Wednesday, November 23, 2016

poem how does it

How does it feel to know you were left in the rain?

how does it feel to know you're full of pain?

how does it feel to know that you'll forever be a stain?

on the concrete, never washing away, always seen but never acknowledged

How does it feel?

Don't you feel ill?

just look at what all you can kill

will you?

will you?

have you broken that much?

are you so untouched?

warmth, love, happiness

do you have none of this?

are you just a mess?

How does it feel to be left in the rain?

how does it feel to be full of pain?

how does it feel?

crying, screaming, cursing a name

desperately clawing to find a person to blame

is this all some cruel, sick game?

you wish it was.

so here we are

just look up at all those stars

is this what you want?

Am I being too blunt?

how does it feel to know you were left in the rain?

how does it feel to know you're full of pain?

is this the path you choose?

do you really want to purposely loose?

to give them what they want

is that what you want?

don't just give up, throw away, forfeit

how does it feel to know you were left in the rain?

how does it feel to know you're full of pain?

make it the strength, the fuel, the drive

you'll surely find a way to thrive

make them notice

you're not just the unwashable stain on the concrete

make them focus

so that they'll hear the sound of crunching leaves under your feet.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

stuck zipper

Genie growled at the stuck zipper. She had been tugging and tugging, but it just wouldn't budge. She hissed as she felt a headache forming. She tugged at the zipper once more. She groaned as she began to take off the jacket like a normal shirt. She would fuss with the zipper later.

"Is the zipper still stuck?" Rosabella asked curiously.

"Yep," Genie popped the p loudly.

"Can I try my hand at it?" Rosabella asked sweetly. She felt awful for Genie who had been struggling with the stuck zipper since that morning.

Genie shrugged as she handed it over. "It couldn't hurt. Good luck."

Rosabella smiled as she held the orange jacket. It wasn't a bright orange, but a purposely dingy looking one. She sat in the floor of the theatre. She sat in one of the rows where she would be out of the way. She laid the jacket down flat. She stared at the zipper. It didn't have any hair in its teeth.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Amber Tears Excerpt

"And who is your friend Rosabella?" Bethel mused.

Genie felt as though the woman already knew who she was. But she appreciated that she was trying to get a proper greeting.

"This is my friend Genie Rocklins. Genie this is Bethel. She's a sorceress." Rosabella added.

"I also happen to own a very nice book store," she added as she stood. Genie was surprised that she was taller then the woman. Bethel extended her hand. "It's nice to meet you Genie. I hope your parents don't mind you being out so late."

"Oh they're not home today, so it's fine. It's nice to meet you too." Genie smiled as she took the hand.

"Well you've got a nice firm grip! That's a good thing." Bethel commented. "The real party is in the ballroom through that door. But feel free to explore the rooms that aren't locked. But since you're mortal, try not to leave Rosabella's side. Rosabella help her out with anything she doesn't understand."

"Yes Bethel," Rosabella nodded. She wrapped her arm around Genie's. "Let me introduce you to everyone here."

Genie nodded as she allowed Rosabella to guide her into the ballroom.

the ballroom was huge. There were several tables full of food and drinks. There were several people dancing and just chatting.

amber tears excerpt

Glenda pressed her hand on the doorway. She muttered some words and the edges of the door glowed softly. She stepped back and smiled.

Rosabella opened the door and dragged Genie inside by the arm. "Don't let go of me." She ordered in a soft whisper.

Genie smiled. "As if I would want to." She thought.

the old woman and Glenda stepped in. It was cramp and dark.

Genie heard some tapping on the wall. There was a sudden feeling of an elevator moving. At first they went up and then back down.

poem Doll

"This is garbage," the teacher says.

