Monday, July 14, 2014


So I wrote a poem today. I'm really happy with it. I even started singing it after writing a few lines. So I'm thinking of singing it. But heads up, I'm really a horrible singer. So don't be afraid to say I suck, I know I do. I don't write poems often, so I'm not really comfortable with them. In fact, I think most of my poems suck.
If I do sing the poem and share it, I'll also do a spoken word version of the poem as well. So far, I'm trying to decide a name for it and pacing of it. So far the name of the song is, "I want to hug you".

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Asylum or Sanctuary

Just a heads up, this one continues off of This One, But you don't have to read it to get the gist of it.

Prompt: Asylum or Sanctuary
Fehler looked over her shoulder curiously. “Where are we going?” She tightened her grip on her stuff toy as the strange people in dark clunky clothes pushed her along the road.
“We’re going to a sanctuary for you.” One of the men answered.
“Sanctuary?” She repeated curiously. “Was ist das?”
“It’s a safe place.” He assured her as he kept a hand on her shoulder, directing her down the hard path.
“But what about Vator?” Fehler pointed to the tall building. She had never left her home before. She just wanted to go back to the time before the loud popping sounds and the red paint. She wanted to go back home and be with her father. “And the others? They’re still sleeping in there. And there’s paint all over. We need to clean it. Otherwise, their boss is going to be really mad at them.”
The two men’s eyes widened as they stared at her. They then exchanged a confused glance over her. She stomped her feet into the ground and pouted. “I have to help father and the others.” She turned to walk back into the large compound, but was halted by a firm hand on her shoulder that turned her on a time.
“There’s no need.” The man stated. “Your father and everyone in there are getting… help. We have people in there who will take care of them.” He lifted her up with ease. “Now, it’s time to go to the sanctuary.”
The Sanctuary as he called it, was very different then she expected. It was surrounded by short green plants that poked her bare feet. The house was smaller than the one she was previously at. It was also a different color. Her home had been greys and whites. This one was a light shade of pale blue that seemed warm.
“Was ist das?” She pointed to the green plant. “It sticks my feet, but doesn’t hurt.” She struggled to find the right word.
“It’s grass.” The man stated softly, “It probably tickles your feet. We really should have given you shoes.”
“Shoes?” Fehler turned towards him with interest. “What are those?”
“You don’t know what shoes are?” He breathed in surprise. “I guess they didn’t teach you much…” He muttered, sad eyes staring into the ground. Looking up, he gave an apologetic smile. “Shoes are what you wear on your feet to protect them. Like these.” He pointed to his black combat boots.
“Those are shoes?” she marveled with childish delight, crouching close to look at them. “Can I have shoes like that someday?”
“Yes. We’ll go out and get you a pair of shoes sometime soon.” 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Virtues or Sins

Prompt: Virtues or Sins
“Haven’t I been good?” she asked with a pout. Her childish voice sounding innocent enough. “Didn’t I do everything you asked me to?” she walked over to the scientist sloughing on the floor. Pools of crimson clotted the floor like a muddy puddle as she walked through one to him. “Aren’t I your precious baby girl, daddy?” Her voice gave a wobbly crack as she knelt before him.
“Du ist Miene Fehler.” He gasped as he looked on her with pity.
“I know my name Daddy.” She stated as she curled up in his lap. “But you haven’t I been good? You said if I was good, that nothing bad would happen? But it did. There’s red paint everywhere and no one will wake up to help me clean daddy. What’s going on daddy?” She looked up at him, pleading with watery eyes.
“Meine Fehler.” He muttered. “This is the price for what we’ve done. You’ve done nothing  wrong.” He began to cough, blood coming up with each hack.
The girl gasped as she shot up. “Daddy? Daddy! You’re coughing up red paint!” She squeeze her toy cat to her chest as she cried.

She rushed across the room, slipping and falling in a blood puddle.

