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Baby Silver Ch4 - Final Chapter

Baby Silver Chapter 4
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Krissie: Continuing off from last time.
Silver happily ate the food Amy gave to him. He was the happiest child in the world. "You're cooking is yummy, Rose!" Silver complimented with a large smile. The side of his mouth was covered in crumbs and peanut butter.
"Thank you Silver," Amy giggled, "Let me clean up your face a bit," she leaned in with a napkin.
Silver yelled no as he ran away from her.
"Silver!" Amy jumped up. "Come back here!"
Sonic and Shadow sat at the table quietly eating their food as they watched. Amy was doing her best to catch Silver, but his tiny little legs were faster than Amy Rose. Silver floated up with a small glow around him. He flew up to the ceiling and floated there and giggled as he stared at her.
"Silver come down here!" Amy ordered.
Silver shook his head a big smug on his face.
Amy turned to look at the two men in the kitchen. "Do either of you want to come help me?"
Shadow thought for a moment. "Not really, but I doubt you'll be able to get him down." Shadow walked into the living room where Silver floated with his big smug. "Come down here Silver," Shadow ordered, crossing his arms.
Silver mimicked him. "Or what?" He asked.
Shadow arched an eyebrow. "Oh," Shadow smirked, "Somebody thinks they're a big boy now, huh?" Shadow snapped his fingers and a chaos spear appeared in his hand. "Let's see if you're big enough to handle this." He tossed the chaos spear at the boy.
"Shadow!" Sonic and Amy yelled in unison.
Silver held out his hands in front of himself. "Chronos Control!"
There was a flash of light and then a body dropped to the floor.
"Ow..." The crumpled figure landed on the floor.
"Silver?" Sonic nudged the figure of a fully grown Silver on the ground.
"What is it with you people and kicking me in the head!?" Silver yelled as he sat up and glared at him.
"Why there another me?" Toddler Silver asked.
"Why are there two of you?" Sonic asked.
"If the third person under that hood is also Silver, I'm going to flip." Amy pointed to the person wearing a cloak. They had floated down gracefully and sat on the couch and simply watched.
They giggled as they looked away.
"Who are you?" Shadow asked as he approached.
"No one important," Silver jumped up and blocked Shadow's path.
"No one important," the person under the cloak echoed. It was a beautiful female voice. "Is that any way to refer to your mama?"
"Mama!" Toddler Silver cheered as he floated down to cuddle next to his mom. "I missed you!"
She patted Silver on the head. "I've missed you too. But what is that on your face?"
"He won't let me clean his face," Amy stated.
The figured turned to look at Amy. "You're Amy Rose right?" There seemed to be a hint of glee in her voice.
"Yes," Amy mused. "Am I famous or something?"
The woman giggled as she removed her hood. She had bright emerald eyes with speaks of gold inside. Her long pink quills were done up in a beautiful bun. "I don't know about famous, but I'm very certain meeting one of my ancestors is a great moment for me! Shadow has told me I'm as clumsy as you several times."
Silver facepalmed. His mom was a chatty Cathy and Silver wished she wasn't. "This is going to cause a time paradox!" Silver sang.
"Oh pish-posh!" Silver's mom waved her hand. "Stop being such a stick in the mud! You sound just like Shadow.
 Sonic found himself biting back a giggle. Shadow arched an eyebrow and Amy merely tilted her head and looked between Silver and Shadow mentally making comparisons.
Silver turned bright red as his fur stood on end. He stuttered a moment. "I am not!" He yelled. "I'm a smiley happy go lucky dolt! I just want a safe future and Eggman Nega keeps mucking that up. Maybe if the government had listened to Shadow instead of shoving him in a sleep box, Eggman Nega would be dead and I wouldn't have to worry about time paradoxes!"
Everyone stayed quiet. They all stared at Silver.
His mom sighed, "Do you feel better getting some of that anger off of your chest?"
"I just want to go back to my time." Silver whined.
She sighed. "I can't travel to your time. I can only go back from my current time. You know that." She picked up toddler Silver. "The only people who can travel freely through time are Shadow, you, and well, you know." She pointed to Shadow. "This Shadow doesn't know how yet, but just chill here a few seconds," she ordered. She grabbed the napkin from Amy's hand and in a swift movement cleaned off toddler Silver's face. "Thank you guys for being such good friends with my son, even when he's cranky. Ta-ta!" She waved as a flash of light enveloped her and toddler Silver. They disappeared.
Silver sighed as he rubbed his fingers on his temples. He had a major headache. He sat on the couch. "Please tell me Tails is still working on that time machine?"
"Yep." Sonic nodded."You wanna talk?"
Silver glared at the blue hedgehog. "No."
"Your mom is kind of right." Sonic muttered.
"Don't you dare agree with her!" Silver jolted up on the couch. His gold eyes glared at Sonic. His fist were clenched on the arm of the couch.
The room sat in silence for a moment. Amy and Shadow took a step back. They weren't about to be caught in this fight.
A knock on the door broke them out of it. It was a deep rapid knock like a police officer's.
Sonic opened the door. "Can I help you?" Sonic asked quickly. He took a step back. "Shadow?" He looked at the Shadow in his house and then at the one at the door. They looked just alike. Except the one at the door had a few more lines on his face.
"Shadow from a different." The Shadow at the door stated as he walked into the house. He walked up to Silver. "Gwen asked me to take you to your time." He crossed his arms. "What time paradoxes see you making now?"
"I chose to blame Tails' time machine. It took me to the wrong year and little me and I got switched." Silver stated with a pout as he refused to make eye contact.
Future Shadow nodded. He walked over to the door that led to Tails' lab. He opened and formed a ball of chaos energy in his hand. "Tails stop making time machines! You'll cause a paradox!" With that, he tossed the ball down into the lab. He closed the door as a loud explosion went off. "He'll be fine." Shadow told them. He patted Silver on the back. "Come on, the quicker I take you home, the quicker I can get back to devouring all of Rose's delicious cake. Unless you want to join me. It's the one that Rose can't make yet."
"The super yummy one. With all the toppings?" Silver perked up.
"Yep. She just finished it." Future Shadow beamed.
"Cake first. Then home!" Silver raced outside. "Let's go!" He demanded.
Future Shadow chuckled. "The only thing me and that boy have in common is our sweet tooth. Where does she was him as having my anger problem?" He shook his head.
"Shouldn't I be in a box in Silver's time?" Shadow asked.
Future Shadow smirked. "It's called a fake." He walked outside. "You guys stay out of trouble. And Rose before you ask," he turned to look at the pink hedgehog, "No you do not marry Sonic. Don't ask Silver who you marry next time he visits. He won't answer. Bye." He teleported away with Silver.
The door to Tails' lab swung open. Tails crawled out. His fur covered on ash as he coughed. "Ow... What was that for Shadow? And where's Silver?"
"Future Shadow did that. He also took Silver. No need to stress now." Sonic stated simply. "Why don't you take a well deserved bath and take a nap, little bro?"
Tails nodded as he made his way to the bathroom.
Krissie: This is the end of the story. I hoped you all enjoyed it.

