Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Random scene

Hershey the Cat stood outside of Amy's hunt. She held a bowl of soup in her hands. She stared at the door contemplating if she should just ding dong ditch the food on the stoop or greet the young girl inside.
"Is she still refusing to see anyone?" Sonia asked.
Hershey jumped a little as she turned to see the magenta hedgehog.
"I'm not sure what to say when she amswers the door," the cat admitted.
"True." Sonia nodded. "Who would have thought Amy would react like that just by being asked to sing happy birthday."
"We were all sure if sugahog asked, she would do it," Bunnie as she walked up with another tray of food. "Is she not coming to the door?"
"Haven't knocked." Hershey replied with an embarrassed expression. The three girls stood around the porch. Amy Rose had run off crying after Sonic tried to get her to sing happy birthday to Rotor with him. None of them had expected her stage fright to be so bad.
"Maybe I should have brought ice cream..." Hershey mused.
"It would have melted by now," Sonia stated.
"Shouldn't one of us knock?" Bunnie asked.
"You were here first Hershey." Sonia waved a hand.
"Bunnie suggested it!" Hershey whined. "And you're not carrying anything, why don't you knock?"
"Are you three forming a cult on people's front lawns?" A voice cut through their hush whispers. The girls jerked back to see Geoffrey St. John staring at them.
"What are you doing here suga?" Bunnie asked.
"Walking." Geoffrey stated. "What's with the cultish behavior?"
"We're not in a cult," Hershey denied loudly.
Geoffrey arched an eyebrow. "Uh-huh. Are you trying to get Amy to join?"
"No," Hershey shook her head.
"Amy is upset and we're not sure how to cheer her up." Sonia answered. "They both brought food for her too."
"Is Amy not amswering the door?" Concern was evident of his face.
"We haven't knocked yet." Herhsey replied as she looked down.
"Well cold food isn't very good," Geoffrey stated as he walked past them to the door, "It's best to eat it warm and fresh." He knocked on the door loudly.
"Geoffrey!" Hershey hissed. "None of us know what to say to make her feel better yet. What if what we say something that makes her feel worse?"
"That's ridiculous. At the very least she'll be happy you tried." Geoffrey shot back.
"You just don't get it." Hershey shook her head. The two began a smal bickering war.
The door opened and she looked at them confused. She looked at Geoffrey and Herhsey bickering and then glanced at Bunnie and Sonia. She took note of the food in Herhsey's and Bunnie's hands. She took a deep breath. Bunnie smiled as Sonia gave a wave.
"What's going on?" Amy finally voiced.
"Oh hi Amy!" Hershey gave a nervous laugh. "I brought you some food."
"I see. Bunnie too." Amy nodded. "Why are you here?"
"We wanted to make you feel better about what happened earlier, suga." Bunnie stated.
"And you brought him because?" Amy pointed at Geoffrey.
"I was out for a walk when i saw them forming a cult on your stoop. You haven't joined a cult have you?" Geoffrey asked as he slowered himself to look her in the eye.
"No. I haven't joined a cult." Amy smiled. "Or at least not a new one ypu don't know about."
Geoffrey burst into a laughter. "That's my girl." He reached out to ruffle her hair.
"Dad, we talked about the hair ruffles." Amy pouted as she moved her head out of his way.
Geoffrey frowned. "Very well then.  I'll be on my way. Make sure you eat the food before it gets cold." With that he turned and walked away. "Oh remember to call your mom tonight."
"I will."

