Thursday, January 26, 2017

Do you want one?

Do you want one?

By KrissieDeathy


He was pretty sure what he was doing was probably illegal. Well it wasn't. He had checked the court books. It wasn't illegal, but almost felt like it. His plan was an iffy one. He had been reading more books to prepare for it to. This plan would have consequences. He was pretty sure they would be bad, but he was trying to make it come out good.

All he really had to do was trick Amy Rose. Keep her from finding out until it was too late.

Shadow gulped as the phone in his pocket vibrated. He softly answered with Hello.

"Hello, is Mr. Shadow Hedgehog available?" A male asked.

"This is he," Shadow answered as he took a deep breath and walked outside of the library. He quickly made his way to a back alley where no one could see or hear him.

The doctor spoke the whole time and Shadow kept quiet until the end. "Do you have any questions Shadow?"

"No," Shadow responded, "Thank you for the call." He hung up the phone and just stared at it for a few minutes. He had a few minutes before he had to be at Amy's for dinner. He took in a deep breath before Chaos controlling to her house.

Amy smiled as she opened the door for Shadow. "Hey, you're here early," she giggled.

Shadow shrugged as he walked in. He took note of the small child in Amy's home. It was Antoine and Bunnie's boy Jacque. "Babysitting?" He nodded at the toddler.

"Yeah, they had to take Belle to the dentist and Jacque didn't want to go with. They should be here to get him in a few. What would you like for dinner?" She asked as she patted the toddler on the shoulder.

Jacque stared at Shadow for a long moment before turning back to his coloring book.

"I'm good with anything right now." Shadow told his girlfriend.

Amy tilted her head and gave a little pout. "What's bothering you?"

"Nothing," Shadow lied.

"Shadow," Amy lead him into the kitchen and had him sit down. "I know you better then that. So tell me what's bugging you so I can help."

Shadow hummed in thought and then looked into the living room where Jacque was. "Do you want one," he looked at the table fur any marks.

"One what?" Amy asked.

Shadow pointed into the living room.

"I think adding another table will clog the living room too much." Amy stated.

Shadow shook his head. "Not a table Rose," he sighed, "Do you want a..." He paused as he searched for the right word. A part of him wanted to say offspring, but he was sure Rose would only laugh it off as a joke. "A baby," he pointed at Jacque to clarify.

Amy became quite as she looked at Jacque from the kitchen. Then she turned to Shadow. "Shadow, aren't Gerald and Maurice our babies?"

"They're Chao." Shadow argued. "They're different. I'm asking if you want a child. An actual child, like the others have offsprings." He waved his hand towards Jacque.

Amy nodded as she sounded an oh. She could see that Shadow felt awkward bringing up this topic. It was true that she had been wanting a child. She always dreamed of having kids as a kid. But Amy wasn't so sure now. She had been in a happy relationship with Shadow for a few years now. She had been so certain that Shadow would never want kids. "How long have you been thinking about this?" She was curious. He never sprung things on he without thinking about it first.

"About a year and a half," Shadow answered as he clasped his hands on the table.

Amy's eyes widen. "Why?"

"You want one Rose," he stated as he wanted across the table and held her hand. "It's been obvious to me for a few years now. I can really see it when you're taking care of the others' offspring. So I've been doing research."

"Research?" Amy seem to laugh. That was so like Shadow.

"Yes." Shadow nodded seriously. "I went to a clinic and I'm not sterile. So it is possible for us. I've thought of plans too, but the main issue was that you take birth control and the percentage of it failing is very slim."

"Wait, wait, wait," Amy waved her hand. "Are you implying that you were going to get me pregnant on purpose and pretend it to be an accident? Because that's what I'm getting."

"Yes," Shadow nodded.

Amy sighed. "And what you have done if I decided to get an abortion without telling you?"

"Like you can hide a secret from me," Shadow smirked, "Plus I would just stalk you just in case." He shrugged like it was nothing.

"Evil..." She said with a small pout, but a smile quickly took it's place. "Did you even think about the consequences of being a parent?"

"That's mainly what I've been researching," Shadow stated. "There is no set way to guarantee anything, but I'm willing to try my best."

Amy hummed in thought. "I don't see any problem in trying," she smiled.

Shadow jumped up and kissed her. "We can start tonight after Antoine collects his offspring."

Amy giggled. "Aren't you a bit too excited?"

"Well it is the fun part," Shadow grinned as he hugged her. "Sadly you have to do the rest of the work." He hugged her tight as she rubbed her stomach.

"Well, you'll have to wait for my birth control to loose effect. I did take it this morning." Amy informed him.

"I know, but you won't be taking it after today, so there is a chance to get a baby tonight." Shadow stated logically.

Amy smiled. She almost hoped Antoine and Bunnie would arrive soon.


"How was he?" Bunnie asked as she walked into Amy's house.

"He was good. He's currently making a fort with Shadow in the backyard.

