Friday, June 30, 2017


I am just sitting still
So muxh to do.
So little time.
I have plans
I have visions
I'm just in pain
Zapped of everything.
I have nothing to distract
But no energy is here
Depression is a scary thing
I'm frightened and struggling.
Just a step
One tiny step
I want to succeed
I want to fly.
Make a vision come alive

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Deutsch Notes Pg1

I began recording myself going over my old German notes from high school in 2010. So here are the first two video sets of notes.
Here is Page 2. Go check if you want to see more notes.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

R.o.S. ch9 pt2

Here is part two of chap 9.
Rei nodded. "I think I'll be fine without it, but I'll keep it just in case."
"Jadeite!" Myriam slapped his arm. "You're father isn't that horrible a man."
Jadeite arched a brow. He said nothing as he went back to cooking. "Is this turning out well, Mommy." He showed her the food as he spoke with the sweetest of voices.
Myriam sighed with a smile. "It's coming nicely."
Dinner was soon done. It was a nice traditional Japanese dinner that the writer is too lazy to name. Once dinner was laid on the table a knock came to the door.
Jadeite found himsef sneering as he stood. "I'll get the door mother."
"Greet your father politely," Myriam begged him.
Jadeite nodded as he walked to the door. He opened the door with his best model smile. "Hello Thomas, you're right on time for dinner."
Thomas nodded. His bleach blond hair was cut short but spiked upward. "I'm glad to hear it."
Jadeite nodded as he stepped to the side. "Please follow me," he gestured with his hands. He walked tall and proud like the general he was. He was the king of harmony and patience after all. He could do this. He frowned as he entered the dinning room. "I hate this," he mouthed. He soon switched to a smile as he sat next to his mom. Rei sat on Myriam's other side. Masato sat next to Jadeite and Amelia sat across from him.
Thomas arched a brow as he sat next to Masato. "Why is she here?" He pointed to Rei. He had been told Amelia and Masato wouls be there. But not the annoying physic girl.
"Hino-sama," Jadeite stressed the sama, "Is here to visit mom. She is a good customer at the store."
"Good customers don't join you for dinner." Thomas stated with an annoyed face.
"I just couldn't help but beg to have Ojou-sama's delicious home cooking," Rei interjected. "Especially if I could meet her precious son with a nickname like Peacock. I was just so curious how much he was like one."
"Well you must be disappointed," Thomas stated. "The boy hasn't made much of himself to deserve the stupid nickname."
"Why don't we eat before the food gets cold?" Amelia stated. "Us Americans are rather impatient, you know."
Everyone picked up their chopsticks and ate in silence for a few minutes.
"So where have you been?" Thomas asked as he glared at the boy.
"We were lost in an midde Eastern country. Our phones, passports, and wallets had been stolen. It was very hard and tough on us." Jadeite stated with the attitude of a king.
"We're lucky we made it back to Japan at all." Masato added.
"Thank goodness that fret ship allowed you boys to stoaway." Amelia added.
"Yes. It was all quite frightful though." Jadeite stated.
"I had never seen Shin look so green," Masato shook his head. "I thought he would puke on me."
"Not while we're eating Masato," Myriam chided.
"So what have you been up to since we've last met?" Jadeite asked.
"Working an actual job and getting paid." Thomas sneered.
Jadeite nodded with a smile. "So what kind of work are you doing?"
"Construction." Thomas shot back.
"Ah. That's really hard work. Some peppermint tea when you get home can help relax your muscles." Jadeite stated. "In fact, the scent of peppermint alone should be enough."
"I don't need your stupid tea boy." Thomas growled.
Myriam frowned as she continued to eat.
Jadeite merely smiled. "I'm just trying to give you a helpful suggestion. You're always complaining of sore muscles."
"Whose fault is it that I have a bad foot?" Thomas hissed.
"I don't recall. Whose fault is it?" Jadeite tilted his head.
"It's yours. And you did it on purpose." Thomas slammed his fist on the table.
"He didn't do it on purpose!" Myriam exclaimed. "He was only 3. Three year olds get rowdy."
"No. He did it on purpose." Thomas insisted.
"What did I do when I was three?" Jadeite asked.
"How can you not remember attacking your own father!?" Thomas grew irrate as he stood up.
"He was 3. He was too young to remember." Myriam stated.
"Most children don't start actually remembering things until they're five. That's why I asked what it was I did." Jadeite said calmly.
"Why you!" Thomas pulled Jadeite up by the collar.
Everyone gasped as Rei stood up. Jadeite kept a straight face. "Please sit down. You're disrupting dinner."
Thomas pulled his fist back and brought it forward. "Don't act so high and mighty."
Jadeite merely stared at Thomas's hand as it found itself in cased in ice.
Thomas let out a shriek as he stared at his hand.
Masato suck in a breath as he pushed his seat back. He got up as Thomas continue on. He placed his hand on Thomas's shoulder as he concentrated. He recited a contra he knew well.
Thomas's face went blank as his body loosened.
"Unfreeze his arm," Masato ordered hushly.
