Monday, October 31, 2016


Is college worth it?

All my life I was told it you wanted to succeed

college of what you need

well here I am, 3 years in, and the realization is bold

but college wasn't needed

I know of too many people who are famous because they just created what they wanted

they taught themselves like I had before

but I decided to come here

I could have learned all of this at home on my own

I'm even teaching myself a new program

because the teacher told me I needed to learn it

but instead of teaching it to me,

he sent me to watch tutorials

a thing I could do without college.

it's so infuriating

if I'm ever asked about college,

I'll be blunt and cold

you can learn it all from the internet and never have to pay a fee

you can share your work for all the world to see

you don't need a fancy college degree

all it is a debt you'll forever see

I often gage nightmares that I'll die in debt because of this decision

but I'm already three years in and dammit I'll take that paper

I'm already going to be in debt anyway right?




Grey eyes stare out

tired yet restless

I'm so annoyed

all you did was have me watch tutorial videos

a thing I could easily do at home

why did I even come to college?

it just feels like a waste of my time

the words I want to scream aren't right

but I have a lot and then some

to yell, to write, put it in a verse

nothing will rhyme anyway.

oh my headache

I hope I'll you never again.

I just want to get my degree and leave

Weather Girl notes

Weather Girls Notes

Sunny - bright personality. Pony tail on the side of her head. Her colors are yellow and orange. Red highlights can be added. Her powers come from the Helios locket. Uses bow & arrow. Voiced by Dymond

Storm - modeled after Isha (name may not be spelled right) powers come from the Lux Bracelet. Powers are lighting base. Colors are purple and grey. The serious chara. Voiced by Krissie Gault.

Cloud - lazy, but bubbly. Girl is made of curves. Loves to lye in grass. Colors are blue and white. Nubila Ring is how she transforms. The most childish of the group.

Rain - elegant. Uses umbrella that transforms into sword/gun. Colors are indigo and dark blue. Inber Umbrella is the name of her device. Has long wavy hair.

Benjie - rainbow butterfly, partnered with Sunny. He gives out the info and is a male.

Shou - gecko/chameleon partnered with Storm. She is a female.

Tyus - cat partnered with Cloud. He is also a male.

Erin - bird partnered with Rain. She is a female. Bird type not chosen yet.

Names of items that transform them come from Latin.

The series will either be a comic book or animated shorts. If animated shorts, episode lengths should be between 3-5 minutes long. Try to make release dates reasonable. Best to use limited animation/animatic style like the Flintstones did.

NOTE: I am the only animator. do not kill yourself.

Voice Actors are friends and relatives. None are being paid. Unless food counts. So far it is just Dymond and me. I don't want to drag anyone else into this until I have more concrete things.

Pilot will be posted October 6th 2016.

I have two episodes written. Rough storyboards penciled for episode 1 are already scanned. Finish this before starting episode 2. Try to add in lip syncs if nothing else. Also work on transformation sequences.

Create turn around for all characters. I only have Sunny's and I think Storm's done. Action pose sheets and expression sheets also need to be made. All can be a part of my portfolio.





Cat 🐱 story


Xiong Mao glared out on the distance. The knife was secure in his shoe. A gun was tucked into his belt. He was more than ready for this.

The three men were walking down the street. They were large walls of muscles and probably carrying tons of drugs.

Xiong Mao didn't care about their work or their size. He only had one target. The one on the left. He was the fattest of the three men, but he was athletic and could hold his own in a fight. The white man was also covered in tattoos.

Xiong Mao smirked at seeing 'Butt Sex' in Chinese tattooed on his neck. Xiong Mao would be sure to leave that in tack.

He pulled the knife out of the sneaker. It made a click as he watched the three men walk into the alley. The moment they were within distance, he threw the knife and it cut into the target's arm.

The man yelled in pain as he was pulled down. A string on the knife was pulling him. The three men jumped to his aid. One pulling out the knife as the other pulled out a gun.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" The man with the gun screamed.

