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First Lemon Fanfic Ch2

KRISSIE: This is a continuation of my First Lemon Fanfic. Just a heads up before you read. This of NSFW.


Sonic the Hedgehog felt that something was off in Tails' home when he entered. He dropped the bag of tacos he got from a few countries away on the kitchen table.

"Hey Tails!" He called loudly as he zipped through the fox's lab. Tails wasn't there, however. Sonic found himself calling for his little brother as he zipped back through the house. Tails wasn't asleep in his room.

Sonic face was smacked with a door. It was the door to the guest room. It closed a moment later and tired blue eyes stared at Sonic. "Tails!" Sonic hopped up with a smile then froze. Tails had a hickey on his neck and several scratches from nails on his arms. And even a nasty impression of nails on his knee. "Why are you naked?"

"Uh..." Tails avoided eye contact. "Is it a crime to be naked in my own house?"

Sonic arched an eyebrow. The gears in his head were working and dots were connecting. "We're both grown. You don't have to his the fact you had sex from me." Sonic shook his head.

Tails coughed loudly as he sputtered before regaining composure. "I know. It's just that... Listen she's still asleep," Tails pointed at the closed door. "So um... Would you..."

Sonic held up a hand. "I got ya. I'll see you for a late lunch." Sonic began to leave.

"Thank you," Tails sighed.

"Oh Tails," Sonic turned back with a teasing able.


"This is the first girl to stay even with whatever horrible pun you said. I say that is a keeper." The blue blur winked. Tails turned a bright cherry red. "Also there are tacos on the table." And with that, he zipped out and locked the front door behind him.

Tails took a deep breath to calm his flushed face. He went to the bathroom to pee like he had originally planned before returning to bed.

He smiled as he found Amy there. Her pink quills were everywhere, but Tails liked that. He crawled into the bed and hugged her to him.

"Where'd you go?" Amy spoke in a half awake tone.

"Bathroom." Tails answered as he played with her hair. "Did I wake you?"

Amy shook her head into his chest. "I heard Sonic looking for you. You should go talk to him."

"I met him in the hall. He brought tacos. They're on the kitchen table." Tails wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer.

Amy nodded in understanding. She gave a small yawn as she went back to sleep.

Tails found himself playing with Amy's hair. It was peaceful and he found himself lulling back to sleep. He grabbed the blanket and drew it over them. He was glad it was thin and cool to the touch.

He wasn't sure how long he had been asleep, but it didn't last long as a loud knocking began at the bedroom door.

"Tails!" Sonic's voiced called.

Tails growled as he got up. He was having a good dream. His blue eyes met wide green ones. Amy was awake and sober it seemed. She looked like she wanted to bolt that moment. Tails didn't blame her. How was he supposed to explain to his big bro that he slept with someone Sonic treated like his baby sister? Tails didn't like the idea of a lecture.

"Just stay put," Tails whispered as he tossed the blanket of her head. He pulled opened the door and started at Sonic blankly. "You're loud." He stated simply.

Sonic chuckled. "Yeah, sorry. But it hit me that you might not have used protection last night, So I picked this up for you." He handed Tails a box with Plan B written on it in pink letters. "You're not ready for kids yet."

Tails nodded as he tapped the box with his fingers. "Thank you for your concern."

"Well I'm off. We're having a late lunch. Remember that." Sonic zoomed off at that.

Tails nodded as he walked back into the room. He glanced at the clock. It was 1:22. Late lunch for Sonic was 3-4. He had time. He was sure Amy would want to talk.

"Sonic brought this." He held up the package to Amy. "Do you know how to take it?"

Amy nodded as she wrapped the blanket around herself. She sat up in the room. "Can I take a shower?"

"Go for it. I'll bring you a pair of my pjs." Tails answered.

Amy nodded as she got up. She took the box from the fox as she made her way to the bathroom.

The hot shower gave her time to think. So she had slept with Tails. That was a fact. She popped the pill into her mouth as she stood under the hot water. Tails seemed calm, so it wasn't a big deal. She swallowed the pull. She just taken the emergency contraception. So she most likely want going to be pregnant. Though she had heard of times where the day after pill didn't always work. She took a deep breath.

She would cross that bridge when she got to it. For now she would just hope for the best. Take a test in a month and see. She would need to discuss that with Tails though.

She walked into the kitchen and found Tails pulling tacos out of the microwave. He placed them evenly on two pages. Hot sauce was already on the table. Tails' fur was slightly damp from his shower.

"Morning," Tails greeted as he placed the plates on the table.

"Morning." Amy replied.

Tails opened the fridge and pulled out a gallon of orange juice. "Do you want juice, milk, or soda?"

"Juice please." Amy grabbed two cups from his cabinet.

They ate in silence. It was almost awkward and deafening in a way. Amy swallowed down her last bite of food. She tapped her fingers on the glass her juice was in.

"I'm going to take a test in a month," she stated.

Tails nodded, "That would be wise. I've also been tested,"

"I know," Amy nodded, "I was the nurse at the clinic you and your ex went to. You're clean. So am I, by the way."

Tails took a sip of his juice. "I forgot to ask, but are you on birth control?"

"I took my first shot last month," Amy stated. "But it's my first time taking the shot, so I don't know how it well it works yet. I've taken the Plan B, but just in case, I'm going to take a home test in a month."

