Friday, July 28, 2017

Fanfic random ShadAmy

Shadow frowned at the wall as he strummed his fingers on the table. "Where are you Rose?" Came the question he had repeated a few times now.
"Uh..." the voice seemed to struggle to answer. "I really don't want you two to fight."
"I will not start a fight, but I will handle this so you're not feeling awkward. Where are you?"
Amy sighed as she rattled off the name of the shopping center.
Shadow chaos controlled and was there in a flash. He ran along the roofs until he spotted the familiar pink. He frowned at Sonic who seemed to be pestering her. He noticed a few others standing around.
He jumped down amd began walking towards them. "Rose!" Shadow called as he walked up to them.
Amy beamed a huge smile, relieved that she didn't have to reject Sonic on her own. "Hi Shadow!" She ran up to hug him. "How was work?"
Shadow nodded, "It was good." He turned his attention to the freedom fighters he could see. Sonic, Sally, Antoine, and Bunnie. He was almost surprised that Tails wasn't there. Sonic seemed completely shocked to see Amy huge the ebony hedgehog.  The others just seemed slightly confused.
Shadow was surprised. It had been a few years since Amy had moved to Mercia and slowly had bare minimal contact with them. They saw Shadow whenever they had to work with GUN. "What is going on?" Shadow asked with his usual monotone.
"Eggman has some new bot running around," Sonic stated.
"Since it is close to Mercia, we thought we would invite Amy to join us." Sally stated.
"Just like old times," Sonic smiled.
"That can not be done at this time. Rose has an appointment today." Shadow stated firmly.
"Amy told us that," Bunnie nodded.
"But we could really use her help," Antoine stated, "And a simple check up can be rescheduled."
Shadow shook his head, "No."
"Why not?" Sonic crossed his arms and glared at Shadow. "You're not the boss around here Shadow."
"That is true, but sending a woman with child onto the battlefield is out of the question." Shadow crossed his arms as he glared at the blue blur.
Amy turned red as she avoided eye contact.
"With child?" Sonic tilted his head as the news slowly processed.
The news quickly dawned on the other. Antoine smiled as he patted the pink hedgehog on the shoulder. "Congratulations ma ami," his voice was full of warmth.
"Why didn't you just tell us that from the beginning?" Sally asked.
"More like, why didn't you call with the news, suga?" Bunnie pulled Amy into a hug.
Amy gave a shy smile. "I'm not that far along, so I was waiting a bit."
"Well, we should throw you a party when we get back," Sally suggested.
"Does a baby shower sound alright to you Amy?" Antoine asked, "I can make some macarons for you. Or anything you want."
Amy smiled. She liked tha idea.
"Wait. Wait, wait, wait." Sonic waved his hand in the air as he held his head with the other one. "You're pregnant?"
Amy nodded.
"You're going to have a baby?" Sonic struggled to accept the news.
Amy nodded.
"Did I miss the invite to your wedding?" Sonic waved his hands around.
Amy shook her head. "No, I'm not married."
"Then who's the dad? Is he going to help you with the kid? Cause if not, I need to met the punk to talk to him."
Amy sucked in her bottom lip as she glanced up at Shadow.
Shadow seemed amused by Sonic. "I haven't been called a punk in years. Why don't we discuss your concerns on our way to handle Eggman. Rose, do you need me to take you to the doctor?" Shadow turned to Amy as Sonic's jaw laid on the floor.
Amy shook her head. "You guys go and stop Egghead. I'll see you later." Amy gave a soft bow before leaving the group.