Monday, May 29, 2017

Random scene

"We have almost everyone here!" Sonia cheered.
"Yeah, but Merica is still hard to navigate," Sonic frowned at the map. "Do you guys have any clue where they might be?" He looked at all the people in the room.
His mom hummed as she strummed her fingers on the table. Her magenta quills were more purple then his sister's as the lay on her shoulder. His father thought by tapping his finger on his chin. Max could only shrug. The commander said nothing which everyone took as no.
"We're only missing one person for the council of four," Manic frowned, "And no one has a clue where the royal family of Merica is?"
"Well," Aleena looked up at Alexis, "The last time I saw the queen of Merica was with you right?"
"Yes. She was very upset and argueing with Abe. He wasn't commander then, but just a soldier." Alexis nodded. "What exactly where you arguing about? She said you'll see she was right."
The commander crossed his arms as he glared at the two woman. He was being ganged up on and he didn't like it. "It doesn't matter. It was years ago, but of you must know, she wanted to take Shadow with her to her country.  I greatly opposed it. I opposed it several times."
"Why would she want to take Shadow?" Sonic perked up. Shadow was still newly redeemed after the whole ark incident and he could tell none of the humans liked him much. The commander seemed especially so with how he constantly kept watched over him.
"She claimed to have a vision. Frankly, I don't much care for such things." The commander stated. "But I refused to allow her to take Shadow every time she came to try to get him."
"She came more then once?" Jules mused.
"Yes. With her brother too." The commander nodded.
"Brother? " Manic asked.
"Merica was ruled by the queen and king, but they were siblings. The king was married. So technically there were two queens. The king had one son. The queen wasn't known to be married at the time Eggman made his coup." Sonia explained.
Manic nodded as he kind of understood.
"Just out of curiosity, what was the prophecy she made about Shadow?" Jules asked with a slight smile.
"It was ridiculous would be nothing of help here." The commander stated.
"Did what she say come true?" Max asked as he loomed at him. A smile forming as his face as he watch the commander clench his fist. He arched an eyebrow as ge waited.
The commander looked away. He hated this. "There were several. So far, two or three has come true." He grumbled like a child admitting defeat.
Max smiled, "Of course. She was rarely wrong."
"Some of her prophecy were worded in fun poems and riddles too." Alexis smiled foundly.
"Like the time she came to me out of the blue and apologized for the Merican flower that would bug my son for a few years. That poem was funny." Aleena beamed.
"You had just found out you were pregnant too. We hadn't announced it yet and yet here she came with that silly poem." Jules shook his head at that memory. "But amazingly that one hasn't come true."
"Not yet at least," Aleena smiled. "So Sonic will soon have to deal with two girls chasing him."
"How are you sure it's not me?" Manic pouted.
"She specially said blue in the riddle. You're green." Jules stated. "She gave a few about you though. One being you have sticky fingers."
Manic frowned slightly. "Why does Sonic get all the girls..." then a thought struck him. "Did she say anything else about this Mercian flower?"
"She told us once that if we couldn't find her that the flower would be the compus to find her." Alexis stated. "Why?"
Manic smiled. "We've had a compus the whole time then." He hopped up and walked to the door.
"What are you talking about?" Aleena got up to follow her son.
"Amy's last name is Rose," Manic beamed at this knowledge.
"And?" Jules stretched in his chair.
"Amy is from Mercia." Sonia stated as she hopped up. "So if the queen of Merica gave always correcy prophecies that means Amy is the key to finding her."
THEY found Amy playing a violin with Shadow. He was very good at it. It was one of the many instruments Maria had asked him to play for her. He found it nice that Amy wanted to practice with him. She hummed along with the song as she played the notes.
"There you are!" Manic came into the room with a bright smile.