Tails nodded. "That leaves the slim chance of pregnancy. What do you want to do if it comes back positive?"

Amy thought for a long time. "I don't want children yet. I'm sure you feel the same."

Tails nodded. "That leaves the options of give the child up for adoption or abortion open."

"Those are big options." Amy muttered. "Would I be a horrible person if I chose abortion?"

"No." Tails shook his head. "I actually like that option most. It means we don't have to deal with the guilt of sending our kid to an orphanage."

Amy sighed in relief. "I was afraid you would disagree with me. Or even hate me for picking that option."

Tails laughed. "It's the most logical option. We don't want kids right now. I'd feel bad for putting a kid in an orphanage. I'm sure you would too. So the logical option is an abortion if you turn up pregnant."

Amy nodded. She was so glad that Tails was so logical. "Let's do ourselves a favor and never speak of this, ok?"

"Agreed." Tails nodded.


A month later, Amy Rose was pacing her living room. She was re-reading the directions. She had followed them to a T. Now was the most agonizing part - waiting. She felt that the test couldn't be done quick enough. The kitchen timer was slowly ticking by.

Amy jumped when her phone rang. She answered with a chirper greeting. "Hi Bunnie, what's up?"

"Hi Suga!" The rabbit's voice filled Amy's ear. "I was wondering if you wanted to come ice skating with us today."

Amy pondered the idea. She liked the idea. "It'll take a few minutes for me to get ready. I'm kind of wai..." Amy jumped as the kitchen timer went off. She turn it off before rushing into the bathroom. She picked up the stick and stared intently at the screen. Amy cheered. "Yes! I'm not pregnant. Oh thank chaos!"

"Ah..." Bunnie chuckled. "So wanna talk about this little scare?"

"Nope." Amy answered, embarrassed that she forgot the rabbit was on the phone. "I'll meet you guys at the ice rink in 20 minutes."

"Ok. See you later." Bunnie giggled.

Amy rushed into a change of clothes as she sent Tails a quick text with a picture of the test.

At Tails' workshop, Tails was working on another invention when his phone went off. He picked it up and read it. He nodded as texted back 'k.'

He deleted the messages from his phone in case Sonic accidentally picked his up. They really ought to get different looking phones.

Tails shrugged. Maybe he'd bring it up to his big bro later. He went back to tinkering on his machine.

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What do you feel?

looking at the the mirrors

you can cover up to prying eyes

but what's on the outside isn't always what's on the inside.

did your mask fit so perfectly?

it looks like you're scared.

it's feeling lose.

can they see?

can they tell it's a facade?

bite your lip and get the glue

you'll reshape the mask and cover up the cracks

random poem

I felt my heart racing

I know your thumbs aching

click clack. Click clack.

the sounds just getting louder.

join me. Join us.

we came here to have fun.

we're just having fun.

cursing at the screen.

better apply the aloe to the burns.

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Little Mermaid Sonic Ver Ch12

Little Mermaid Sonic Version
Krissie: This story is now 20 pages long in my word document. Cool!
Chapter 12:
Rouge was concerned about Amy. Sonic’s wedding was tomorrow. Amy had been a happy, smiling angel. That was until one of the maid’s brought up that tomorrow was the day. Amy’s smile had disappeared like a wisp. She instantly retreated into herself. She excused herself to her room and she had yet to come out.
The sun was high and normally Amy would be running about playing in the garden. But not today.
Rouge sighed as she softly knocked on the door to Amy’s room. “Amy?” she called, pausing as she pressed her ear to the door. She was listening for any sign of life. She felt a pain she had never felt before as she heard beads dropping to the floor. “I’m coming in,” she swallowed that feeling down as she turned the door knob.
Rouge gasped as she stepped into landmine of pearls. They were all over the floor. Several different colors. White, pink, purple, black, blues, reds, etc. Rouge was sure there was at least each color of the rainbow here. Amy was sitting in the window nook. Tikal was sitting behind her, lightly brushed her hair in some vain attempt to comfort her.
Rouge closed the door with a soft click. Though it did cause Amy to look up at the bat. She gave a mournful smile before turning back. Rouge hated that look. It felt wrong seeing it on Amy.
Rouge pulled up a chair and sat beside her. She didn’t know what to say to the pink hedgehog. She patted Amy’s arm before holding her hand tightly. “There is nothing I can say or do. Nothing at all to make your pain go away. I can think of nothing to comfort you either.”
Amy turned to look at Rouge, who didn’t have the courage to look up at her. Tikal had kept quiet. Only softly stroking Amy’s hair in a soothing tempo.
Amy placed her other hand over Rouge’s. She brought it to her lips and kissed it. Rouge looked up at her.
“I’ll be fine one day. It’s just that today is sad day.” Amy mouthed. She looked around the room at all the pearls she had cried. “Please, turn those into jewelry as well.”
Rouge nodded.

