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I Don't Want To Go To The Ball Ch6

I Don’t Want To Go To The Ball
Chapter 6: Sunday, the Thirteenth
Deathy: Well, welcome back to this story is going somewhere I promise. What have I done to myself? I have given myself so much work that I can’t keep up. Now on to reviews.
Mewfatima: I separate the scenes with a BOLD word. I do that because I write with Word and I press enter twice to separate scenes but those don’t show up on FF.net. So I started bolding the first letter of the first word, but I switched later on to just bolding the first word of a new scene. Though I did realized I missed one scene and went back to fix it.
Guest: I would like to direct you to this sentence from last chapter: “Shadow listed several other things before he stopped.” You must’ve skipped over that line while reading.
Disclaimer: If you think I own anything, you’re probably nuts.
Amy woke up to someone pounding on her door. She rolled out of bed and stumbled down her steps. Amy rubbed the sleep out of her eyes as she pulled back the door.
“Hello?” She looked up at her visitor. “Shadow? What are you doing here so late at night?”
Shadow looked at his watch. “It’s five thirty-two in the morning.” He showed her his lit up watch.
Amy nodded as she processed the time. 5:32. A.M. … Amy looked up at him dumbfounded. “Why are you here so early?”
“I couldn’t sleep.” Shadow stated simply.
Amy slumped against the door. Shadow wasn’t one to show up at random hours. Something had to be bothering him. She was just amazed he was on her door step and not Rouge’s. “Come on in. I’ll make some coco.”
Amy placed a hot mug of hot chocolate in front of her guest. Shadow took it with a court thank you. Amy yawned as she sat down across from him.
“So what’s up?” Amy asked as she sat up straight.
“I woke you up.” Shadow stated as he stared into his cup.
“Yeah. But I forgive you.”
“What would happen if you didn’t forgive me?”
“I would’ve smacked you with my hammer.” Amy beamed with a proud smile.
Shadow snorted as a smirked replaced his usual frown. “You really like your hammer Rose.”
“Yep.” Amy nodded. “So what brings you here?”
Shadow took a sip of his hot chocolate. “I wanted to know if you really meant that comment from the other day.”
Amy tilted her head. “Which one?”
“The one were you said I was too proud to admit when I liked something.” His red eyes glanced up to her emerald ones.
Amy slammed her head on the table. Shadow backed away. “Mari-An was right.” Amy’s voice was muffled by the table, but he still heard it. Amy pulled herself up. “I’m sorry Shadow. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. Honest. It was just…” Amy waved her hands about as she searched for the right words.
Shadow leaned across the table and grabbed a hold of Amy’s hand. “It’s okay Rose,” he spoke softly as she calmed down. “You were just trying to help. The king’s question stumped me.”
“But my comment still upset you. Mari-An was right. Rob too.” Amy pouted. “I’m sorry. I really am.”
“It’s okay Rose,” he repeated. “It’s okay. I thought about it and you were right. I do have trouble admitting when I like something. That’s why I couldn’t sleep.”
“My comment hurt that much?!” she exclaimed.
“No. I’ve been trying to think of ways to change it.” Shadow stated.
“So you came over my house to tell me that?” Amy tilted her head. Shadow must have wanted help with it. Amy nodded as she came to that conclusion. “Well, let’s start with things you like. You seem to really like chocolate.”
Shadow arched an eyebrow at her. “What makes you say that?”
“You always have this very faint smile when eat chocolate. Plus when I make sweets, you go for the chocolate ones first.” Amy shrugged as if it was obvious. “I just figured.”
Shadow thought about it. “Your right.” Shadow nodded. “I never noticed I did that before.”
Amy chuckled. “I don’t think anyone else has either.”
“But you did?”
“I just notice things.” Amy shrugged. “Especially when it comes to food it seems. It’s how I found out my cousin hates asparagus. But he would force himself to eat it when I cooked it. He still won’t admit it though.”
Shadow chuckled. “That’s the first I’ve heard you talk about your cousin.” He rested his head in the palm of his hand. “And your family for that matter. Why is that?”
Amy bit her lip as she shrugged. She wasn’t sure why she didn’t talk about her family often. It just wasn’t something she did.
Shadow took another sip of his hot chocolate. “Well, let’s change subjects. I came over to tell…”
“Who art thou?” A male asked as he came down the stairs. “And wherefore art thou in the house?” The teal hedgehog held up a bow and arrow.
Shadow just stared at him. It was King Rob O’Hedge. His pale yellow green eyes glaring through Shadow in a half awake phase. He was only wearing his boxers by the looks of it
“Rob put the bow down.” Amy ordered as she got up from the table. She stood in front of him as she held out her hand.
“Rose?” Shadow called to her.
“Come on, give me the bow.” Amy ordered as if he were a child.
“Why is he here?” Rob tilted his head. “Is he a cut-purse thou’re pacifying with hot coco and table side conv’rsation?”
“No. He’s my friend. Now give me the bow.” Amy began tapping her foot.
Rob sighed as he handed over the weapon.
“Quiver too.” Amy added. Rob scrunched as he untied the quiver from his leg. A pout was visible on his face as he handed it over. Amy nodded as he held them and walked upstairs. “I’ll be right back. You two play nice.”
Shadow just sat there with his mouth slightly agape as he watched the pink hedgehog ascend upstairs. Rob walked over to the table and shook his head at the black hedgehog. He leaned over and popped Shadow’s mouth close with his index finger.
“Thou’ll catcheth flies if thou keepeth gapping liketh that.” Rob teased as he slumped down in a chair. Rob glanced at the clock before glancing back at Shadow. “So what endues thou hither mine good fellow?”
Shadow simply stared at him. “Why are you here?”
Rob smirked as he sat up. “Nay one hath told thou. Well this is going to geteth int’resting.”
“What’s going to get interesting?” Amy asked as she sat back down.
Rob just smiled. “Thou’ll seeth. I’m going to geteth some coco while thou two talketh.”
“Rose, why is he here?” Shadow gestured to the king.
“Oh. Rob is cousin. He’s staying with me for a while.” Amy stated with a meek smile.
Shadow’s jaw dropped. “The king of Mercia is your cousin?”
Amy nodded.
Shadow pinched the bridge of his nose. “I’m having trouble understanding this. How are you two related?”
“Ah! Anon is the fun parteth!” Rob smirked as he sat down. “Shall I explaineth?”
Amy waved him onward.
“Mine fath'r and Amy's moth'r art siblings. In fact, amy's moth'r was queen 'ere mine fath'r became king. Mine fath'r marri'd and had me longeth 'ere amy was b'rn. Mine dear aunt doubt'd h'r f'rtility so she gave the coronet to mine fath'r. She gave birth to Amy aft'rwards. I recall h'r calling mine dear cousin h'r miracle child. In fact, the people gave mine cousin many titles. Mine minion was 'Coeur rose de la Reine.' It slipp'd off the tongue p'rfectly.” Rob smiled.
Shadow nodded as it all sank in. “So if Rose is your cousin, why doesn’t she have a royal title?”
“She dost. She just hasn’t us’d it in years.” Rob stated.
“My parents wanted to grow up without it so I would grow up closer to the people. But since I’m of age now, I’m supposed to use it at social functions and junk.” Amy stated. “I actually found out I had one a few days ago.”
“What is your title Rose?” Shadow asked curiously.
“She is the Duchess of Mercia.” Rob stated proudly. “And ye are h’r date to the ball. Thoust also cometh to couzs,mhrt h’r at,” he looked at the clock, “Thou c’rtainly loveth to woe young maidens in the early hours of the m’rning, don’t thou?”
Amy’s face turned bright red. Shadow opened his mouth to retort, but Amy smacked the teal hedgehog hard on the arm. “Shadow didn’t come here for that!” she yelled. “He just came to talk.”
Rob smirked as he arched an eyebrow. “Just came to talketh, aye?” he mused. “Nay maneth comes to a young maiden’s house in the dark hours of the m’rning just to talketh.” He knew his cousin was naïve, but even she had to see what he saw. Still, it would be fun to observe them from afar. “Ah well, nay useth in trying to explaineth it to thou. Ye are as innocent as the rose thou’re nam’d aft’r, mine dear cousin. I’m going backeth to b’d. Please sendeth thy suit’r home lief.”
“He’s not my suitor!” Amy called as her cousin left the kitchen. Rob simply waved a hand over his shoulder.