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Little Mermaid Sonic Version Ch7

Little Mermaid Sonic Version
Chapter 7
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Sonic sighed as they drove up to the palace. “Why are do we have to visit Rouge?” Sonic whined.
“We should invite her to our wedding in person,” Sally stated. “We talked about this, remember?”
“I thought we were just going to send Shadow.” Sonic gestured towards the black and red hedgehog who sat across from them. “After all, she’s his friend. I’m sure she’ll be his date… as usual.”
Shadow crossed his arms and glared at him.
“Sonic, it would be rude not to invite her ourselves.” Sally placed her hand on Sonic’s arm.
“Very well.” Sonic shrugged. “How long will it take to get there, Tails?”
The young fox driving the cottage smirked back at Sonic, “We’re already here.” The two tailed fox beamed with a smug pride.
“That was quick!” Sonic laughed.
“You have no idea, Prince Sonic,” the chauffer sitting next to Tails was stiff in fright. Apparently Tails driving was very fearful if you sat right next to him.
“Madam Rouge,” a maid called as she raced down the hall.
“I’m in the garden,” Rouge called, “What is it?” The white bat was sitting on the ledge of the water fountain.
“Prince Sonic, Prince Shadow, and Princess Sally have just arrived and are requesting an audience with you, madam,” the elderly maid stated.
“Send them to here then,” Rouge order as she turned to continue playing with Amy’s pink hair. “I rather not end my honored guest’s tour of the gardens. You still want to explore the gardens, don’t you?” She beamed at Amy.
Amy nodded. She had never seen so many beautiful flowers before. She loved all of them.
The new guests came quickly.
“Hello there,” Rouge greeted them with a seductive smile. “What brings all of you here to visit little ole me?”
“Hello Rouge,” Sally gave a curtsy.
“Yo!” Sonic held up one hand.
Tails waved and Shadow gave his usual hmph.
Amy perked up as she heard Sonic. She slammed her hand loudly on the concrete base of the fountain. She was so frantic. “That’s him! That’s him!” She mouthed over and over.
Rouge nodded as she turned to face the sound.
“What’s that?” Tails asked as he picked up on the sound. He instinctively began to walk to the noise.
“Oh that’s just my honored guest. I was just showing her the garden. Shall I introduce you?” Rouge stepped in Tails’ way so he couldn’t go around Amy without her. “She’s still very new here. She’s enjoying the flowers right now.”
“Well let’s say hi,” Sonic zipped pass the bat.
“Prince Sonic, wait for me to introduce you first!” Rouge yelled.
“Hi!” Sonic waved to the figure as he skid to a stop in front him. The dirt shot up and covered the young girl.
“Sonic!” Rouge screeched, “You’ve ruined her clothes!”
“Oh sorry, my bad,” Sonic apologized as he actually looked at the young girl.
She had long pink quills. They were braided in a long braid. Her emerald eyes shined so bright that they were blinding. Her simple dress was red with white roses created with lace on it. The long sleeves nearly covered her small delicate hands. The skirt was long and hid her feet. It had been a beautiful dress until Sonic ruined it with mud. Though she was very beautiful even though she was covered in dirt.
She was also someone Sonic recognized instantly.
“Hey, you’re that girl that save my butt from drowning!” Sonic beamed. “Sal, I found her!”
“I see,” Sally walked up to him and pushed him back some. “I’m sorry about your dress,” the red headed chipmunk leaned down to be eye level with Amy. “Sonic here doesn’t always know how to behave. I’m Sally. What’s your name?”
Amy opened her mouth to speak but when no sound came out, she closed it.
“Her name is Amy.” Rouge stated as she approached them. She glared slightly at Sonic. “The poor thing has lost her voice.” She grabbed the wheelchair.
Tails grabbed it from her, “I’ve got it for you Madam.”
“Thank you,” Rouge smiled, “You’re growing into quite the gentleman.” She beamed at the fox.
Tails brought the wheelchair over to Amy. He held out his hand to help her into the chair, but Amy shrunk back from him.
“She’s very shy. Try not to crowd her.” Rouge stated as she sat next to the pink hedgehog. “Amy, this is Prince Sonic. Princess Sally. Miles Tails Prower, he’s either Sonic’s butler or friend. The line is blurred.”
“What’s a butler?” Amy mouthed.
“Oh yeah, you’re still new here. You don’t know what butler’s are. I’ll explain that later.” Rouge patted her on the head. “And that guy over there with the scary look is Shadow. He’s not much of a talker.”
Amy looked at Shadow curiously. She remember him. He was the one who gave her the jacket.
“So what brings you all here?” Rouge looked at Sonic and Sally. “It’s not every day I get visitors.”
“We came to invite you to our wedding, Madam Rouge,” Sally stated. “We would also be honored to Amy come as well.”
“She did save me from drowning,” Sonic laughed, “So what do you say Amy?”
Amy blushed as Sonic leaned in close to her face. His teeth were a shiny white. As bright as the moon. Amy felt her heart beat so fast, she was sure it was going to explode.
Rouge sighed. “I would be delighted to come. I’ll even escort Amy. Poor thing still has a long way to go to recover.”
“What happened to her?” Sonic asked curiously.
“I’m not sure. I just found the poor thing in such a horrible state. I brought her here. I’m going to take care of her until she’s ready to go out on her own.” Rouge stated.
“Poor thing,” Sally clasped her hands together. “I’m sure her family is worried sick about her.”
“I doubt Father is worried,” Amy thought to herself. Her father wouldn’t notice her missing for months. They only meet every once in a while at mermaid gatherings. Her father only ever warned her of the landers. When and if he found out about this, she was sure he would be furious. But IF was a big part about that.
“She hasn’t mentioned them yet.” Rouge stated. “I’m the only one here who can read lips, so I’m the only one she can communicate with right now until the sign language tutor gets here.” She helped usher Amy into the wheelchair. “When will the wedding be?”
“On the 15th of August,” Sally and Sonic answered in unison.
“My, that’s barely a month away. Teaching Amy all the proper etiquette and things in such a short time; I don’t know if it’ll be possible.”
“I can help you teach her,” Sally offered. “I do owe her a ton for saving my fiancé’s life.”
Rouge thought about it for a moment. “It wouldn’t hurt to socialize Amy with others. You can come by and help. But don’t let it get into the way of planning for your wedding.” She began to push Amy back into the mansion. “I’m going to get Amy cleaned up from Sonic’s mess. Come have lunch with me tomorrow and you can help me teach her how to eat properly.”
“Okay Rouge. I’ll see you then.”
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This story takes place in my Sonic Underground AU. I'm going to make a tag that says "sonic underground" soon. So if you click on that you'll find all the stories associated with my Sonic Underground AU. Some of it is inspired by drawlala of Tumblr. Hopefully I wrote that name right. I'll check later.


