Shadow said flatly.
"Hmhmm..." The humming sound made Shadow groaned. He held his head in his hand. "Well, I don't know what it is you're doing,  but I suggest you chill it out for a bit.  Because if mom hears about what you've been up to, she's going to have a nice lecture for you."
Shadow sighed, "I know." He hated admitting defeat. But he hated the idea of Aleena lecturing even more.
Sonic nodded, "Good to hear. Well I'll see you later!" And with that, he got up and left.
Shadow was left alone with his thoughts. What he was doing could be seen as courting Rose, even though that was not his initial intention. Though he had to admit, he didn't mind Rose as much as he did others. Even fact, he was actively seeking her out every day.
Shadow sighed, "I must be a fool to do this."

ShadAmy Beauty & Beast scene: Rose

Her face lite up at th sight of all of the flowers. She really liked flowers. Shadow wasn't prepared to have her stop at every flower and beamed at them. The ones she paused at were the roses though. Shadow was sure she had seen them before. After all, her last name was Rose.
Her green eyes began to water. "Hey there," her lip trembled, "I haven't seen roses since I left my parents home. We used to have roses like you in the garden. Mom was really proud of it. She worked to tend to it with everything she had." Tears began to stream down her cheeks. "Sorry. Sorry," she cried as she figerously wiped the tears from her face. "It's just been so long, I wasn't prepared to see Roses ever again."
Shadow walked up to her and placed a head in her lap.  As a werehog, she didn't notice that he was the same man she seldomly ran into in the palace. She also mistook him for a wolf, which was done by him. It made it easier.
"You know Lance, my parents were funny," Amy whispered as she laid her head against his. "They said when I was born I looked like a Rose. So they named me Rose even though neither of their last names were that. But I'm nothing like a rose. I often wonder why my parents made such a blunder.
Shadow tilted her head.
She wasn't like a rose?
He scoffed at the very notion. She was very much like a rose.
The next day, Amy was working hard in the kitchen. She still had plenty of pastries to make for the party. It was only a few days away. She had made several cakes and cookies. Today her, Bunnie, and Antoine were baking tarts. Since Antoine was head of the royal guard, Amy was surprised to find he was able to help out in the kitchen so often. But when there was no threat to be had out here in the deary castle, Amy could understand. Plus she was sure he just wanted to be with his wife.
A knock interrupted their laughter.
They all looked up to see Shadow standing at the doorway.
"Prince Shadow!" Antoine saluted, "What can we do for you?"
Shadow merely looked over the room and walked up to Amy who was pulling a tray of parts out of the oven. She gasped as she felt his arm wrap around her waist. She could feel as his hand quickly move through her hair. It was as if he was caressing her. Amy felt like her knees were weak as Shadow turned her face to look into his eyes.
"As I expected," he began. Amy felt her breath become hitched in her throat. She knew she was falling for the prince, but the last thing she wanted was for him to realize it. "Roses look nice in her hair." He seemed to smile but he was out of the room before Amy could tell if it was true or if she was dreaming.
Once she heard the sound of the door closing, she placed the tray of tarts on the table.
Antoine and Bunnie were oddly silent. It made the room feel thick and heavy. She just couldn't feel comfortable again now.
She walked back to the table and began focusing on her cooking. She heard Antoine walk out of the room a few minutes later.
"Shadow doesn't normally do things like that," Bunnie finally stated.
Amy looked up at her. Her green eyes sparkling in the light.
"You were thinking he must do things like that often, but he doesn't.  It's actually odd for Shadow to be so... impulsive. Though he is right. Roses look nice in your hair."
Amy couldn't help but laugh. "I doubt it."
Antoine returned holding a mirror. He handed It to Amy.
"Then have a look," Bunnie encouraged.
Amy gasped at the sight of the rose in her hair. It was a hot pink color. Bunnie and Shadow were right. Roses did look good in her hair.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Rain. Rain.  Rain.
There's a lot of rain today.
The sky is grey, but I'm feeling better right now. Maybe the sky is crying for me.
Who knows.
I'm actually thinking of writing a story about Persephone. I'm not sure why rain makes me think of that...