Jadeite nodded as snapped his fingers above Thomas's hand.
Masato recited another contra before Thomas walked back to his seat. He sat and finished his food silently before standing up again.
"Well it was nice seeing you all, but I have to leave now. Thank you for dinner." Thomas said, still looking hazy.
Jadeite nodded. "Same here." He walked Thomas to the door. "Have a safe trip home."
Once Thomas was gone, Jadeite sat down and began finishing his dinner.  "Your cooking is wonderful mom."
"Thanks..." Myriam nodded. "What just happened?"
"Thomas came over to dinner?" Jadeite refused to make eye contact.
"It looked to me like you froze his fist." Amelia pipped in.
"The damage isn't permanent. And I didn't exactly harm him," Jadeite held up a finger to make a point. He continued eating.
"Your cooking is wonderful ma'am," Masato added on as he finished his plate. "Please allow me help with the dishes!" He quickly gathered up his dishes and Thomas's before dashing off to the sink.
Myriam stared at her son. Amelia joined as they ate in silence. Myriam shook her head as she smiled at Rei.  "So how have things been with you Rei-chan?"
"It's been going well." Rei nodded. "I have a test at school next week."
"Well, I hope you do well. I know how busy the shrine keeps you. How has your grandpa been?"
"He's doing well. And things hace been busy at the shrine. A lot of people have been coming by to get charms for their exams."
"Ah! I haven't been to many shrines yet. Is the one you work at family owned?"
Rei nodded with a smile. "Yes. You should come by sometime. If I'm there, I can gove you a tour."
"Oh that's so sweet. I'll take you up on that if I see you." Amelia beamed. "But tomorrow is a day off, right? You should take that day to relax. It's good to hang out with friends and be worry free once in a while. Maybe I'll come by Tuesday or Wednesday. Would that me alright with you?"
"I would like that very much," Rei smiled. The three made small talk as Jadeite finished his food and hid in the kitchen with Masato.
Myriam gathered the plates and walked into the plates and stood in the door way.
"What did they do?" Rei asked as she walked up behind her. She looked over Myriam's shoulder and tilted her head as she stared at the boys.
Apparently they had gotten bored and decided to clean the whole kitchen. It was spotless and sparkling. The two boys seemed to be organizing the can goods by type.
"Boys?" Myriam coughed from the strong scent of pinsol.
"Oh, hello mom," Jadeite smiled as he handed two cans to Masato. "Let me get those," he took the dishes from her. "Would you like me to make you some tea?"
"Am I going to be able to find anything in the morning?" She smiled.
"I'll draw you a diagram," Jadeite stated. "But you've been working so hard, why don't you take a break and enjoy some tea with the ladies. Jadeite glanced at the clock on the microwave. "Miss Hino, will your grandfather or Chad be coming to get you? It will be getting dark soon."
"I can manage to get home on my own," Rei glared at Jadeite. Though she appreciated him being formal with her a part of that formality stung.
Jadeite turned to Masato, but before he could voice his question, Masato spoke.
"I can drive Rei home. If you don't mind waiting til we finish this, I'll be more then happy to take you." Masato smiled at the raven haired teen. Rei saw no point in arguing.
"Very well," she turned to Myriam. "Would it be alright if I stayed a little longer?"
"Not at all," Myriam smiled.
"That's good," Jadeite beamed at his mother, "You three can have some girl talk while we finish this. So what tea qould you like?"
"I'm not in the mood for tea right now. Are you Rei?" Rei shook her head. "How about you Amelia?"
"Nah, I'm good," Amelia said from the kitchen.
The three women found themselves playing cards. Rei was slowly getting a grip on Texas hold 'em.
The two men came out of the kitchen and Masato grabbed his keys off the wall. "It was very nice to have dinner with you ma'am." He bowed.
Myriam nodded. "Get home safely," she hugged Jadeite.
"Shall I visit tomorrow?" Jadeite smiled as he folded his hands behind his back.
Myriam merely smiled as she patted her son on the cheek. "No, hang out with your friends. Amelia have a girl's day planned. You'll find it boring."

Friday, June 9, 2017

Update about Art Institute of Atlanta

I was informed by a relative who knows about legal stuff to write a letter to the Art Institue of Atlanta about all the grievances that I've had with the school and teachers assoicated. I was told to write of every instance and explain how I did not receive the education I had signed the loans for and how I would refuse to pay them for the lack of education and quality they provided. I was informed to send it certified mail to them so that they would have to sign for it and to send a copy to my relative and a legal team. I was informed to send it before the school becomes non-profit durning the summer quarter.
I am slowly working on the letter because I don't want to miss anything and I will also include tales from fellow classmates that I have heard. Because a lot is wrong with this school, I don't want to be queit about it anymore.
If any of you have had similar experiences, I encourage you to also write a letter and send it certified mail as well.