AMY glared at the red fox in front of her. Fiona was trying to work her sweet magic on Tails. And the pink hedgehog was pissed that it was working on him. The fox was in full on blush mode, jittering teeth and fiddling fingers.

'Just tell her no.' Amy ordered in her mind. She clenched her fist.

Fiona was bad news. Amy could feel it and they all knew. Fiona was a backstabber. She turned in one small group of freedom fighters over to Eggman as a means to save her sorry butt. Rouge was treacherous, but even the bat wasn't so cruel.

Sally and Bunnie stood by waiting for Tails to turn her down. Sonia stood looking confused on rather she should jump in or not. They were letting the two tailed fox make his own decision, but Amy knew Tails too well. He could never turn away a pair of fluttering eyes that looked at him with interest - even if said interest was fake.

Amy took a deep breath. This was enough and without Sonic here to encourage him, Tails would fall.

"Miles!" Amy yelled at the top of her lungs.

Tails jumped and everyone froze to turn at the pink hedgehog.

"Uh... Hello, we're having a conversation over here," Fiona waved her hands in the air. "Rude much."

"Bite your tongue whore." Amy growled. Everyone gasped. They never thought that the pink hedgehog knew such words.

"Damn." Rouge breathed.

Tails just stared at Amy. He didn't react. He just stood straight up and stared at her. A hint of fear in his eyes.

"Did your uncle not make a match for you already?" Amy asked.

Tails nodded. "He did."

"Is that whore better then your chosen betrothed?" She pointed an accusing finger at Fiona.

"No." Tails shook his head.

"Then why are we wasting our time on her?" Amy asked as she walked up to him. Tails shrugged as he held eye contact. Amy sighed. "As daughter of your matchmaker, I forbid you from having any relation other then a working acquaintance relationship with this whore. Do you understand?"

Tails saluted. "Yes my lady."

"Good. Now let's go. Rouge is up there thinking she's about to see a cat fight," Amy gestured towards the bat sitting with eyes of interest in a tree. Amy turned to walk away and Tails followed her, marching like a soldier.

"What the hell?!" Fiona yelled. "Who do you think you are?" She charged at Amy.

Amy sighed. Her hammer appeared in her hand and she turned ready to beam Fiona in the head and throw her back a few feet. What she saw was a surprise. Tails had punched Fiona right in the stomach. Amy didn't think the fox had it in him to hurt a girl. But here Tails was. His fist in Fiona's stomach.

"Why?" Tears streamed down Fiona's face as she looked for sympathy.

"Amy is the daughter of my matchmaker. My uncle went looking for her family. When he shows up, I'd rather not have my butt beat for letting some crazed whore hurt her. So if you had grievance with my lady, then I suggest trying to bring it up when I'm not around." Tails stated with the coldest look anyone had ever seen. Tails drew back his fist and Fiona fell to her knees. With a swift chopping motion of his hand on her neck, Fiona was out cold in the ground.

Amy nodded in approval and the two walked back to the main group.

"Well, let's get a move on before the others worry." Amy gave a bright smile.

"So you just want to gloss over this whole thing?" Sonia mused, placing a finger to her mouth.

"I would like that." Tails muttered.

"Uh, no." Sonia shook her head. The other girls shook their heads too.

"Let's start with the you're engaged part!" Rouge wrapped her arm around Tails' shoulder.

"Ugh..." Tails sighed. "It happened shortly after i was born. I don't remember all the details. But it's only a technically. Like a just in case. For formal stuff."

"Explain suga," Bunnie ordered as they began walking.

"You see what you started." Tails growled at Amy.

"You know, you could have lied and said I was lying and you played along to get out of an awkward situation. But you didn't do that and now we're here."

"And where did you learn such an adult word?" Bunnie crossed her arms as she gave Amy a stern motherly look.

"Um..." Amy stared at her feet in thought. "Nothing I say will properly answer that question. So I plead the fifth."

"I plead the fifth too," Tails held up his hand.

"That's no fun." Rouge pouted.

Sonia hummed as she tapped her fingers on her arms. They had traveled several miles in the car Tails made from salvaged parts. The magenta hedgehog froze suddenly.

"Oh Tikal!" She exclaimed as she stood up straight.

"What?" Sally asked. "Sit down before you get hurt." She added as she pulled her down into her seat.

Sonia with wide eyes grabbed Amy by the shoulders. It was awkward because she had to lean over the seat to get her. "You're engaged to Tails!" She proclaimed in shook.

"What?" Sally, Bunnie, and Rouge echoed.

"There better be an explanation with this." Sally demanded.

"In Mercia, it's common for high class families with daughters to pick several possible candidates to marry their daughters. In society, you often refer to them as the daughter of your matchmaker because a final decision isn't made until the daughter is 18." Sonia explained.

"So since Amy is the daughter of Tails' matchmaker, she's his fiancee?" Rouge wanted to clarify. Sonia nodded.

"Not officially!" Amy and Tails added.

"I'm just one of many who were engaged to Amy. The official decision won't be made until I'm 18." Tails stated.

"Yep." Amy nodded. "So Tails and I are free to date as we please until our families call together that meeting to decide."

"It might end up that no one will be deemed worthy of marrying Amy." Tails stated.

Sally slapped the fox on his shoulder.


"Amy is a very nice girl." Sally chided him. "Just because you don't want to marry her doesn't mean one of the others won't."

"Well of course there will be guys who will want too. Her family is loaded." Tails stated matter-of-factly. "It's just that her dad is super hard to please. He wants his baby girl to have a happy married life. And grandkids." He grimaced. "Your dad really wants those grandkids."

"And he's still mad at your uncle for not having babies." Amy laughed.

"Oh, I remember that dinner." Tails smiled. "I've never Merlin so embarrassed!"

"Wait," Sonia held up her hands, "You two have had family dinners together?"

"When we were super tiny." Tails answered.

"I barely remember it. But I do know that the only reason I'm engaged to Tails is because my dad and his uncle are good friends. And drinking buddies." Amy smiled. "But we've always been informed that when Tails turns 18, if we don't want to marry we don't have to."

"Why when Tails turns 18 and not you?" Bumnie asked.

"I'm the youngest party involved." Tails stated matter-of-factly.

"You're younger then pinky?" Rouge pointed at Amy who glared at her.

"By a month." Tails shrugged. "Many of her other fiancées are a few years older than her."

"Who are the other fiancées?" Rouge asked. "Have you meet them all Amy?"

"I don't know." Amy shrugged.

"I have the full list memorized." Tails smiled evilly. "Uncle Merlin made sure of it. I also have a full list of all of them and their records hidden somewhere safe. All nice and encrypted. One of them got cut off for joining Eggman. So you don't have to deal with that one."

"How many are on this list?" Sally asked.