"Maybe I just want to make garbage?" I mentally retort.

you don't seem to understand the way i work

the wires for this doll is not normal

the cords and plugs are finicky.

broken and frayed

the wires were plugged out roughly from many places.

now the connectors don't work as you would wish

you can tape them up as much as you want

but it's not going to fix

I'm just a doll

a little doll

sitting in the room

my body daren't move.

little broken doll

the prongs in the plugs are bent.

your connectors can't quite fit

tears haven't been seen in so long

breaking down

the doll is tired

the doll is mad

the doll just wants out to end

to move on it's own

it doesn't want to connect anymore

it's hopeless you know

I'm only a defective doll

I'm only a garbage doll

do you understand the doll at all?

do you know the tape isn't working?

the doll is tired.

the doll is mad.

this doll doesn't want to be connected anymore

there's too much pain

"You're garbage."

that's all she's hearing

that's all she's feeling

it's hard for dolls who can't meet what you want

a defective doll doesn't want to be reminded anymore that the cords are frayed

that the plugs are damaged

that no matter what

fixing it will be impossible

the doll is tired

the doll is mad

the doll is done

the doll is garbage

the doll wishes to disconnect





Tears from grey eyes fall upon the ground

somewhere there is a whispering sound

you're worries become your fears

and while you try to focus on sorting yourself

you find that you're stuck in one gear

stuck screaming at ones self

you can't move

oil & grease won't make this smooth

the others aren't waiting, moving along with out you




Blood filled the tub. She had made a deep cut. Her short hair clung to her body from sweat. Her eyes looked down. Focusing on the movement of blood and suds. They formed silohouttes of images and she could only make up a story to herself.

"The doll is only a doll. It knows not what makes it. It knows not where it belongs. The connectors here don't fit it either. But the doll can't leave without that paper."

the voice was horse. It squeaked out and echoes bounced off the walls. She had used up nearly all of it earlier. Before the cutting, it seemed all she could do was cry and scream. Nothing would numb the pain. That was until she found the knife.

it was small but sharp. She wasn't quite sure why she had the excato knife. She had told herself to get rid of it after that class. She knew the danger it possesed over her. She knew she should have never had it in the first place. But they insisted she use it for class. Well she had certainly used it. The bath tub had spots that were a deep dark red. Other spots were light.

she smirked. It reminded her of her period blood in the toilet. She leaned her head against the wall of the bathtub. She was having trouble keeping her eyes open. She would close them for a bit.

the world went black but she could still hear sounds. The drip from the leaky sink was a sort of metronome to her. The sound of the air conditioner. For a long blissful time out was just this. Then foot steps drew closer. The door handle jiggled. There came a knock. She didn't feel like responding to the voice on the other side. There was another jiggle, but this one different. The door creeked opened. There was a loud commotion but she didn't paid it much attention. Apart of her was curious, but the other part was tired. Cooing for sleep and winning out. Her ears stayed opened and that was all that it would be.

Thursday, November 10, 2016


Taking a nap and waking to find

A man who many said would never win has won

the hope, joy, and pride has died, only leaving anger and fear behind

for hours, many, myself included, were stunned

because our country, land of the free, home of the brave, is apparently racist

but come to find later of a messy system, to you I'll insist

not every vote is equal

we can thank the Electoral college for that.

270 anonymous people from each state votes for the whole

they don't have to listen to us either

they just look at what we picked on our ballot

taking that into consideration,

but that doesn't mean they will

not only that, but the electoral college makes it where none of the votes are truly equal.

a person's vote in Maine is not the same worth as a person's vote in Florida.

it Is because of the electoral college that the person with the most actual votes is not our next president to be.

because only the votes in a few certain states matters and not the whole

It has happened 5 times now

shouldn't we do something about it?

it's like taking a class and splitting it into sections

Tommy's vote is worth 3 times more then Shaniquia

Shaniquia's vote is worth twice as much as Juan's vote

Carl's vote is worth 5 times more then Shaniquia's.

and now it's a math problem.

shouldn't each vote be equal to one another?

to come together as a whole in a simple long addition?

wouldn't that make us equal?

so why do we rely on such an old, outdated way to decided our leader

I want my leader to be decided by everyone equally.

 not with the votes being equal with only 270 mysterious unknown people deciding for me.


Amber Tears Excerpt - Koi

Genie smiled as she walked around Ole Town. Rosabella had come along with her.

"So where are we walking to now?" Rosabella asked curiously.