"Shadow?" Antoine repeated with wonder. He walked to the backyard as he held Belle in his arms.

"How was the dentist?" Amy asked.

"She whined when the doctor pulled out her tooth and has been clinging to Suga-Twan ever sense." Bunnie laughed.

Antoine came back into the house with Jacque holding his hand. "We're all ready to go," he stated. "Say goodbye to Aunt Amy kids."

Belle only waved one hand. Jacque beamed as he hugged Amy's leg. "Bye Amy! Good luck!" He held his father's hand again.

Amy said goodbye as the family left.

In the car, Bunnie turned to face her son from the front seat. "How was your visit with Aunt Amy?"

"It was good. We colored in coloring books and ate sandwiches. Shadow helped me build a fort. Oh, and they're going to have a baby!"

Antoine instantly stopped the car. "What?" The parents said in unison.

"Are you sure about that son?" Antoine asked as he looked at his son through the rear view mirror.

"Yep," Jacque nodded. "Shadow asked her if she wanted a baby. They're going to try to get one tonight. Shadow says that's the fun part."

"Uh-huh," Antoine nodded as he started the car up again. Bunnie was speechless as she turned slowly to face the front.

"Mommy, Daddy," Belle asked after a moment.

"Yes dear," Antoine answered.

"Where do babies come from?" She asked innocently.

"Well..." Bunnie began to think of an answer to give the four year old.

"From mommies," Jacque answered. "Shadow told Amy that he felt bad that she has to do all the hard work and he could only help with the fun part."

"Oh." Belle responded. "Are they having a boy or girl?"

Jacque shrugged. "I hope we can play together though."

"But it'll take a while for the baby to get big enough to play with," Belle pouted.

"We can give it our old toys I don't play with my alphabet ball anymore.? Jacque suggested.

"I still like my ladybug rattle, but it can have my old car seat. Do you think it'll like tiger?" Belle mused.

Antoine and Bunnie sighed. "Shadow has no clue what he's getting into." Antoine chuckled.

"Ssh..." Bunnie warned. "They'll hear you." She nodded her head back to the kids who were discussing which toys they would give to Amy's baby.


KRISSIE: I wrote this for really no reason. But enjoy it anyway.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Confession (ShadAmy fanfic) ch2

Confession (ShadAmy fanfic) ch2


Tails smiled as Shadow the Hedgehog entered his workshop.

"What did you want to show me?" He asked curtly.

"A very interesting tape," Tails beamed as he grabbed an Omochao off of a shelf. He pressed a button on the robot chao's back. A floppy disk came out of the Omochao's mouth. Tails pulled it out like it was a delicate thing that could easily break. "Watch it and I'm sure you'll find it. But do it in your own time. If Rouge gets involved, it might cause trouble for you." Tails placed the disk in a case before putting it in Shadow's hand.

Shadow arched an eyebrow at the fox, but didn't bother to argue. He merely nodded as he went home to drop the tape off. He wondered if the Omochao had caught some plot of the doctor's, or someone in G.U.N.'s that night cause trouble. Or it could have something to do with chaos emeralds since Rouge might cause him trouble if she saw it.

Shadow placed the disk in his drawer at home by his computer. It was a bright orange disk, so he hoped his pet Chao wouldn't find it and try to eat it. They associated most orange things with food these days. Before leaving back to work, he opened the door to see the two Chao sleeping on his bed. He shook his head at their odd sleeping positions before heading back to work.


Rouge grinned at the pink hedgehog. "Come on! It's just one date."

Amy shook her head. It had been two days since Amy had made that drunk confession while out with everyone. She was lucky that Tails didn't tease her about it. She had been getting sympathy hugs from Hershey, Bunnie, and Sally. Even Antoine and Geoffrey were being sympathetic to her. Antoine she could get, but Geoffrey being sympathetic was just odd. And now here Rouge was trying to get her to go on a date with Shadow.

"Come on Amy! You know you wanna go!" Rouge argued. "So why not make it a date?"

"It would be best to go as a group," Amy stated, "That way everyone can enjoy it together."

Rouge sighed as she moved some stay stands of fur out of her eyes.

The door opened and the white bat perked up.

"Hey Shadow, come give me a hand here!" Rouge called her partner over.

"Good afternoon," he greeted them with a court nod. "What do you require assistance in?"

"Amy wants to invite everyone to go to the art museum, but I'm trying to get her to understand that you would probably prefer to go with just her to see it." Rouge quickly fibbed. "Would you tell her which you would like."

Shadow nodded as he thought it over. "If you're there, we'll have to keep you from stealing any jewels. Sonic wouldn't appreciate it. Other than that, I can't find fault in inviting anyone else."

Rouge pouted. That wasn't what she wanted him to say.

Amy merely smiled in relief.

"When are you planning on going?" Shadow asked.

"Probably this Saturday," she replied. "Or do you think that's too soon?