Day or Night

Prompt: Day or Night
“Is the sky exploding?” He squinted. As he stared up at the navy sky. Bright colorful lights were flashing above, at a fare away distance.
“No. It’s just fireworks.” Ben glanced up from where he was setting up his tent. “They must be celebrating something over that way.”
“Fireworks?” He repeated as he watched a yellow burst in the sky. “What are they?”

“You’ve never seen fireworks before?” Another man gasped as he dropped the pile of fireworks to the ground and rushed to the red head’s side. “Have you been living under a rock your whole life?” He placed a hand to his forehead.

En Route to the Dragon Festival

En Route to the Dragon Festival
Alphonse fiddled nervously in his seat. His eyes darted from the left to the right every second. Shelly watched his fidgeting in the rear view for the past 2 hours now. She wished he would just relax and enjoy the ride. But it seemed the further and further they went the worse his fidgeting became. Her green eyes were tired, but she couldn’t pull over to rest. The last exit was 10 miles behind them. The highway was a just a long winding road with lines, a median, lights, and cars. The far off road resembled the curve of a dragon’s back to her.
“Alphonse.” She spoke softly to him. “Are you alright, Alphonse?”
His hazel eyes met her green ones in the rear view. “Yeah.” His voice was shaky. “I’m alright.”
She shifted her eyes back to road. Liar. His pale clammy skin made him look like he was about to puke. She hoped she’d reach an exit soon. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could keep her eyes open.
“Are you alright Shelly?” Alphonse asked, leaning to where his chin nearly rest on the console. “You look tired. Do you want to pull over for a bit? I can drive if you’d like. I’ve got it down.”
“No.” Shelly shook her head then bit her lip in regret. The swift movement of her head made her dizzy. Great. Now I’m tired and hungry. Good day, Shelly. Good day.
“Are you sure?” Alphonse questioned. “You look downright awful. At least pullover so you can take a nap.”
“Yeah, but the exit isn’t for another couple of miles. Besides there is never a good place to pull over on the highway.” Shelly informed him.
“Then I can drive. I’ve gotten it down.” Alphonse stated.
“Alphonse, you’re a ghost. Remember?” Shelly stated simply. “Normal people can’t see ghosts. Now think about how it’ll freak everyone out if they see this car with an unconscious girl in the passenger seat as the car is moving on its own. It’s a bad idea. A REALLY bad idea.” She stressed.
After a few minutes of silence, she looked back in the rear view and noticed his fidget was still going strong. She looked down at her speedometer. She was going a normal speed for the high way. So why was he freaking out so bad? It wasn’t like she was just going to get killed. He was already dead.
“Okay, what’s up?” She began tapping her fingers on the stirring wheel.
“I’m just sitting here.” He stated as he glanced at the road ahead of them.
“Let me rephrase that,” she began with a sigh, “What’s your issue? You keep fidgeting back there. And don’t deny it; I can see you in the rear view mirror. So spill.”
He gulped. “It’s just my nerves Shelly.” He replied.
“Nerves have triggers.” Shelly stated after a moment of long silence. “What’s triggering yours?”
“I’ve been a ghost for over a century Shelly.” He began, trying to find the right words to explain. “I’ve never left my home. I’ve never explored outside my own yard. This is the first time I’m going to someplace new. And I’m scared. I mean, what if I’m one of those ghosts who are confide to a certain area? What if where we’re going is a place I can’t go? What if I’m just forced out of the car when we cross that invisible line? What if I disappear into some strange limbo?”
“Alphonse!” Shelly yelled. He stopped his ranting and stared at her blankly. “You’ll be fine Alphonse.” She said in a soft tone. “You’ll be just fine. I’m sure of it. Though if you were so worried about it, why didn’t you just stay at home?”
“You seemed so concerned about leaving me alone in the house for two weeks. And frankly, you’re right. I would’ve been lonely without you. You’re the first person who can actually see me. I miss being able to talk with someone.”
“I figured.” She smirked. “Well, you’re going to love where we’re going. Maybe someone else can see you too.”
“Really? I thought we were just going to a festival.”
“Yep! The festival of the dragons!” Shelly exclaimed. “It’s a very fun festival and there are a lot of physics there. Maybe one is real and can help us figure out why you’re still here. Also, you’ll just love the fireworks!”
Alphonse couldn’t help but laugh. Shelly loved festivals. She got so excited when she spoke about them. He rested his chin on his arms which were folded nicely on the center console. Once his laugh had died down, he smiled. “Seriously, let me drive you sleep deprived woman.” He ordered. “I fear you’ll fall asleep at the wheel and crash. Then we’ll both be ghosts.”
“Sleep deprived woman?” Shelly arched an eyebrow. “This coming from the man who called the seat belt the n word.”
Alphonse rolled his eyes. “From the 1800s. Back then nigger was a word everyone used. I don’t see why you find it so offensive. It’s just a word. It was the seat belt’s fault anyway.” Alphonse shrugged before muttering, “High tech shit.”
“And you want me to let you drive?” Shelly exclaimed. “Ha! Quit fooling around.”
“I know how to drive now. I’ll be really careful too! You’re just being stubborn.” Alphonse stated. “Just let me drive for a bit while you rest. Half an hour at least. Please?” He didn’t want her to push herself too far. “There’s a little space over there on the side. We can switch real quick and no one will notice. There’s hardly anyone on this road anyway.”
“Fine.” Shelly sighed as she switched lanes. She was far too tired to argue. Just a little while, she told herself as she pulled off the highway. She unbuckled her seat belt and hopped over the center console to the passenger seat. Alphonse giggled as he watched her maneuver around. He handed her the blanket that was fold up in the back seat. Shelly muttered thanks as he climbed up from the center into the driver’s seat. She mumbled the exit number and Alphonse nodded as he buckled himself in. He got on the highway and continued going in a quiet atmosphere as Shelly slept. He was grateful to her. When she found out that he lived in the house, she welcomed him as a roommate and treated him as such. He couldn’t be happier. Thanks to her, he was finally getting out of the house and depression of feeling stuck. He really did owe her a lot.