Amy glared at her cousin over her pancakes. Jon could feel the annoyance and anger surrounding the pink hedgehog and promptly sat as far away from his father as possible. He didn’t know what his dad had done, but he was sure he would figure it out eventually.
“What’s the mattereth Amy?” Mari-An inquired as she took a bite of her pancakes. Amy made delicious pancakes, but even she could taste that something was off about Amy when she took a bite. Amy’s flushed face was also a clear billboard sign that something had embarrassed the poor girl.
“Nothing.” Amy pouted.
“Art thou sure?” Rob gave a happy smirk. “What did thy suit’r doeth to causeth thy faceth to be so r’d today?”
“He isn’t my suitor! He’s my friend. He came over to talk and you made him uncomfortable!” Amy yelled, her red face turning to a burgundy purple.
Mari-An sighed as she shook her head. Rob opened his mouth to continue his teasing, until he was face first in pancakes.
Jon jumped back in his seat. He stared wide eyed at his mother.
“Wherefore don’t thou boys goeth mingle with the oth’r men while Amy and I hast some lady timeth?” Mari-An’s suggestion was more of a threatening order and Rob understood it instantly.
“That sounds liketh a wond’rful idea, mine loveth.” Rob wiped the pancakes off his face.

Mari-An and Amy washed the dishes in silence. The boys had left to go play ball with Sonic and the other guys. Amy hadn’t spoken a word since breakfast. She didn’t know what to say and didn’t want to get on Mari-An’s bad side. The lady was so stern sometimes.
“So who visit'd thou this m'rning?” Mari-An asked as she handed her a cup of tea.
“Shadow.” Amy answered as she stirred in some honey.
“The black and r'd one we met the oth'r day?” Mari-An took a sip of her tea. Amy nodded. “So that's who was hither this m'rning. what did thou two talketh about?”
“Stuff.” Amy shrugged.
Mari-An rested her head on the back of her hand and nodded. She hadn’t known Amy as long as her husband or the Knothole freedom fighters. Mari-An still understood that she was one of the few female figures the pink hedgehog had though. “Telleth me about Shadow.”

Rouge arched an eyebrow as Shadow sat at the bar of her club. She hadn’t expected to see him today. He was staring at the counter holding his head in the palm of his hand.
“What brings you here Shadow?” She poured him a cup of coffee.
“They’re related.” Shadow stared into the black abyss of his coffee.
“Who are related?” Rouge tilted her head as she sat down.
“Rose and King Rob.” Shadow grabbed a cream and dumped it into his coffee.
“Yeah, they’re cousins.” Rouge nodded. “That’s basic knowledge.”
Shadow stared up at the white bat. “You knew?” he whispered.
“I thought everyone knew,” she shrugged. Her eyes widened slightly as she glanced at Shadow. “But you didn’t,” she pointed at him. He shook his head. “So… big bit of information to swallow?”
“Yes.” Shadow slumped over. “It’s just that Rose. She doesn’t come across as…”
“Royalty?” Rouge hummed. “I know. I had trouble believing it when I first found out.”
“How did you find out?” He glanced up at her.
Rouge chuckled. “I am a spy. I was curious about the Kingdom of Mercia at one point before I joined G.U.N. There was this really cool treasure.”
“Shiny gems you wanted?” Shadow smirked. He knew his co-worker oh too well.
“Yes,” she nodded, “But back to the point. During my research the royal family came up. Amy is the daughter of Queen Lilith O’Hedge. Power switched from her to her brother, King George, because she didn’t have an heir. The people doubted she was even capable of having a kid, so it was basically a change of power to please the people, though she still ran a lot of things from the sidelines.”
Shadow nodded. He heard this from Rob earlier. “What else do you know?” He was sure Rouge knew more than Rob or Rose would probably tell him. Shadow was very curious about this, but something else was bugging him. Then it dawned on him. Amy’s mother was Queen. “Wait, what about Rose’s father? Was he king too?”
Rouge grinned a cat’s grin that made Shadow’s stomach twist uncomfortably. “Ooooohhh…” She sang. “Now that’s a juicy bit of information. I doubt even Amy knows.” Shadow leaned closer with interest. “You should know, Queen Lilith never married. Ever. Trust me, I’ve looked for any sign of a marriage document, but there isn’t. Amy has many nicknames because of it. Some aren’t so nice. Others are sweet and enduring, calling her a miracle or the queen’s heart or whatever. But the main problem is that no one knows who Amy’s father is. No one. He’s not listed anywhere that the public can get to. The only publicly available reference to Amy’s father that I’ve been able to find is that he attended a ball with Queen Lilith and Amy years ago.”
“What ball?”
“A ball in Mercia.” Rouge shrugged. “It was for some festival or something. But Dr. Robotnik decided to storm into Mercia that day and began his take over. No one has seen Queen Lilith since. But as far as Amy’s father. There are many rumors and speculations as to who he might be.”
“So it’s all basically gossip as to who he is?”
“Yep.” Rouge nodded. “Some of the rumors are really juicy though. They make for a great story. It’s a shame none of them are true though.”
Shadow nodded in agreement as he took a sip of his drink. Public. The word repeated. Not anywhere that the public can get to. “What did you mean by he’s not listed anywhere that the public can get to?” His ruby eyes pierced through her ocean green. The white bat smirked. She knew he would catch on to that. “Are there private files you found during your research? Do they mention Rose’s father?”
Rouge merely hummed as she poured him another cup. “Why are you so interested in Amy’s family, Shadow?” She didn’t look up to meet his eyes. She turned her back to him as she began brewing another pot of coffee. She knew a lot of things from her research. She was a treasure hunter and that information certainly was a treasure.
Shadow slumped back in his chair. He didn’t know why was interested. He was just curious. He didn’t even know Rose had family until this week. Of course he was curious. Why hadn’t she mentioned them before? Did she hide them on purpose? They seemed so close and happy, so he doubted they were estranged.
“Maybe she didn’t want to make anyone sad.” Rouge answered.
Shadow arched a brow at her.
“You were talking a loud,” she smirked. “But Amy is a kind girl. She didn’t want to make anyone feel sad because they’re families aren’t here with them. A lot of the Freedom Fighters were orphaned for a long time, so Amy just didn’t share her family. She tries really hard to make everyone smile, so she focuses on things around them that will make them happy instead of talking about something that might make people sad.” She pointed at the black hedgehog. “She’s especially careful about avoiding the topic of family in front of you because you technically don’t have one. Though Gerald and Maria were probably the closest things you had to a family. Amy doesn’t want you to feel any more isolated then you already are. Amy is being a good friend.”
Shadow swallowed all that information with the rest of his coffee. “I never thought about it like that.”
“Of course you didn’t.” Rouge sighed. “You’re factual. You think about the straight facts. You’re not very good with the psychological. That’s what I’m here for.” She beamed proudly at this fact as she pointed her thumb at herself.
Shadow smirked.
“But if you want to know more about Amy’s family.” Rouge teased, “Maybe you should ask her about it. You know, girls like it when a guy shows interest.”
Shadow tilted his head.
“Shadow. Shadow. Shadow.” Rouge shook her head. “You can admit you have a crush on Amy anytime now.”
“What?” Shadow chocked on his spit. “I don’t have a crush on Rose! We’re merely friends. Our relationship is strictly platonic.”
Rouge burst into laughter. She hadn’t expected to find a flustered Shadow to be so amusing. “Shadow, I’ve worked with you for ten years now. I think we’ve been friends long enough to know when the other has a crush on someone.”
Shadow clenched his fist. They were sweaty and clamy and he knew Rouge knew it. He took a deep breath to calm his nerves before looking at his long time co-worker and partner. “How’s your relationship with Knuckles going?” he mused with a smirk.
A slight blush appeared on her cheeks. “It’s going well, I guess.” She shrugged. “We’re still… working things out.”
“Like how you won’t try to steal the Master Emerald anymore?” Shadow teased.
“Shut up!” Rouge swatted his shoulder.

Deathy: I actually wasn’t sure about including the RougeXKnuckles pairing, but I did it. So too late now. I wonder if anyone still reads this thing. In other news, I’m still working on lots of projects. I finished a short story I plan on publishing after I draw some pictures for it. I’m also working on this story and my rewritten version of Sonic Underground. Working slowly on my original work. I’m also doing a storyboard for Little Mermaid in my storyboarding class. It’ll be super fun. I’m still playing Pokémon Blue. It’s fun. Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed this chapter! There are 3 more chapters to go.

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Random ShadowXAmy Scene

This is a scene I wrote on my phone in OneNote for the 9th chapter of I Don't Want To Go To The Ball. This scene probably won't be playing out like this. So I figured I'd be sharing it with you all.