Shadow glared as he stopped playing and put down the instrument instantly.
Amy frowned at Shadow's reluctance to play in front of others. But she couldn't talk. She refused to sing in front of others. She evem refused to sing happy birthday in front of them, even when Sonic asked her too. She turned back to Manic. "Did you get bored with the meeting?"
"Nah Dudette," Manic waved a hand. "Do you by any chance know the queen of Mercia?"
Amy tilted her head. "No. Why?"
"Apparently she was known for giving pretty accurate prophecies," Manic stated, "She once told everyone that if they needed to find her a girl like a flower would be the compus to lead to her."
"So just because I'm from Merica doesn't make me the flower." Amy shot back.
"But your last name is Rose." Shadow stated. "And don't you believe in fortune telling amd prophecies and all that magical nonsense."
"It's not nonsense Shadow," Amy pouted, "But I'm not the only Merican girl with a flower for a name. It could be any of those."
Manic nodded. "But you're the only one we know right now. So care to give us hand?"
"How do ypu expect me to give you a hand?" Amy crossed her ankles amd sat up straight.
"I... don't really know." Manic admitted. "So how about, where would you like to go?  Any places you would like to see or visit?"
Amy tilted her head.
"Are you thinking that if we go to tjose places we might run into the queen that way?" Sonia mused.
"Why not have Amy use her cards to get an idea of where she is?" Sally suggested as she walked into the room. She loomed at Amy.  "You told me once that your cards help you find Sonic. Is it wrong to assume you can't use them to find the queen of Merica?"
Amy chewed on her bottom lip. "I might be able too..." she muttered in defeat. "But I can't get grauntee anything."
"Would you mind trying?" Sonic beamed a huge smile at her.
Shadow glared at the blue blur.
Amy smiled back as she fiddled with her hands before a frowned appeared. "I'm not sure..."
"Aw... come on," Sonic looked at her with hopeful eyes.
Amy could only open and close her mouth as she tried to find the words to say. She didn't really want to find the queen of Mercia.
"Ames?" Sonic called his nickname for her hoping for a response. What he got was Shadow standing between them.
The black hedgehog glared down at Sonic. He didn't have much of a height advantage, but he knew how to look bigger.
Sonic glared back.
"You're making Rose uncomfortable with your prodding." Shadow growled. He stressed Rose as he stared at Sonic. "Rose is obviously unwilling to do this. If you need hep finding the Merican royal family, go ask that oracle. Leave Rose alone." He glared at everyone in the room.
The adults stared back with confused faces at him while the ones his age nodded slowly and stepped back. Sonic just glared at him.
He turned his attention to Amy. "You haven't eaten since you've been here. Let's visit the kitchen." He held his hand out for her.
Amy gave a soft smile as she took it and allowed Shadow to escort her to the kitchen.
Shadow tsked as he heard the adults gather to whisper amongst themselves. He knew they were talking about him. That's all anyone seemed to do once he left the room. It was irritating.
"Shadow," the commander knocked on the dolr frame as he entered the kitchen.
Shadow saluted. "Commander," he then turned back to the fridge. Amy was sitting silently at a bench table as shadow looked through all the food in the base's kitchen.
The commander walked in and opened the freezer he looked inside. He nodded. "Shadow, have you heard of comfort food yet?"
Shadow looked confused for a moment. "I haven't."
The commander nodded at this response. He stood close to the black hedgehog as he whispered. "Girls like comfort food when they're upset. Offer her ice cream or chocolate." He stood up straight and began making a cupbof tea.
Shadow could only stand still for a few moments before he went to look into the freezer where the ice cream was store. "Rose, would you like some ice cream?" He asked as he looked at her.
Amy looked up and seemed to smile. "That actually sounds rather nice. What flavors are there?"
Shadow looked back at the ice cream in the freezer. Ice cream came in different flavors? That was something new to him.