Thursday, March 2, 2017


These blog has really become a diary. Maybe I should turn my life into a book...
But i I have good news! I finally got a response from Dean Dawes. We're setting up a time to meet in person and talk via email. I just sent her my availability. I'm hoping the day she picks won't be one they schedule me to work. But since this is Thursday,  I can always ask for that day off of she does.
It only took 10 days for them to respond though. I sent an email stating I was told to hound them til I got a response and that I planned to email them everyday til I got a response.
It seems my mom's advice paid off.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Gent smiled as he polished the wind chime. It had a wonderful sparkle once it was cleaned up. He paused as he heard the soft foot steps from the other room.
"Do you want breakfast Fi?" He hummed.
She seemed to jump as she turned to see him. Her red hair tumbling off her shoulder. "Um..." She couldn't think of what to say.
Gent smirked in amusement as he stood up. He carried the windchime in his hand. It jingled with each step he took. "What do you think?" He proudly held it up for her to see.
Her brown eyes focused on it with wonder. "It looks really pretty." She finally answered after a long pause.
"It wasn't earlier. It's strings were tangled. Mud  was coated on it. It was even dented in a few spots." Gent explained, "But I worked on it long and hard to fix it."
Fi nodded as she listened.
"I care a lot for this windchime, just as I care for you." He stated. "It may hurt your feelings Fiona, but I see you as a damaged windchime and I want to make you shine and jingle like this windchime right here."
Fiona couldn't help but laugh. "So what? Am I some list kitten for you to save and make better?"
Gent smiled, "Yes. Only I hope you won't need an owner." He placed the windchime in her hands. "So I'll give you this as a token of my good will."
Fiona smiled at it.  "I wish I had a home to hang this in," she mused.
"So about that breakfast?" Gent changed the subject as if he had just started the conversation. "I can make some good hash browns?  Do you like those?"
Fiona shook her head as she followed the retreating man into the kitchen.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


So I think the people I've been emailing at the school have been talking or at least communicating with Mr. Bio because he mentioned something about angry emails in class today when I was trying to explain to him that I had never heard of what he was talking about. And he was saying it was my fault for not knowing what something was or where it was in the school.
I kind of can't help I had never heard of the technology he was talking about before because no one ever mentioned it. Not a soul. At Art Institute of Atlanta-Decatur we had a thing called a lunch box we used to see a rough test of something before scanning it in the computer.
Apparently this thing, which name I don't remember, is basically the same thing only you can save it and go back and edit order and stuff and it puts it in a Toon Boom file for you.
Though I find it funny that he wasted 5 minutes trying to show me how to add more frames after I had already figured which button he needed to press after he pressed the button to remove frames. I mean it was the button right next to it and yet he keeps clicking the exposure button like that's supposed to do it and then being confused. I found it amusing,  because a similar thing happened the one day he showed me how flash works.
But the fact still remains, if he knows I'm writing emails with my concerns to Dean Dawes, why hasn't Dean Dawes contacted me back? She had to have read the email if she communicated with Mr. Bio about what I wrote her.
It just makes me more annoyed. Do they ever respond? Barb e-mailed me back. We set up meetings to talk. I don't like showing up to meet someone without a meeting. I grew up being told that was rude. Plus,  without an appointment you can't guarantee that someone will be there to talk to.
This place just confuses.
Also I think the only reason he showed me the thing when I asked was because he didn't want me to write another email to Dean Dawes or anyone else. My aunt already wants to know his name so she can talk to the school about what I've been dealing with too. I know she'll actually keep going til she gets an answer, but I don't want to stress her out or make her health worse. So I've been with holding it from her. I still just wish someone would respond to my emails.