Shadow and Amy return to the ball. Shadow is being very protective, not leaving Amy's side. Amy takes shadow outside to garden for some fresh air.
shadow: What are we doing out here Rose? The ball is in there.
Amy: You seem tense. More so then usual. A walk will do you some good.
Shadow: A walk? Rose, I'm fine.
Any: * chuckle* sure you are. And you're not starring everyone down and following me like a guard dog every where I go?
Shadow: Rose. I'm just trying to protect you. It's so...
Amy: Dangerous? I know that shadow. It's always dangerous. No matter what we do, there will always be danger. But for once,
Amy walked up to shake and stood on her tip toes in order to look him in the eye.
Amy: Can't you just...
Amy placed her hand on his shoulder. Her eyes were watery.
Amy: I don't know.... Relax. Even for just a little while. Just one night shadow. Only a few hours of it even. Please? This won't be a fun ball if everyone is on edge the whole time.
Shadow: * sigh*
He should've seen this coming. His attitude was affecting her. He wanted her to have fun. That was the main reason he asked her to come. To see her smile and enjoy herself. To watch her flit around like a butterfly. She was supposed to be having the time of her life. Shadow wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close to him.
Shadow: I'm sorry, rose. I didn't mean to dampen your mood. I just don't want you to get hurt. That thing said it would be back for Maria's sake.
Any rested her head on shadow's shoulder.
Amy: We'll be fine if it does come back. But for now can't we just enjoy the ball?
Shadow pondered the idea for a moment. He smirked as he pecked her head.
Shadow: I like that idea.
He nestled close into her hair. Smiling when he felt Amy shift to be closer to him.
Sonic: Hey love birds! You two can't figure in the garden all night.
The two pulled away from each other. Amy's face was bright red as shadow turned to glare at the blue blur.
Shadow: What are you doing here, sonic?
Sonic: Rob was looking for Amy. He was getting a bit worried, so I decided to check on her.
Sonic shrugged.
Sonic: How was I supposed to know you two were getting cozy out here. Now come on inside and actually enjoy the ball. You two can get cozy afterwards.
Sonic stood next to shadow and leaned into his ear.

Sonic: But if you do, we'll be having a very serious chat.

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Little Mermaid Animatic

Happy Birthday Krystle

Happy birthday to my niece, Krystle!
She turns 3 today. Or at least, she turned 3 this morning at 4 o'clock. She's a really talkative girl who loves Disney princesses and Mickey Mouse among other things. I love her bunches.
I was going to bring her and her sister and her mom over to my house to play. It's going to be 93 today. and the air conditioning at their house doesn't work. So I was going to bring them to my house, where the air conditioner works. And I would let the girls play in the kiddy pool here.
But my plans got changed because of Defacs. They're apparently coming to visit my sister's house today. Which to me is bullshit. Already, my sister, who is supposed to be happy on her daughter's birthday is upset that Defacs is coming to her house to judge her and threaten to take her kids.
Now the only reason Defacs is over at her house is because her oldest daughter when to school and had a few bruises. She had those bruises from climbing. She loves to climb things and like any normal 5 year old, she falls. She gets hurt. But someone at the school called Defacs because she doesn't talk. She's in the special program at school because she doesn't talk a bunch. And she doesn't like to answer a whole bunch of questions because she doesn't see the point in answering them.
But one of the ladies from Defacs has threaten to take my sister's kids away. And that terrifies her. My sister and her husband love their kids. They're doing their very best to take care of their kids. And here comes Defacs saying they're not good enough. They're falling as parents. It's way too stressful. How do you expect them to raise their children the way they see best when Defacs is always showing up judging them.
Defacs is suppose to help those children in abusive environments. The girls are in a normal stable home. Their involvement is not needed there. And it's annoying and I know eventually I'm going to go off on one of them because they're just wasting time, tax dollars, and making our lives stressful. They should be going to help those children who actually need help. Not making parents and families stressed out that they're going to take our kids away from some bullshit reason!
I have to get ready to go over and help my sister clean the house because it's a pain to keep a clean house with a 5 year old and 3 year old. I also need to make sure my laptop is fully charge. As soon as the person from Defacs comes over, I'm turning on the webcam and recording everything.
Hope everyone has a good day. Especially Krystle! I'll try not to be too upset about all this in front of you today. After all, you and your sister don't know what all is going on.

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I Don't Want To Go To The Ball Ch5

I Don’t Want To Go To the Ball
Chapter 5: Saturday, the Twelfth
Deathy: Seriously, you guys have no clue how this going to pan out. Shadow has a bruised ego and that is the main focus of this chapter. Thank you everyone who reviewed! But now it’s time to answer some questions that were asked!
Mewfatima: I’m so happy you like it. I actually really hate that cliché were Sonic and Sally are mean to Amy. It’s out of character for them and it makes reading some fanfics difficult when they have that cliché. As for where Amy was for the last 3 days, Amy’s powers do come into play. That’s all I’m saying. As for Other M, no. I haven’t read it. I’m not even sure if I know what that is. If there’s a place where I can read it, I’d love to read it. I’m really glad you love Rob and Jon. Never be sorry for review. Never. It lets me know if I’m doing a good job or not. Thank you so much for your questions and comments sweetie!
Disclaimer: How is everyone? I don’t have a witty comment today.

He ran until his lungs were sore, begging for air. He looked up at the sky and grimaced. The sun was already rising in the East. It had to be around 6 o’clock. He had spent his whole night running in circles. His mind racing as he went over the events from yesterday. It was driving him up a wall.
“Plus, Shadow is much too proud to admit when he likes something.”
The sentence was haunting him. It kept repeating in his head. It made his blood boil for reasons he could explain yet. He let out a yell as he punched a tree. The tree cracked as a chaos spear spilt through it. The top half toppled over and crashed into another tree, but the other tree didn’t budge. He glared at the sight, breathing heavy.
He couldn’t get Rob’s face out of his head. It had went from pleasant, calm face to a condescending one. Shadow was used to people sneering at him. Looking down on him because he was created in a lab. But King Rob’s condescending look was different. It was almost mocking him for being prideful. It practically laughed, “You silly little boy.”
Shadow hated it! How dare he look down upon him for being prideful? He wanted to punch that Shakespearean accent king in the face. Shadow growled as he chaos speared the broken tree. Pieces broke off and fell to the ground. Shadow zipped off.

Shadow glared at the target as he pulled the trigger. The human shaped target flapped as the bullets ripped through the plastic before it fell to the ground. He was steaming with rage and everyone could feel it. Shadow didn’t care if he was surrounded by a dark red aura promising a Chaos Blast to whoever got in his way. Everyone gave him a wide birth and he was left alone to destroy as many targets as he wished.
That was until, Rouge came into the shooting rage. She sat on one of the desk and watched. She sat in her usual seductive manner as she watched him shoot several targets to the point of overkill.
Shadow pulled the gun back when it ran out of bullets. He turned to refill the rifle, only to come face to face with Rouge’s face. It was a mix between concern and curiosity. Shadow glared as he put the gun on the desk beside, careful to make sure the barrel wasn’t facing her.
“So…” Rouge hummed, “What’s up?”
“Hmph,” came the swift reply.
Rouge nodded. “How did your race with Sonic go?”
Shadow glared at her. “It was okay. Faker won. I’ll beat him next time.”
Rouge nodded. She knew it wasn’t like Shadow to be upset over losing one race to Sonic. Surely there was something else bothering him. She just had to figure it out. Rouge pursed her lips. “Have you and Amy discussed matching your tie with her dressed?”
Shadow slammed the pack of bullets on table. His breathing became hitched as he ground his teeth together.
Rouge arched an eyebrow. So he was having trouble with Amy? At least it was something she was great out. Rouge leaned forward to look at him. “Shadow, what happened between you and Amy?”
“I’m not too proud!” Shadow banged his fist on the metal table.
Rouge pulled back and stared at him in shock. It wasn’t like Shadow to have melt downs like this. She arched an eyebrow at him. “Why don’t you come to my place for some tea?”
Shadow took several deep breathes. “There’s no way out of it, is there?”
Rouge shook her head.