The wedding was in full swing. Princess Sally looked beautiful. Sonic was a nervous wreck for the first time in his life, but he was extremely happy. Rouge was decked out in extravagant pearls. Amy also wore some pearls too. She also wore the emerald necklace Knuckles had given her. Knuckles came as an escort for the two girls. His suit was dusty and not as well made as the other people in attendance, but Knuckles didn’t seem to care. Though he did stick close to either Amy or Tails.
Amy smiled at Tails. The fox looked adorable in the little blue suit Sonia had picked for him. Shadow hung around the back of the ceremony. He kept staring at everyone with sharp piercing eyes.
The bouquet was being thrown and Amy nudged Rouge in front of her. Rouge turned bright red as the bouquet of beautiful flowers landed in her arms. Amy smiled as she mouthed at Knuckles, “Looks like you’re destined to propose to her soon.”
Knuckles turned bright red as he turned his face away from the pink hedgehog, coughing into his hand.
Amy thought the party was beautiful, but she found herself feeling sad. She had loved Sonic not long ago. It wasn’t as strong as it had been when she first met him. She had been trying to put out the flame, for the sake of his happiness. But her heart still ached with each glance at the newlywed couple.
She walked along the nearby beach. There weren’t many people around and she was relieved for that. She made sure to keep her heels on. She remembered very well that the sand would turn to glass and cut her feet if she stepped on it. She walked carefully as she stared out into the ocean. She missed it. The reefs, the water, the other creatures, the ships. She missed so much, but there was no going back. She had legs now. She would never again get to swim in the ocean like she had.
Tears began to fall from her face. She felt as she had promised Rouge she wouldn’t cry today, but she couldn’t help it. A quick glance around and no one was around. Amy made sure to walk to a more secluded area just in case anyone came by. She caught the pearls as they fell from her face. She found a spot on a cliff for her to sit. She watched the waves crash again the bottom of the cliff. Her silent sobs causing her shoulders to shake.
The fur on the back of her neck stood on end. She jolted her head up as she looked at the source of the sensation. It was Prince Shadow. That damn staring problem of his was sending shivers down her spine.
Shadow knelt down in front of her and roughly grabbed her hand. Pearls flew out of the hand as he pulled it forward to look at the few pearls that remained. His red eyes moved up to her face and took full notice of the tear that dropped from her eye and became a pearl. It seemed to have dropped in slow motion and made a loud thud into her lap.
“You cry pearls,” he breathed in awe. Lines and dots connected in his head. “Rouge has been keeping you to make pearls for jewelry? I knew something was off, but for her to go this far for some stupid pearls.” Shadow found himself growling. “This isn’t right.” He held her hand tighter, causing Amy to wince in pain. “I’m not letting you be exploited by her anymore.” He tugged on Amy’s arm as he pulled her to her feet. He began to drag her away.
Amy shook her head. She tried to pull her hands away in a vain attempt to form sign language. Shadow couldn’t read lips. How could she make him understand if he was holding her hand in his vice grip? She tugged frantically to no avail until she decided to just plant her feet hard in the ground.
“Stop struggling!” Shadow yelled, “Can’t you see that Rouge is only using you!? Just let me help you!” He waved his hands in the air.
Amy fell back with the force from suddenly being free.
Ruby eyes went wide as the pink hedgehog stumbled back on her shaky feet. Unfortunately, a cliff side was the worse place for her to be as her foot touched nothing after a few steps back in vain attempts of gaining balance.
Shadow yelled as he rushed towards her. He had only wanted to help her. She had seemed like some small frightened person. Like a wounded bird he had once tried to save a child. He dashed forward with an outstretched hand, but he was too late.
Amy felt the air pushing against her as she fell. Her tears flew above her and filled her vision. She felt a numbness fill her body.