Xiong Mao jumped down from his perch on the fire escape. "He is my target. Stand down and don't interfere."

Xiong Mao was thankful for the Japanese festival mask that covered his face. He didn't need to worry about them coming to get him in retaliation.

A few shots rang in the alley. Xiong Mao dodged them like an epic cartoon character. He hissed as he heard people in the nearby buildings scurrying. He was now short on time. The police would be here soon.

Xiong Mao hit the man who charged at him. He counted himself lucky as he was able to dislocate the man's arm with that hit. A quick swoop with his foot to the man's knees took him out. Now all he had to do was get passed big guy number 2.

Big Guy 2 was already charging at him. Xiong Mao held the mask to his face as he did a flip over the man. His landing twisted his ankle, but there was enough adrenaline rushing through him that he


KRISSIE: I wrote this a while ago and never finished it. Enjoy it. The charas might come back in the future.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Amber Tears excerpt

Genie could only hold her ears. That sound was giving her the worst headache. She couldn't exactly identify it. All she could tell was that it sounded like several birds and a woman screaming. She glared at the group of kids running away.

They were the ones who brought her. The ones all excited about a spreading rumor about some unknown creature in these woods.

Most of Conyers was woods. Or at least the part Genie lived in. But many of these kids lived in the newly developed areas. They didn't know the woods all that well, so Genie was sure they were making things up. But this, this was not what Genie was expecting to find. She gritted her teeth as she tried to make out Rosabella's footsteps in the leaves on the ground.

The young Brit wasn't used to Georgia yet. Just because the weather was warm now, didn't mean it would last. It was going to drop to shivers tonight. And it would only be worse.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Caught A Lip Lock (A random fanfic)

Tails blinked several times as his brain tried to comprehend what he had just witnessed. He had obviously come in at a bad time.

He had come into his uncle's place to borrow a book to read. It was a nice peaceful day and Tails wanted to spend his time reading.

Instead he caught his uncle in a deep lip lock in his study. Tails quickly ducked out of the door way and had his back pressed tightly to the wall.

All Tails wanted was a book. Not to interfere or become knowledgeable about his uncle's love life.

"It's been a while." Merlin chuckled. "You must have been really lonely."

"Terribly lonely," the other person spoke. "However, I think I can live with a kiss or two."

Tails cringed as he heard them exchange more kisses.

"Now, now, control." Merlin said, "If Amadeus finds out about this,"

"It'll be trouble." The other person finished. "I know. I know. We can't afford to be caught."

"So why don't we play a board game or cards? And then I can come over to your place and we can play all we want." Merlin suggested.

"Bring that sound proofing spell with you," the person laughed.

Merlin laughed. "Of course!"

The two walked out of the room. "So what card game would you..." Merlin paused as he spotted Tails. "Tails! How long have you been there?"

Tails stared at him with big eyes. "I... Uh... Can I borrow a book?"

Merlin nodded.

Tails dashed into the study and grabbed three books. He dashed to the door way but paused and turned back. "I saw nothing, but um... You should use protection. Being safe is important. Anyway, I love you by." Tails dashed away with great speed.


Tuesday, October 18, 2016


"Hime-San?" The soft voice broke the raven haired man's thoughts.

He turned to see his best friend standing there. Her hair was a soft pink color. He smiled at her, "Yes Sandia?"

She walked up to him and smiled. "You're uncle has made a full recovery. He'll be getting out of the hospital in a few days. Shall we go visit him?"

Hime thought for a moment as he smiled. "I think that would be a great thing to do. Plus, I can give him a gift for his anniversary."


A Shadow Oneshot Fanfic

Shadow the Hedgehog was confused. He stood in the kitchen of a nice comfy home. For a moment he thought he was dreaming. It seemed too good to be true. He had to be dreaming.

In the kitchen stood a white bat. Her hair was messy and she was dressed in pajamas and big slippers that had cat heads on them. She was currently making coffee.

"Morning there sleeping beauty." She smiled at him. "Did you sleep well last night?"