Saturday, May 27, 2017


You haven't realized that I'm standing close to an edge
A bloody edge, where if nudged a step more to the side
Existence will cease
Breath in this body is possible with struggle
Where did all the air go?
I'm afraid
Wishing there was enough air to scream
All there is is silence
A throat which feels tight from constrictions
Can not make a sound
Trembling in this form
A paper hits paper and it finally stops
A final goodbye
Scribbled for hours
Not sure where to place it
Just put it anywhere it'll be found
Try to get enough air for the final act
Scooch closer to the edge
The bloody edge
A little more and you're there
A little more and I'm there.
Closing my eyes
I don't wanna look down
A call cries out.
Not mine.
Take a step back
Opening the phone to see your name
A bitter sweet smile grace my lips
What kind of physic are

Thursday, May 18, 2017

R.o.S. ch9 part1

Krissie: now we start on the dinner at Myriam's house.
Jadeite bowed as he greeted Amelia at the front door. She smiled back as she hugged him and Masato close.
"It's so good to see you two!" Amelia planted a kiss on Masato's cheek. Amelia had to stand on her tip toes to do it, but she managed. "I have so much to talk to you two about."
"We can talk as we perpare dinner," Myriam smiled.
"We also brought you a gift," Jadeite handed her a small box.
"Plus myself," Masato pointed to the christmas bow in his hair.
"And it's my favorite color too." She sang as they entered the house.
Once inside, Myraim and Jadeite set to work on dinner. Myriam didn't like the idea of making her guest cook.
"So what all happened with the dark agency? I know from last night they kidnapped you and the sailor scouts saved you. But what else?" Amelia pryed.
Masato and Jadeite sighed.
"It's complicated," Jadeite stated.
"Well say it as basically as yoy can," Myriam waved a hand.
"The Dark Agency was run by Metallia. An evil being." Masato began.
"Alien, basically." Jadeite shrugged.
"She brainwashed us in order to do her dirty work for her under the order of Beryl, another puppet of hers. We also went by different names." Masato finished explaining.
"That does sound serious," Amelia nodded. "But the Dark Agency seem to disappear 3 years ago. So where have you guys been?"
"What names were you called?" Myriam asked with a concern look in her eyes.
Masato took a deep breath. "I was called Nephrite. Jadeite was still called Jadeite. Izono and Shin were called Zoisite and Kunzite. And the last three years..." he loomed at Jadeite, "I really don't want to say."
"Was Endymian there?" Myriam asked with a blank face.
Masato and Jadeite looked at Myriam with wide eyes.
"You were a baby at the time," she looked Jadeite, "But you told me about a few passed lives you had. You mentioned Endymian a few times. You even named your teddy bear that. I thought it was because of all the minerals I have around the house, but mentioned things in such a way." She smiled breifly. "I just knew you remembering your past lives. I guess you don't remember telling me all of that because you were so young. But do you remember all of that one now?" She patted her son's cheek.
"I remember most of it." Jadeite admitted, "Though I don't remember recalling it as a kid. Or telling you."
Myriam smiled. "So was Enymian there?"
"Actually," Jadeite busied himself with perparing dinner. "We've been with Emdymian for the pass three years... as rocks." He avoided all eye contact.
"What does he mean as rocks?" Amelia stared Masato down.
Masato cringed, "We lost our physical bodies and became rocks."
Amelia arched an eyebrow at him as she gestured to his body.
"Serenity and Emdymian found a way to give us bodies." Jadeite stated.
"The moon princess?" Myriam tilted her head. "She was reincarnated too?"
"Yes," Jadeite nodded with a small smile.
"You complained she once ate a cake you were saving by accident," Myriam mused.
Jadeite chuckled, "She loves to eat in this life too."
"Are Endy and Serenity planning to get married in this life too?" Myriam hummed.
"Yes. Though they have different names now," Masato chimed in.
"Well at least you're back home. And not as rock," Amelia laughed, "I have no clue how to take care of a pet rock."
"You couldn't take care of a fish Aunt Amelia," Masato shook his head.
"And yet you asked me to take care of at least 4 pet fish for you while you went on trips." She laughed. "I wish you had learned after the first one not to leave your pets with me."
"Well I don't have any pets right now. And it'll be a while before I can get one." Masato laughed.
The door bell rang. Amelia got up with a quick, "I'll get it."
She opened the door with a soft hello before screaming. "Myriam what engagement service did you sign your son up for?"
Jadeite and Masato arched an eyebrow as they look at Myriam. Myriam went to the door with the two men watching from the the end of the hall.
"Oh that's Rei-chan. She's here for dinner." Myriam stated.
"Like an interview before the marriage?" Amelia questioned.
"No. She's not here to be married." Myriam assured the woman.
Amelia nodded as she stepped away. "Jadeite you don't have to run away and change your name," she said with a smile.
Jadeite nodded. "Whoo. That was a close one." He mocked wipping his brow.
"You're awful." Myriam pinched his cheeks as she walked back to the kitchen. "Dinner is quite yet done, but feel free to sit at the table and chat."
Rei nodded with a soft thank you. She wore a nice red blouse and a black skirt that went a little pass her knees. She even wore light make up for the occasion.
Jadeite thought she looked very attractive as he walked back into the kitchen to finish dinner with his mom. He grabbed a can of red pepper and handed it to Rei after she was seated.
Rei arched an eyebrow at the can.
"If Thomas tries anything stupid throw that in his face." Jadeite stated as he pointed to the can.