The water foamed up as her body sunk. Shadow raced down to the rocky shore line. The likelihood of her surviving that fall was slim, but he could only hope that somehow she survived.
Amy heard muffled sounds as she sunk. A large arm wrapped around her waist and she felt it pulling her up. She opened her eyes to find that the salt hurt. Through blurry eyes, she easily made out her father.
The wind of the surface hurt her at first. It created a chilling shock down her spine. She shuttered as her father placed her on a smooth rock.
“Amy!” Shadow waded into the water towards her. “Amy!”
Amy looked up at Shadow and then turned back to her father. The man only glared at her. She rarely saw him. A part of her wish to never see him like this.
“You made a deal with the emerald.” He growled.
Amy nodded.
“You foolish child. Don’t you understand that heartbreak in this form will kill you?” He yelled.
Amy sighed as she placed her hands in her lap. She clenched her knees tightly. She had no voice to argue.
He placed a knife at her side. It was long dagger. Jewels were embedded onto the handle. “There is a chance to fix this mess. If you kill him and allow his blood to fall onto your feet, you can return home. To the sea. Where you belong.” He stared at her with such an intensity. Amy was tempted to do as she wished.
She picked up the dagger and examined it. It was sharp and shiny. It could easily kill with one stab. But kill Sonic? She couldn’t possibly do that. She loved him. And she would not kill her love.
“If you will not, then point him out to me and I’ll do it for you.” Her father ordered.
Amy tilted her head at that. “If that is the case, then there is only one option.” She mouthed with a sad smile.
She gripped the knife with two hands.
“NO!” Shadow and her father yelled in unison.
Amy gasped as she coughed up blood. Tears rolled down her cheek. The pearls bouncing off the rock and falling into the ocean with little ker-plops.
Her father reached out to grab her, his tails shining in the sunlight.
“A mermaid?” Shadow shrieked in disbelief as he jumped onto the rock and pulled Amy out of her father’s grasp.
“Return my daughter to me!” he ordered.
“What the hell is going on?” Shadow yelled. He looked down at Amy’s wheezing form. She was still breathing. There was a chance. A small chance, but a chance to save her. He hoisted her up in his arms. If he went to his top speed, he could get her to a doctor in time.
“Your exertion is not necessary,” A deep voice sounded as Shadow jumped to another rock. Chaos appeared before Shadow on the shore.
“Chaos?” Shadow looked confused.
The god plucked the girl out of his arms. “This mermaid has chosen death over life.” Chaos stated. “Taking her to a doctor is a moot point.” He sat with Amy in his lap in the shallow water. He placed his hand on her forehead. Her legs were incased in light and when it deemed, she had a long tail with bright shiny scales. “Do you have any final words Little Mermaid?”
Amy smiled at him. “I have no regrets,” she said in a raspy voice, “So be happy.” Her emerald eyes were glassy. She was so close to death’s door.
“Did you both get that?” Chaos looked at the two men. They both nodded. Her father did a back flip in the water. His tail creating a large splash. He was gone moments later.
Shadow stood there numbly staring at Amy, who seemed to be focusing on the sky with a smile on her face as her breathing slowed.
“Well, you can inform the others of her last words,” Chaos stated as he stood and began to walk into the ocean, carrying Amy’s limp body. “I’ll be taking her body to the shrine.”
Shadow stood there for several long minutes before he finally walked back. The party was ending. Rouge seemed frantic as she rushed around.
“Hey Shadow!” Sonic greeted his cousin, “Rouge can’t find Amy. Have you seen her?”
Shadow nodded as he walked up to the white bat. “She was mermaid. Where you aware?”
Rouge gasped. “That’s a secret,” she became offensive. “Do you know where she is?”
“She…” Shadow looked for the right word. Finding nothing, he was left with the bluntest one. “Died. Chaos came and took her body.” Shadow clenched his fist. “She said she had no regrets, so be happy.” He clenched his teeth. Saying it left a bitter taste in his mouth.
Tears filled Rouge’s eyes. She buried her head into Knuckles’ chest the moment he placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.
The white bat blubbered throughout her explanation of Amy was a mermaid who made a deal for legs to Sally and Sonic. Sally and Sonic were filled with sympathies for the young girl. Knuckles wound up escorting the hysterical Rouge home. Tails accompanied Shadow at Sonic’s ordered.
The ebony hedgehog felt like garbage. He remembered the small bird he found with a broken wing as a child. He did everything his 6-year-old self could think of to help the small creature. But it got sick and no matter what he tried, he couldn’t nurse it back to health. It had died. Shadow felt horrible then. And he felt even worse now. He plopped down into his bed and just buried his head into his pillow. Tails brought him some hot tea with honey before leaving Shadow in silence.

Tikal sat with Chaos at the shrine. The two were playing a board game. The body of the little mermaid floated peacefully in the water around the shrine. A smile was on her face. Tikal looked at her with a sad face.
“How long do you plan to keep her body here?” She asked the god.
“Until her body decays to nothing,” Chaos answered simply. “Do you have any 3s?”
KRISSIE: At 24 pages, this is now a finished story. I’m done. I’m ending it here. I was thinking of doing something else, but this is where I wound up.

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My first lemon fanfic (NSFW)

The party was loud. So many people. Out made the fox feel dizzy almost. The alcohol was what really did it. It put him over the top. He was plenty old enough to drink.

Tails had lost count of how much he had had. He wonder if the servers were keeping count for him. They must be really good at math of they know how many everyone had had so far.

Everyone was well inebriated and having a great time. And it was a great celebration. Tails found himself staring at the girls dancing on the dance floor. They were all pretty and Tails contemplated going up and asking for a dance.

another sip of alcohol and he looked at his drink.

"Nah." Tails told himself. He would only make a fool of himself. He wasn't even sure if he could walk without falling right now.

Tails stood up on oddly sturdy knees. He felt a little off balance as he walked out of the party. He shuffled through his pockets and pulled out the keys to his plane.

How come no one had taken them?

Tails shrugged as he opened the plane and got in.

"Tails!" A female voice caught his attention. "You're not sober enough to drive."

Tails smiled. So someone noticed him leaving. He looked up and saw Amy, who jumped onto the plane.

Tails pulled out a cane from the back. "I just wanted to get this so I can walk home a little more steady."

"So long as you don't try to drive." Amy crossed her arms.

Tails nodded as he got out of the plane. He locked the cockpit and picked up the pink hedgehog. A moment later and they were on the ground.

"You can still fly straight?" Amy seemed amazed.

Tails shrugged. "Amazingly. How much have you had?" Tails grabbed Amy's arm to help steady her as she nearly fell face first into the concrete.

"Enough." Amy giggled. "I just didn't want you to drive drunk."

Tails nodded.

"Um... Tails?"

"Yes Amy?"

"Which way do I go to get to my house?"

Tails stared blankly at her. "Come with me."

They walked to the train station. Tails got there and then it hit him, he didn't know what stop on the train was Amy's.

He sighed. "I have no clue where your place is. Do you mind sleeping over at my place?"