"Depends on how high society Amy's family is," Sonia mused. "She can have to all the way up to 100. But normally only princesses have 100 men to chose from."

Tails chuckled. "It's a number in between there."

"Any chance you're going to tell us the number, suga?" Bunnie smiled hopefully.

"Nope." Tails popped the p loudly. "And don't bother asking Amy. She doesn't know. Her daddy never told her."

"It's true." Amy stated.

"Then why chase Sonic if you have a choice of guys to marry?" Rouge asked.

"Because I love Sonic. And I want to marry someone I love." Amy stated simply.



Baby Silver Ch3

Baby Silver Ch3
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Sonic knew it was a bad idea once his fist went flying. But at the speed he was going, there was no stopping it. It was like the world was moving in slow motion.
Amy's hammer poofed up and blocked the punch. Sonic cringed as he heard his knuckles crack against the hammer. His hand was killing him.
"What's your problem Sonic-kun!" Amy yelled.
Sonic flinched. Normally it was Sonikku. Sonic-kun was not a good sign. "Hiya Amy," he nervously waved. "I thought you were someone else."
"Well that's certainly a rude way to greet someone." Amy crossed her arms. Her hammer was still out.
Sonic shivered. That hammer was going to leave a few dents - into his face. "How is your family?" The pink hedgehog had been away for two months visiting relatives.
"Everyone is in good health. I was just picked up." Amy stated, tapping her foot.
Sonic looked down at the the loud clacking sound. "What's with the wooden shoes?" He asked as he looked back at her face and bit his lip. Amy was wearing traditional Japanese clothes. A red kimono with fine colorful embroidery. "You look really nice."
"Uh-uh." Amy stale face him. She was hoping her hero would notice her change in clothes and comment her first thing. 'Men.' She thought on annoyance. "Are you going to invite us in or not?"
"Us?" Sonic echoed.
Amy sighed as she stepped aside. Behind her holding a suitcase was Shadow the Hedgehog. He stood in his normal in difference.
"Where have you been, Shadow?" Sonic stomped his foot.
"I picked up Rose," he started simply. "Things like this are more in her area any way."
"Otosan wasn't happy about me missing the festival, but Shadow was able to convince him easily that I should help you out."
Sonic froze for a moment. He turned to Shadow with wide eyes. "You met Amy's dad?"
Shadow nodded. A confused look passed over his face. "Have you not?"
"I met him once at a Christmas party. He punched me real hard and knocked me out, so I don't remember much. He didn't speak English which is weird."
Shadow looked at Amy and then at Sonic. "Did you not tell him that your dad doesn't speak English?"
"He doesn't?" Sonic asked.
"Not a word." Amy stated as she walked into the house. "Now where's Silver?"
"I'm here." Silver sniffled as he walked out of the bathroom. "I just went to the potty."
"Awe, you must be a very big boy to be able to go all by yourself." Amy praised him.
The white hedgehog stared at Amy with interest. He didn't say a word as he carefully tipped toed around her. His gold eyes focused on her. He stopped in front of her and dragged his foot in a circle on the ground in concentration. He looked back up at her. "Are you..." He paused, looking for the right word, "Rose?" He sounded so unsure.
"Yes." Amy nodded, "I'm Amy Rose. And you're Silver, right?"
Silver nodded as he sat on the couch.
"How did you know Amy's name, but you have no clue who I am?" Sonic whined.
Silver scooched further into the couch away from Sonic. "He's scary."
"Oh Sonic isn't that scary. He just needs a nap." Amy stated as she sat on the couch. "Though I am curious how you know my name and not Sonic's. Can you tell me?"
"That's Sonic?" Silver said in shook. "He no look like I thought he would. He's fat!" Silver blurted.
Sonic 's face turned red. He looked down at his stomach. It was a small round pouch. Eggman hadn't attacked in A while. So he gained a little weight and got out of shape some. Whatever. He glared at the white hedgehog.
"How do you recognize Rose?" Shadow asked after a snicker.
Silver looked at Shadow and then at Amy and back to Shadow. "History class?" Silver gave a cheesy grin.
"Aren't you too young for school?" Amy pointed out.
"It's a secret." Silver looked away from Amy. "This past. Shadow no sleepy. Sonic is fat. And you..." He looked up at Amy. "I no know yet."
"Shadow sleeps in the future?" Sonic perked up.
Shadow glared daggers at his rival. "Not of my own choice." He growled. "Looks like that part of the future hasn't changed."
Silver's ears drooped down in his head. He grabbed the pillow and held it closed to his stomach like a teddy bear.
"Hey it's ok," Amy patted Silver on the head. "There are a lot of adult things you can't help."
Silver smiled at her. "Mama told me that too. You're both really smart." He snuggled his head into the pillow.
Amy smiled at Silver. "Thank you. You're such a sweet little boy. I bet the girls must love you,"
Silver gagged, "Yuck! They gross."
Amy laughed. "They won't always be gross."
"They gross til I become 15. That's when he said I'll become a man."
"Your daddy?" Amy mused.
Silver sat up straight. He held the pillow tighter. "No. Not daddy. I don't have one of those. I like him to be daddy, but he can't."
"Oh." Amy nodded. "Then let's go do something. Are you hungry?"
As if right on cue, Silver's stomach growled. The white hedgehog blushed as he curled up into a ball.
Amy chuckled. "Let's go make lunch then," she plucked Silver up with ease and walked to the kitchen.
Shadow leaned into the blue hedgehog, "Remember Sonic, you owe me one favor,"
Sonic groaned. He almost felt like Shadow would cackle with joy of he were that type of person.
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Baby Silver ch2

Previous Chapter
Sonic the Hedgehog woke up with a killer headache. He groaned as he pressed his hands to his ears. It felt like they were ringing. He could still hear Toddler Silver crying.
After a short walk to the living room, he found that Silver was still a toddler. And still crying. His little face was now purple.
"How long has he been doing this?" Sonic yelled to be heard over Silver.
Tails popped his head out of the kitchen. There were bags under his eyes and his fur was a mess. "About ten minutes after Shadow left."
"SHadow was here?" Sonic tilted his head.
Tails nodded. "Silver recognized him since Shadow is immortal and all."
Sonic nodded. "Wonder why future Shadow hasn't come to kick bad guys butts yet."
Tails shrugged. "I just need to find a way to turn Silver back to normal. But he won't be quite. I just got him to sit there. But nothing I do stops his crying. Can you take him to your place while I work on the machine?"
Sonic grimaced as he looked at Silver. He didn't want a crying toddler. "I have a better idea."
Shadow rolled his eyes as he looked at the caller id on his phone. "What do you want faker?"
"Help." Sonic stated. "You're our only chance Shadster."
"My name isn't Shadster." He corrected in vein.
"Please, just come over here and make Silver stop crying. You're the only one he likes." Sonic pleaded. "It's bad judgement on his part, but you're our only hope. Tails can't fix the machine with Silver's constant crying."
"So? That's your problem. Besides, why should I help you anyway?"
Sonic sighed. "I'll forever be in your debt. I'll do one thing for you. One thing. Anything you want that doesn't involve me dying or putting me in a coma."
Shadow smirked. "Very well. I have an errand to run first. I'll be there in 30 minutes."
"Thank you Shadow!" Sonic cried over the phone.
Shadow merely smiled. Sonic was going to regret agreeing to give Shadow one favor.
Sonic was pacing in front of the door. Silver still hadn't stopped crying. Sonic's eyes were beginning to twitch. Tails had ran to the safety of his sound proof lab, leaving Sonic to suffer.
There was a knock at the door.
Sonic threw the door open. "What took you so long?" He yelled at the top of his lungs. His first coming forward to hopefully punch the black and red hedgehog.
However the hedgehog at the door was pink.
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Baby Silver Ch1