Shadow merely stared at her a moment. Who was she? He had no memory of her. Or this place. He nodded out of politeness.

"Well what do you want for breakfast?" She asked.

Shadow looked around the kitchen. Most of the cabinets were closed. He couldn't tell what she had. He was hungry though. He knew that much.

"Shadow?" She spoke softly. "You don't recognize anything right now, do you?"

"Shadow nodded.

She bit her lip. "I'm your friend, Rouge. We're roommates. We also work together as a team for the government. Don't worry about not remembering. It sometimes happens where you wake up. Give it a few minutes and your memory will be back in a jiffy." She patted his shoulder as she opened the cabinets. "We've got cereal, pop tarts, oatmeal," she closed the cabinet and turned to the fridge. "Eggs, waffles, yogurt, and hamburger meat," she turned back to Shadow. "Does any of that sound good to you?"

"I'll take the yogurt for now." Shadow stated as he looked around the place. How often did he wake up with no memories? He hoped it wasn't too often. He took a few bites of the yogurt and glared at it. "This is that stuff Rose buys. What is her obsession with blueberries? He grumbled, his memories kicking in.

Rouge could only laugh in response as she poured herself a cup of coffee.


KRISSIE: So this is based off a Tumblr post I saw months ago that really got to my heart.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


I was here for you to see

I have so many questions.

I'm just pretending

will you please look at me?

wires. Wires. I'm covered in wires.

there's something bad inside.

but you'll help me right?

destroy the bad and keep the good.

just take this chip and put it in your phone.

I'll be here to guide you out.

don't worry, I'm not pretending now.

follow my instructions closely now.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Shadow Fanfic

KRISSIE: So I saw this sketch of Celepom on Tumblr. And I can't spell her name, so sorry. But her name on other social media I believe is SallyVinter. So here is a skit inspired by one of her sketches.


Shadow tapped his fingers nervously on the table. In front of him was a list. It had that old yellowed paper smell. The font was a classic typewriter font. The F was slightly elevated on the documents which told Shadow that that key had been replaced. But so had the 5 too.

Shadow took a deep breath as he ran his eyes over the list. Donors. They were called donors.

The small lap top was right there. He had typed each name carefully. Read each obituary with interest.

He licked his lips as he typed in the next name. Each letter made a click. It was the loudest thing in Shadow's apartment at that moment. His pet Chao were asleep on the sofa.

It took several long moments, but the name finally formed and Shadow pressed enter. He glanced up expecting another obituary, but that was not the case. There was the man's name. His address.

He was alive. Old and probably knocking on death's door soon, but he was alive. Shadow closed the dusty folder. He carefully put it in a kitchen drawer. He took one last look at the address, committing it to memory. He closed the laptop shut before zipping out of the house.


A MINUTE LATER, Shadow stood in front of an apartment building. He stood frozen a moment as he lifted his hand to knock on the door. He gave it a little tap. It was so soft.

Shadow should have knocked harder. After all, the man was in his 70s by now. He had to have lost most of his hearing abilities. Shadow briefly considered brushing up on his sign language.

The door opened in the middle of Shadow's storming mind. A male hedgehog stood there. His was missing one eye. The one that was still there was a chocolate brown. His black hair had dulled into a dark grey. There was a string of dog tags around his neck. He used a hunting rifle as a cane. He carried the air of a retired soldier and looked like it too.

"What do ya want?" The man spat.

Shadow opened his mouth and it felt dry. "A-a-are," Shadow crossed his arms in a way to make himself seem more in control. "Are you Alfred Altros?"

"Depends," the man crossed his arms as well. "Whose's asking?"

The two stood there in a staring match.

What was Shadow expecting? How was he going to answer that?

 Hello, I found your name on a list of donors who helped lead to my creation! I just wanted to visit since you're the first one I found that wasn't dead.

Yeah... Shadow wasn't about to say that.

The man leaned closer and shook his head. "You have a baby face."

Shadow opened his mouth but the man grabbed him by the arm and dragged him inside the apartment.