"Like a sleep over?" Amy mused. Tails nodded and a moment later Amy started singing 'Sleep Over' in a cute little tune.

Tails rubbed his temple as they boarded the train.

The cold air on the walk to Tails' workshop felt great to them. Though it wasn't enough to sober them up. Tails opened the door and closed it the moment stepped into the place. She was still singing sleep over as Tails showed her to where she would sleep.

Tails went to the bathroom and brushed his teeth. It was his normal routine and then he would take a shower and go to sleep. He pulled out a spare unopened toothbrush. Amy might want to brush her teeth too.

Tails found Amy laying on the bed. She was still singing sleep over. Tails placed the spare toothbrush on the night table by the bed. He sat on the bed and laid across the woman.

"Any chance you going to stop singing that?" Tails asked.

"I can't sing with you on my tummy." Amy pouted as she looked at the fox who merely smirked back at her. "You're doing this on purpose aren't you?"

"As beautiful as your voice is, that song was getting annoying." Tails stated as he ran a finger along her cheek.

Amy bent forward, hugging the fox. It was as if she had half curled up. Tails wasn't sure if she meant to her not, but her lips were now on his.

Tails wasn't sure if it was the alcohol or his hormones that made him kiss her back. But he soon turned off the part of his brain that was always thinking and just allowed his instincts to take over.

Amy had also told the logical part of her brain to shush as she deepened the kiss. She lipped his lips for entry and sure enough, his mouth opened. Their tongues did a dance together as they explored each other.

Amy held Tails by his shoulders firmly. Tails allowed his hands to explore Amy's body, but he was limited with Amy holding him down across her lap.

when they broke from their kisses for air, Tails shot to sitting up. Amy seemed confused and almost hurt. Did he see kissing her as a mistake?

Tails pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it to the floor as he kicked off his shoes and socks. He wasn't going to need to them.

Amy couldn't help but smile as the fox grabbed her and pulled her into another kiss. Amy wrapped her arms around his shoulders. Tails happily explored Amy's body with his hands as he deepened the kiss.

He pulled Amy into his lap in one quick movement. Tails wrapped his arms around her for support before pulling off his gloves. He tossed them in the direction of the nightstand. He grabbed Amy's hands and slid her gloves off. He tossed then in the same direction as his.

Tails kissed a line to her neck and suckled her flesh. His teeth lightly grazing the area. It would leave a hickey, but Tails didn't care. Right now, she was his. They would worry about hickeys in the morning.

"Can I undress you some more?" Tails whispered into her ear.

Amy smiled as she kissed Tails neck, causing a possible hickey on his neck too. She pulled back with a devilish smirk as she pulled off her shirt.

Tails smiled as he took in the lacey bra she was wearing. The lacey part made a floral design. It was slightly see through, so he could clearly see her erect nipples. Tails licked his lips in want.

He began kissing Amy's neck while she was taking off her boots. His hands messaging her chest. His kisses lead down until he brought in one of her breasts into his mouth. His suckled her through the bra. Amy let out a moan.

There was a thump on the ground. Amy kicked her boots and socks off of the bed. She continued to move around a bit as she moaned to Tails stimulation. He switched breast every so often, leaving his hand to message the other.

Tails gasped and pulled back as he felt something tugging on his belt. He looked and found Amy trying to undo the buckle. He also didn't fail to notice that she was now completely naked.

"You've been busy," Tails chuckled.

Amy nodded. "Your turn now," she tugged softly on the belt. She wore the sweetest smile.

Tails laughed as he undid the buckle and pulled down his pants and boxers. He sat back to kick them off. His boner seemed to pop up, happy and excited to be out.

Though it wasn't out long before it was incased in Amy's mouth. Tails through back his head in a moan. Amy swirled her tongue around his shaft as she went up and down.

Tails let out moans of pleasure. He wanted to pleasure her too. He drifted his hand up her thigh. With his pointer finger, he ran his finger along the opening of her vagina and was surprised that it was already quite moist. He focused his attention to playing with her clitoris.

Amy pulled back in a moan. Tails smirked as he saw her juices slowly pouring for her.

Tails moved himself to were he could get better access under her. He licked her clitoris and smiled at the way her knees bucked. Her moan was almost as delicious as she was.

Tails swirled his tongue before exploring the rest of her vagina. Amy still moaned, though she had gone back to giving Tails a blowjob, so they were muffled. Though the vibrations of her moans only made the fox want her more.

Tails stuck his tongue inside her. She tensed up as she moaned. Her nails digging into his knee, leaving small scars. Tails slammed his head back as he came.

Heavy breaths were all he made as Amy licked up the white liquid. She came up and kissed him and he returned the favor.

"You taste a lot better then any flower I've ever had to eat while camping." Tails smiled.

Amy burst into laughter. "Did you just make a pun?"

"Yes," he nodded.

She rolled over laughing.

"Ruined the mood?" Tails arched a brow. That's normally how his relationships worked. If they even made it far enough into the relationship for sex, Tails would at some point open his mouth with a stupid pun and then the women would leave. Apparently they didn't care much for sex jokes, much less puns.

Amy rolled back over. Her laughter had quieted. She kissed the fox as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders as she deepened the kiss. Tails brought his hand through her hair to pull her closer as the other wrapped around her waist.