Baby Silver
Krissie: Random ideas in my brain. They must be written.
Tails had finished it. The white hedgehog stared at in with awe and concern.
"Are you sure this machine will take me to back to my time?" Silver stammered. He had found himself stuck in the pass for a few months now. Tails was a genius but Silver was concern about things going arry with the machine.
"It should." Tails shrugged.
Silver gulped.
"Just get in there!" Sonic ordered as he shoved the hedgehog into the machine. "Now light her up Tails." The signature thumbs up made the fox smile.
Tails nodded as he pressed the button. The machine rattled and flashed. Then it dinged.
The door to the machine opened and out stepped a toddler white hedgehog. Silver the time traveling Hedgehog was now a toddler. His gold eyes stared at the two men. His lip quivered.
"Mama!" Came the high shrill voice. The toddler fell to his knees. Small objects began to glow blue as they lifted themselves off of the ground.
"Uh-oh..." Sonic whinced. Silver's crying was really doing a number on his ears.
Then a motorcycle hit him in the back of the head. The blue glow wore off as Shadow the Hedgehog bursts into the workshop.
"Let go of my bike Silver!" He ordered, a chaos spear ready in his hand.
Toddler Silver stopped crying and stared at Shadow. Shadow froze, his face unreadable as he stared at the child. Silver stared back. The room was quite for a long moment.
Shadow turned to Tails. "What did you do?"
Tails struggled to stand straight. "It was supposed to take him to his time."
Shadow rolled his eyes. "Fix it." He snapped his fingers, making the chaos spear disappear. He picked his bike off of Sonic's unconscious form.
"Shabow?" The tiny voice whispered.
Shadow turned back to Silver. "Do you know me?"
Silver thought for a moment. "Mama does. Y'all work together. Long times ago. I no there." The small hedgehog looked at him curiously, slowly scooching himself closer to the dark male.
Shadow nodded. "That is in the future. Right now you're in the past."
"The past?" Silver echoed. "Where mama?"
"This is the past. She's not born yet." Shadow explained. "I'm really old."
"Mama's old too." Silver blurted out. "So mama here somewhere."
And with that, Silver walked off in the workshop in search of his mom.
Shadow as stone face as always grabbed his bike and left. Once outside, Shadow got on good bike and drove away. The moment he knew no one was watching, he began laughing.
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Monday, July 18, 2016

BMB 1 Year Anniversary

1 year anniversary.

BMB is something I'm sure all of you on this blog know about. But for all the first timers on this blog, let me say welcome to Galaxy of Tales!

You've come at a very wonderful time in my life. Today, July 18th 2016 is the 1 year anniversary of BMB. BMB is the abbreviated form of Button Mashin' Bitches. It is an internet show I co-host with my sister, Cassy. We also have Button Mashin' Bastard on our channel. Button Mashin' Bastard is hosted by Andrew.

Now, BMB came about because my sister, Cassy, wanted to do it as a hobby. I was down for and really excited because I had been wanting to play games on my channel for a while before that and I got excited to make videos with my sister.

We spent forever thinking of possible names for our channel. Cassy is a perfectionist and she wanted it to look professional, even though we're doing it as a hobby. We finally decided on Button Mashin' Bitches because when I played Tetris as a kid, I would just randomly mash the button and somehow win. The Bitches was added thanks to one of our mom's hats and lighters that proclaimed her the 'super bitch'. It became a joke that Cassy and I were also bitches.

Once we had our name, we spent a good two months making the logo. I made a billion logos. I brought them to Cassy and got feedback. She liked some of them, but they weren't what she was wanting. We eventually went with the one we have now that Cassy created and I went over in PhotoShop to finalize it. The logo with her heads I believe was slightly inspired by Good Mythical Morning logo with there being profile silhouettes of us. Andrew's face logo is inspired by the Game Grumps faces.

We spent forever trying to get things recorded. At least it felt that way to me. We recorded several different versions of Metroid. We really wanted to play it for the show. Only one version of our play through made it to YouTube. And that made it to you guys as a compilation because Cassy didn't like something about it but liked some of the funny bits. So she told me to put those together and that's what you guys got.

Now we also tried to record Tomb Raider at least 3 times. One where I played it. Two were Cassy played it. Either something went wrong with the recording box or the audio so y'all never saw that. I still want to do Tomb Raider, but I'm not sure about Cassy. I think we discussed having our friend Jacque on the show with us because she's super into Tomb Raider.

Jacque played that game on the hardest setting. She's hard core in love with the series. But Jacque recently moved out of state so I don't know if we'll be able to do that.

Cassy also did a recording of Skyrim too. The video footage I believe was staggery, so it never made it way either.

Eventually I got tired of waiting on Cassy and all her need to be perfect with every thing even though it was only going to be a hobby. So I decided to use the basic software I have and began making my own videos without her for my channel. I started with Pokemon Blue because had never played it before. I edited the videos with windows movie maker. I would sync the audio and then export the movie. After that I'd bring the synced video in to actually edit the video.

it was a long process. But that was how the first videos I made were. I used what I had and learned to maybe things better. Cassy wanted a bunch of fancy stuff I couldn't yet do, but I got tired of trying to make videos with her and them being left to gather dust on my PC. I actually deleted some of it because it wasn't being used and I needed more space.

Cassy finally got over her anxiety and decided to just go for it. She had me make the compilation for Super Metroid.

And then,

It sat on my computer for two months. She asked me to make the compilation in April I believe. I simply forgot to tell her it was finished until she mentioned it again in July. I had thought I told her it was done at the end of April. OOPS. guess I didn't. So I have her the file and she posted it on July 18th 2015.

and thus our YouTube hobby was born! Cassy decided to upload new videos every Saturday and I let her have full reign of it. It's mainly hers anyway.

Andrew, her husband, wanted to be on the show. So he got his own segment which uploaded on Wednesday.

We've only had one guest on our show, but we plan on inviting more people to play some games with us. They're mainly friends of ours. We just have to figure out when we're all free so we can record because some of us have kids, school, and work. Yadda yadda life stuff.