Sunday, May 14, 2017


The chipmunk stared at the child wrapped in several layers of clothes. She could tell it was a child, but she could barely see their eyes through the vail.
"Who is this?" Sally asked as she gestured to the child. It was burning up in the kitchen and yet this child was dressed in so many layers. How was she not dead from heat exhaustion?
Geoffrey gave a nervous smile as he stepped in between the two. "A child obviously," he responded.
"What's your name kiddo?" Manic smiled as he walked up to the child. "I'm Manic."
Geoffrey glared at the green hedgehog. He didn't like people being too close to the kid, especially when he didn't know them personally yet.
The child looked at Geoffrey and saw his glare at Manic. They turned around and grabbed a cookie from the plate. They handed it to Manic shyly before taking a step back.
Manic smiled at it. "Thanks. I love sweets. Is your name cookie?"
They shook their head.
Geoffrey kept a close watch on the two.
"Geoffrey?" Sally called becoming alarmed by his odd behavior. "Who is this child?"
"Just a child. Nothing for you to be concerned about." Geoffrey answered without looking away. Manic was guessing at the kid's name at random. He was now mixing a bowl of cookie dough with the child's mute instructions.
"It sure doesn't look that way," Sally crossed her arms. Sonic smirked as he walked up the child and picked them up.
"Hey I'm Sonic." Sonic beamed. "What's your name?"
Geoffrey seemed to snap and his pulled his crossbow and took aim. "Put her down or I'll put an arrow through your hand!" Geoffrey bellowed.
"Dude!" Manic held his hands up in the air.
"What's up with you Geoff?" Sonic's eyes widened.
"You heard me," Geoffrey growled. "Or would you prefer an arrow through the knee?"
"What's going on in here?" Tails walked in rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He paused as he took in the scene. He sighed as he walked up to his adoptive brothers. He looked at them, shook his head before walking up to to Geoffrey.
"Hi Geoffrey," he greeted, "Have you seen dad, mom, or uncle?"
"No I haven't," Geoffrey kept his eyes locked on Sonic.
"Would you be so kind as to not aim a weapon at my adoptive brother?" Tails asked as he stood between them.
"Make him put her down," Geoffrey ordered.
Tails nodded. "That's reasonable," Tails turned to face Sonic. "Sonic, could you put Geoffrey's daughter down. He doesn't like people he isn't personally acquainted with around her."
Sonic's jaw dropped with everyone esles. He slowly put the little girl down.
"So Geoffrey is just a big ole mama bear, huh?" Manic mused as Geoffrey lowered the weapon.
"So why not tell us about your daughter?" Sally asked quietly.
"So no one can use me against him in a fight," came the reply of the little girl as she took a few steps away from Sonic.
"Besides, she's not my daughter. She's just my charge. I'm taking care of her until her family can take care of her." Geoffrey corrected.
"But you sure are a protective nut case," Tails smirked.
"And why weren't you were you were supposed to be young man?" Geoffrey turned on the Orange fox. "I was supposed to drop off Intel for your dad, but no one was there. I've been looking all over for any sign of you and any Prower."
"I got antsy and did some freedom fighting on my own. I got adopted by them," he pointed to Sonic and Manic. "I can guarantee they're safe and no harm to the little rascal here." He waved towards the little girl.
She was offended so she swatted at Tails' arm and he gave a cry of pain.
"Hey! No hitting," Geoffrey chided.
The girl scoffed as she stared at him. She gestured to him and then Sonic.
"That was a different matter." Geoffrey stated. "Besides, I never actually physically hit him."
The girl stomped her foot.
"Don't be too upset with Geoffrey. I've got news that will send him into a tizzy." Tails rubbed his arm, "I think you gave me a bruise."
"Sorry," the girl bowed her head in guilt.
"What's the bad news?" Geoffrey walked up to stare down at Tails.
Tails gave a coy grin. Sonic and Manic exchanged a glance. Tails was about to become an evil genius on them. That was the look he always got right before the evil started.
"Take a seat," Tails gestured to the chairs. He turned to the girl. "Do you have any candy?"
She rushed off to a cabinet and came back with a tin full of wrapped candies.
Tails happily popped one in his mouth. "Have you heard of thr Oracle's prophecy? About the council?"
"I know of it," Geoffrey nodded.
"So you know we're looking for royal family members from 4 kingdoms. We have Acorn and Mobotropolis." He gestured to Sally and then Sonic and Manic. "It would be best to get them all together as quick as possible, wouldn't you agree?"
Geoffrey nodded, "It is only reasonable."
Tails smirked, "I'm so happy that it does." He popped another candy in his mouth, "Which is why Amy should come with us."
Geoffrey glared at the fox. "No."
Tails sighed. "Geoffrey, you and I both know she is the only surviving royal family member of the O'Hedge family. She is the only heir to the Mercian thrown!" He gave Geoffrey a stern look. "Having her travel with us would be best to complete this prophecy quickest."
"She is also only a child and her parents gave up the crown. She has no stake in this." Geoffrey stayed stern.
Tails rested his head in his hand. It was like playing a game of chess. He needed to tread carefully. Though he loved pushing the skunk's buttons far too much. "Being the only one alive means there isn't much choice for her now is there?"
Geoffrey only glared.
Tails sighed. He turned to Amy. "What do you want to do Amy?" He asked.
"What are all of my options?" Amy asked.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

