Friday, May 11, 2018

Random Short Story

I was told there were rabbits on the moon. I wondered if it was true. As I stared up at the pale disc in the sky, I failed to see any rabbits. There seemed to be nothing there. Just a shiny source of white light in the night.
"What are you staring so intensely at?" The voice drew my attention away. It was soft like a whisper, but it also held a sound reminding me of a wind chime. I turned to stare at a woman with silky black hair. It was done up in a large bun, the excess hair flowing out from the center of it. Her clothes had gold embroidery on them. The sleeves were so long that they nearly covered her hands. Her pants were high waist and flowed out like a bloomed tulip. Her eyes were a warm color that seem to draw me in.
"I'm trying to see if the tale about rabbits on the moon is true." I take a small step away from her. I didn't know her, so a bit a caution is always good. Though, she does seem like a nice woman.
A short giggle escapes her mouth before she rushes her hand above her mouth to silence herself. "Isn't it said that the rabbits are making candy of some sort up there?"
I nod. Of course it was. Everyone knew that.
"It's sweet that you believe a tale told to amuse children," she murmurs, "Though I've sad to say I've never seen rabbits up there myself. But then again, we only see one side of the moon from here."
"That's why I'm looking. Why tell a child that in the first place?"
"Hmm..." she shrugged, "To encourage imagination maybe?"
I stare back at the moon. Maybe that was it. "Maybe you're right." I turn back to address her after a few silent moments only to find her gone. 

Even adults dream of tests

So, I'm suffering from lower back pain that is making it hard for me to sleep. I'm blaming most of it on my period. But either way, I'm awake before my boyfriend.
I looked up some yoga poses for lower back pain and found a 4 minute routine. And i started that. I just can't get comfortable, so maybe some stretches will help?
I do the child pose for one minute and my boyfriend rolls over and burries my phone in the process. He even tried to cover me with a blanket while I was stretching.
He's just so sweet.
So i get up and try to find my phone which he burried in his sleep. I give him a kiss and i love you.
He mumbles something incoherent and then, "I need a pencil."
I smile, going he's talking in his sleep.
"The test," he goes on.
"The test?" I echo as i rub his chest, "Don't worry, you have a pencil."
"The teacher will be here soon." And then he goes back to snoring. I just give him a kiss, and i find my phone burried under the blanket in between the spaces of our pillows.
And now i shall watch him sleep for a bit before going back to yoga.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

I got a New keyboard

So, I just got this new keyboard. It wasn't what I was expecting because I ordered a wireless keyboard and the one that arrived was not wireless. It is also the wrong color. It was supposed to be black and the one that arrived was silver. It's just small things about the keyboard that bug me, but I like the way it feels as I am typing. The back light on it is nice as well, though I don't like the face that it's a warm orange color. A part of it reminds me of a light that I recall in my papa's room as a child. The page for it says it's supposed to be a rainbow of colors, but I can't change the color at all. It's just a bit annoying. But it is a good wired keyboard if that is what you're looking for.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Why did you bring this here?

So I work at a Japanese American arcade now. And today was an average day when it comes to how busy we were for a Sunday. I worked 6pm to 2am. I'm glad because I missed the group who got 6 platters of wings and 18 orders of fries. I work in the food and beverage department, in case I haven't mentioned that yet and you were confused. But today we sold out of lots of stuff. Nachos, Mozzarella sticks, and even large pizzas.
We all wear radios at work so that we can easily contact anyone and everyone. And today at some point, someone in the bowling department found a full unopened bottle of liquor on one of the lanes. We were all confused about why anyone would bring it to an arcade. We have signs posted about no outside food and drink being allowed. As well as the fact that we have a bar. An actual BAR with alcohol at it. But it was taken to where ever our lost and found is. And it died down about it since none of us knew which customer brought it.
Later at around 12:30, a customer wanted me to get him a beer. I told him the bar was closed and that I wasn't certified to serve the bar either way. He responded with, "I won't tell anyone. I'll give you 12$ for it." He had some gold teeth and a woman who looked pregnant with him. I again told him no. The bar was closed and I couldn't help him. They left and I went back to cleaning.
While cleaning, the security guards told us to leave in pairs. Which I thought was odd because I've been here 2 months, and I've never heard that before.
A little while later at around 1:50am, I saw the guy who wanted to buy a beer at the counter in a large group of people. They were fussing over their bottle of alcohol that had been picked up because no one was with it. They wanted the bottle back, but since they had illegally brought it in, it had been confiscated and they weren't going to get it back. Two of the security guards were at the desk with the manager. A few of them were threatening to start of a fight. They eventually left, but one came back and actually walked behind the counter to yell at the manager and security guard. The manager called the cops and the guy left with his friends.
One of my co-workers heard him saying something about wanting to fight all of us. I wasn't shocked, a lot of customers don't seem to know how to act like people. Especially since common sense should tell you that you shouldn't bring a bottle of your own alcohol into an arcade. Or really anywhere that isn't your place or your friend's place. But whatever.
I walked outside with 3 of my other co-workers as we talked about how ridiculous the customers were.