Disguise Escape

Amelia hummed an old children's song as she walked through the market. Everyone was in high alert looking for her and the Dragon she had made. Her nearly white hair wasn't hard to miss, so they were sure they'd find her in no time. But if she dressed like a nun, her hair couldn't be seen. Sure she was fair skin, but so was sister Martha and sister Claira. Everyone would confuse her for one of them or another sister. The basket she carried with both hands appeared to contain a huge load of laundry. Though hiding in the mass of clothes was her pet dragon. Though he was only the size of a dog, he was still pretty heavy. She struggled to carry it to the laundry mat, but she couldn't risk anyone else carrying the basket. If the dragon let out a growl at anyone carrying the basket, she would be found out.
She smiled I relief as the laundry mat came into view. She walked inside and smiled at the man at the counter. She walked to the back and peaked out the small window. Her truck was still there. Untouched. She looked back and saw the attendant busy with a magazine. She pulled out clothes and placed the in a washer. The Dragon looked up at her with large eyes. She held her finger to her mouth as a single not to make a sound. She carefully wrapped him in a blanket and picked him up like a child. She dumped the rest of the clothes in the washer. She looked back up to make sure the attendant wasn't looking and slipped out the back door. She closed it soft and slow so it wouldn't make a sound. She got into the truck and placed the Dragon in the seat beside her.
"Stay down till I say so," Amelia whispered. She pulled the keys out of the robe's pocket and started the car. It wasn't the best car, but she only needed it to get out of the town. She started the car and drove away. She glanced in the mirror to see that only two people looked up at her truck, but went about their day after a quick glance at the loud engine.
"I've never been happier to own such a plane looking car," Amelia laughed in relief.


I went by the registration office on my School to ask who was the head of the animation department. They never answered me. Instead they gave me the class registration sheet that I've already filled out before. I'm so frustrated with them. Why can't you answer my question?
My classes start at 3 and end at 6. They're closed by the time I get out at 6. And then I normally have work before school... ugh... so eh.
The Art Institute of Atlanta is just awful. I really don't want to be here anymore.
I've begun drawing comics of me committing suicide. That's not a good sign for my mental health and I know it.
I actually had one person tell me to stay since I only have 2 classes left. But how can I make a portfolio of animation in 22 weeks when Mr. Bio keeps sending me back to the storyboards because they're not good enough and then have him upset about the lack of animation I have when he's the one who told me to do one step at a time in the animation process. It's frustrating! That person actually told me to just ignore me and make my stuff.
I actually like that idea because he's no help anyway. I do just wanna make my own things but if it's not what the Art Institute of Atlanta wants, then there is a high chance they won't accept it and that upsets me.
What's the point of even staying in this unhealthy place?

Monday, February 27, 2017

A rainy night

Laying bare my heart, the sky is a deary grey, but I don't mind. The wind's been blowing for hours, causing the window shutters to clatter. Trees brushing against the house create such an odd scratching sound.
It's different then what it was like at the church were I grew up. There was always a soft chatter. The nuns would read the bible softly. Others assuring the children afraid of the rain and thunder that it was all ok.
"We'll have beautiful plants thanks to God's rain."
I smiled at the memory of Sister Bertha's statement. It was such a cute statement. It always brought me a chuckle.
My new home was nothing like the church. It was two stories with a basement. It was just me. The awkward silence was weird, but I also found it welcomed.
A soft sneeze broke me out of my thoughts. I glance at the small creature curled up on my bed. He was curled up in the sheets.  He was about the size of a puppy now.  He twitched in his sleep and I placed my hand on in his head.
"Ssh. .. It's alright. Just a storm. It's going to be okay." I assured the creature. A part of me still couldn't believe I had created this animal. It was so small and fragile, and yet it wasn't a normal occurrence in this world. I had made this creature in the basement with made science. If any of the sisters knew what I had done They would label me a witch and take this creature as an abomination against God.
I feared that. Would they treat him cruelly?  Would they kill him? I didn't like any of those notions. They made me afraid.
Krissie: a little bit of a story about dragons I wanted to revisit.

Friday, February 24, 2017

luce Pam

KRISSIE: So my body is shedding it's uterian lining, so now I'm writing some Luce and Pam goodies.


Luce fidgeted his fingers. He wasn't expecting to see Judas today. Judas was a demon like Luce. But even it came to caliber, they were two different breeds.

Luce hadn't had work in nearly half a century. His orange eyes and anime boy hair didn't help him look like a demon either.

