Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mopping - Dr. Eggman Typography

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Snowfall Collab

I did a collab with the awesome Channel Frederator! So happy about it. There are so many awesome works by several different animators. Go check it out and show your support!

Undertale Ep10

Undertale Ep9

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Little Mermaid Sonic Version Ch1

This is the first chapter of a sonic version of the little mermaid. Enjoy my writing.
Sonic the Hedgehog was leaning over the side of the boat. He felt like hurling, and he was. The prince hated boats. He liked the ocean even less.He straightened himself as he heard footsteps approaching.
“Sonic? Are you okay?” The orange fox tilted his head in worry.
“Yeah. Don’t worry about me little buddy.” Sonic waved his hand. “How long until we reach the shore?”
“The captain says we should arrive home within two hours if the weather stays good.” Tails stated.
“Two hours? I can last two hours.” Sonic nodded.
Just then the sky went from a sheet of blue to dark grey. Thunder began to sound which made Tails jump. He never did he over his fear of thunderstorms.
Below the water surface, a young mermaid was swimming happily. Her quills were long and went half down her tail. Her emerald eyes gleamed as she explored the ocean floor. She had recently found a wreck ship. Her very first.Her father would freak if he knew his young daughter was exploring the landers’ lost objects in the ocean. But she wanted to know it. She craved it.Inside the ship, she noticed a something glimmering. She swam towards it. It was some kind of rock she had never seen before. She reached for it and her hand meet another’s.
Green eyes meet purple.
There was a long pause.Bubbles left the purple eyed creature’s mouth as it swam away.
“A lander!” She mentally gasped. She grabbed the shiny rock and gave chase. Maybe it belonged to the lander.The lander escaped to a boat on the ocean surface. He gasped for air. He must’ve imagined the mermaid.
Knuckles the Echidna was a great treasure hunter. He had to be sane. He was already seen as off kilter for believing in ghosts. If he began believing in mermaids, it would be off to the asylum for him.
“You forgot your string of rocks!” A female voice called out.
Knuckles felt his boat lean in one direction. He glance up and saw a pink hedgehog staring at him. “You’re real.” Knuckles murmured.
“And so are you. You’re point?” her tail splashed in the water.
“Mermaids are only fairy tales on the land.” Knuckles explained as he sat up.
She tilted her head. She heard about that. If landers knew they were real they would probably hunt them to extinction. “That’s because landers are normally aggressive.” She held out the string of rocks. “You’re rocks.”
“Those aren’t rocks.” Knuckles shook his head. “They’re emeralds. A very expensive gem. They’re a treasure really.”
“A treasure?!” She gasped. “You people drop treasures into the ocean?”
Knuckles chuckled as he shook his head. “No. Well, not normally. I’m a treasure hunter. I heard there were several sunken ships around here. I was gathering items to prove they were here. That was on the boat when it sank.”
She nodded as she gained a small grasp of the landers’ world. “What caused the boat to sink?”
Knuckles shrugged. “A storm, fire, technical difficulties, crashed into something, lazy writer. Who knows? I haven’t had the time to check the ship completely.” He glanced up at the sky. He sniffed the air. “A storm’s coming. I better get to shore. And you should probably get somewhere safe. I’m sure under the water is just as rough as above.”
“I know of storms. They wreck havoc for the landers too?” She asked curiously.
Knuckles nodded as he grabbed a row. He didn’t want to turn on the engine and risk hurting the mermaid. “Oh, I’m Knuckles. Do you have a name?”
“Amy.” She beamed a smile. She moved back into the water. “Knuckles will you be coming back here? For the ship again?”
“Yes. After the storm passes.” Knuckles nodded.
“Well, if I’m here, may I accompany you? I’d like to learn more about your landers.” Amy gave a hopeful smile.
Knuckles laughed. She was bluntly honest. “Sure. But be careful of others. Not all landers are nice. I’m sure your people have rumors or even horror stories.”
“Oh we do.” Amy nodded. “But I don’t feel any evil from you.”Amy plunged back into the water. She watched as Knuckles rowed a few yards before turning on his engine. She smiled. He was being careful not to hurt her.
The storm started up on Amy’s swim home. She fought against the rough current. Her eyes caught sight of a boat breaking above. It was larger then Knuckles’ motorboat. Pieces of wood and metal were falling from above. Amy struggled to get out of the pieces way. Her eyes widened as she saw a blue male hedgehog sinking in the water. A string of bubbles leaving his mouth. He was unconscious. 

Undertale Ep7

Monday, December 7, 2015

Undertale Ep2

MegaMan 2 Ep3

Undertale Ep1

Eggnog Animation

Happy Holidays everyone! Enjoy the Eggnog with this cute little animation.

Knuckles Boom

My final project for Motion Graphics is to reimagine an opening to a movie or show. It has to be less then a minute because that's the average opening lengths these days. So here is the one I made in about 3 hours. Enjoy it.