"You'll see soon enough." Genie stated as she led the way. Ole Town was compacted enough that you could actually walk to it. Most things were a good five minute drive apart that not having a car wasn't really an option.

Genie smiled as she saw the familiar old wooden gate. She walked into the area. The ground was mainly rock here. Water feel into a small pond. There was a wooden bridge that went over the small pond.

"What is this place?" Rosabella perked up with great interest.

"It's a koi pond. Come look!" Genie led her to the edge of the pond. "See, there's one!" She pointed at a grey koi fish that swam by.

"Why are most of them grey?" Rosabella asked after several minutes of watching the fish in silence.

Genie shrugged. She didn't know at all. "Maybe its the water or something," she theorized.

Rosabella nodded. She looked at her watch. It was almost 7. "I have to get home for dinner."

"Me too," Genie sighed. She wondered if her parents would be arguing when she got home again. Hopefully there would be ravioli in the cabinet. She could get it out of the can in her room and ignore them if they were. "I can drive you home." Genie offered.


The two began walking back to Genie's car. It was an old car, but it worked. She parked it at the cemetery since it wouldn't be in anyone's way there.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Amber Tears Excerpt -Coin Flip

Rosabella flipped a coin. She took a deep breath. She looked at the coin flat on the table.

It was tails.

Rosabella smiled as she lightly kicked her get under the table.

"What are you flipping coins for?" Allisen mused as she sat down in front of her.

"Oh just a bit of decision making," Rosabella cursed herself for blushing. She wished her hair was down so she could hide it.

"Uh-huh," Allisen nodded. Allisen wore a hijab with a Hawaiian flower print on it. It was a beautiful bright blue color that drew attention to it. She wore a thin long sleeve shirt with a purple donkey on it, a pair of blue jeans, and black tennis shoes. Allisen smiled almost smugly, "Well I hope the answer you get is yes."

"What do you mean?" Rosabella leaned Away from the table. She tapped her fingers on the seat.

"I'm not blind," Allisen teased, "You're going to ask to be an item right?"

"No!" Rosabella yelled too loudly. Her face turned a bright red as she bit her lower lip. "I was just going to ask her to the dance."

Allisen sighed. "You're little outings are cute and all. But it's obvious they're dates. Just behind a couple already."

Rosabella looked down as she rubbed her hands together. "I don't know..."

Allisen leaned in close. Rosabella looked up to find her a mere inch from her face. "What is it going to take for one of you to ask?"

Rosabella gulped. Allisen had no clue what she was asking her to do. Rosabella had never dated before. It scared her. Plus what I'd she ruined her friendship. She lucked out with Genie still wanting to be friends after she found out she was a banshee.

"Hi Genie!" Allisen sat up in a split second.

"Hey!" She waved at them. "What's with the serious air around you two?"

Rosabella gave a nervous laugh as she looked away. She didn't want to look Genie in the eye. She was too anxious.

"Oh that..." Allisen drew out the last word. She stood up rapidly. "Let's go to the library."

the two girls followed her into the library. Or was practically empty. She walked into the section of encyclopedias. No one ever really ventured into this section. She made the two girls sit down. She smiled as she placed a hand under their chins and made them face each other. "Now talk." With that she walked away. Leaving the two alone. Though they knew she wasn't far.

"Talk about what?" Genie arched an eye brow. Was it about a banshee thing? Did Allisem find out that Rosabella was a banshee? So many questions piped into her head.

Rosabella licked her lips before taking a deep breath. She fiddled with her fingers as she stumbled over her words. "I was just... Wondering if... If you wanted... Uh..." Rosabella clenched her teeth as she clapped her hands together. She grabbed ahold of Genie's hand. "Do you want to be an item with me?"

Genie tilted her head. Item? What did that mean? Was it some term banshees used?

Rosabella gasped. "I mean like a pair. You and me with promise rings and hand holding. And maybe in a

Monday, November 7, 2016

Amber Tears Excerpt

Genie rubbed her hands together. It wasn't that cold. It had been raining for days though. But still the temperature was a good 70. That was just the weather in Conyers in April. Lots of rain for days.