“Would you like some sugar for your tea?” Rouge held up a small dish.
“No.” Shadow shook his head as he stirred the tea bag in the cup.
Rouge resigned as she sat down at the stool behind the bar. They were the only two in Club Rouge. Rouge had made tea in the kitchen area in the club instead of her upstairs apartment since it was quickest. She also knew that it was easiest to get Shadow to talk about whatever was bothering him on a bar stool then in a overstuff chair upstairs. She stirred in a spoonful of honey and took a sip.
“So, what did happen between you and Amy yesterday?” Rouge asked calmly.
Shadow grumbled as he down his cup of tea.
“Want scotch instead?” Rouge cocked an eyebrow.
“No.” Shadow shook his head.
“Okay.” Rouge nodded, “Earlier you said something about being too proud.” Shadow glared. “I can tell Amy has something to do with it. Don’t deny it. Just spill your guts so we can talk about it.”
Shadow slumped over. He hated to admit it, but Rouge was right. For some weird reason, he knew he could talk to Rouge about his problems and Rouge would play shrink and help him find a solution. Only problem was, Shadow didn’t like admitting he had a problem, much less share them. He shot a glance up at the white bat. She was waiting patiently, drinking her tea as she waited for him to talk. She refilled his cup and moved the tea bag some. Shadow sat up, “I met the King of Mercia yesterday.”
“King Rob, right? His wife is Mari-An?” Rouge asked curiously.
“Yes. I see you’ve been doing your research.” Shadow nodded. “You’re not planning to take any royal treasures, are you?”
Rouge gasped, putting her hand on her chest. The offense was obviously fake. “Why Shadow, I would never. Besides, they didn’t bring anything I want to steal.”
Shadow smirked as he shook his head.
“So you met King Rob. What happened?” Rouge took a sip of her tea. “Did he ask you eccentric questions? I’ve heard he likes to do that.”
“He asked if I liked it here on Mobius.”
Rouge made a hiss sound. She could see how that wouldn’t have gone well.
“Sonic made the same sound. I was trying to figure out an answer that wouldn’t offend him in case he could get me in trouble with the commander and then,” Shadow took a breath, “Rose got in the way.” Shadow clenched his fist as he stared at the floor. “She said I was too proud to admit when I like something. Then offered to show them around while Sonic and I raced. It was horrible!”
Rouge nodded. “So you’re upset because Amy tried to save you from answering a question?”
“No!” Shadow shook his head as he made eye contact with Rouge. “It was King Rob’s face! He gave me this pitiful, condescending look like I was some ignorant child. It was horrible. And before I could process it, Sonic dragged me off.”
Rouge took a sip. “So…” she thought about her question, “What exactly are you feeling?”
Shadow clenched his fist. He wasn’t good at expressing his emotions. He could analyze them on his own. He just wasn’t sure how to explain them without feeling weak. He breathed through his nose. Rouge was his ally. He could trust her. “I feel insulted. But at the same time, I feel… like Rose’s statement is true. Rose is normally too nice to reveal someone’s flaws. But she was just trying to help. I don’t want it to be true, but I can find no instance where I wasn’t too proud to admit that I liked something.”
Rouge nodded. She knew it was true. Shadow had slowly been opening up to everyone, but he wasn’t comfortable enough to share when he liked something. He wasn’t much of a sharer by nature. She needed to think of a way to fix Shadow’s mood.
“Why don’t you prove them wrong?” Rouge suggested.
“What?” Shadow looked up from his tea cup.
“Prove them wrong. Prove to Rob that he shouldn’t give you such a condescending look and prove to Amy that you’re not too prideful to admit when you like something.” Rouge shrugged as if it were obviously. “You’ve done it before. Everyone said you were going to destroy the world when you came back from the ARK, but you didn’t. You joined G.U.N. and you’ve walked the line ever since. Whenever anyone has their doubts about you, you prove them wrong.”
“That’s true.” Shadow nodded. “But that was a lot easier than this.”

“Come take a walk with me.” She softly spoke as she waved her hand. The little girl followed her mother into the garden. It was large garden with many flowers and a lake with a bridge. The hedges of the garden formed a large maze with many sitting areas hidden inside of it. The music from the ball was a soft whisper out here, which is what the woman wanted for this talk. She turned to smile at her daughter. “Why do you not dance, my child?”
The girl looked up at her. She was dressed in a fluffy dressed with cute white tap shoes. Her tiara was thin silver with only three jewels inside. She walked onto the bridge her mother was standing on and swung her arms at her side. “I do not want to dance, mother.”
“Why not?” She smiled as she leaned on the railing of the bridge. She crossed her ankles as she glanced at the lake. It was clear today and she could see the koi fish swimming about. “You dance all the time.”
“I know.” She nodded. “But I don’t dance that well. If I dance in front of all those people, they’ll laugh at me.”
Her mother made a tsking sound as she shook her head. “So fear of embarrassment stops you. Is my daughter so weak that the mere idea of embarrassment stops her? I would’ve thought I had given birth to a daughter who would be a great brave woman. Have I and your father failed to make you brave?”
“No mother.” The girl shook her head. “I am very brave. I have no problem tending to wounded soldiers and sewing their wounds. I have trouble of dealing with lions, tigers, or bears. I am very brave indeed.”
“These facts are true.” Her mother nodded. “You’re only 5 and all you’ve ever known in your short life is war. Yet you remain kind. You work to heal the injured and help those in need. You have fallen many times in front of others. Some have laughed at you and others have applauded you for your effort. So why does dancing cause you to fear embarrassment?”
The little girl pouted as she pondered this. Why was she afraid to dance in front of others?

“Amy!” Bunnie shook the pink hedgehog.
Amy’s green eyes flickered as the vision she been having faded away. She could hear several voices swirling around her, but she couldn’t quite make them all out. She found Bunnie’s voice and focused on it. Bunnie’s accent was soothing, but also concerned.
“Ah mah stars! Amy-suga, please, snap out of it!” Bunnie called.
Amy took her gaze away from the trees that she been staring at. She turned her head and regretted it. Her vision blurred and she cringed from the pounding headache it gave her. “Bunnie?” She crocked as she looked a yellowish blur in front of her. “What’s wrong?”
“How many fingers am I holding up, sug?” She demanded.
Amy tilted her head. She couldn’t see any fingers. She smirked, Bunnie must’ve been playing with her. “Two?” She guessed.
Bunnie shook her head. She grabbed a hold of Amy’s shoulder. “No.” She answered, “I was holding up four.” She put Amy’s arm over her shoulders. “Come on, we’re taking you to the doctor.”
“What for? I only have a little headache. I feel fine.” Amy mumbled.
“Amy, you’re not fine.” Mari-An pulled up her other side. “Ye are far from it. Thou needeth a doct’r anon.”
Amy leaned her head on Mari-An. She was warm. Amy liked that. She didn’t understand why everyone was freaking out though. She took a deep breath and winced. Something felt wrong. Amy removed her arm from Mari-An shoulder and touched her stomach. It hurt when she touched and felt wet. “Did I fall in a mud puddle?” She murmured as she brought her hand up, expecting to see mud. She stared at the blood on her hand. She brought it to her nose to smell it. It had that strange metallic smell. She couldn’t say it was paint. She numbly forced herself to stand up straight. She still felt woozy, but at least now, she knew why. “The doctor is a good idea. Which way?”
Amy looked around. They were in the Great Forest by the looks of it. A few minutes away from the city if she took that path to the right. Amy walked down that that path.
“Amy? Where are you going?” Bunnie shouted as she raced to catch up with her.
“To the doctor. I must’ve fallen on something.” Amy shrugged as she grabbed some leaves to use as a temporary bandage. “Strange, I don’t remember getting kidnapped by Eggman today.”
“What doeth thou remembereth, Amy?” Mari-An helped her form the bandage and press it to her stomach as they walked. She saw no point in trying to force Amy to sit down. If she could walk, then there was hope that she would be just fine.
“I remember eating breakfast with you and the boys.” Amy began. “We went to visit Cream. She wanted to plant some flowers and a tree or two here since Eggman burnt a lot of them down again. All of us girls came out here to do that. I was planting a lily, I think. Then I had that vision. The next thing I knew I heard Bunnie calling for me.”
“Vision?” Bunnie murmured. “What vision?”
Amy shrugged. “It was a vision. I must’ve zoned out because of it and gotten hurt.” Amy pushed down on the leaf bandage and felt the wound. She cringed. It wasn’t very big, but it hurt. “Did I fall on a shovel?”
“Not quite, I’m afraid.” Mari-An rubbed Amy’s shoulder. “Haply we shouldst break with it aft’r thou’ve seen the doct’r?”

Amy sat in the hospital bed. Sonic had let it slip that Amy had been missing for 3 days and couldn’t remember were she’d been in front of Rob. The teal hedgehog had dragged Sonic, Sally, and Dr. Quack aside. His face was burgundy from anger. Amy just hoped Rob wouldn’t stay mad long.
“I brought you some Jell-O.” Jon smiled as he came into the room.
“Hey Lil’ Jon.” Amy took the Jell-O and opened it. “How is everything?”
“Father is still freaking out. He’s very worried about you.” Jon stated. “Mother is calming him down so he doesn’t say anything to upset you when he comes in.”
“What could Rob possibly say to upset me?” Amy laughed. “I’m feeling fine now. I promise. I’ll be more careful.”
“Father is questioning rather it is a good idea for you to go to the ball.” Jon crawled onto the small bed and curled up next to her.
“But I really want to go.” Amy pouted.
“I know. Mother is telling him that you’re going.” Jon gave a snide grin. “Rather he wants you to or not. Rather you back out or not. Mother says she’ll make you go. Even if Mister Shadow can not make it to escort you. You will go to the ball.”
The two laughed. Mari-An was a very serious woman when she made up her mind about something. Rob rarely disagreed with her. If anyone was going to talk Rob out of telling Amy not to go to the ball, it would Mari-An.
“Want some jell-o?” Amy held the spoon up to his mouth.
Jon ate it. “Orange jello is yummy.”
“Yep!” Amy smiled. “So what do you want for dinner?” Amy hugged him close as she looked at the clock.
Jon looked up at her with a sad face. “The doctor is talking about keeping you over night.”
Pssh!” Amy rolled her eyes. “I’m feeling fine. And antsy.” She shifted her legs under the blankets. “I’m going home for dinner. Besides, this bed isn’t made for sleeping.”
“No they are not.” Jon nodded.

