Tuesday, November 18, 2014


By: Krissie

Author Note: This is a story concept I came up with a long time ago. I might continue it one day. But I don't know.

Chapter 1:

She stared lazily around the room. Her head resting in the palm of her hand. Her half lidded copper eyes shifting in her sockets, moving from one mundane poster to the next. This certainly was Boredom Town’s dullest high school. Of course, Boredom Town is just what she called it. There was nothing really interesting here. However, often times Boredom Town got too long to say, so she usually abbreviated it as BT. It also didn’t help that Mr. Stream Train, her oh so delightful teacher, just drowned on and on in the same old monotonous voice. It dulled her to sleep like some boring lullaby. She closed her eyes as she allowed herself a few moments of rest as she wished for something interesting to happen in the dumb town.
“Gina! Gina!” An angry male voice screeched.
Gina twitched a little bit. Her head slid out of her hand and her body began to fall out of her chair. Her copper eyes swung open as she let out a gasp. She grabbed onto the edge of her desk and stopped her face from hitting the whitish blue school floor tile. Her face only a few inches from floor. She took a moment to catch her breath and quickly sat back up. She stared up at her teacher and gave a nervous smile. “Uh… Good morning…” She tried to laugh off the trouble she knew she was in. She could hear her class mates chuckling at the sight.
“Gina Rushki!” She cringed at the sound of her last name. “You know better than to sleep in class. Naps are for elementary or for home. I know math may seem boring, but please, try to stay awake.”
“Sorry Mr. Stewart.” She stated like a small child. “I’ll try to do better.”
“I hope so. Can you solve the problem on the board for us?” Mr. Steam Train asked as he readjusted his thick lens glasses.
Gina leaned over to stare at the bored. Her eyes became half lidded. For high school work, it seemed like he was assigning them middle school math. She sighed. “5.” She answered and then picked up her pencil. She clicked the tip for some lead to come out and pretended to be writing down the problem.
“Very good!” He congratulated her and then returned to the front of the class room to lecture some more on the Pythagorean Theorem.
Gina began doodling chibis of manga characters she knew. It helped pass the time in BT. Gina wondered if she would die of boredom in this town.
There was a knock at the door and someone nudged Gina. She glared up at Thomas, the boy who had nudged her in the arm. He was wearing a cocky smirk as usual. “Hey Gina,” He practically sang, “It looks like you’re in more trouble for snoozing in class then we thought. The principal’s here! Have fun!” He waved her off with a smile.
Gina glared at him and shook her head. She wanted to smack the cocky boy. But school wasn’t the place for that. She’d smack him off of school grounds. It was easier that way anyway. She looked up at the class room door. Sure enough, there stood the principal. Mr. McDon stood there in his usual military manner. The skinny Mr. Stewart raced to answer the door. He smiled nervously at his boss as readjusted the glasses on his face.
“Hello Mr. McDon. To what do we owe this pleasure?” He asked curiously.
“Hi.” He greeted courtly. “You have a new student.” He stepped aside and gestured to an unseen person beside her.
“Really? Hello!” He reached out his hand for a hand shake, but wasn’t given one back. He stood there awkwardly for a moment and then decided to put his hand in his pocket. “I’m Mr. Stewart, your math teacher.”
“Do you have anyone who has Literature with Mrs. Basely next?” The principal asked swiftly. Gina smiled. She actually liked this guy. He was short and to the point. It often caught everyone off guard, but she liked it.
“Um… Let me check.” He turned on his heels to face the class. “Who has Literature with Mrs. Basely after this class?”
Gina raised her hand as well as about 3 others.
“Now who has Art with the new art teacher after that?” The principal asked as he stepped into the room. Everyone’s hands went down except for Gina. She looked about the room nervously as the principal pointed to her. “Nice to know. Well, Ms. Rushki, right?” Gina nodded at the correct pronunciation of her name. “I have a special job for you. This student is new. Show her around the school and help her get her bearings. Since you have 3 classes in a row, it shouldn’t be too hard. Will you do that?” Gina nodded swiftly. She didn’t want to get in trouble with this scary man. “Good. Come on in Miss.” He ordered of the new student. She walked in. Her face was paler then a sheet of paper. Her long hair concealed most of her face. Her big icy blue seal eyes were her most prominent feature. She walked in a cowering stance as if she feared everyone. “Take a seat here. This is Gina Rushki. She’ll show you around the school and to rest of your classes for today.” The big man pointed to the seat beside Gina. She nodded and hurriedly rushed to her seat. She sat down and looked back up at the big man and shivered. The principal nodded and turned back to Mr. Stewart. “I’ll be leaving you now.” He stated as he strode out of the room.
After the teacher began to continue on with his lecture, Gina turned to get a better look at the girl she was now stuck with babysitting. “Hi.” She greeted in a whisper. “I’m Gina. Gin for short. What’s your name?”
The girl’s head whipped to the side quicker then she had expected. Her eyes were huge and almost glowing. “R-r-r-r-RosiBella.” She stammered. “I don’t have a shorten version.” Her voice was a high pitch squeak that was extremely hard to hear. It was like she was out of breath.
“It’s nice to meet you RosiBella.” Gina smiled at her warmly. She nodded and then turned to stare at her notebook. The page was completely blank. She was just staring at it. As soon as the bell rang, kids instantly rushed out for freedom. RosiBella didn’t move for a moment. Gina slung her backpack over her shoulder and stared at the new kid.
“It’s time to go.” Gina stated. “Let’s go.” She turned to walk towards the door. When she turned back, she was gone. Gina was shocked and turned to look around and found RosiBella a few inches from her face in front of her. Gina gasped as she took a few steps back and nearly fell on the desks behind her. “You sure move fast!” She joked. “Please, try to make some noise next time, ninja girl?”
“Ninja girl?” RosiBella questioned as she tilted her head.
“Yeah. You know, ninjas move really quick and are very quiet. That’s what you just did.” Gina stated. “It scared me at first. But I guess there really are people who can move like ninjas. You know, like the turtles or Naruto.”
“Oh.” RosiBella nodded. “So I’m like an anime character to you?” She stated.
“You’re the one who transferred to this school in the middle of the term. It’s no wonder I think something’s up.” Gina smiled. “With that swift trick you just did, I really wonder if you’re a ninja. But then again this is BT, so nothing like that could possibly happen.”
“BT?” The girl questioned.
“Yeah. Boredom Town.” Gina stated. “That’s what I call this place.”