Judas was big and buff. It was like he was always working out. His hair was combed back and shiny from some jell. His golden eyes had black whites and could place feat in anyone. Plus, he was really popular and always had work. He was barely able to come to any of the demon gatherings they had.

"Hey," Luce finally choked out. "What brings you here?"

"I heard you finally got work, so I came to see how it was going." Judas smiled. His fangs with an ivory white.

"Thanks," Luce nodded.

"So how is it going?" Judas mused, "They didn't mistake you for some Goth kid, did they?"

"Kind of..." He rubbed his arm, embarrassed. "But I've got it all cleared out now."

"That's good. So what did this job In tell?" Judas leaned in with excitement, "Killing someone? Torture? Making someone go insane?"

"Uh..." Luce let his eyes wonder on the ceiling for an answer.

"Luce have you seen my hair brush?" Pam's voice echoed through the house.

Judas stood still with a confused look. Luce could only cringe.

"Well?" Pam opened the door to the bathroom. She froze as she stared at Judas. "Please tell me you aren't planning on filming gay porn while I'm at work today."

Luce snorted at the comment. He tried to stop but more laughes just come tumbling out of his mouth. He finally fell to his knees laughing. Judas just stared at Pam.

Pam was a curvy 20 something by the looks of it. Her hair tumbled over one of her shoulders. She wore a loose tan top that he could see every detail of her chest through it. Her lower half was cover by a pair of pajama pants with cats on them.

"Kinky job, huh?" Judas turned to look at Luce who was fighting to stop his laughter on the floor. "I never thought you would be a demon people would summon for sex."

"Whoa!" Luce stopped laughing. "That's not what this is."

"I'm not judging y'all, but he's not my type," Pam stated as she walked around the room looking for her hair brush.

"Then what kind of job is this?" Judas helped Luce off the floor.

"My summoning circle was used as a design for feminine products." Luce spoke rapidly. "Pam," he gestured to the woman, was wearing one of them. Her blood on it summoned me and I came. Now I'm doing whatever she wants for the next 7 or so days."

"So she's on her period and you became a butler?" Judas tried to grasp his brain around it.


Kiss on Cheek (ShadAmy Fanfic)

Shadow stared at the script in his hands. "What's the point of this?" He turned to the pink hedgehog.

"It's a script for a play," Amy arranged the puppets on the table. "It'll keep the kids entertained."

"And I have to help with this?" Shadow stared at the script like it was something gross.

"Yes," Amy nodded. "They don't want you too close to the kids after the climbing incident."

Shadow grunted. "They're the ones who wanted to climb trees. I just left them."

"When they refused to come down you chaos speared one of them." Amy arched an eyebrow at him.

"I didn't hit him. It only went passed them." Shadow defended.

"You scared them all so bad that one fell and broke his leg," Amy stared at him with a blank face.

Shadow shrugged as he stared at the script. "So why does the girl in the tower randomly kiss the knight?"

"As a thank you for saving her," Amy explained, "It's a common thing for girls to kiss guys who save them from danger on the cheek."

"Even in real life?" Shadow asked.

"Yep!" Amy beamed.

Shadow stared at the pink hedgehog before turning back to the script. "So how many times have you kissed Sonic for saving you?"

Amy blushed. "No," she shook her head, "Sonic would never let me kiss him."

Shadow nodded, "So is that why no one kisses me on the cheek?"

Amy turned bright red. Shadow found the reaction amusing. "They probably think you'll chaos spear them if they do."

Shadow crossed his arms. "That is a fair point. I dislike most contact with people, but I wouldn't spear you Rose."

Amy let out a nervous chortle as she finished the last of the puppets. "I think baking you chocolate cake is a better show of my thanks for saving me."

Shadow frowned. "Are you afraid of kissing someone on the cheek, Rose?"

Amy turned bright red. "It's embarrassing isn't it?" She threw up her hands in a gesture. She took the puppets and placed them in the proper spots on the small stage. "Let's just run through the play once before we preform for the kids."