Shadow came back to Club Rouge after his run. Rouge was sitting at the bar, drinking water and skimming a magazine. She smiled as Shadow walked up to the counter.
“Want some-“
“How do I prove them wrong?” He blurted out.
Rouge arched an eyebrow at him.
“I’ve been trying to think about how. I mean, I know I can prove King Rob wrong about giving me that pitiful look. But how do I convince Rose?”
Rouge sighed. She hated to say it, but sometimes Shadow had a one track mind. Unfortunately it wasn’t racing or food. Rouge folded her magazine and tossed it on a table behind her. “Isn’t it obvious?”
Shadow glared at the bat.
“Admit to liking something in front of her.”
“Everyone knows I like shooting things and crashing cars though.” Shadow leaned on the counter.
Rouge shook her head. “What about other things you like?”
Shadow gave her the classic ‘What-you-talking-about?’ look.
“Okay.” Rouge pinched the bridge of her nose. “What else do you like aside from guns and your bike?”
Shadow stared at her dumbly.
Rouge sighed through her nose. “How about this, do you like Amy’s cooking?”
“Of course! Who doesn’t like Rose’s cooking?” Shadow straighten. “She’s a wonderful cook.”
Rouge smiled. “Have you ever told Amy you like her cooking? Or that she’s a wonderful cook?”
“No.” Shadow shook his head. “She hears that all the time.”
“True. But if you tell her you like her cooking next time, that’ll prove to her that she was wrong about you.”
“Is there anything else that you like about Amy?” Rouge crossed her legs.
Shadow thought about it. “She’s always nice to everyone. She’s caring.” Shadow slowly began to make a list on his fingers. “She can always look on the bright side of everything. And make you believe it sometimes.” Shadow listed several other things before he stopped. “Why am I doing this?”
Rouge looked up at him stun. She hadn’t expected him to list over 5 things. “I now have a better understanding of you and I’m digesting it.”
“What are you talking about?” Shadow arched an eyebrow.
Rouge opened her mouth, but closed it again. She didn’t want him in denial. “Why don’t you tell Amy some of those things that you like about her next time you see her? That’ll prove to her that you’re not too proud.”
Shadow nodded. It seemed easy. He began to walk towards the door.
“But Shadow, be careful how you say it.” Rouge’s voice caused Shadow to turn around and face her.
“Because if you just list all that those things to her at once, people might get the wrong idea and think you like Amy. Amy might even think that too. Though she’ll most likely be oblivious until someone tells her.” Rouge stated.
Shadow tilted his head. “But I-“
“I’m talking about a different like, Shadow. I’m talking about having a crush like.” Rouge informed him.
Shadow shut his mouth closed like a steel trap.
“Glad you understand. Start with a simple thing, like, ‘I like your cooking.’ Then sprinkle the other compliments around elsewhere. Though you might want to add in other things you like so it isn’t just Rose.” Rouge stated.
“Then why did you have me list things that I like about Rose?” Shadow waved his hands in the air.
Rouge shrugged. “She’s the one you need to prove long. Frankly I’m still amazed about all the things you like about her.”
“What do you mean? There’s a lot to like about Rose. You said so yourself.”
“You like her smile Shadow.” Rouge sighed.
“Doesn’t everyone?” Shadow shrugged.
Rouge dropped her head onto the bar. Sometimes she could swear that Shadow as dense as a sack of rocks. She pulled herself off the counter and fell upstairs. “Stay here, I’ll be back.”
Rouge came back moments later with a book. She put it in Shadow’s hands. “Give this a quick skim sometime.”
Shadow nodded.
“Bye Shadow.” Rouge waved as she went back upstairs. She needed a bubble bath. “Lock the door on your way out.”
“Bye Rouge.” Shadow turned the lock on the door before stepping out into the street. He looked up at the sky. It was evening. Almost dinner time. He ran to his apartment was there in seconds. He guess he should eat something before finding Rose. She was probably eating dinner by now anyway. Shadow looked through his kitchen. There wasn’t much. He had chicken he needed to cook though. He wondered how he should cook it as he went looking for the cook book he had borrowed from Amy several weeks ago.
He plucked the book off the shelf and skimmed through it. Amy had made several scribbles in the margins with tips to make the food taste better. Shadow flipped through several chicken recipes before picking one.
After he ate dinner, he picked up the book Rouge had given him. He had never heard of it before. He opened up the first page and began reading.

Deathy: I am so sorry this is taking forever. I just want to give ya’ll a good story. Which means long chapters, but longer wait times. I’ve also started working on a book that I’m hoping to publish when I get it done and edited. I’ve also started doing let’s plays on my YouTube channel. I’m currently playing Pokémon Blue, but I’m going to do other games afterwards.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

I Don't Want To Go To The Ball Ch4

I Don’t Want to Go To the Ball
Chapter 4: Friday, the Eleventh
Krissie: I should be working on school work… But I’m writing fanfics. This must be college life. Also, I’m using an English to Shakespearean translator for Rob O’ Hedge, Mari-An, and Jon.
More Ages:
Max Acorn: 65
Alicia Acorn: 60
Rob O’Hedge: 29
Jon O’Hedge: 10
Elias: 27
Alexis: 10
Megan: 28
Disclaimer: This chapter is 11 pages long in Word. So enjoy this extremely long chapter.
Amy awoke up a long ringing. Normally the pink hedgehog would be furious that someone was calling her before she woke up, but she was grateful. She had had a horrible nightmare. She felt as if she had been trapped in it. She raced to the phone as if it were the key to saving her life.
“Hello?” She asked as she held the phone to her ear.
“Hello cousin!” A familiar male voice spoke softly but full of cheer.
Amy looked outside and saw that the sun was barely rising over the horizon. “Hello Rob.” She greeted, feeling her breath calming down.
“Cousin, art thou humour well? Thou soundeth ill.” Rob asked, growing concern.
“No.” Amy shook her head. “I just had a bad dream. Thanks for calling.”
Rob sighed. “I hopeth the nightmare wasn’t too much, mine dear cousin. I just want’d to seeth how thou wast.”
“I’m doing well. I have to get an early start today anyway. I have to get a dress for the peace ball.” Amy told him as she wiped some of the sweat off her head.
“Joy!” Rob cheered, causing Amy to pull the phone away from her ear. “I want’d to talketh to thou about the peace ball.”
“Really? What about it?” Amy asked.
“Well, we’re coming f’r it of course!” Rob giggled.
“Of course you are!” Amy giggled. How could she forget that her cousin was the king of Mercia?
“We was wond’ring if thou wouldn’t mind showing us around when we got thither. Wewas also wond’ring if thou want’d to attendeth with us.” Rob stated.
“Of course I’ll show you guys around!” Amy exclaimed. She was sure she had damaged her cousin’s eardrum, but he would be fine. “What else is family for silly? I would love to go with you guys to ball too, but I’m going with Shadow. But I’ll meet you guys there.”
Rob was quite for a moment. “Shadow?” He repeated. “Thou meaneth that ebony hedgehog who w’rks f’r G.U.N.?”
“Yes. That Shadow.” Amy nodded. “Commander Towers told him he had to go to the ball to show that he wanted peace despite all the stuff that happened on the Ark. Rouge told him to bring a date because people will be less likely to bug him. So he asked me if I would go with him.”
“Um-hmm.” Rob sounded from the other end. “Thou did sayeth that he wasn’t one f’r social things once. Ye are a kind girl, mine cousin.
Amy beamed with joy as she pulled out a cup of yogurt from her fridge. “So when can I expect you? You guys can stay with me if you want. I just have to prepare the guest room.”
“That sounds lovely.” She could hear Rob’s smile on other end. “We art actually almost thither anon. We shouldst be thither by lunchtime.”
“Really?!” Amy nearly chocked on her yogurt.
“Aye.” Rob chuckled nervously. “Mine most sinc’re apologies f’r such late noticeth, cousin.”
“It’s okay.” Amy sighed as she leaned against the counter. “Thought tomorrow I’m dragging you dress shopping with me.”
Rob gave a hearty laugh. “Is that my punishment, cousin?”
“It’s that or tickling you with a feather, Rob.” Amy laughed.
“Bit thee by the ear. We will be seeing thou lief.” Rob stated.
“Love you too.” Amy smiled before hanging up the phone. She looked around her house and squealed. It had been so long since she had seen her cousin that she couldn’t have been happier.

Amy beamed as she looked at her spotless house. She had been cleaning it for hours. Amy sat down on her couch with relief. She looked at the clock. It was almost lunchtime. Amy pulled her boots over her feet before walking out the door.
She was meet with Sonic’s jade eyes. “Hey Amy!” Sonic gave a wave. “Rob and Mari-An just landed.”
Amy squealed. Sonic instinctively took a step back, not wanting to be attacked by one of Amy’s famous hugs. “Where are they?” Amy ran pass the blue hedgehog.
Sonic chuckled as he caught up to the pink hedgehog. “They’re at the castle talking to King Max.”