In April 2016, we began discussing whether or not we wanted to change our schedule beginning on the 1 year anniversary. We gave it a lot of thought and since the youngest child is going off to school this August, we decided we could.

So starting today, our upload schedule will be changing. Instead of uploading only on Wednesday and Saturday. The schedule will be one new video every day of the week!

Button Mashin' Bitches will be uploaded Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

Button Mashin' Bastard will be uploaded Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

and Sunday will be Button Mashin' Bullshit. A new show that will consist of all three of us together. Cassy, Andrew, and myself. Currently the only game being played on this show is Undertale. But we will be adding other games to this show once we finish our pacifist run through of the game or get a second controller as we only have one. The other one has a faulty wire in it.

But that's the history of BMB. And today is our 1 year anniversary! It's like a birthday, but not.

I've made a few designs for RedBubble for BMB to celebrate. A few are already up, but I'll be posting two new ones today.

I hope you'll all join us in celebrating this awesome event!

you can check out BMB here:

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mailed Candy

 Note: I'm writing this on my phone. So we're going to have some fun with writing while I take my daily trip to school. It take two hours to get there. So please pardon any typos.


He smiled as he pulled the box out of the mail box. The green hedgehog couldn't help but smile as he carried the box to their hideout.

"We got another package!" He called out as he entered.

"From who?" Sonia, a magenta hedgehog asked.

"It's from Amy," Manic responded. "It's probably more candy. Where's Sonic?"

"In here!" Sonic the Hedgehog waved as he walked out of the kitchen. His blue fur was covered in dirt and grease.

"What happened to you?" Manic stifled a laugh.

"He broke the microwave!" A high pitched male voice called from the kitchen. "Now bring me that box of candy, I could use one."

Sonic shrugged. Manic merely smiled at his big brother. The two chuckled with each other as they walked into the kitchen.

Tails was sitting in the floor amongst several miscellaneous pieces of what used to be the microwave. The table was placed against the counter. Manic walked on his toes to the table and put down the box. Sonic followed close behind. He placed the box down. Sonic grabbed the letter on top and opened it. Manic opened the box and pulled out several tiny bags tied with a different color ribbon.

"Amy sent candy for everyone." Sonic stated. "Mints for Tails. Dark chocolate caramels for Sonia."

"I heard my name," the magenta hedgehog appeared. Her blue eyes focused on the box. "Toss them here." She held her hands up.

Manic nodded as he pulled a bag out. It was tied with a burgundy ribbon. The name Sonia written on the wrapping. He skillfully tossed it across the kitchen.

Sonia caught it with a smirk. "I'll see you guys later." She walked out and they heard her steps upstairs within seconds.

The boys turned to look at each other. "Bubble bath." They said in unison.

Manic handed Tails a mint from his bag.

"She made butterscotch for me. And those hard fruit flavored candies for you Manic." Sonic stated. He pulled out a butterscotch from his bag.

"I can't believe you like butterscotch," Manic pretended to be grosses out.

"I grew up with Uncle Chuck. He always had butterscotch at his desk. It's nice." Sonic shrugged.

"I still think it's unfair that you got to stay with Uncle Chuck and me and Sonia got left with strangers." Manic pouted as he sat next to Tails and began helping him.

Sonic merely shrugged. "I'm not sure. But I wasn't aware of you guys til a few years ago."

"But once you guys form that counsel of four thing with your mom, ya'll will over throw Robutnik," Tails stated.

"We have to find the other royal heads too." Sonic sighed. "I can't believe we have to talk to a whole bunch of royal heads."

"It's a good thing that Sonia is good at taking all that fancy talk." Manic laughed.

"Who all do we need to find besides your mom?" Tails asked as he put two pieces together.

"Sally's dad," Sonic began counting on his hand.

"King Max?" Tails mumbled.

"Yep." Sonic nodded.

Tails nodded. He knew that name well. That was the king of the Kingdom of Acorn. The kingdom he was from. His father had been a general. His uncle a royal wizard. Tails didn't remember his mother or what she did before him. Tails only remembered tidbits of what his Uncle Merlin had told him before he mysteriously disappeared.

"The leader of G.U.N., whoever that is." Sonic sighed. "That place is super hard to contact. No one knows how much land they own either. It's mainly just rumors that we hear."

"Well, they are a mostly human nation. And they're very military base in government from what I've heard." Manic shrugged as he combined his pieces with Tails.

"I don't like that sound of that still. Then we have to get the king or queen of Mercia." Sonic finished.

"Mercia's become a train wreck from what I've heard." Tails stated. "Getting in there though is really easy. I've been there a few times. You just have to be careful not to be caught by Robutnik's goons. They've taken over hard. But there a few peaceful villages here and there."

"Why did you go all the way to Mercia?" Sonic asked. He was full of concern for the young fox. Sonic had taken Tails in like as another younger brother. He was often overprotective of him.

"Mercia is where my uncle went." Tails stated, "At least that's where he told me he was going."

"Well maybe we'll find him on our way," Sonic patted the young cub's shoulder.

"Did he mentioned why he was going there?" Manic asked curiously.

"Um..." Tails pretended to think. He didn't want to bring up the true reason. He would never hear the end of it. So a good excuse... "Mercia has a lot of magical items and stuff. He probably went to get more things for his magic."

IT took about two hours, but they got the microwave reconstructed. A test of it showed that it worked. Not only that, but it worked better then it did when they got it.

"Sonic try not to break it again." Tails pleaded.

"I won't," Sonic whined liked a scolded child. The three boys laughed.

Sonia walked down the stairs freshly clean. She paused as she looked at the three. "You three are filthy. Go take a shower. All of you." She ordered as she pointed at the green hedgehog.

"Yes ma'am," the three saluted.

"Let's just hope the princess left us some warm water to bath in." Sonic snickered.


Note: This story takes place in my Sonic Underground universe.

Emi the Deity Ch10

Emi the Deity
By Krissie Gault
Chapter 10: Paint the Roses with Water
Emi tried to create water, but he just couldn’t figure out how. He had tried humming, but he wasn’t getting a response from any water anywhere. In fact, it just felt unbearably hot to him. Emi couldn’t feel any water anywhere in the field. Every time Emi had used his powers water had been around in spades. Emi sat on the dirt path, cradling his head in his hands.
He glared touching his head. He was burning up, but he wasn’t sweating.
“If I was sweating, maybe I could use that to water these fields.” Emi thought to himself. “It wouldn’t do much though.” He looked around at the miles of wilted roses bushes.

A woman stood at the balcony again. She frowned as she stared into a clear pond. She turned at a rustling sound.
“He’s been taken to the dying rose fields,” She stated as she looked at the figure behind her. She turned back to lean over the railing. “If he can not revive those fields, I’m afraid the rose deity will turn violent.”
“She does jump first into action,” the male figure crossed his arms. “What do you suggest, my lady?”
“Send the deity of death,” She ordered. “The boy already knows Grey. He will not have too many questions of him.”
“As you wish my lady.”