Shadow hummed as he walked over to her. He bent down and picked up a puppet. He put his hand inside and made the puppet do a weird dance. He then tugged on a soft pink quill.

Amy turned to him and arched an eyebrow at him. "What are you doing?" She mumbled as he tugged a little harder.

"I want you to come here."

Amy rolled her eyes. Shadow loved to be bossy. She scooted over to him. "What is it?" She tilted her head to look up at him.

Shadow leaned down and planted a kiss on her cheek. Amy froze as safe felt heat rush to her face. Shadow slowly pulled back and whispered in her ear, "That's an appreciation for all the times you've saved me."

Amy stayed staring down. All she could see where the little puppets lined up on the stage.

Shadow's ear twitched as he pulled back from the pink hedgehog.  "Excuse me while I silence the witnesses." A few small eeps were heard as Shadow dashed off into the air. Amy could hear the footsteps of the little spies running away, but Shadow quickly caught them.
Krissie: I wanted to write a cute ShadAmy fabric. I hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

update on art institutes

So I emailed Dean Dawes, who I was told I needed to bring my concerns up too again. I still haven't heard from this person. Pretty sure they're ignoring me because it's been a week since the first email and I sent the second this Monday or Tuesday.

Warning to ask people looking to attend the Art Institute of Atlanta: Don't. Just don't. They're not a good school to go to. Go some where else but there. I wouldn't even recommend any of the Art Institutes.

I'll let you know if anyone even bothers replying to me.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Art Institutes - My Dilemma

So I'm at an impasse here in my life. Happy valentines day for those reading this the day it's written, but for those not, this post is full of rage and sadness. So please, feel free to click away to one of my funny fanfics on this blog.

So as many of you know, I am currently attending the Art Institute of Atlanta. Originally I was at the Atlanta-Decatur campus. I transferred over to the Atlanta campus for a few reasons.

1. They were closing the Decatur campus.

2. They were offering a grant for transferring over to the Atlanta campus.

3. I had a teacher constantly sending me to the internet to teach me how to use the program he was supposed to be teaching me for that class. This is probably the most important reason that I transferred over. I just wanted to get far away from that teacher as possible.

So the Atlanta campus is a lot different than the Decatur campus. It's 2 hours away from my home by Marta compared to Decatur's 45 min to 1 hour Marta travel time. A lot of their equipment is older then what was at Decatur. Not to mention, if you want food you have to either walk 15 minutes to Costco or get on your car and drive some where or get on Marta and go over a station to get the mall for food.

when I first got to the Atlanta campus, they had a subway in the student lounge. So during the two hour period between my classes, I could get dinner really quick and go work on school work. However, that closed about 2 quarters in to me being there.

Sure they have two "Restaurants" on the 5th floor run by the culinary department. But they're over priced and I'm not sure if they have students working there and if they're getting paid for it.

In fact, I got a turkey sandwich from there once and the turkey wasn't cooked enough. The meat was pink in the middle. I got diarrhea from this burger for 4 days afterwards thanks to it. So I haven't gone back there once since then.

Another problem I encountered is that I told to have at least two different types of work at AiAD that were connected. For example, my boyfriend was originally doing 3d modeling and 3d animation because the AiAD department head said he was good at that and encouraged him to put it in his portfolio. The heads here only want you to do one thing and one thing only. Because I was going to do 2d animation and typographies. But when faced with only one ruled, I switched to typographies because I have more passion for that.

Later though I was put in a class and the teacher told me I couldn't because I wasn't a Motion Graphics student. He said I can only do either 2d or 3d animation because I'm an Animation student. However, my program reads Media Arts and Animation. So I don't know what's up with this guy.

Also that whole "Go to the internet to learn this thing I want you to do in this program" has been happening again by another teacher. I call him Mr. Bio. I'm not the only one who has problems with this teacher. Almost all of the Students have problems with him.

He has come to class and told us we needed to make a blog to go along with our assignment and that it was do that day. It was the first time any of us had heard about it. It also wasn't written on any of the of the papers for the project, I checked. He just thought of it and told us like he had told us forever ago as if he could just sweep it under the rug.