"So how did you find the donor paperwork?" Alfred asked as he sat Shadow down into a wooden kitchen chair.

"I found it while exploring the ark." Shadow replied.

Alfred nodded as he sat down. "It still look like shit?"

Shadow nodded.

"Well you can't expect much after the troops march through. Reba always complained about dirty soldier boots." He added air quotes with an annoyed expression. "I heard that way too many times."

Shadow nodded. "So, you know who I am?"

"You're Shadow. I donated some of my DNA to make you." Alfred waved his hand. "You're also baby faced still. I told Gerald to make sure it didn't stay that way."

Shadow glared. He didn't think he had a baby face.

Alfred arched a brow. "Trust me kid, you have a baby face."

Shadow crossed his arms and glared more.

"Be pouty all you want. You're face isn't going to change." Alfred tapped his fingers on the table for a few moments. "So what brings you by?"

Shadow let his arms fall. Why had he come? They didn't exactly know each other. So why had Shadow come? To see someone who had had a hand in his creation? To maybe get to know him better? Shadow wasn't sure. Why had he come?

"Curious." Shadow finally answered. "I was curious."

Alfred cracked a smirked. "I'm flattered. What would you like to know about me?"

Shadow thought for a moment. What did he want to know about Alfred? He wasn't sure.

Alfred stared at Shadow. He wasn't the most patient man in the world. "Come with me. I want to show you something."

Shadow followed him out of the apartment. Alfred opened a garage and inside stood a vintage classic car.

"This is my car. It doesn't move as fast as most do and it definitely can't keep up with you. But it's a nice classic. What do you think?"

Shadow walked around it in silence. "How do you keep it in such good condition?"

"A lot of TLC." Alfred beamed with pride.

Shadow looked up at him. TLC? What did that mean? He was sure he had heard that before. No. He was thinking of that song PYT that was Amy's mp3 player.

"I've got a few other classic cars in a garage in a big garage in some rural town." Alfred stated. "If you, i can leave them to you."

"Shouldn't your children have them?" Shadow looked up from the car.

Alfred burst into laughter. "You're the only runt I've got." He placed his hand on Shadow's shoulder. "My brothers died in wars. And i ain't got sisters. Mom and pa bit the dust ages ago. You're the only family I got. So do you want them or not?"

Shadow thought for a moment. He did like cars. But he wasn't sure how to take care for so many old cars. Well, he could always learn. "If you show me how to properly maintain them, I think i might."

"It's a deal then." Alfred nodded. "Oh, but there is one you're not getting. I'm leaving that to an old friend's runt."

"Were they on the Ark too?" Shadow asked.

"My friend was. He were a doctor. In fact, he had me make you and Maria bikes so you can ride those around the halls. All the higher ups were pissed. Gerald, however, said it was a fun Christmas. You were still small then, so you might not remember. It was then that I told Gerald he needed to do something about that baby face of yours."

Shadow thought back on that. He didn't remember riding a bike. But he had the vague memory of seeing a red and yellow tricycle. "I don't remember."

"That's fine." Alfred waved his hand.

Shadow groaned as his phone went off. It made this annoying ringing sound that got on his nerves and he had no clue how to change it. "Pardon me," he walked to a corner and answered it. "Hello?"

"Hey Shadow," came the all to familiar voice, "It's Amy. Your landlord called me. Your Chao are really upset and they're making a big fuss. Where are you?"

Shadow slapped himself in the face. "I completely forgot about Gerald and Maurice. Please tell me they didn't get into anything. Or hurt."

"No. They're fine it seems. I'm in your apartment with them. I think they're just upset that that woke up alone." Amy replied. "Where's they're food. I'll feed them dinner for you."

 "No, I'll come home and feed them. I promised them I'd make them dinner." Shadow stated. "I'll be home in a few. Can you stay with them until I get there?"

"See you soon." Amy said before hanging up.

Shadow looked up at Alfred. "I have to go. My Chao are being... Well Chao."

"You have Chao?" Alfred seemed curious. "Can I come by and see them?"