The February snow had melted away by March and now the rain was here. Since it was April, Genie knew of a few annual events that Rosabella might enjoy. All that was left was to invite her.

Genie removed her headset to listen to the sounds of the house. There wasn't much. It was quiet, but the faint sound of the door to the room in the hall swaying open. Genie was sure she was just imagining the soft laughter of kids playing. She had been hearing it since she was a kid and decided to ignore it a long time ago.

She picked up her phone and found Rosabella's name in her contact list.

"Hey, there's going to be the Cherry Blossom festival were our school chorus and drama clubs perform. It's not much of a thing, but would you like to go?"

Genie sent her text and waited for a response. She rubbed her hands together as she waited. She wanted this to be a date, but knew better of it. Rosabella was a beautiful girl and probably straight. Genie hadn't really dared to ask. Plus there was also the fact that Rosabella was a banshee.

'Do banshees even date?' Genie thought to herself. She read several books of vampires and werewolves dating mortals. She even read mangas were demons and even fairies had romantic relationships with humans. Though those were just stories, she sort of hoped that they were based on some small truths.

Genie jolted up at the sound of her phone's notification tone. She quickly brought her phone to her face to read the message.

"Sure! It sounds like fun. What day and what time?"

Genie could almost hear her voice on her head as she read her response. She double cheated the date and time on the flyer before texting Rosabella back.

Genie beamed with happiness as she slipped her headset back on. She plugged it into her phone and turned the music on shuffle. She flung her feet over the side of the bed as she walked over to her desk. She poured some water from her water bottle into the old glass jar as she picked up her paint brush. She pulled up a canvas with a pencil sketch on it. She put some pain into the small pallet she'd been given as a gift and began applying paint.

Thursday, November 3, 2016


GENIE sat on her bed. She was scribbling in her notebook. It was just random swirls. She sighed.

Just what exactly was wrong with her?

She jumped up at the sound of her alarm. She slammed her hand over the clock. She looked at the time and slipped on her converse. She tied the laces lazily before walking out of her room.

The house was eerily quiet today. It made Genie's hair stand on end. She patted her pocket to make sure her phone was there. She patted the headset that rested on her shoulders. She nodded as she closed the door. She walked as quietly as possible and found no one in the living room. It seemed she was still the only one home. She thought it odd that her parents hadn't come home from work yet, but maybe they were stuck in traffic.

She plucked up the remote off of the black crate her mom used as a coffee table. The tv flicked on and she waited for the tv to actually totem on. She cringed at its volume as she quickly turned it down, slightly wishing they still had that old dial tv. She typed in a number for the cartoon channel. She knew the news and crime documentaries would only make her paranoid about every little sound.

In the kitchen, Genie opened the cabinets. She wasn't sure what all they had. She found cans

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Amber Tears - Rosabella's break down

Rosabella locked the door. It was the first time in her life that she picked her door. She had never had too before, but this time she didn't want anyone to come in. She didn't want consoling. She just wanted to be alone with her feelings.

The tears hadn't stopped pouring yet. Most of them were just water, but there were a few balls of amber on the floor. She could feel the snot traveling out of her nose. When she opened her mouth to attempt to put more air in her lungs, she could taste it.

Rosabella rested her head on her bed. For the first time, she allowed herself to scream. The wail that came out shook the lamps. She could barely see from her watery eyes as she pressed the button on the side of the bed. She didn't even wait for the step to come out completely. The moment it was out an inch she stepped on it and hopped onto the bed.

She let out several pained wails. She felt awful. She knew this feeling but didn't know it all the same. She didn't quite understand what it was about the situation that was making her feel like this. She knew this want the end of the world. But Rosabella's emotional side didn't want to listen to her logical side.

Rosabella just wanted to cry and scream. And that's what she did. She laid in a fetal position between her parents pillows. Her body shook as she cried. The lamps and mirrors shook due to her wails.

ROSABELLA's throat was sore. She wondered how long she had cried before passing out. She looked up to find that her bed was full of ambers. She sighed as she brushed the balls away. She looked up and frown. She couldn't see anything in the room. She reach out and tapped the lamp by the bed. The light bulb inside it was still intact.