Amy pulled back with a smile on her face. Their foreheads touched as emerald eyes met blue.

"Your little soldier is awake and at attention." She glanced down at Tails' once again erect penis.

"Of course he is," Tails laughed, "He's drunk."

Amy laughed. She leaned up and whispered in his ear, "Can I put inside me?"

"Oh Chaos," Tails breathed. The sensation of her hot breath only made his boner stronger. "Anytime," came a moment later.

"You're going to regret that answer later," Amy giggled.

Tails looked Amy up and down. "Oh trust me, I will not."

Amy laughed as she straddled him. She kissed him as she grabbed his shaft. She carefully eased himself inside of her. Then Amy ran into a problem, the fox was bigger than any of her previous partners. By a lot. She only had a little over half of him inside her and she starting to feel pain. Pain that said "Too much."

Tails noticed this as he gave her a peak on the cheek. "Amy what are the names of the Chao in the Chao garden in Station Square?"

Amy arched an eyebrow. "There's Sephie, HatOnMe, Mikki, Sh-AAh!" Amy gasped in pain as Tails rammed himself inside of her.

Tails kissed her on the cheek. "Sorry, I just needed to distract you a moment. You can move when you're ready."

Amy took in some heavy breathes. She hadn't expected the two tailed fox to do that. "How often do you have to do that?"

"Too often," Tails planted kisses on her neck, "Let's not talk about that now."

Amy kissed his head as she moved her hips. It still hurt from the size, yet it felt really good. Tails held her hips as she slowly moved up and down. They kissed as she picked up the pace.

Tails massaged her breast as the kissed. Tails added a thrust of his own every so often which caused Amy to moan.

Tails began kissing her neck as he listened to her moan. He liked those. He flipped her over with a broad smile.

"Mind if I become the dominant one for a while?" He asked as he looked down at her.

Amy smiled as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "Give me your all," she dared.

Tails chuckled at the challenge. To his credit, he gave it his all with each thrust. Amy's moans sounded like a beautiful siren calling him out to sea. Tails kissed her all over. Amy's nails drew lines down his back.

Amy let out a loud yell as she came. Her throat becoming soar from the intensity. She hugged Tails as she rode out her orgasm. Tails came shortly after.

He carefully laid Amy down on her back. He pulled himself out and laid down beside the panting female. He wrapped his arm and tails around her. He kissed her forehead and then her cheek. He moved a pink quill out of her face.

"You okay?" He whispered.

Amy nodded as she buried herself into his chest. "That was great." Tails could feel her smile against his chest.

They fell asleep within moments.


KRISSIE:  I could continue with this story. Like them dealing with the morning after, yadda yadda, but I feel like this is getting long on my phone, so take it. I wrote my first ever sex scene and now I'm off to eat dinner.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

bed time (A sonic oneshot)

KRISSIE: I've been writing a lot of Tails fics today. I hope you guys are enjoying them. Got a long bus trip home, let's see what my brain will think of today.


Sonic hummed an old lullaby as he ran his fingers through the two tailed fox's hair. The fox had drifted off to sleep hours ago, but Sonic wasn't tired yet. He just couldn't sleep. He hummed a long note as he counted the stars. He drew Tails closer as he laid down on the grass. He yawned in an attempt to make his body feel tired, but it didn't work.

Sonic tried focusing on the stars. It didn't made him sleepy. He just wanted to run all the more. He tried to lull himself out to the sound of crickets. They were loud, but it didn't make him tired. Sonic wasn't sure what to do to get to sleep. He knew he should be sleeping, but he just couldn't get there.

Tails stirred and turned his head, "Can't sleep?"

Sonic nodded. "Did I wake you?"

Tails lazy looked around the field before plopping his head to the side. His ear flat on Sonic's chest. "What do you think your heart sounds like?"

Sonic shrugged. "A heart?"

"More like a machine gun." Tails muttered. Tails tapped out the rhythm on Sonic's stomach, causing the blue teen to laugh.

"That tickles!" Sonic swatted Tails hand away.

Tails smirked slightly. "That's what's in your rib cage," he rolled over and laid his head next to Sonic's. "Having a big brother is fun." He laughed.

Sonic smiled at that. He wrapped an arm around the fox's shoulder. "Go to sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day."

Tails nodded as he drifted back to sleep.




What do you think? (Tails Fanfic)

Tails gulped at the sight before him. He held his book over his crotch in an awkward attempt to cover his boner. Puberty wasn't being his friend right now, but it wasn't anyone's friend really. But Tails couldn't help but stare like a deer at the sight before him.

The skirt poofed out and ended out a few too many enticing inches above the knees. The thick belt only made her look more like an hour glass. The sleeves of the shirt hung on her shoulders. The neckline revealing a small bit of cleavage. A chocker like necklace had a jewel of some sort hanging off of it. Though Tails wasn't paying any attention as to what it was. The headband in her hair was frilly and had a few fake flowers on it. White tights ran up her toned legs. And black slippers completed the look.

Amy Rose was dressed like some lolita waitress.

"Why are you dressed like that?" Tails managed to form the sentence after what he felt like was the most awkward silence ever.

Amy smiled. Tails had only just entered. He looked at her confused and nervous for less then a minute before asking questions. "I got a job at a cafe!" She beamed. "This is one of my uniforms. I wanted to show Sonic, but he's not here. What do you think?"