"You want to have dinner with us?" Shadow offered.

"I'd like that. I want to see the Chao you've raised." Alfred smirked. "They sound spoiled if you have to be called home so soon."

SHADOW WALKED into his apartment. Alfred followed closely behind him.

"Did you have a mission?" Amy's voice called from the laundry room.

"No. I found some paperwork with a list of donors who assisted in my creation. I found alive. He's having dinner with us." Shadow replied back as he walked into the kitchen.

"Where are the little buggers?" Alfred mused. He didn't see them in the living room and they weren't in the kitchen.

"They adore Rose," Shadow pointed out of the room with his thumb as he opened the freezer. "I mean next to nothing while she's here."

Alfred nodded.

There was a sudden rush of air as two Chao flew into the room. The tackled each of Shadow's arms. A Shadow Chao was on the left and a Sonic Chao on the right.

"This is Gerald." Shadow lifted his left arm. "This is Maurice." He lifted the other hand. "We're having hot pockets for dinner. You cool with that?" He glanced at Alfred as he stuck a plate of hot pockets in the microwave.

 "I'll give them a try." Alfred stated.

"You're having hot pockets for dinner? And you're feeding them to the Chao?" Amy walked into the kitchen. She stood right beside Shadow and gave him a questioning look.

"Yes," came the simple reply.

Amy sighed. She gave up. "No wonder they're so spoiled." Her eye caught Alfred. "He looks like my dad's friend Alfred."

"I am." Alfred rolled his eyes. "Last I heard you were all excited for a date with Sonic. How'd that go?"

Amy bite her cheek.

"Faker stood her up." Shadow stated. "As he normally does. Are you eating with us?" He turned to Amy.

"Sure." Amy sat at the table. "So you're one of Shadow's donors?"

Alfred nodded.

"How do you know Rose's father?" Shadow asked as he sat the Chao down into chairs.

"Remember that doctor I told you about with the bikes?" Alfred smiled. Shadow nodded. "That guy is this rascal's grandpa. When we got stationed back planet side he hooked up with a hot nurse in Mercia."

"Hey!" Amy yelled in protest.

"I'm not taking it back. Your grandma was a good 8 when she was young. I tried to date her. Obviously I got no where. But she was hot all the same. Be proud of that fact." Alfred stated.

Amy made a yuck face. "I'd rather not." Amy perked up as she thought of something. "Did you ever get to meet Shadow when he was on the Ark? Do you have any stories about him? Specifically embarrassing ones!"

Shadow groaned. "Rose, please."

"What? Everyone has embarrassing childhood moments. I want to know about yours."

"How did you get into his apartment?" Alfred mused. "You didn't use any of those pick locking tricks, did you? Cause that's illegal."

Shadow snorted. "Rose has a key. She takes care of my place and the Chao when I have over night missions."

"The Chao get noisy when they wake up and no one is here. So the landlord called me." Amy smiled. "By the way, I put away your laundry for you."

"Thank you Rose." Shadow nodded.

Alfred nodded. Then he looked at Shadow. "You lucky shit. You got a personal housekeeper and you didn't have to sell your soul." He turned to Amy. "Are you aware you're being used?"

Amy rolled her eyes. "Yes sir. You tell me every time I visit my family. I chose to blame the one who taught me to make a cup of coffee at the phrase Where's Joe."

"Well, what else was I suppose to do?" Alfred shrugged. "I did the same to your dad too. He grew wise about it and decided to smart off at me."

"Which is why Daddy's finger bends the wrong way." Amy laughed.

Shadow stared at Alfred in surprise as he put the plates of hot pockets in front of people. "You broke his finger?"

"No. I got up to get him and he ran. Caught is finger in the car door. Never could get it fixed." Alfred shook his head. "You never did that." He pointed at Shadow. "You accidentally broke one of Maria's dolls once. You tried to fix it without telling anyone. And when you couldn't fix it, you wrote an apology note and said you were running away."

"Shadow did that?" Amy seemed to coo. She thought it was cute.