Rosabella smiled at that. The light bulb was made to withstand the screams of banshees and serines. She was glad her grandmother had gotten access to them for a tree run.

She soon frowned as she looked around the room. All the posters that were hung by nails on the wall were now on the ground. Except one that was now upside down, hanging onto the wall by one nail. All the mirrors were broken too.

She sighed as she carefully took a step off of her bed. She was still wearing her shoes, so she didn't have to worry too much about the debris.

Rosabella was careful as she walked down stairs to grab the broom and dust pan. She was greeted with Darla standing in front of the room all the cleaning supplies were kept in.

Darla stood there with a look of sympathy in her eyes. Rosabella looked away nervously. She felt awkward about the whole thing. Darla simply remained quiet as she grabbed the supplies.

Darla placed her hand on Rosabella's shoulder as they walked upstairs. Together, they cleaned the room in silence.

Amber Tears Excerpt - Meet Allisen

“I’m Rosabella,” She held out her hand, “What’s your name?”
The girl smiled, “Allisen.” Her voice was soft. It was very hard to hear her over the noise of the classroom. Rosabella leaned in to hear her.
“How do you spell that?” Rosabella asked.
“A-L-L-I-S-E-N,” she spelled the name quickly.
“I haven’t seen it spelled that way before. People must misspell your name all the time,” Rosabella mused.
Allisen nodded.
“So let’s play the get to know each other game,” Edcardo announced. “First topic, name a music artist your obsessed with right now. I’ll go first. Blood on the Dance Floor. Genie,” he waved his hand at Genie.
Genie smiled with embarrassment. “Abba.” She gestured to Rosabella.
“Vocaloid,” Rosabella fiddled with a strand of her hair.
“Really?’ Allisen perked up. “Me too. Which one is your favorite?”
“I would have to say Gumi,” Rosabella smiled, “Sorry for being a closet otaku is just so catchy.”

“I know! Personally my favorites are Rin and Len.” Allisen seemed so lively as they spoke about the virtual singers. Rosabella enjoy the conversation. The bell rang too quickly for the group.

random nov 2nd 9:50

I'm having thoughts again. Bad ones. These feelings - I hate them. I have myself for having them. But I don't know how to properly express them.

is it anger? Depression? Sadness?

I just don't know.

I don't know what to do to get myself in the green... to where the flowers are. It's just confusing to me. I've never soul searched before so I'm not sure how to start.

Is it an assignment you've given me or do you want me to stop?

all these things take time and I can't just manage the world. There's only so much I can do. And there's so little time and you want this and that. You'll be lucky if the project even gets finished at this point. Only so long and so many other things to do.

my head is spinning. I don't think I can go on like this. I just want to welcome sleep. Never move again. I'm so close to go with that quote. To embrace it whole heartedly and ignore everything else.

Blind Date Ch1

"I'm not sure about this Rouge." Amy stated as she fiddled with her hair.

"Just relax!" Rouge smiled as she moved Amy's hand away from her hair. "I told you, all you need to do is have fun. Blind dates are fun."

"I fail to see the fun of having to go out with a stranger." Amy began picking at her nails.

All the girls had gotten together and agreed that they should help Amy get over Sonic. Especially since the blue blur began dating Sally again. So for the pass few months, they had set Amy up on several blind dates. None of them worked out well. Especially to Amy, but her friends were trying. Today was Rouge's turn to arrange Amy's date. It was on a Thursday which the other girls thought were odd but Rouge said it was the only day the guy was free.

Amy sat on a bench. Rouge sat beside her as they waited for Amy's date to arrive. Amy was nervous. Rouge had dressed her in a tight dress that showed off her figure. Her hair was done up and she wore light make up. Amy was told this date would be dinner and movie. Since Halloween was just around the corner, she was sure it would be a horror movie.

"There you are Rouge," Shadow greeted as he slowed his run to a slow confident walk.

"What's up Shadow?" Rouge smirked. "Finally come to ask me out on a date?" She laughed knowing it would annoy the ebony hedgehog.

"No," he shook his head, "Thomas can't make that blind date you set him up on. Something about a home run with a barista from Starbucks?"