"You work at a maid cafe?" Tails arched an eyebrow at her. She nodded with a smile.

Tails nodded then something hit him. "How did you get into my house?"

"I have a spare key remember," Amy shook her head. "You gave it to me so I could water your plants when you were away on some month long trip with Sonic."

Tails nodded remembering that.

"So?" Amy held up her arms and did a little spin. "What do you think?"

Tails gulped as he looked back at Amy. He really just wanted to escape this. She looked hot as hell to him, but that wasn't something he could say to her face. Beautiful? Nah, that could come off wrong too. Lovely? It was sweeter, but didn't fit this look. Cute? Nope, that might lead her to finding out he found her attractive.

Tails thought as he looked down at his shoes in great interest. How could he word things in a way that wouldn't make his relationship with Amy awkward.

He looked back up at Amy with a smile. "You look nice. But you might want to consider making the skirt longer. Maybe down to here," he brought his hand to right above the knee. "Sonic would be concerned if boys at the café started trying to date you solely on your body." Tails smiled. He knew Amy would take it as Sonic would be jealous. She always had and the two tailed fox didn't see it changing any time soon.

"Oh," Amy nodded thoughtfully as she looked at the skirt. "Thanks Tails," Amy hugged him. Tails gripped the book he was holding tighter. He wrapped one arm around her to return the hug. Amy pulled away with a smile. "I made some meatloaf for you and Sonic. Help yourself to it when you're hungry, ok?"

Tails nodded. "Thanks Amy."

Amy left after that. Tails waved her off and closed the door with a soft click. He took deep breath and exhaled a moment later.

"Cold shower," the fox chanted, "I need a cold shower."

Walk (a Tails Fanfic)

Miles Tails Prower was tinkering with a new invention when he heard the all to familiar sound of wind. Tails smiled as he put down the tool and smiled up at the Blue Blur.

"Hey, what's up?" Sonic gave is signature thumbs up.

Tails shrugged, "Nothing much. You?"

Tails smiled as he listened to Sonic talk about the places he had been, the adventures with locals, the random solo fights with Eggman.

"It feels stuffy in here," Sonic sniffed the air, "Why don't we go for a walk? Get you out for a little bit."

Tails nodded. He liked the sound of that. His legs were growing stiff. He stretched some in his rolling chair before standing. His back popped as he stood.

Tails clenched his teeth. He was 24 and his back was already sounding like one of an old man.

Sonic tsked loudly as he shook his head. "You spend too much time in this lab. I'm 30 and I don't sound like that. Even Eggy's back has never sounded like that."

Tails sighed. It was going to be a long walk. Plus knowing Sonic, a trip to the chiropractor to look at his back.

describing a house

KRISSIE: Ridding around with daddy doing chores. Let's see how far I can make during these trips.


The old mansion stood tall in the woods. It wasn't even a true mansion, but it was such a large, grand looking house that anyone in the old town who found it it would call it a mansion.

The house was made of marble with mahogany accents. There was a large porch with a swing on it. An old rocking chair sat on the porch with a pillow in the seat. It was quilted together from scraps of old cloth. Stars and other shapes sewn into it. An old code from years passed that few knew now. The door had




Thursday, September 1, 2016


Are you wanting me to be

something I'm not?

I have no problem selling my body

it's this soul of mine

Not even sure if I have one

but the rage says it's there

anger was born inside

growing tired of the bs

I'm wondering if you're even worth it

are you worth my time?

I'm suppose to pay so much back

I thought it was worth it

but 3 years later and complications

I don't think this is worth me

I don't think I wanna be here.

new friends, found love, I've grown so much personally,

which I'm grateful but still...

is this the way I need to go?

can I support myself with what I've learned here?

I'm doubting so much.

I'm tired again

too much bs

I'm bored of it

just put it in the toilet and flick the knob

Poem 9/1

I'm going nuts

raging against it

these iron bars

holding me in

the factors were simple

Kiss was applied





this phrase I've memorized

I'm sticking to it.

don't reject me for doing it so quick

no need to over think

it's been kept simple

we even went a little beyond

don't tell me it's wrong

I did as asked

Keep It Simple Stupid

is what we applied and now it's done

no need for all this busy work

you haven't even graded the stuff we did before.

