Monday, February 26, 2018

Why did you bring this here?

So I work at a Japanese American arcade now. And today was an average day when it comes to how busy we were for a Sunday. I worked 6pm to 2am. I'm glad because I missed the group who got 6 platters of wings and 18 orders of fries. I work in the food and beverage department, in case I haven't mentioned that yet and you were confused. But today we sold out of lots of stuff. Nachos, Mozzarella sticks, and even large pizzas.
We all wear radios at work so that we can easily contact anyone and everyone. And today at some point, someone in the bowling department found a full unopened bottle of liquor on one of the lanes. We were all confused about why anyone would bring it to an arcade. We have signs posted about no outside food and drink being allowed. As well as the fact that we have a bar. An actual BAR with alcohol at it. But it was taken to where ever our lost and found is. And it died down about it since none of us knew which customer brought it.
Later at around 12:30, a customer wanted me to get him a beer. I told him the bar was closed and that I wasn't certified to serve the bar either way. He responded with, "I won't tell anyone. I'll give you 12$ for it." He had some gold teeth and a woman who looked pregnant with him. I again told him no. The bar was closed and I couldn't help him. They left and I went back to cleaning.
While cleaning, the security guards told us to leave in pairs. Which I thought was odd because I've been here 2 months, and I've never heard that before.
A little while later at around 1:50am, I saw the guy who wanted to buy a beer at the counter in a large group of people. They were fussing over their bottle of alcohol that had been picked up because no one was with it. They wanted the bottle back, but since they had illegally brought it in, it had been confiscated and they weren't going to get it back. Two of the security guards were at the desk with the manager. A few of them were threatening to start of a fight. They eventually left, but one came back and actually walked behind the counter to yell at the manager and security guard. The manager called the cops and the guy left with his friends.
One of my co-workers heard him saying something about wanting to fight all of us. I wasn't shocked, a lot of customers don't seem to know how to act like people. Especially since common sense should tell you that you shouldn't bring a bottle of your own alcohol into an arcade. Or really anywhere that isn't your place or your friend's place. But whatever.
I walked outside with 3 of my other co-workers as we talked about how ridiculous the customers were.

Friday, November 24, 2017


Staring dead into the screen
My head is swimming
We're the problem?
Then why not fire us and be done with it?
Oh wait you can't. You've no one there.
You need the worker in order to do the job