“Maybe I’ll make her something to eat when we get to this festival.” He suggested. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Updating Schedule?

I want to try to make myself write down some of my story ideas more often. So I'm making this schedule to help keep me in check and I'll do my best to follow this schedule. I've decided to chose my two favorite numbers to update on. So here you all go:
The 6th, 13th, 31st of every month is when I will be updating this blog.
6 and 13 are two of my favorite numbers. 6 because I was born on the 6th and 13 because... Well you know how everyone says a black cat is unlucky? Well, that's not the case for me. Every black cat I've ever been in contact with has brought me good luck in some way, shape, or form. Halloween has also been a lucky day for me too. So I see 13 as a lucky number as well. The 31st was chosen basically for the same reason.
So I hope you all will enjoy what I write and share with you all.

Free Will Or Fate?

Prompt: Free Will or Fate?
Josh stared into the mirror for nearly an hour. He had once again been arguing silently with the being that on one else seemed to see. But he knew. He could see it there. Rummaging about. Causing mayhem and trouble for him.
“Why?” He growled, but sounded more whiperish. “Why must you live in my eye? What’s the purpose for this?”
“Fate.” The voice stated simply in his head.
“Yes. Fate has bound me to you.”
“Bull.” Josh clenched his fist. “I want my life back. My body. My mind. Me. I want my free will. Where is my say?”
“Fate is fate. There is little that can be done Josh.”
Josh grumbled as he stared at the silvery green eye in his socket. The eye that didn't belong to him.
“I understand your pain Josh. But I am not here to control you or turn you into a puppet. I am only a sprite. Fat has bound me to you. I have no less control then you do.”
“Then what about my fits?” He flailed his hands about.

“Those fits are caused by the medications Josh. Not me.”


Welcome to Galaxy of Tales!
This is essentially a blog were I will post random stories or skits that come to my mind. Many will deal with my original characters. Some might deal with random fandoms. Some might even be dreams. Either way, this blog is dedicated to stories, finished or in pieces.
So if you like tales of any sort, I welcome you and invite you to stick around and enjoy.