Another issue is He told me I needed to use fills for the backgrounds in Toon Boon, the program we have to use for the project. When I asked him how to create fills in the program, he just told me to look it up instead of showing me. He sent me to the internet to do his job. Why am I even paying to come here if you're just going to send me to the internet to learn?

like wtf?

I actually emailed the school counselor had had been in touch with because I have had suicidal thoughts. Which by the way, this school brought those back for me. But I emailed her about my issues and concerns only to find out she no longer worked at AiA. So I emailed another women she put me in contact with. She told me I needed to contact someone else but never gave me that person's contact info. She actually got me confused with another student who already had the other person's contact information. So after we got that confusion squared away, she forwarded my email to the other person. That was Monday, it's Tuesday night and I have yet to hear from this 3rd person. At all.

it's kind of headache inducing.

I feel like I'm falling through the cracks here. For the first time in my life I'm reaching out for help and no one is there. I remember in elementary, middle, and high school, there was a teacher that pulled me aside at least once or twice to ask if I was ok. One actually asked if I was suicidal. I lied and told her no because I felt shame because of it. Like if you admit to it, you're broken and not even tape can fix you.

But here, I'm finally asking for help. I'm finally asking questions and it seems like they just want me to shut up and get into some hive mind little march. I try to speak and I just shut down with go look it up or you need to talk to so and so.

It's frustrating, depressing, and rage inducing.

I've begun fantasizing about jumping on the train tracks and walking into the lights of a moving train.

That's what this school has done to me. It's brought back my suicidal thoughts and made it worse.

Today I read the Email about how the Art Institute of Atlanta didn't meet the Gainful Employment standard and that basically of they don't meet it by the next time they take it, federal student loans won't work there. The only way I'm able to go to that school is because of grants and loans.

Now the reason I chose to go to AiAD is because out of the 3 colleges I looked at for animation in Georgia, they were the cheapest. I wanted to stay in Georgia because I was afraid to move out of state without family. I was also fresh from high school. Well actually still in high school when I was enrolled for AiAD.

To be honest most of the stuff I learned was basic stuff I had read in books or online. About the only thing that really happened was I learned after effects and some of Toon Boom.

the only really good thing about going to AiAD and AiA was that I meet a lot of people (Students). One gave me a bunch of programs that I use often. One was an old friend from Middle school that I'm reacquainted with now. Another is my Patron on Patreon and good friend. Another is my boyfriend is also a student.

I got a job at the mall by AiA because since I had such a large gap between classes, I began walking around the mall with my friends. I saw a now hiring sign and applied. So now I have a job that I actually really enjoy. So I'll be thankful for the location of the school for that.

but to be honest, in that school, there is no place to really work there. There are 5 floors and all the labs with computers always have classes in them. There is really no open lab for us to work in when we need to. The only places you can really sit when you don't have class at that school is the lounge and the room with light tables in it. Which would be great if anyone of the teachers gave assignments that required you to use them. I normally sit in that room because it's normally fairly quiet with other students hanging out there.

it's just awful going there. I thought it was just normal school bs, so I bit my tongue and bore it but after watching videos of other former students of Ai talking about their experiences, I realized, it's not ok. My feelings of nervous apprehensions aren't wrong.

I know I only have portfolio production and portfolio left, but at the same time, do I really want to waste more of my time and money?

I was originally in portfolio production this quarter only to have the teacher, Mr. Bio, tell me that I work "Too slow" to be in that class, so I had to drop it and take a different class.

so now I'm sitting here contemplating if I wavy to drop out of this hell hole of a school or stay and struggle through and try to not commit suicide because of the stress brought on by this school.

that's all I can think to write right now. If you have any advice let me know in the comments.



Monday, February 13, 2017

Classroom Monster

Sunny beamed as she finished the test. She wasn't the best at math, but she had studied hard. She was one of the last to be done, but she didn't mind. She took her time and she felt confident with that. She contemplated double checking her math, but her bladder told her otherwise.

She placed the paper on the teacher's desk. "I have to go to pee. I'll be back in a minute." She told the teacher bluntly before rushing to the bathroom.