"Yeah. We shut down the whole Ark so he couldn't take a spaceship out. It took hours to find you." He looked at Shadow with a smile. "We finally found you hiding in a closet trying to dress up like one of the doctors. You tried to lie me about who you were. I knew it was you, but I played along."

"Which doctor was I trying to be?" Shadow mused.

"Doctor Alexander Rose. Amy's grandpa." He pointed at the pink hedgehog. "You probably don't remember him. But do you remember beef jerky and slim Jims?"

"It's one of his snacks." Amy sighed. "I wish you would get better." She glared at the black hedgehog.

Shadow shrugged. "I eat them for lunch on missions normally. They're portable and don't go bad."

Alfred nodded. "Yeah that makes sense. You dressed up as Alexander because he would give you slim Jims or jerky if you behaved during tests. Or whenever he saw you. A lot of the higher ups told him not to. Gerald wasn't sure about it either. But Alexander never really listened. There were a few moments where you threw tantrums and we all just sat there and watched. I sent someone to get me popcorn! Alexander gave you a piece of jerky and you were instantly fine. Now that's something I wish I had on camera."

"I threw tantrums?" Shadow mused.

"Rarely. But yeah. I enjoyed everyone of them." Alfred took a bite of his food. "They mainly happened if Maria was too sick and you wanted to play. I remember we all got stuck helping you put on a puppet show."

"Puppet show?" Amy and Shadow tilted their heads.

"Yep. Reba, another doctor there, told you that Maria was too sick to play and you asked what you could do to make her feel better and Reba absent mindedly mentioned a puppet show and you got all the soldiers who didn't have anything better to do to help you. Gerald sat right next to you teaching you how to use the glue gun. Then I brought out some glitter. You should have seen the look on Gerald face. It was pure horror. He purposely made sure I was convently busy anytime you and Maria were doing an art project."

Shadow laughed. "I don't remember that. But I understand Gerald's reasoning. Did you ever do that with Rose?" He pointed at Amy.

"Nah. For some reason Amy never liked coloring as a kid. With Amy, it was cooking and surfing."

"Surfing?" Shadow repeated.

"Yeah.. The rascal took to water naturally. She stole my surf board first chance she got. So I taught her how. Then she started practicing on her folks' ironing board. I've got lots on her really. And her folks have the proof somewhere."

"My defense is that I was young and didn't know better." Amy stated.





Monday, October 3, 2016


The edge was where I had been

there were tears left uncried

my body and spirit weak

it still is...

a broken cord, frayed by all the tugging

the broken doll

no wonder all the stories were so sad

we project.

i interjected myself into the plot

my life...

i wanted it to end.

for how long?

i can't say.

i wanted the bullies to go away.

the pain to stop.

the loneliness to leave

replace it with something else

i don't know what.

the sun sets differently now

the world's so vast and large still

yet where did this feeling come from

stay for who?

i was a lost child.

you could throw me away

and i would be fine with that

yet where did these feelings come from?

trudging through was a chore.

knifes would hurt.

i don't like pain.

i don't want anymore pain.

fire would hurt too.


where to find it deep enough?

how to get there?

how long would it take?

i thought plans.

i made routes.

but alas, i chose to trudge through.

too troublesome to drown

how long would it take to me?

I don't want them looking long.

not when I'm in my ideal place.

they can have the flesh.

I won't be inside

a better, more idealistic place

that's where I'll be.


"Do you have a passion for this anymore?"

"I hate to see you waste your money."

but I'm trudging forward none the less.

I will succeed in having the paper that says I finished.

it's just it seems what I have to say isn't reaching you right

I am the type to always have a project

there they are, stacked up on the tables

so many projects to create

I feel like in don't belong now.

things I had previously been told seem to be wrong

I just want to create what I want

but there seem to be so many things

so many little hoops to jump through

I'm just standing on the mat

I don't regret my choices.

I can't change the past

but I'm sick and tired

of being told to hold off

maybe something else when there's already so much piled up

Pumpkin Launch