R.o.S. Family call

Shin entered the house only to hear the piano playing. "Izono Saitou!" He chided as he marched to the room with the piano. He glared at the younger male. "Why aren't you in bed?"
Izono glanced up at his older brother. He meekly smiled as he pointed to the phone nestled between his neck and ear.
"Who are you on the phone with?" Shin whispered in a hiss.
"Mom, big brother just got back," Izono stated as he pulled the phone away from his ear. He clicked the speaker button and placed the phone on top of the piano.
"Is he ok? Are you two eating healthy?"
"We're fine mom," Shin sighed as their mom rattled on.
"I can't believe you two got lost in the middle east." She whined. "Your father and I are getting everything in order and we'll be there to bring you both home as soon as possible."
"What?" Izono seemed to whine.
"I'm afraid that won't do mom, Izono has a possible gig coming up." Shin stated. He didn't want to leave just yet. Their king was here. How could he just contently leave for London and stay until their over protective mom felt secure enough to let them be on their own? The answer was he couldn't.
"What gig?" She sounded irritated.
"A concert gig. Just a small one. But still a gig." Shin stated. He knew his mom wouldn't get in the way of Izono's dreams.
"What gig?" Izono whispered as he leaned away from the phone. This was the first he heard of it.
"Performing the one for Miss Taitou that we missed due to the chaos. Aino wants to help us perform it on miss Taitou's birthday."
Izono smiled. "That'll be perfect!" He turned back to the phone, "Please mom, let me perform. You and dad can come see it too!"
"Of course we'll come watch. But we're coming early to see you two.  It's been so long! I bet you two need some clothes right?"
"Yeah we could use that," Shin smiled.
"I'll bring a few clothes. I'm not sure if anything here fits you anymore. But I can always take you shopping later." She seemed content with that.
Krissie: well here is the end of chapter 8. It's broken down into 3 parts. I'm actually not sure if I ever posted chapter 7 on this blog. I'll check next time I log in on my laptop.

Cutting off my hair soon

So it's 90 degrees in Georgia and I hate the heat. So in order to stay cool a bit better, I'm going to get my hair cut. I just got off work,  so I have a while before I get to the station where there is a hair place I can get my hair cut at.
I'm actually thinking of just shaving all of my hair off, but I don't own any  hats to cover my head so people don't think I have cancer or something yet

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

R.o.S. Mina's test

Mina gulped as she walked onto campus. She was nervous. She had spent the last hour going over geometry with Shin.
"Good luck Aino-chan!" Shin waved to her from the gate.
Mina smiled as she waved back. She wished he would call her Mina, but he was refusing too so far. Once she was inside, she saw him begin to walk away.
"Who is that?" An underclassman asked as she oogled Shin from the window.
Mina smiled, "A friend." And with that she marched to class. She had to pass this test.
Mina was amazed to see that she finally understood what was on the paper in front of her. Shin had really helped her prepare for this test. But then again, he made sure to bribe her and keep her attention with said bribe. She turned in the test and then axiously sat at her desk waiting for the teacher to grade it.
The teacher gave her a surprised look to see her waiting for the result. She still began grading it anyway. Her eyes went up by the end of it, but then smiled happily as she got up and walked to Mina's desk.
Mina looked up at her teacher. The nervousness was eating away at her.
"Well done," the teacher placed the paper on her desk. "You passed.  And did a lot better this time. You studied really hard for this with your friends."
Mina nodded. "Saitou-kun is a great tutor." She looked at the 78 written on the paper. It wasn't an A, but it wasn't an F, so Mina didn't care. She picked up the paper and went to her next class.
She met Ami in the hallway.
"How was the make up test?" Ami asked.
Mina smiled, "78."
"That's great," she congratulated. "Do you want to celebrate after school at the arcade?"
"That sounds good, but Shin owes me something first. So I want to show this to him."
"What is it that he owes you?" Ami asked.
Mina quickly told Ami about the concert plan. The blue haired girl smiled at the idea. "Do you want to help?"
"I'll see what I can do." Ami nodded.