Grey smirked as he leaned back in his chair. “So the new guy has been kidnapped by the rose deity?” He tapped his fingers on the arms of his chair rhythmically. “This will be fun to watch.” He leaned forward to stare at large screen showing Emi and Carmen on it.
“Do you intend to just watch?” the man who was just with the elegantly dressed woman at the balcony stood with his back against the wall.
“Am I not allowed to?” Grey fringed innocence. The man growled in response. Grey laughed as he dusted off his shirt. He stood and dusted off his pants. “Relax I’m going.” He walked to the man and leaned in with a smile. “Don’t be upset if things don’t go the way you want. After all, you’re the ones hiding.” The last word came out as long and song like. With that, Grey spun out of the door.

Emi was sweating. He growled though, all the sweat he was feeling and there wasn’t enough to put on the plants. Though we was trying.
“I need to start drinking more water,” Emi thought to himself.
“So how’s it going?” Carmen asked as she ran up to him. Her eyes were super hopeful.
Emi stared at her wearily. A part of him wondering how she wasn’t dying in this heat.
Carmen the Rose Deity was a short woman. Her red hair went down her back and stopped short at her waist. She wore sandals with a rose design on them. A simple tank top and shorts.
“Uhm…” Emi felt his tongue weigh down in his throat.
The two jumped as they looked over a mere few yards away and found that a portion of the garden had been turned to dust.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Nails Day 1

So I've decided I'm going to try to stop biting my nails. Again. I'm going to try to break this bad habit. So every day so I'm going to post a picture of my nails.

Day 1

pink rose

picture of one of the roses in daddy's yard.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Emi the Deity Ch9

Emi the Deity
By Krissie
Chapter 9: A Kidnapping
“She’s the deity!” The customer jumped up excitedly. Her hands clapped together.
Emi stared at her confused. “Uhh…”
She walked up to Emi with the happiest look in her eyes. She grabbed a hold of his hand. “I’ve been looking for you! I’m so glad you’re such a kind young lady.”
“Eh,” Emi tried to step back. “Listen, I think you’re confused,”
“No I’m not. You’re the new water deity!” She threw her arms around him. Her hug was so tight that Emi felt his bones begin to crack. “I’m so glad I found you! Come on, the fields are in desperate need of you.” She began pulling Emi by his hand.
“Fields?” Emi gasped, “What are you talking about?”
She simply giggled. “My fields. I need you to heal them. My deity powers aren’t enough to heal them.” She placed a 20 dollar bill on the table. She turned and grabbed a hold of Emi’s hands, “But with you, I can heal them all up. My fields will be lively and beautiful again!”
“Listen, I don’t think,” Emi began but was cut off by her dragging him to the door. Once they stood outside, she grabbed the rose hairpin from her hair. She snapped the hairpin opened and it became a portal. “What’s that!?” Emi gasped.
“It’s a portal to my fields,” she stated, “Now come on. My fields don’t have long.”
Emi was pushed into the portal.
Emi landed into a field. He cried out as thorns stuck his arms. He sat up and stared around him. For miles and miles on end, there was nothing but roses. There was a dirt path were the branches and vines of roses didn’t overlap for people to walk on. It would have been beautiful, except for the fact that all of the foliage here was brown and withered.
“Where is this place?” Emi shouted.
“These are my flowers fields,” the woman stated as she came through the portal. “I’m Carmen, a rose deity.” She waved her hands over the fields as she brought Emi to the dirt path. “I’ve tried my best to keep my roses alive, but something is keeping them from thriving. I think they’re not getting enough water. I’ve brought all the water I can, but it’s not enough. But you can create plenty of water for my roses.”
Carmen grabbed hold of Emi’s hands, a hopeful look in her eyes.
Emi bit his lip. He was sure the roses used to be beautiful. He was a water deity, Carmen had gotten that right. But Emi had never created water. He was still having trouble not freezing water. He had no clue if he could ‘create’ water for these dying fields. But he didn’t want to disappoint the deity.
“It’s a deity’s job to help those in need when it falls into their area,” Symphia stated during one of their training sessions.
Emi smiled as he placed a hand over hers. “I’ll try my best. But I can’t guarantee anything. I’m still very new to this deity thing.”
“Just so long as my roses are brought back to life,” Carmen stated, “I’ll be happy.”

Friday, July 8, 2016

Lavendar Rose

A rose from one of dad's bushes. Daddy says it's lavender, but it looks more pink to me.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Nosy Tomato

my daddy's tomato plants had one that grew a nose on it. My sister dubbed it the squidward tomato. I think it looks like a funny elf.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Little Mermaid Sonic Version Ch6

Little Mermaid Sonic Version
By Krissie
Chapter 6
Previous Chapter
Amy awoke in some strange room. The walls were made of large stones. She swiveled her head from side to side. Her vision was blurry. She felt soft cloth around her. She didn’t feel like she had any strength to move, though she wanted to.
“How are you feeling?” Tikal’s voice was a soft whisper.
Amy turned to see the orange echidna. “I hurt like hell.” Amy froze. She knew what she had tried to say, but no sound came out. She shot up despite the dizziness. She ran her hands down her lower half. Legs! I have legs! Amy smiled brightly.
Tikal smiled as she placed her hand on Amy’s cheek. It was cold as it had always been. But it felt colder out of the water. “I’ll go tell Madam Rouge you’re awake.”
Amy nodded, but the door to the room opened.
“Ah, so she’s awake,” Rouge smiled softly. She pushed a cart in front of her. There was a full five course meal on the plate. “I didn’t know what you would like to eat, but since I am a lander, allow me to give you guidance while you’re on land. There’s a lot you’ll need to learn.”
“Like what?” Amy mouthed.
Rouge giggled. “Sign language for one.” She handed Amy a cup of warm milk. “Most people don’t know how to read lips like I do. It will be best to teach you sign language. You’ll also need to learn how to walk, proper societal etiquette too, I’ll need to get you some nice clothes too.” Rouge counted on her fingers. “I can’t let you go meet this love of yours wearing rags, now can I? Will you be coming with us Tikal?”
Tikal shook her head. “You know most people here can’t see ghosts. Especially me.” Tikal looked sad.
Rouge sucked in her bottom list. “My apologizes. I wasn’t thinking.”
“It’s fine.” Tikal nodded.
Amy ate her food. She drank the soup and ate the salad and steak with her fingers. Rouge didn’t say anything as she ran her fingers through Amy’s long quills. Once Amy was done, Rouge took the cart out and handed it off to someone in the hallway.
“Let’s start with walking,” Rouge stated softly. “After all, you seem so full of energy now.”
Amy smiled as she nodded. She had been kicking her legs from underneath the blankets after drinking that warm white liquid. Rouge told her it was milk. Amy liked milk.
Rouge helped Amy stand up.
“Now, let’s try to stay balance,” Rouge placed Amy’s feet on her own. “Now walking works like this. One foot in front of the other like so.”
They practiced like that for a while. Rouge even let Amy get off of her feet for a few steps. But soon a knock came at the door.
“What is it?” Rouge called.
“That bath you ordered is ready Madam.” A maid opened the door. She was pushing an empty wheelchair in front of her.
Rouge smiled at Amy. “Come on dearie, let’s get you a nice bath.” In a swift movement, Rouge hoisted Amy into the air. Amy soon found herself sitting in the wheelchair. The maid held her hand over her mouth. Rouge took the handles from the maid. “Lead the way,” the white bat beamed at the maid.
Amy was in awe at Madam Rouge’s home. It was huge! A lot bigger than the halls and rooms on the sunken ships she had explored. Rouge explained a lot of things, and Amy listened to some of it. But most of her attention was on her brand new surroundings. The bathroom as Rouge and the maid called it was covered in a white shiny tile with little black diamonds embedded in the corners. They placed her in a large round bowl which Rouge told her was a bathtub. It was filled with warm water and a thick layer of bubbles on top.
Amy liked the bath. She gathered the bubbles in her palms and blew them in the air.
“The poor thing is just like a toddler,” the maid gasped.
“Yes, but I’ll take the best care of her I can,” Rouge combed shampoo through Amy’s quills.
“You’re such a kind lady, madam.” The maid smiled.
“Not really,” Rouge denied. “I’m actually really selfish.”
Amy shook her head as she turned towards Rouge. Water splashed everywhere. Amy grabbed her hands and looked at her with bright eyes. “No you’re not,” Amy mouthed as she brought Rouge’s hands to her lips. The pink hedgehog gave them a light kiss.
“Thank you Amy,” Rouge smiled. “It makes me happy that you think so fondly of me. But we don’t fully know each other yet. You’ll see just how selfish I am in time.” Rouge ruffled the pink hedgehog’s hair. She scooped up water into a cup. “Lean your head back so I can wash off the shampoo.” Amy did as she commanded.
Amy giggled as the water ran through her hair.
“She doesn’t make a sound. How odd,” the maid muttered.
“She’s lost her voice,” Rouge grabbed a towel.
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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Little Mermaid Sonic Ver Ch5