Amy turned bright red. She knew very well what that meant. She glared at Rouge. She couldn't be mad at Shadow. He had no clue what it meant. But Rouge should have noticed the kind of guy she almost set Amy on a date with.

Rouge hissed with annoyance. "Great now who is supposed to take Amy out tonight? Thomas said he wanted a date, I can't believe he flaked for some girl he's not going to call tomorrow." The bday continued to grumble as she pulled out he phone. She was looking for a replacement.

Shadow looked at Amy Rose. He hadn't noticed she was there. He clenched his first. Had he really said that a guy was getting a home run in front of her? He felt ashamed. The phrase felt dirty and wrong coming out of his mouth. It felt worse knowing he has said it in front of Amy. She was too innocent a girl have such things said in her presence.

He took notice of the nice clothes she was wearing as she look at Rouge with a tired look. Rouge was still trying to find a replacement date for Amy.

Shadow cringed. If Thomas was the one Rouge had gotten, then Shadow was afraid who she would get as a last minute resort. Shadow swallowed his pride. He was more concerned about Rose and if something bad were to happen to her.

"Thomas sent me to take his place," Shadow stated in his normal monotone. "He said it would be a good..." He paused as he thought of the phrase Thomas always used, "Socialization exercise for me."

Rouge stared at Shadow. She didn't like the idea of sending Shadow on a date with Amy. She was trying to help her find a boyfriend. Not hang out with friends. "Why?"

"He told me if I did this he would lay of the nagging about Socialization exercises." Shadow shrugged. He was currently lying through his teeth. But Rouge couldn't tell. Thomas had told him to tell Rouge to call Derek.

"The girl doesn't look like she'll put out. Plus she's probably bad at it," Thomas said over the phone. "Tell Rouge to see if Derek wants to go on a date with her. At the very least, she might learn how to kiss."

Shadow found Thomas annoying for his way of talking about women, but Shadow didn't care enough to put Thomas through the ringer. Now that he knew that he had been talking about Rose. He really wanted to put him through the ringer.

"I don't know..." Rouge seemed to contemplate the idea. "This is suppose to help Amy find a boyfriend. Not improve your social skills."

"But Rose already looks bored." Shadow pointed out the annoyed look on Amy's face. "And aren't you always saying that it's a waste to not have a good time when dressed nice?"

Shadow had Rouge there. She sighed. "This turned into a disaster." She muttered before turning to Amy. "I'm so sorry about this. But Do you mind doing a... Socialization exercise with Shadow instead of a date?"

Amy shrugged. "I don't mind." She smiled. She didn't want to go on a stupid date tonight anyway. Just hanging out with Shadow would be nice.

"Ok. Shadow take Amy to get dinner then." Rouge began to fly. "I'm so sorry today flopped Amy," she gave the pink hedgehog a hug before flying off.

Amy and Shadow stood in silence for a while as the bat flew off.

"So..." Amy hummed after a long interval. "What would you like for dinner?"

Shadow thought for a moment. "There's a nice Mexican restaurant nearby. It's not the fanciest place, but the food is good."

"That sounds fine by me." Amy smiled. "Lead the way," she waved her hand in a silly gesture.

The two talked on the short walk. It wasn't anything new. They talked about current interest. Shadow was fascinated by art, so Amy stuck to talking about artists.

"So what did you think of the dada art style?" Amy mused.

Shadow rolled his eyes. He had went to the art museum to see their new exhibit. It was on dada art. "How is flipping a toilet on its side art?"

Amy laughed. "I had a feeling you might say that."

"What about you? Are you a fan?" Shadow crossed his arms.

"Not really." Amy shook her head. "But it is funny."

Shadow nodded as he took a bite of his food. "So aside from art, what have you been up to Rose?"

Amy smiled at the Nick name. It never got old. "I've been baking a bunch. I recently got down this chocolate strawberry cake recipe down. Tails was a very good sport about taste testing them."

"Invite me next time you need a taste taster. I wouldn't mind eating sweets all day," Shadow smirked.