“Rob!” Amy cried as she tackled the teal hedgehog to the ground.
Rob let out a yelp as his face collided with the tile. His wife giggled as she held back their son, Jon, who wanted to join in on the hug. Max arched an eyebrow as he took in the sight.
“Hello cousin!” Rob laughed as he held himself on his elbows. “’Tis so nice to seeth thou too, but wouldst thou mind getting off of me? I can not seeth aught beyond the castle tile.”
“Sorry.” Amy gave a nervous laugh as she rolled off her cousin. “It’s just been so long seen I’ve seen you guys.”
“Hello Amy!” Jon waved.
“Jon!” Amy gave the young echidna a tight hug. “You’ve gotten so big since the last time I’ve seen you.”
Jon giggled as he wrapped his arms around his cousin. “Thy hair hath gotten longeth.”
Amy pulled back and grabbed one of her quills. He was right. Her hair reached passed her shoulders now. “I must’ve forgotten to trim it. I’ll cut it later.”
“Nay!” Mari-An shook her head. “Don’t doeth that. It looks nice that length. It suits thou well; elegant yet sweet and young.”
Amy smiled as she wrapped her arms around Mari-An’s waist. “Thanks Mari-An.” She beamed up at her.
Mari-An chuckled as she brushed Amy’s hair with her fingers. “Doeth thou not wisheth to geteth off the palace flo’r? Thou looketh liketh a bawbling child standing on thy hams liketh that.”
“I rath’r liketh the sight from hither. It reminds me of the corky days when Amy clung to mine forks when I wouldst goeth out f’r hunts with fath’r.” Rob stretched as he stood up. “Thanketh thou so much f’r having us, King Maximilian and Queen Alicia. ‘Tis a great hon’r f’r us.”
“It is a great honor for us too.” Max bowed. “Will you be staying here at the palace?”
“Aw…” Amy pouted. “I thought you guys would be staying with me. I have the guest room all ready and everything.”
Rob chuckled.
“Doeth I hast to shareth a room with mom and dad?” Jon asked, somewhat whiny.
“Well, I have an extra guest room in the basement with my exercise equipment if you want to sleep there. I have it ready too.” Amy answered with a smile.
Jon nodded, content that he wouldn’t have to sleep in the same room as his parents.
“Thanketh thou, but I thinketh I’ll be taking cousin up on h’r humble offereth.” Rob bowed. “We will be seeing thou lat’r.”
“Of course.” Max and Alicia smiled as they watched them leave.
“Oh wait a minute!” Max called as he chased after the teal hedgehog. Rob gave him a confused look. “What about that thing we were discussing?”
“Oh!” Rob nodded as he smiled. Amy gave a confused look as watched them. “I almost forgot to asketh.” He turned to Amy with a bright smile. But Amy knew that smile too well. That was the smile he gave her when he was about to ask her to do something she wouldn’t want to, like the time he asked her to help him get eggs from the chickens when they were little. “King Maximilian and I wanteth to knoweth if thou wouldst liketh to useth thy title at the ball on the sixteenth.”
“Title?” Amy tilted her head. What title? She didn’t have a title.
Rob sighed as Mari-An rubbed Amy’s shoulder.
“Sweetie, thou knoweth how we’re the rul’rs of Merica, right?” Mari-An asked in a calm voice.
“Yeah.” Amy nodded. “What does that have to do with a title?”
“Just stayeth with me.” Mari-An ordered. “Thou knoweth how thy parents us’d to be the rul’rs ‘ere thy uncle?” Amy nodded. “Well, just because thy parents art nay long’r king and queen, thou still hast a title. A royal title.”
Amy’s green eyes widened as she finally understood. “I have a royal title?”
“Aye.” Rob nodded as he wrapped his arm around his cousin. “Thy parents want’d thou to growth up liketh a common’r so thou wouldst be clos’r to the people, so we haven’t been able to calleth thou by thy title. But anon that ye are of age, we can calleth thou by such. Since ye are going to the ball, we needeth to calleth thou by title. It’ll be a great insult to all of Mercia if we don’t. But we want’d to asketh if thou wish’d to be calleth by thy title at the ball first.”
Amy thought about it for a moment. If she didn’t go by her title, it would an insult to all of Mercia? She didn’t want to get her cousin into any trouble. It wouldn’t hurt to go by it for one evening. “I don’t mind.” Amy nodded. “What is it though?”
Max smiled as he looked at Amy as if she were an innocent child who just couldn’t wrap her head around 2 + 2 = 4.
“Thou’re the duchess of Mercia, silly!” Jon stated as he grabbed onto her arm.
“The duchess?” Amy shrieked. “That can’t be right. The courts been saying the duchess has been missing for years.”
“You haven’t been missing.” Alicia chuckled as she stood beside her husband. “You’ve merely been absent from Mercian court because you’ve been too young. In order to protect you from any danger, the elders of the Mercian court decided to say you were missing until you were of age. King Rob hasn’t been sure how to reintroduce you to the court though.”
“When the ball came up, the eld’rs said it wouldst be the perfecteth timeth f’r thou goeth by thy meet title again.” Rob stated.
Amy nodded.
“I feeleth liketh I shouldst telleth thou, the rest of the Mercian court will be attending the ball. Just be yourself and enjoyeth the ball. If they wanteth to asketh thou any questions about thy title, sendeth them to us.” Mari-An stated.
“Okay.” Amy nodded.

“And that’s basically it!” Amy stated as she finished the tour of her house.
“I liketh it!” Jon bounced on the couch.
“Lil’ Jon.” Rob shook his head. “Don’t bounceth on Amy’s couch.”
“Jon, dad, Jon.” Jon gave a delicious whine. “Dram Jon is so… childish!”
“I rather like Little Jon.” Amy smiled as rested her arms on the back of the couch. “It’s cute.”
“I don’t. It’s childish. I’m not a child.” Jon crossed his arms and gave a pout.
“Yes ye are.” Rob stated.
Jon turned his pout towards his father.
Amy chuckled. “Your dad is right Jon. You’re 10. That makes you a child.”
“But thou wast helping fighteth Eggman when thou wast 10. And Tails was building planes. Building planes!” Jon tried to argue his case.
Amy laughed as she rustled Jon’s hair. “Yes. We were doing all that. But we were still children then. And so are you, Little Jon.”
Jon pouted. “I’m nev’r going to escapeth this nickname, am I?”
“Nope.” Rob smirked as he popped the P loudly.
“Wilt thou teaseth our son?” Mari-An asked as she came out of the guest room.
“Of course! Whence is the joy in life if I can’t teaseth mine owneth son?” Rob grinned. “He knows I doeth it out of loveth, right son?”
Mari-An shook her head. “V’ry  well. Amy, I brought some dresses from Mercia. I thinketh thou might wanteth to weareth one of these as thy ball gown.”
“Really?” Amy skipped up the stairs.
“Aye.” Mari-An nodded. “Wouldst thou liketh to tryeth some on?
“I would!” Amy nodded. “You two can judge.” She gestured to the boys downstairs.
Rob plopped down on the couch. “I am already bound to doeth so, but wilt we punisheth the sirrah too?
Amy hummed. “I guess not.  Jon, if you want you can out to play. You’ve been to Uncle Chuck’s diner. Just don’t wonder too far without anyone, okay?”
“Okay!” Jon nodded as he jumped off the couch. “Hast fun dad!”
“Same to thou, son.” Rob gave a lazy wave.