Sunny washed her hands after she was done. She shook the access water off in the sink before grabbing a paper towel.

She hummed as she walked back to the classroom. Three kids were still taking the test. She pulled out her planner book ave opened it to the current date. She had listed the important things she needed to do. She checked off 'take math test' with a pink pen. She looked over the rest of her list. She had to take out the trash when she got home and a load of laundry. Afterwards she had to go patrolling with Benjie.

They hadn't come across many monsters recently. Which was good, but it left the magical girl feeling bored. She wanted to save the day like super heroes were supposed to. She absent mindedly twirled the heilos locket in her fingers.

 "Where do the monsters come from?" She thought wishfully. In almost all cartoons, the monsters came from a source. She wondered where hers came from.

A low growling sound began in the classroom.

Sunny froze as she felt the odd sensation she felt when danger was near. She turned to see that one kid in the middle two rows behind her was hunched over his desk. He was sweaty and a black cloud enveloped around him. He was the source of the low growling. The other kids who were near him were scooting away as far as they could without being in trouble. Sunny knew the boy wasn't good at math like her, so the sweating didn't surprise her. It was the thickening black cloud around him that concerned her.

What made it worse was that she couldn't tell if any of the other students could see the thick cloud like she could. She picked at her finger nails as she tried to figure out what it was she wanted and needed to do.

a loud growl escaped as the boy threw his head back. The thick smoke tightened around him creating a tight cocoon. The boy's body morphed into that of a monster. The students and teacher all jumped out of their seats. The monster picked up a desk and flung it across the room.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Confession ch3 (ShadAmy)

Confession Ch3 (ShadAmy fanfic)

KRISSIE: I am getting too invested into writing this. All well, you guys will get something good.


Tails frowned as he was handed the disc. "It's your's to keep," he told him.

"I don't want it," came the bland reply.

Tails's frown deepened. "Is it too impossible to believe that she loves you? Does it make you uncomfortable?"

"She stated clearly that she likes our friendship the way it is," Shadow countered.

Tails clenched his fists. "But what about you?"

"There is nothing there," Shadow waved his hand.

"Liar," Tails spat, "How long are you going to swim in that Egyptian river?"

"As long as I please," Shadow stared at the fox. That was the problem with Tails. He was always honest. He was a good friend and always willing to support you. And in Shadow's case, encourage him to follow through with his feelings. Shadow just wished the fox would stop trying.

Tails glared at him. "So that's it to you? You're not even going to try? Not even a little?"

Shadow nodded.

"You have a chance," Tails crossed his arms. "A real chance. And you're just... What? Going to stand there like a nutcracker? Stare from the across the river and nothing else? Geez..." Tails pushed his hair out of his eyes. "You and Amy are both hopeless dolls on the shelves gathering dust at this point! You both like each other. I know it. You know it." Tails gestured with his hands. "I gave you proof of Amy's feelings and you're going to do nothing? Ugh!" Tails plopped down into a chair. He pinched the bridge of his nose, "Why am I the only one trying to help you two get together? Amy's too afraid to destroy her friendship with you. Always muttering you have no interest in love and by the time you do, she'll be dead. Do you know how much it sucks to be the little bro in this situation?" He looked at Shadow with a look of wry.

Shadow stood expressionless.

Tails sighed, "It's pointless fighting you. I'll never win this battle." He propped his head in his hand and smirked as he gazed at Shadow, "At least I can say I tried."

Shadow gave a nod. "I'll be taking my leave now."

"Kay," Tails waved his hand in the air. "Travel safely Shadow."

Shadow thought about what Tails had said for the rest of the week. The fox was the first he admitted to liking Rose as more than a friend, but he wasn't quite sure how to put it into words. It had been a few years and he had come to figure out that the feeling was love. But Shadow felt that Rose, while a dear friend, wouldn't want to look for love in him.

He sighed as he sat up in bed. They were going to the museum tomorrow morning and here he was, still awake.

Nothing really new there.

 He picked up the phone and typed a message.