Amy laughed. "Because your body won't feel any ill effects from all that junk food?"

"No." Shadow retorted. "Because I really like junk food."

Amy clutched her stomach so hard from laughter. "Then I'll be sure to invite you then."

Random Sonic Fanfic

The sound of someone puking filled the small house. The twins on the couch perked up at the sound. They had come to visit their aunt in Mercia.

The boy nudged his sister. She pouted as she held her hand out for him, wanting him to come with her. He shook his head. He wasn't about to walk into the bathroom while his aunt was in there. It would be rude.

She sighed as she pushed her red hair out of her face. She knocked softly on the bathroom door. "Aunt Amy!" She called, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Amy lied. "I just have caught a stomach virus." She opened the door. She smiled at the young chipmunk. "No need to worry."

"Does she need a doctor?" Manic call from the couch.

"No," Amy waved her hands in front of her.

"Yeah, I think she should see one just in case." Sonia cut her off.

Amy sighed. She knew there was no arguing with these two kids. "Where's Ian?" She asked.

"He went to the store." Manic stated as he pulled out the phone book from the bottom of the book shelf. He could barely pick up the heavy book, so he curled up as he dragged it along the floor. He placed the book on table and flipped it opened.

"Isn't that phone book too old to have the doctor's number?" Sonia asked as she poked the book. "It's so dusty!"

"Well, how else are we supposed to find a doctor for Amy. We can't drag her all over Mercia looking for one. It'll only make her health worse. Ian said that a doctor does house calls here. So the best place to find one who does house calls is in a phone book. Right Aunt Amy?" Manic looked up at her. He felt so smart.

"That is good thinking," Amy rustled his hair. "But the number for my doctor isn't in that book. It's in a different book.

"Really? Which one?" The two spoke in unison.

Amy chuckled. "Let's play a game. Find the book with the doctor's number in it and I'll call him over to look at me. You have until Ian gets back. Good luck." Amy sat on the couch as she watched the children race to the book shelf.

The game kept the twins entertained for 30 minutes. They stopped dead in their tracks the moment the door opened. Ian came in holding a large reusable green bag.

"Ah!" Sonia kicked the ground. Manic sniffled.

"What's going on?" Ian asked as he set the bag on the table. "Do you two not like me anymore?"

"No." The two shook their heads. They quickly explained their game with Amy.

Ian sighed. He pulled out a box from the bag and placed it into her hands. "This is for you my lady."

Amy stared at the box.

"Go take the test and come back." Ian ordered.

Amy sighed as she got up. "It's just a stomach virus." She said as she walked to the bathroom.

Ian had the twins help him make snacks while Amy was busy



Random Sonic Fanfic

Amy felt her breath caught in her throat. The hand that held hers felt surreal. The lips that pressed against her hand was what Amy felt herself staring at.

The breath from his mouth as he drew back and smiled up at her. His green eyes sparkling. "Welcome my lady." His voice was soothing with a slight accent. "I hope you had safe travels here."

Amy could only nod numbly.

He simply smiled at her.

Sonic coughed as he gently tugged Amy away from him. "Who are you exactly?"

"I am Ian St. John the Second. The date is," he rattled off a date. "And you are from the past." He smiled as he waved his hand over the small group.

"So you're Geoffrey's boy?" Antoine asked for clarity.

"Yes Sir Antoine." He bowed. "How about some tea while we await Sir Tails's arrival. He's sure to know how to get you back to your proper time."

Sonic nodded. "Any chili dogs with that tea?"

"Of course." Ian nodded. "Are there any other snacks you would like?" He looked at everyone. No one had a comment. "Then follow me."

THEY sat in a large living room. Sonic sat next to Sally and Tails on the couch. Antoine, Bunnie, and Silver sat on a love seat. Shadow sat in a recliner while Amy sat in a rocking chair.

"How do you like your tea?" Ian asked as he began preparing a cup. He held it up to Amy after swirling in a spoonful of honey.

"For you my lady," Ian smiled as Amy took the cup.

Sonic crossed his arms. What was it with St. Johns and being a lady's man? "How do you know how Amy likes her tea?" He asked a bit harshly. Sally elbowed Sonic.