Shadow stopped at the front of familiar diner. Sonic grinned a few inches away from him. The blue hedgehog was too happy to have won their little race.
“Looks like I’m still faster, Shadow.” Sonic grinned.
Shadow crossed his arms and hmphed.
Sonic rolled his eyes. “Let’s get something to eat, I’m starving.” Sonic opened the door to Uncle Chuck’s diner. The blue hedgehog was instantly hit by a red blur.
“Hi Sonic!” The voice rang.
Shadow arched an eyebrow. “Who is this?” The black hedgehog had been around the blue hedgehog long enough to know most of the people who would hug him. Though the only one he knew that would tackle hug him like the red echidna did was Rose.
“Oh hey Jon!” Sonic beamed at the boy. “I thought you would be with Amy all day.”
“Nah.” Jon shook his head. “Amy is trying on dresses with mother. Father is stuck being the judge. So I came here hoping we could play.”
Sonic nodded. “Maybe later. Shadow and I just got through with a race and hungry.”
Jon froze. He looked up at the black hedgehog. His wide eyes soon narrowed as he looked the hedgehog up and down.
Shadow crossed his arms and he looked down at the boy. He couldn’t have been more than 10 years old. Jon mimicked him. Shadow hmphed. “Do you have a problem with me?”
Jon gave him a skeptical look. “Art thou a gentleman?”
“What?” Shadow blinked. The boy went from speaking like any normal kid to talking like Shakespeare.
“Art thou a gentleman?” Jon repeated as he put his hands on his hips. “Aye ‘r nay.”
Sonic shook his head as he put a hand on Jon’s shoulder. “Jon, remember that talk we had about how people here don’t talk like your parents and you do?”
“I remember Sonic.” Jon gave Sonic a sweet smile. “I just want to know if he’s a gentleman.”
“Why do you want to know if I’m a gentleman?” Shadow put his hands on his hips and gave the boy a questioning look.
“Thou’re Shadow Hedgehog, art thou not? The ultimate lifeform from Space Colony Ark? A maneth of G.U.N. The only oth’r p’rson on Mobius who can runeth at the speedeth of soundeth? Am I wrong?”
“No.” Shadow shook his head. “I’m Shadow the Hedgehog.”
“So, art thou a gentleman ‘r not?” Jon pouted as he tapped his foot.
Shadow shrugged. “I wouldn’t consider myself one. Why is it so important to you, anyway?”
Jon made a popping sound with his lips. “Oh mine! It seems I’ve f’rgotten to introduceth myself. I am Jon O’Hedge.” Jon held his hand out to the black hedgehog. “Ye are taking mine dear cousin to the ball in a few days. I just want’d to knoweth what kind of maneth was esc’rting h’r.”
Shadow stood there dumbfounded for a moment with a blank face. “Cousin? You’re Rose’s cousin?”
“Aye!” Jon beamed with pride. He looked at his extended arm. “We’re supposed to shake hands now.” He whispered as he nodded to his hand.
Shadow shook hands with him.
Jon beamed with a huge smile that made want to cringe. He wasn’t sure what was going to happen next with this kid. “May I join you guys for lunch?” He asked sweetly.
“I don’t see why not.” Sonic shrugged. “Do you Shadow?” Shadow merely shrugged. “So it’s cool! Why don’t you get the menus for us?” Jon nodded and bolted towards the counter and Sonic sat down in a booth. Shadow took the opposite seat. “I’m going to warn you now. Jon likes to ask a lot of questions. And I mean A LOT.” Sonic stated in a hushed voice. “This time I think you’re the target of his a thousand questions.”
“I’m sure he doesn’t talk as much as you faker.” Shadow teased. “Though I was unaware that Rose had any family. She never speaks of them. I figure she would have mentioned having a sibling by now.”
“That’s because Amy is an only child.” Jon informed as he handed out the menus and sat down next to Sonic. “My grandfather and her mother were siblings. My father is her actual cousin. I’m her cousin once removed, I think that’s what it’s called.” Jon shrugged. “I don’t really know.”
Shadow nodded as he opened the menu. Sonic already knew what he was ordering. His usual of 2 chilidogs and a soda. Shadow didn’t eat much, but his eyes found what he wanted to eat. Loaded fries sounded like a dream since they still couldn’t figure out how Amy had gotten to that lake. Loaded French fries were his favorite thing to eat that wasn’t a sweet when he was frustrated.
“So what do you want to eat, Jon?” Sonic grinned at him.
Jon gave a meek smile. “There are a lot of choices.” He stated as he read over the menu. He pulled several coins and placed them on the table as he began counting.
“What are you doing?” Shadow folded his menu and watched him.
“I’m making sure I have enough for my meal and a tip.” Jon stated as he continued counting.
Shadow nodded. He took notice of the accent change again. “Why don’t I cover your tab for today? I doubt the waiter wants to count all those coins anyway. What kind of coins are those anyway?” Shadow had seen many different currencies before, but none like the thick coins Jon was currently counting on the table.
Sonic sighed as he shook his head. “Did Rob not give you any money?”
“No. I have plenty from my allowance right here.” Jon gestured to the coins on the table.
Sonic smiled. “No, silly. I mean, Acorian money. The Republic of Acorns and G.U.N. countries use similar currency, so we can easily exchange between the two countries. But Mercian money is different. It has a completely different value than ours, so you have to take it to a bank to have it exchanged.”
Jon nodded as he began to understand. “Well, this is awkward. Can I take you up on that offer, Mister Shadow?”
“Shadow. Just Shadow.” Shadow stated. He hated being called mister. He didn’t like it. “And yes. It does. Though, I must admit, I’ve never seen a currency from Mercia. Do they not have bills there?”
Jon thought about it for a moment. “Bills? Are those tariffs or those paper things that they use here?”
“Paper.” Sonic answered.
“Then no. We don’t have bills.” Jon answered honestly. “We do, however, have lots of coins. All kinds.”
“Your country sounds… odd to me.” Shadow stated simply as they gave their orders to the waitress.
Jon nodded. “I can get that. Amy says that people usually think things are strange when met with a different way of doing things. It’s why I try to drop by native accent for one more like you guys when I’m here. I still think a lot of things here are odd.”
Sonic chuckled. “It does get jarring after a while, huh?”
“Yep!” Jon nodded. “I think this is my second time being here. Last time I was barely here two hours before it was time to go home.”
“Actually you were here longer, but you were asleep through most of it.” Sonic smirked.
Jon blushed. “It’s a long trip.” He murmured.

Rob propped his feet up on the table. “Ah! I remembereth that dresseth.”
Amy cringed slightly. “From where? And do I want to know anything else?” She loved her cousin, but every so often he said some rather intimate things to his wife in front of her that would make any normal person blush just saying it. Amy was even more concern since this dress was rather revealing.
“Well, I’ve nev’r w’rn this. So thou shouldst be safe.” Mari-An stated as she fixed the sash on the green dress.
“Ah. Thou might not remembereth, dear cousin, but thy moth’r w’rn that gown.” Rob smiled sweetly. “I was just a bawbling tike then, but I remembereth. She taught me a few steps that day.”
Amy felt her breath caught in her throat. “Mother wore this?” She looked down at the gown. Every picture of her mother she had seen had her wearing elegant, reserved clothes. This dress had a low neckline that show a considerable amount of cleavage that Amy wasn’t used to.
“Aye.” Rob nodded. “She look’d beautiful in it, just as thou doeth anon.”
Amy felt water come to her eyes. She barely remembered her parents. She couldn’t ever recall being compared to her mother before. Something about it caused a strange ache to form in her chest. “I do?” Amy gave a meek smile.
“Aye.” Rob nodded. “Frankly, I thinketh the dresseth wouldst be prefect f’r thou to weareth. Don’t thou agreeth, mine ladybirde?”
“Aye. It’s absolutely wond’rful on thou.” Mari-An stated. “Shall we goeth with this one?”
Amy looked down at the dress. It was a bit to revealing for her taste. But she had to admit, she liked it. She stared at herself in the mirror. Amy always tried to dress nice, and she felt she accomplished it somewhat well. Even if Sonic didn’t love her the way she wanted. She looked nice, she knew that. But this was a different nice then all the nice she had looked before. This was sexy nice. Amy had doubted her ability to look sexy in the past, but now, she couldn’t deny it. She did look sexy in this dress. She grinned.
“Yeah. We’ll go with this one.” Amy nodded.