Little Mermaid Sonic Version
Chapter 5
Previous Chapter
Amy followed Tikal to the secret place.
“We can turn back any time you want,” Tikal reminded her. The young spirit knew it was probably a mistake to take the young mermaid to this place. But she also didn’t want her friend to be love sick forever. She could tell by looking at Amy that she had fallen hard and she wasn’t sure if the mermaid would ever get over it. Tikal had seen other mermaids fall in love, most only fell in love once. She very rarely saw a mermaid fall in love with a second person.
“I want to do this,” Amy assured her with a bright smile.
Tikal grabbed hold of her hand. “I understand,” Tikal gave a soft smile.
It took two and half hours to arrive at the place Tikal told Amy about. It was a small cave close to the ocean floor.
“It’s through here,” Tikal moved back the seaweed.
The seaweed was like a thick curtain. The darkness of the cave gave off a feeling of foreboding. The two held hands as they swam forward.
A green glow soon appeared after a few yards of darkness.
“What’s that glow?” Amy murmured.
Tikal merely smiled as she pulled back the last of the seaweed. “That, my dear Amy, would be the Master Emerald.”
They found themselves in front of a half sunken altar. They swam to the surface and Amy could clearly see the large gleaming green stone. Sitting in front of the Master Emerald were two figures. A creature with light green eyes with a body made of water. Its pink brain could clearly been seen through its transparent body. A white bat sat in front of him. She wore beautiful jewelry. Her eye shadow matched her dressed and she wore a dark red lipstick. The two seemed to be caught up in an intense game of checkers as they were staring intently at the board between them.
“Who are they?” Amy leaned into Tikal.
Tikal sighed. “Chaos,” she waved to water creature. “Madam Rouge,” she waved to the bat. “We’re going to have to wait for their game to be finished before you can get legs.”
“Get legs?” Rouge looked up from the board. Her dark teal eyes went from Tikal to Amy. “A mermaid…” she breathed. “A pink mermaid…”
Amy nervously fiddled with her fingers as she looked away. Something about Madam Rouge’s gaze made her nervous.
Rouge merely stared in awe before smiling. “What brings you here?”
“Our game?” Chaos arched a brow at the bat.
“I forfeit.” Rouge waved her hand. “This is more interesting. So tell me what brings you here?”
“Amy,” Tikal gestured to the pink hedgehog mermaid, “has fallen in love with a lander. So I brought her here.”
“I would like legs.” Amy stated in one breath.
“You want legs so you can be with this man?” Rouge tilted her head. Her smile was a soft one. “Sugar plum, I don’t…”
“If she wishes for legs, it’s not for us to try to discourage her,” Chaos placed his hand in front of Rouge. A signal to back down.
Rouge huffed. “Exchanging legs for a tail is a dangerous trade.”
“Tikal told me that. But I’m willing to do anything I have to. So please, give me legs.” Amy clapped her hands together.
Chaos seemed to cock his head in a smile. “Sit here,” he pointed to a spot on first step with water on it. Amy did as he instructed. Chaos walked up to the Master Emerald and placed his hand on it. “This gem is magical. It will be granting your wish. But first,” Chaos turned to the emerald. “Master Emerald, tell us what this young mermaid will have to trade to gain the legs she wants.”
The stone glowed brightly. Images appeared and they all stared at them in silence.
Rouge and Tikal bit their lips as they stared at the images. Amy wasn’t sure what all of them meant.
Chaos turned back to Amy. “In order to trade your tail for a pair of legs, you will forfeit your voice and every time you step on sand, it will turn to glass. Such a thing will greatly harm your feet. Do you understand this little mermaid?”
Amy gulped. “Yes.”
“Do you still wish to make the trade?” Chaos asked sternly.
“Take your time to think it over,” Rouge stated. Tikal nodded in agreement.
Chaos huffed as he crossed his arms. He leaned against the stone and stared at Amy.
Amy stared blankly. “You don’t always need a voice to communicate,” Amy thought it over. “Knuckles said the whole land isn’t made of sand, so I’ll be able to walk on some parts. I’ll be fine.” Amy took a deep breath. “I’ll make the trade.”
“Amy! You barely even thought it over?” Tikal shrieked.
“She’s thought it over enough,” Chaos stated. “Now, Master Emerald, great mystic stone, grant the wish of this little mermaid here. Give her the legs she so desires.”
The emerald began to glow brightly and the whole cave lite up with green lightning. A beam hit Amy.
She screamed as she felt the electricity flow through her. It felt like a sharp spear was tearing into the flesh of her tail. Tears streamed down her face as she screamed. After a while, Amy’s voice became horse and then it was gone. Her throat felt like it was collapsing. Amy saw blood in the water before she passed out.
Next Chapter