Amy was wide awake. She twirled in the outfit the girls had put her in. For some reason, Honey, Hershey, and Bunnie felt like playing dress up with her as the model. Cream, Rouge, Tikal, and Sally were there to give opinions. Though Cream and Sally had succumbed to sleep a while ago on the couches.

"That looks really good on you!" Rouge commented.

"It really shows off her curves," Hershey sounded like a concerned mom.

"That's a good thing!" Honey stated. "Amy has a very attractive hour glass figure. It's good to show it off every once in a while."

Amy giggled. She didn't quite think she had an hourglass figure. That was more of Rouge's figure. Her phone went off and Bunnie picked it up. "What does it say?" She asked as Honey adjusted the dress done more.

"It's Shadow. He says get dressed. I'll be over to get you in a few." Bunnie read. She arched an eyebrow at the pink hedgehog. "Do you have plans with him tonight?"

"No. He probably can't sleep and wants company for a late night snack." Amy answered as she slipped off the shoes. She knew Shadow's a few meant he would give her 15 minutes before he came.

"Are you going to go?" Rouge grinned.

Amy shrugged. "I don't see why not. Though it'll take a moment to change out of this. He'll be at the door in about 15 minutes." Amy walked off to the laundry room and pulled out a tank top and jeans from the basket of clean clothes.

"Just wear that then!" Honey grabbed her and pulled her away. "But we'll need to do your hair."

"But Honey, what if I accidentally spill something on your dress and ruin it?" Amy protested.

"I'll just make another one," Honey shot back.

Bunnie was already getting to work on her hair. After texting Shadow Amy would be ready in a few minutes.

"I can't believe you can go on a midnight date with Shadow by yourself, but you can't ask him out to the museum for a date during the day." Rouge chuckled.

"It's not a date," Amy turned bright red. "It's just friends going out for food. That's all."

"How often do you two go out for late night snacks?" Hershey asked as if it was all a dull topic to her.

"Um..." Amy hummed as she began counting on her fingers. "Once to 3 times a week. There was one week we went out every night, but I think that was because something was bothering him and he couldn't sleep," Amy shrugged.

"Hm-Mmm." Hershey sounded as she wrapped her arms around the pink hedgehog. "Most people call those dates," she stated after a long moment.

"So then, you two should just make it official!" Rouge stated.

Hershey hugged onto Amy tighter.

"Hershey," Bunnie smiled at the cat, "She's not your daughter, you can't be a clingy ma."

Everyone laughed. Hershey had a habit of treating Amy like she was her kid.

Hershey merely glared as she hugged onto Amy tighter. "I can too! Geoffrey agreed that Amy will be our adopted kid."

"When did this happen?" Rouge mused.

"After one of Tails's machines turned Amy into a little kid. She stayed with Geoffrey and me. I got attached." Hershey hugged Amy tight as she rested her head on her shoulder.

Amy smiled. "I don't remember anything I did during that time," she rested her head on Hershey's.

"That's fine. You were cute and adorable." Hershey told her as she released her.

"You were also afraid of Sonic," Bunnie laughed.

"She was?" Rouge seemed amused.

"He just picked her up and held her in the air and spun her without warning. Amy screamed and ran away from him after that." Bunnie stated.

"Yup, she wouldn't go anywhere near him unless Geoffrey was holding her," Hershey laughed.

"Geoffrey held me and no one took pictures?" Amy muses.

"No. We took pictures," Hershey corrected.

"And videos," Bunnie added, "Antoine and Elise taught you to call Geoffrey and Hershey your daddy and mommy. Geoffrey's reaction was priceless."

Amy laughed, "I need to see these videos."

A knock at the door caught their attention.

"And I just finished your make up," Honey beamed, "Shadow has some good timing."

Amy rolled her eyes as she walked to the door. She smiled as she greeted the ebony hedgehog. "Hi," she smiled.

"Make sure you don't keep her out too late," Hershey called from inside.

Amy giggled. "Sorry about her," she mouthed.

Shadow nodded, "I'll make sure Rose is back at a reasonable hour." He led Amy to the motorcycle and handed her a helmet.