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Soldier of KOS Excerpt

Training? He tilted his head as he followed Ursula out of the room.
Breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs, fried hot dogs, and bread. He was grateful for that piece of normalcy. Ursula stacked his plate up with food and slid it in front of him.
“Eat up Corraidhín.” He handed him a fork and then grabbed two tall glasses. “Do you want orange juice or milk?”
“Orange juice please.” He replied. When Ursula finally sat down to eat, he decided now was a good time to ask questions. “Why do you call me Corraidhín?”
“That was your family name when they first join KOS.” Ursula stated.
“Oh.” He nodded. Then it hit him. He knew Ursula’s name. But he didn’t know his name. “My name is Scotty. You can call me that. I’m sure it’s a lot easier to say then Corraidhín.”
Ursula nodded as he went back to his plate. When he opened his mouth to ask another question, Ursula cut him off. “Eat your breakfast before it gets cold. After we’re done, you can ask all the questions in world. Until dinner anyway.”

Breakfast was silent for the rest of the meal. Scotty felt uncomfortable, but Ursula couldn’t have been more content. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Soldier of KOS excerpt

He couldn’t see it very clearly, but he could make out the curly hair well enough. It was a large dog. Its fur was a dusty grey. It was matted and had some prickly plants sticking in it. It ran at a good speed. From its large build, it must’ve been a stray of sorts. After a few minutes of running, he figured the beast wouldn’t come back around his home.
He stopped his chase and began to catch his breath. He looked up and hissed. He was farther away from his home then he expected to be. He turned to walk back and froze as he felt something holding onto his fire poker. He slowly turned his head to get a look at what had grabbed a hold of his weapon.
Giant almond eyes stared up at him. The dog now held the fire poker with its large paw. But the paw looked more like a fuzzy human hand then it did a paw. His eyes widened as he counted the five distinct fingers that gripped the poker. Before his brain could process everything, the dog stood on its hind legs and leaned in close to his face. Its breath was hot and smelled of fresh berries.
What an odd scent for a dog’s breath. He thought as he was assaulted with the scent.
“You’re the Corraidhín[1]?” It sounded more annoyed then angry. It let out a puff of hot air in his face. “I guess it can’t be helped.” It hoisted the young boy up with its other hand. He was now dangling mere inches from the beast’s face. It turned and began to cart him off into the woods.
His brain that had been screaming, “RUN!” finally got control of his body. He screamed as he tried to swing the figure poker. The poker made contact, but because of his size, it did no damage.
“It’s not nice to hit people.” It grabbed the iron bar and tossed it away.
He felt his freedom slip away with the echoing thud of iron on wood.

[1] Ancient Irish, means “Little Spear” 

A little bit more from the thing I'm attempting to write for NaNoWriMo

Saturday, November 1, 2014

A chill rand down his spine

Here's the start of my NaNoWriMo! Enjoy! 

Book of Myphelo
The Soldier of KOS
By: Krissie Gault

Chapter 1:
He felt a chill go down his spine. The wind had howled at his window and he was sure he had heard a banshee. He crept out of the house with the fire poker in hand. If it was something more menacing then a banshee then he would fend off whatever it be.
His eyes tried to adjust to the darkness that laid before him. Luckily the moonlight was bright. But the wind caused many of the shadows to move, making him jumpy about what was before him. He closed the sliding door on the back deck. It gave a soft click and he slowly walked off the back deck. His eyes darted side to side as he tried to identify every rustle.
Another howl ripped through the air. He bent his head upward, looking for the source. There was just the moon, stars, and fall leaves in the sky. Nothing that could have caused the horrible howl that jolted him awake at night was seen. He continued walking forward, swaying the poker softly in front of him.
Maybe it was nothing. He tapped a large pine tree with the poker as he examined the shadows that formed from the woods behind the house. A rustle of the leaves made him jump back. “Show yourself!” He held up the poker.
No response. Everything was so still. It was eerie.
He glanced back at his house. Is it really nothing? Should I just go back home? Another sound caused him to jump. He jerked his body in the direction of the sound. He gripped the poker tightly in his hand and jumped into the woods. 

NaNoWriMo Starts!

Yeah, so I'm going to participate in NaNoWriMo this year! I'm planning on writing for 30 minutes every day this month. I'll try to share some of what I write with you guys this month. So yeah, lots of updates this month.