R.o.S. Mina & Shin first date

Rebirth of Shitennou
More random tidbits
KRISSIE: I'm not sure if anyone from fanfiction reads my blog, but seriously, there is so much extra stuff to my fanfics here.
Shin brought his hand through his silver hair,  "I had to come to Japan for business and Izono came with me. Even though we're descendent from Japan,  we had never been here. We were excited so Izou got us a tour guide while we tried to learn enough Japanese to get by."
"Really? How was the tour?" Mina asked with a smile.
Shin smiled a huge smile, "Our tour guide was Jadeite!"
"Really?" Mina seemed amused as Shin went over the memories with her.
"Yes. He was really stiff and nervous at first. He worked a lot of jobs in order to support himself and his mom since they weren't too well off and he went to school too. But I remember that I went to put our bags in our room and Izou stayed with Jadeite to practice his Japanese. I was gone five to ten minutes max,  and when I came back the two were best buds." Shin shook his head. "Jadeite wanted to be a model and since Izou wanted to be a pianist the two joke about becoming pop idols together. While I was at work, those two went to a few auditions together. I had met Masato through work and since he was a talent agent, we sat down over drinks and talked about their chances. We had a plan and everything to get those two on a stage to perform. The Dark Agency was supposed to put them on a stage. It would've been their debut. Though it involved singing and not modeling, but Jadeite took it."
"Can he sing?" Mina wondered.
"Very well actually," Shin nodded. "Izono too. We were going to put on a public concert. Jadeite and Izono decided to do a performance for Jadeite's mom since it would be held on her birthday. They had practiced so hard too. It's a shame we didn't get to do it."
"Well when is Jadeite's mom's birthday?" Mina asked.
"October 22nd." Shin stated.
Mina gasped. "We don't have much time!"
"What do you mean?" Shin arched an eyebrow.
"Well it might not be a debut stage, but such a sweet performance, why not do it this year. It's already the 5th. That's not long to find a stage. Do you remember how long their set was?"
"It was only one song," Shin stated. "We were going to perform at a music festival in London with several other beginning artists."
"But still it was for her birthday, roght?" Mina stated. "She should at least be able to see it. This park might be a good place. There's actually a stage at the other end that  is used for festivals. I'm sure if we ask, they won't mind letting you use it for one day."
"Aino-san, I appreciate what you're trying to do,  but I don't know if Jadeite or Izono will be interested. Well I'm pretty sure Izou will jump at the chance. I know my little brother like the back of my hand... Well I thought I did until this morning..." Shin shook his head. "But besides that, Jadeite might not be up to it."
"Then we'll ask him," Mina waved her hand in the air, "I'm sure he'll say yes."
Shin sighed. "What about your geometry test?"
"That can wait. This is more important."
Shin crossed his arms. "How about this, if you get good marks on your test, I'll let you help arrange this little concert starting when you get off from school today."
"What?" Mina seemed to whine.
"Good marks on your test or no show." Shin stated firmly.
Mina sighed with a pout. "We better start studying now."
KRISSIE: this is a part of chapter 8. Enjoy it.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Rebirth of shitennou random scene

Izono smiled at his parents as he finished playing th song on the piano.  They clapped happily from their spots on the couch.
"That's my boy! Always a good pianists." His father praised. "Just wish you would apply more effort in other activities. "
"Oh hush dear," his mom batted her husband's arm. "At least our baby is home." She raced up to hug Izono and nearly chocked him out with it. "Now where have you been?"