"What he means is you seem to be quite familiar with Amy. Did she baby sit you when you are little?" Sally asked politely.

Sonic could only glare slightly. He was either jealous or in big overprotective brother mood.

"Oh," Ian nodded. "I forgot my familiarity must have come off as rude. I'm sorry. It's just that I work in Mercia during the summer. I often help my lady with tasks she needs doing."

"So you basically Amy's servant?" Antoine mused.

"Yes." Ian nodded. "It is a great honor."

Amy smiled. "So that explains why you're so formal with me." She hummed. She felt tingly from the way he kissed her hand earlier. It was weird. "You don't have to be so formal with now. Ok?"

Ian thought about it as he served up the tea. He was a good kid. He was very polite and well mannered. Sonic was the only one who didn't seem to completely trust him.

KNOCK! Knock!

"Coming!" Ian called. "That must be Sir Tails." He opened the door, "Hello.... Oh no..." He frowned as he closed the door as much as he could for the group inside. "What is it that I can do for you two?"

"Ian!" Came a chorus of voices. "It's awful! You have to talk to her majesty!" Two children bursts into the house. Tears were in their eyes.

"Please Ian!" The boy cried as he clung to Ian's neck.

"Manic!" He gasped.

"Are those cookies?" The young blue Hedgehog stopped crying instantly as he ran into the living room with the group.

"It's a tiny faker." Shadow mumbled.

"What are you doing here Mr. Shadow?" Manic hummed. "Are you taking a break?"

"That Shadow is from the past. They all are. Sir Tails is to arrive to help them return to their proper time."

"Okay Ian!" Manic saluted.

Sonic smiled at the boy. A young female chipmunk came in slowly with Ian. Her eyes were still puffy from crying.

"So what do you guys need help with?" Sonic asked curiously. It was obvious to everyone whose kids they were.

"Oh yeah!" Manic clapped his hands together as if he just remembered. He spun on his heel to look at Ian. "You need to talk to Lady Amy!" He pouted.

"For what purpose?" Ian seemed tired. Like he already knew but didn't want to bother with it.

"She's refusing to marry." Sonia cried as she pulled on Ian's leg. "Grandpa said Amy needs to marry soon. But Amy won't. She's refusing. Everyone's worried. Please talk to Amy. Tell her to marry."

Ian sighed. This was going to be a long day. He sat like an Indian on the floor. He pulled Sonia into his lap. "Listen, would you want to marry a stranger you don't love?" He asked.

"No." Sonia looked down.

"You prince Manic?" Ian looked at the boy with stern eyes. Manic shook his head. "Then why are you trying to force her into such a thing?"

"But Grandpa said..." Manic began to whine.

"With all do respect to your grandpa, but he is not always right. The man has his head stuck too far into the old ways. Lady Rose is not the head of Mercia's government. She needn't marry to produce an heir. If she does not wish to marry yet then we should respect her decision."

"Ok." The two hummed.

A thought occurred to Sonia. She tugged on Ian's arm.

"Yes?" Ian smiled at her.

"Have you been helping Amy turn away her suitors?" She asked.


Tuesday, November 1, 2016


There was blood on the floor. Specks of blood were on the wall. She could only hum. She sat in the corner humming. She picked at her nails, slowly removing the dried blood from underneath them.

Her cat eyes looked up at the sound by the door. She licked her lips in anticipation.

The door opened and before her stood Bronko. The light barely caught his orange and brown hair. His face was in shadows, so she couldn't see his normally bright turquoise eyes. But she recognized his silhouette anywhere. He was after all the only person that she knew beside herself that was part cat.

"What have you done Wanda?" He was curt with her.

Wanda smiled. "I got antsy." She down at her nails before looking up with a coy smile. "So I decided to relieve some stress." She stood up carefully. She couldn't see his expression. She couldn't tell if he was mad at her or not.

He sighed, placing his hands on his hips. There was nothing he could do about it now. He turned to leave, waving his hand for her to follow.

"Let's get out of here before the cops show up." He stated.

Wanda followed him closely. A smile on her face.