They found Jon walking around with Sonic and Shadow. Jon seemed to be chatting away as he walked between the two. Amy smirked as they watched them from a distance. She whispered to her cousins, who giggled at the idea.
“I’ve got ya!” Amy exclaimed as she glomped the red echidna. Jon let out a high pitch screech as Amy hoisted him into the air. “Have you been a good boy?”
“Aye! Aye! I’ve been good.” Jon gasped between fits of giggles.
“I can vow for him, Ames.” Sonic grinned. Something about watching the boy frail his limbs about in the air was way too amusing for the blue hedgehog.
“Really?” Amy put Jon back on the ground, but kept an arm around him. “Did he buy you chilidogs to gain your loyalty?”
“No.” Sonic shook his head.
“Is this true Shadow?” Amy turned to the black hedgehog.
“Yes. It’s true.” Shadow stated. “Your cousin has been well behaved since we ran into him.”
“See! I’ve been good.” Jon smiled as he struggled to get out of Amy’s strong grasp. He huffed as he couldn’t escape and leaned back against her. “Did you and mother finish trying on those gowns? I figured you’d be at it all night.”
“I found one I like, so I’m wearing that to the ball.” Amy ran her hand through his hair. His hair wasn’t like normal dreadlocks that an echidna would have. They had a sharp edge to them, similar to a hedgehog’s.
Jon smiled. “What color is it?”
“Green.” Amy told him.
Jon nodded. “What shade?”
Amy arched an eyebrow at him. “Why do you need to know?”
“Because mother brought 3 green dresses.” Jon held up three fingers. “One was a light green, one was a forest, and the other one would be perfect for you. Not too dark, not too bright. Plus, father and I made a bet on which one you would chose.”
“I take it you voted for the third green dress?” Shadow arched an eyebrow. Jon nodded.
“So what are you winning?” Amy squeezed Jon tighter.
Jon gave a wide smirk. He placed his finger to his mouth as he showed off his pearly teeth. “It’s a secret.”
“What do you mean it’s a secret?” Amy tilted her head. “Is it something you can’t tell me?”
Jon shook his head. “Nay, not yet.”
Amy hummed as she ran her fingers through his hair. “Well, as long as you’ll tell me eventually.”
“I will. I will.” Jon went up on his tip toes and gave her a peak on her lower chin. “But you have to release me first.”
Amy smiled as she let go of him.
Jon smiled as he ran off. “I’ll see you later!”
Amy waved before turning back to the two male hedgehogs. “I hope he didn’t cause you guys any trouble. I know he can ask a lot of questions.”
“He’s a good kid.” Sonic stated. “He mainly asked Shadow questions about Station Square and how G.U.N. territories work.”
“My. How’d that go?” Amy turned to look at Shadow.
“It wasn’t too much trouble.” Shadow shrugged. “He’s never been here before.”
Sonic arched an eyebrow at Shadow. “Did you just shrug?” he asked with his eyes. “You never shrug.”
“Shut it.” Shadow sent back with a pointed glare. “How have you been, Rose?”
“I’ve been good. My cousins came to visit. They’ll be staying with me for a few days.” Amy beamed a bright happy smile.
Shadow nodded. “Jon stated that you didn’t see each other often.”
“Yeah. Mercia is like on the other side of the world.” Amy shrugged. “I’m usually helping fighting Eggman, so I can’t always call, but we write letters to each other all the time.”
Shadow nodded.
“So how have you been, Shadow?”
“I’ve been well.” Shadow replied.
“Yeah. I beat him in a race this morning!” Sonic beamed.
Amy smiled at Sonic while Shadow just hmphed. Amy patted Shadow’s arm.
“Don’t be upset. You two are usually equal in speed. You might win next time.” Amy stated softly in an attempt to keep Shadow in a good mood.
“I’m not upset, Rose.” Shadow grabbed a hold of her hand and rubbed her knuckles with his thumb. “A bit annoyed that I lost, but I’m not upset.”
Sonic tapped his foot as he took the sight in. Shadow was being way too nice. It wasn’t a normal for the ebony hedgehog and Sonic wasn’t sure he liked it.
“Well thou wilt be Shadow the Hedgehog, I presume?” Rob clapped a hand onto Sonic’s shoulder. “It’s good to seeth thou Sonic.”
Shadow nodded as he took in the teal hedgehog. He wore thick brown boots that made him at least 3 inches taller then he actually was. His brown hood covered his quills, but still showed off his whole face. Shadow took note of the quiver full of arrows on his back and a second quiver strapped on his boots. His brown gloves flared out pass the wrist and Shadow could make out a faint design on them even though they were greatly worn.
“It’s a pleasure to meeteth thou.” Rob extended a hand to Shadow. “I am Rob O’ the Hedge.” He waved to the woman beside him. “This is mine jointress, Mari-An.”
Shadow nodded as he took in the information. Rob O’ Hedge. He had heard that name somewhere. “You’re the king of Mercia?” Shadow arched an eyebrow as they shook hands.
“Aye.” Rob smiled. “I taketh it thoust heard of me?”
“Yes. The commander is looking forward to meeting you at the peace ball. Apparently Mercia is still rather aloof at times according to my co-worker.” Shadow replied courtly.
Rob nodded with a smile. “Aye. We meaneth nay disrespect by it.” Rob paused as he looked at Amy and smiled. “That is wherefore we’ve cometh. To openeth up with oth’rs and becometh moo gentle. Aft’r all, the ordinary is a lot moo fun when thoust cater-cousins to shareth it with.”
Shadow felt the urge to scoff, but suppressed it. Rob was still a king and Shadow was required to be respectful. The last thing Shadow wanted was to be the cause of strained relations.
 “I understandeth that ye are from space. The Space Colony ARK, correcteth?” Rob gave a soft smile. Shadow nodded. “How art thou enjoying Mobius? Doeth thou liketh it hither?”
Shadow arched an eyebrow at him. Why would he care if he liked Mobius? Shadow protected Mobius because that’s what he was made for. It’s what Maria would want him to do. Why would it matter if he liked the planet or not? Shadow wouldn’t say he liked it here. He was somewhat content.
Sonic sucked in a sharp breath at Rob’s question. He wasn’t sure what Rob was thinking asking that question, but he was concern about how Shadow was going to answer. Shadow had closed his eyes and the blue blur noticed his jaw clench. Shadow was either mad or thinking. Sonic hoped it was the other.
Amy looked between Shadow and Rob as Shadow stood thinking. Rob merely kept staring at Shadow expectantly. Mari-An standing behind him. Amy was sure Shadow was mulling over the answer in his head. She could see the small traces of annoyance at the question.
“Shadow isn’t good about opening up to new people, Rob.” Amy stated.
Shadow’s ruby eyes snapped open and looked at her. She had moved to stand beside him, but also in front him. A way of shielding him from Rob’s questions? Shadow opened his mouth to interject, but Amy spoke quicker.
“Plus, Shadow is much too proud to admit when he likes something.” Amy stated. “Why don’t I finish showing you guys around? I’m sure Shadow would like a break from all these questions.” Amy looked up at Sonic as she took a breath. She gave a sweet smile. “Maybe he and Sonic have another race planned for this evening? They certainly like their competitions with each other.”
Sonic nodded, quickly catching on to Amy’s plan. “Yeah we do.” Sonic lied. “So I’ll catch up with you guys later, okay?” He shook hands with Rob before nudging Shadow in the shoulder. “Come on Shads! Let’s go have our other race!” With that Sonic zipped off.
Shadow stood stunned for a moment. He felt like he had missed something and he didn’t like that feeling. “Good evening Rose. Good evening King Rob and Queen Mari-An.” Shadow gave a court nod before zipping off in a streak of yellow orange.
Amy knew they couldn’t see her, but she waved anyway. “So, how about the city?”
“Thou upseteth him.” Rob stated with a bit of a pout.
“Thou upseteth him. He po’r lad hath nay clue what just betid.” Rob chuckled as he shook his head.
“Thou sure sav’d his skin though.” Mari-An patted Amy on her back. “Though most men disliketh it when a woman saves their hid. Especially if he’s as prideful thou claimeth.”
Amy gulped. She hoped she hadn’t upset Shadow too much. She was only trying to help after all. Maybe Shadow would be able to see that. He was a smart guy after all.

“What in the name of Gerald happened back there?” Shadow rasped as he caught up with Sonic in the middle of a Mystic Ruins.
Sonic gave a sheepish smile as he scratched his cheek. “Congrats! You met the king of Mercia! He really is eccentric.”
“I see.” Shadow nodded. “But I have no clue what just happened. So you better start talking hedgehog.”
Sonic gulped. He knew Shadow was going to be angry. “Well, Rob asked you a question. Amy and I both knew you wouldn’t be able to give an honest answer without possibly upsetting Rob and getting in trouble with G.U.N. Plus, I thought you were going to punch Rob.” Sonic rubbed the back of his neck as he gave a nervous laugh. “Amy thought quicker and saved your butt so you wouldn’t have to answer the question.”
Shadow clenched his fist. “I can handle myself.” Shadow’s growl made Sonic take a step back.
“I know that Shadow.” Sonic put up his hands defensively. “Amy was just… Worried. You know how she can be. She just wanted to help.”
Shadow growled. He didn’t need help in carrying a conversation. He could hold one just fine. He could’ve handled the king’s stupid questions. He took a deep breath and exhaled through his nose. “Good day Sonic.” He gave a court nod before speeding off.
“Where are you going?” Sonic yelled after him.
Shadow ran back and glared at Sonic. “I’m going for a run. Alone.” He emphasized the word ‘alone’ before speeding off.
Sonic nodded as he kicked a rock. “What to do now…” he hummed.

Deathy: I’m on the bus heading to school. I have to present an animation I made today. I’m so nervous. But I’m happy I wrote this. I’m so happy that many of you on deviantart are enjoying this story. And look, Rob! So difficult to write this man. In my head, Rob is this laid back, kind of silly guy with a mischievous side who loves riddles and question games. And sometimes he’s just a dork. But I love him. Thank you everyone for reviewing! I haven’t been writing for this story much because I’ve been busy with school work, plus, I’ve been doing a Let’s Play of Pokemon on YouTube.

Little Mermaid Storyboard

I know this isn't related much to writing, but I wanted to share it with you guys anyway.
So in my story boarding class, we've been working on our 32 shot storyboard. We had to pick a fairy tale, folk tale, or nursery rhythm. I chose The Little Mermaid after my teacher made a comment about how I'm always trying to do Brother Grimm stories. So I went with Hans Christian Anderson's  Little Mermaid.

It's been very fun. I started out doing scribbles for my thumbs.
Then I refined them. I have 32 shots, but 36 images to color and put into an animatic. 
I already have 33 of them done! Which makes me feel very accomplished since I want to have them all colored by Tuesday so I can begin the animatic process. 
After I have the animatic done, I'll share it on YouTube. After all, I did put a lot of work into this, so why not share it?