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Blind date part2

KRISSIE: I really just wanted to continue this. So here we go!
"So he flaked?" Hershey arched an eyebrow. "And why isn't Amy here with you?"
"Well, he sent Shadow to take his place as a socialization excerise." Rouge sighed. "I'll talk to Thomas about it tomorrow."
"So Amy is on a hang out date with Shadow?" Bunnie questioned as she played with Hershey's hair.
"Unfortunately yes." Rouge plopped down in the armchair.
"I don't think Amy is going to be too happy when she gets back," Cream pouted. "She hasn't like any of these dates we've set her up on."
"For the record, I tried finding a guy with the qualities she loves of Sonic and I feel like it was the worse date she went on. She just doesn't want to admit it," Sonia gave a laugh. "Let's just prepare an ice cream for her return."
"Yeah," Rouge laughed, "She can tell us how bad it was."
An hour and half later, Amy came through her front door. She was giggling as she walked into the house. The other girls looked up at her.
"Did you get room mates Rose?" Shadow gestured to the girls.
"No," Amy shook her head.
"We're here to gossip about how her blind date went," Cream answered with a smile.
Shadow arched an eyebrow. He didn't know how to respond to that. He turned to look at Amy. "That chocolate cake. Can I have it now so I can leave Rose?"
Amy nodded as she tried to stiffle her laugh. She walked into the kitchen amd pulled the chocolate cake she had made for him earlier. She placed it in his hands. "Don't eat it all in one sitting."
"You have people breaking into your house to gossip about dates Rose. I think I can eat a whole cake in one sitting if I want without being judged." Shadow shot back as he walked away.
Amy shook her head. "Don't be surprised if I refuse to make you one til next week." She close the door and smiled at the girls sitting in her house. "So what's up with y'all? Did you raid the fridge yet?"
"No," Rouge shook her head.
"So how was the date the Shadow?" Sonia wore a huge grin.
"It was lovely," Amy answered. "Shadow was a gentleman as always. We ate Mexican and went for a walk in the park."
"What did you guys talk about?" Cream asked.
Amy shrugged as she took off her shoes. "Normal stuff. Shadow's been into art recently, so we talked about different art styles and artists. There is a new art exhibit this weekend. So we're going to go see it this Saturday.  Do you guys want to come with us?"
Cream smiled as she shook her head. "I already have plans. But congrats." The rabbit went to sit down next to Bunnie whose hair was being done by Hershey.
"So your blind date that was supposed to flop for you got you a second date?" Hershey asked.
"It's not a date," Amy shook her head. "If it was, why would I invite you?"
The girls laughed.
"Good point." Hershey nodded.
"But it still sounds like a date," Bunnie smiled. "So enjoy it."
"I fully intend to," Amy stuck her tongue out at the rabbit.
"Well we should at least make sure you look stunning for it," Sonia mused. "Should we go with some glittery eyeshadow or just go natural tones."
"Oh! Do you still have that glittery lip gloss? The gold or slivery one?" Rouge perked up.
Amy nodded.
"That'll bring lots of attention. Wear that over a cute lipstick color and you'll be good." Rouge smiled.
"Now all we have to do is put together an actual outfit," Hershey mused. "Do you feel like pants or a skirt?"

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

art live stream


I will cry for you
My tears aren't yet dry
I feel the apprehension inside my soul
I'm in pain
Trying to hide
I'm trying to stand again.
I want the tools
Not a quick fix
I want to fed for a life time
Not just a day
Hey, can you give me tools?
Teach me how to fish
How to not fear myself
The thoughts in my brain.
Where are the tools I can use so I can survive?
The pherapist didn't give me them.
Do I need to fashion myself?
How can I when I don't know where to start?
I'm afraid. Confused?
Should I just roll over in the corpse cart?
Well unsteady step. Unsteady step number 2. Here I go onward to struggle.
To find a way.
To make my tools.
To not be a fool.
Step number 3.
Find the ground and breath.
Step number 4.
Figure out a goal. Not long, just a short.
Step number 5.
Begin to walk towards that goal.
Remember to breath.
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Diary 5/2/2017

Hi there,
On my way too school. Way too early but I have to be there at 8:15 when he starts over viewing our portfolio.  I've also noticed that today is the first anniversary of Carmen's death.  I feel like I'm going to have a break down at some point today. I'm afraid of that.  I'm two hours away from home.  Wasting four hours of my day to just think. That's a dangerous thing because I don't wanna think today. I don't wanna go down dark rabbit holes today. I just don't.
I'm going to try to make it. Deafen my brain with music.