Shadow nodded. "It'll work for me. We hopefully won't be sent to the field soon. So what art is being displayed?"

"They added a new exhibit on old religious paintings and surrealist paintings." She replied with a smile.

Shadow nodded as he walked to his desk to do his work for the day.

Amy said bye to them as she left to invite the others.


Shadow walked home to find his two Chao sitting underneath the couch cushions. Apparently they woke up and built themselves a fort. Shadow put the cushions back and feed the little demons. They followed him around as he walked into the room where he kept the computer. He popped in the bright orange disc and watched the video file on the disc.

The Chao propped themselves on his shoulders as he watched. He was expecting to see the doctor hatching another scheme, what he saw was not that. It was Amy. Highly intoxicated from the looks of it. She spoke in a mixture of Japanese and English.

Shadow arched a brow, wondering if Tails had given him the wrong tape. But then, why did Tails have this footage? Did the fox perhaps have some weird hobby that he didn't know of?

"If there is anything indecent on this tape, I'm telling Rose and she can hit him." Shadow told himself.

"I really love Shadow-kun," Amy stated in a happy voice.

Shadow stared at it the footage a moment. Rose said she loved him. But their friendship was more important to her.

Suddenly it clicked in Shadow's brain.

Rouge was trying to set them up on a date this afternoon.

Shadow sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose. He turned off the computer after taking out the disc. He would return it to Tails and take the Chao to the garden nearby to play. He had always like Rose, but love? Eh... The word felt wrong in his brain, let alone his mouth. He told himself he would pretend not have ever heard or seen it. That way Rose wouldn't feel uncomfortable. If she wanted to keep a friendship, he would do that.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Confession (ShadAmy Fanfic) ch1

Tails wrapped a blanket around the pink hedgehog. She was out of it drunk and was pretty close to sleep.

"Amy sure is going to suffer a hang over when she wakes up," Hershey giggled as she rubbed the girl's back.

"Well, it is a celebration." Sally shrugged. "Though I don't get why she finally wanted to get drunk on her 22nd birthday."

Tails paused on the piece of pizza he was eating. He smirked as he swallowed the food. "Amy-Chan," he sang softly.

"Hai Tailsu?" She replied in Japanese.

"What are we celebrating, Amy-Chan?"

"Hugs!" Amy bounced up and beamed at him.

"Why are we celebrating hugs?" Tails mused as he propped his head in his hand.

"Shadow-kun gave me a hug today. Shadow never gives hugs so such things should be celebrated!"

Tails nodded as he wrapped the blanket around her again. "That's nice," he pulled her against his chest, "Maybe one day you can tell Shadow you like him, hmm?"

"Nah. I love Shadow-kun, but my friendship is more important than that." She mumbled into the fox.

Tails nodded as he patted her on the head. "Well go to sleep my drunk friend. Sleep and dream of nice things."

Amy nodded before a soft snore left her.

Tails looked up at the cat with pigtails sitting across from him. "You owe me 10 bucks."

Honey pouted as she pulled out her wallet. She grabbed 10 out and handed it to him. "Sneaky fox," she declared.

"Sneaky?" Tails chuckled. "That's the first I've been called that. Smart, yes. Sneaky, no. So how am I sneaky, Honey?"

Honey glared at him. "How drunk are you?"

"Not drunk enough that I'll forget anything." He gave a cheeky smirk.

Honey glared at him, but said nothing else.


KRISSIE: I began writing this a while ago. So here it is to you. I'm off to write a continuation of this on my phone.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Amber Tears Excerpt Genie

The lights sparkled on the tree. She had ventured into the dusty basement to fish it out. She took the time to untangle the lights and place them on the tree with care. She now sat on the old worn couch. It was a deep brown with a pattern she hated on it.

She tapped her fingers on the mug in her hands. How long had it been now? She wondered as she counted the days on her fingers. They were here the week before Halloween.

She wondered where they had gone. Wherever they were, they were paying the bills as she hadn't gotten a late notice. She even called the companies to check. They told her it has already been paid. It only made her wonder where they were. Why didn't they answer her text or phone calls?

She took a sip of the apple cider. She was bored. Thanksgiving had had an odd air about it this year. She had driven to her aunt's house and rode with her to her grandparents. Everyone murmured that it was a shame that her parents had to work that day. Genie had stayed as long as she could. Silently hoping they would stop by.

She wasn't expecting them to turn up all smiley and hair. She wouldn't mind if they buffered the whole way home like they always did. She just wanted to see them.

She slumped out of her seat on the couch and dragged her feet as she entered the kitchen. She opened the fridge and frowned. The plates her grandfather had sent home for them had been left untouched. She crouched in front of the fridge, just starting inside of it. The cold air became too much for her and she soon got up and closed the fridge.

This December was off to a sad start. This month was supposed to be a happy cheery one. They were supposed to put up the tree together, but they couldn't put up the tree together if they weren't there.