so now I'm wondering what the grade is

and the longer I wait, the less I care

Little Mermaid Sonic Version Ch11

Little Mermaid Sonic Version
Chapter 11: Flower Garden
Knuckles found himself nervously rocking back and forth in the foyer of the mansion as he awaited Amy to finish up with her lesson. He stood quiet as possible as his eyes shifted around the room. It was a large room, but it felt extremely cramped to Knuckles the Echidna. It might have been caused by the fact that Prince Sonic, Prince Manic, Prince Shadow, and Tails were all in the room with him.
The orange two tailed fox was as friendly as always. Prince Sonic and Prince Manic were fooling around as they were known to do. Luckily they had a deck of cards to keep them busy. Tails was playing with them as he attempted to draw Knuckles in with pleasant conversation.
This didn’t make the red echidna uncomfortable. Go Fish was always a fun game to him. What was making him feel uncomfortable was the staring. Red eyes just kept borrowing into him. It was putting Knuckles on edge. He would normally shout out and say something, but Knuckles knew Shadow’s rep all too well from rumors. He wasn’t about to try to take on a prince of the country.
Knuckles perked up as he heard rapid footsteps coming into the foyer. He wasn’t quick enough though.
In less than a minute, Amy had jumped up and wrapped her arms around his neck. She had a huge smile on her face as she unintentionally took the air out of the male.
Knuckles smiled as he grabbed her and held her up with ease. “I can’t breathe with your hands so tight around my neck. I need to breath to live.”
Amy’s mouth became an O shape as she placed her hands behind her back. “Sorry,” she mouthed.
Knuckles nodded as he put her down. “How was your lesson?”
“Piano is hard,” she mouthed. “Garden now.” She grabbed Knuckles by the arm and began to pull him away.
“Hey Amy, you know this guy?” Sonic appeared in front of them in a flash.
Amy nodded. “He’s my friend!” she signed. “I’m going to show him the garden.”
Sonic laughed. “You sure do make friends quickly.”
Amy nodded as she continued to pull Knuckles away towards the garden.
“Amy, why are you in such a rush,” Princess Sally gasped as she appeared at the end of the all.
“She’s excited because she has an old friend visiting,” Rouge explained with a soft smile as she put away her wings. “Amy, you can’t wear those shoes in the garden.”
Amy sighed. She dropped down to the ground and attempted to take off the heels. They were really pretty heels, but Amy couldn’t undo the small clasped that held the shoe to her feet. She glared at the shoe before turning to Rouge. “I can’t get them off,” she signed with a sad look on her face.
Knuckles knelt down beside her. In a soft voice, he explained in as simple words as possible how the clip worked. It took Amy a few minutes, but she was able to figure it out and take off her shoes.
“I did it!” She mouthed as she ran to Rouge and held up the shoes with pride.
Rouge smiled. “That’s very good Amy.”
“I can show him the garden now?” Amy signed.
“You need shoes before you can go into the garden,” Knuckles informed her.
Amy nodded.

It took a few minutes, but they eventually found Amy a pair of shoes that she could wear in the garden. Amy walked in the middle of Knuckles and Rouge. She held onto Knuckles’ arm as she pointed around at every plant. Sally and Sonic followed behind them. Tails walked beside Sonic. And Shadow walked in the back. He kept staring and observing everyone like a snake.
Amy jumped with joy as she raced ahead. She climbed up a tree so quickly that Rouge barely had time to mutter a protest. Knuckles raced after her, afraid she would fall and bust her head open. The pink hedgehog plucked apples off of the branches and used her skirt as a basket. She plucked off one per person.
She beamed as she jumped down and her feet tapped the ground with ease.
“Amy what were you thinking?” Knuckles and Rouge yelled in unison.
“It is not proper for a lady to climb trees!” Rouge held the young girl’s arm.
Knuckles held onto Amy’s shoulder. “You could have fallen and gotten hurt. Or worse, died from head trauma.”
Their lectures were different. They were given at the same time. Amy wasn’t sure who to focus on first. But Amy got that both had the same message; Don’t climb trees.
Sonic’s loud laughter broke the lecture.
“What is so funny Prince Sonic?” Rouge glared. She didn’t find any of this funny.
“You two,” He said between breaths of laugher as he pointed at her and Knuckles. “You two sound nagging, over protective parents.”
Tails was giggling as he nodded in agreement. Sally had her hand over her mouth. It was a failed attempt to hide her smile and stifle her giggles. Shadow just watched with the same expressionless face as always.
Rouge and Knuckles both stared at all of them in surprise. Knuckles’ face turned red as he turned away from them muttering. Rouge took a breath before she set her eyes on Shadow.
“What are your thoughts on this Prince Shadow?” she asked calmly. Shadow would take her side on this matter.
Shadow stayed expressionless as he looked everyone over. “I never thought I would say this sentence,” he began after a long silence. “But I agree with Sonic.”
“How?!” Rouge shrieked. Shadow never agreed with Sonic. He would always take the opposing side.
Knuckles even arched an eyebrow at Shadow. He had always heard how Prince Shadow always took the opposite path that Prince Sonic took.
“You two sound just like Aunt Aleena and Uncle Jules when they lecture my cousins,” he stated. “Plus, you both have been secretly checking each other out when you think no one is looking. Just admit you both have a crush on each other, go out for lunch or something and leave Rose at home so she doesn’t have to be in between you two.”
Rouge glared at Shadow. “I have not.”
“Really?” Shadow tilted his head. “What do you think Rose?”
Amy was laughing, though no sound came out. She slammed an apple into Knuckles’ hand before placing one with softer touch in Rouge’s. “He’s right.” Amy mouthed to Rouge. “I noticed yesterday.”
Rouge wanted to smack that huge, toothy grin off of the pink hedgehog’s face for that. She glanced at Knuckles and he refused to make eye contact. The apple was suddenly the most interesting thing in the world to him the way he was looking at it.
Amy handed out the rest of the apples. She smiled as she handed Shadow one. “Thanks for teasing them for me,” she signed. “Though your staring habit is still creepy.”
“It’s a habit that won’t die.” Shadow stated as he took a bite of the apple. “Good apple.”