Tuesday, August 30, 2016


I had tears

I had fears

all so consuming

I waded through.

trying to catch my breath.

this velvet dress just got heavier and heavier with each step

my heart aches

my throat is rash

it feels like it's closing with every thought

every memory brings more pressure

I can't breathe

I can't form the words

I've lost the ability to talk again

so where am I now?

the fears. The tears

they're still here

and so am I.

where's the shore?

cold, alone, hungry

where's the shore?

maybe I'll reach it soon

Monday, August 29, 2016

Fleetway X Mephiles

FleetwayXMephiles drabble

Krissie: Heads up, this is a Fleetway/Mephis fanfic. If Yaoi makes you uncomfortable feel free to go read something else.


Fleetway stared at Mephiles. The grey and blue hedgehog was in a deep sleep. Fleetway enjoyed watching his chest rise and fall in a smooth rhythm. He couldn't describe how happy it made him to watch his boyfriend sleep. Mephiles didn't snore or make much noise in his sleep at all.

Fleetway was amazed by that. He had been told that everyone snored, but not his boyfriend. Maybe out had to do with the fact that Mephiles lacked a mouth.

Fleetway moved a stray strand from his quills out of his face. He carefully crawled out of bed. He stared at Mephiles as he made his way to the bathroom.

Mephiles was such a light sleeper. Fleetway didn't want to risk waking him up and ruining whatever dream he was having. Fleetway hating ruining Mephiles' peaceful slumber.

Once in the bathroom, Fleetway closed the door. He took a sigh of relief as his boyfriend hadn't woken up. Fleetway found himself brushing his teeth as he sat on the toilet. In one hand, he held a random bottle reading the ingredients in it.

The door clicked open and Fleetway looked up to see Mephiles standing in the doorway half awake. It was a rare sight, but Fleetway enjoyed it all the more.

Mephiles didn't have a scarf covering his mouth less muzzle. He wore one of Fleetway's old button up shirts from when he played basketball. His hair was messy and flowing every which way. Fleetway loved this look.

The half awake Mephiles turned the faucet and threw water into his face. He then turned to look at Fleetway, who smiled happily.

"Why do you pee sitting in the morning?" Mephiles tilted his head.

Fleetway laughed at the blunt statement. "I'm just more comfortable sitting to pee in the morning. Plus it makes it easier to poop in the morning."

Mephiles rolled his eyes as he grabbed his tooth brush. "Just don't be late for work," he laughed, "Your boss will lose her head if your late to work again cause you were pooping."

"Don't worry honey, I won't be," Fleetway smiled as he put the bottle he was reading down.

Little Mermaid Sonic Ver Ch10

Little Mermaid Sonic Version
Chapter 10
Amy’s lessons had been going well. She had gained a basic understanding and use of sign language. She was even able to walk now. Though, she still had a slight wobble. Princess Sally seemed to really like her as she came to visit to help with her lessons. Even Sonic had come to visit. Amy still loved him, but she had no will to try to pursue him. He was to marry Sally in less than a week.
The thought caused a sad sigh in the pink hedgehog. She clapped her hands together hard as she stared up at the busy market place. She would be upbeat and happy for this. It was her very first time outside of Rouge’s mansion and she was going to enjoy it.
“Did you see something you liked, Lady Amy?” Tails asked. The young fox stood beside her with a bright smile. He was Sonic’s consort and best friend. He was to be her aid for today, Rouge and Sonic told her. The fox was nice and Amy felt at ease.
“Not yet,” She signed.
Tails nodded. “Well over there is the fabric shop, Madam Rouge has made her way to the jewelry shop. There’s a nice florist a few stalls down. You like flowers, so maybe they’ll have a few kinds that you haven’t seen yet.”
Amy liked the sound of that. She was curious about the plants on land. They were wonderful to her. Her favorite flower so far was the rose. Rouge’s garden was filled with them and there were so many different kinds. Amy loved them. “Please lead the way,” she signed.
Tails held out his hand and she took it. She was getting the hang of this whole manner thing.
Amy smiled as she looked at all the flowers that were at the florist. Tails told her what everyone was and anything special he knew about them. Tails was like a walking book with all the information he knew. It made Amy laugh.
She gripped Tails’ arm tight as she felt the piercing sting on her. She knew that sting. It felt like a predator was staring at her. Waiting to devour her. It made Amy shiver.
“Are you okay, Lady Amy?” Tails asked as he cringed. Amy had a strong grip. If she gripped any tighter, Tails was sure she could break his arm.
Amy looked over her shoulder around at everything. She found the source of the sting quickly.
It was Prince Shadow.
Amy sighed. “Does Shadow normally have a staring problem?” Amy mouthed to the orange fox.
Tails stared at Amy before glancing at the flowers. “I’m so sorry,” he drug out the so for a long note. “He’s just… well, he’s Shadow,” Tails shrugged as he walked Amy around the flowers, out of Shadow’s eyesight. “He believes he has upset you in some way because you were crying before dinner the first night. I believe he wishes to apologize or make it up to you, but he just doesn’t know how. He’s never been good with emotions, not since his big sister died anyway.” Tails shook his head as he picked up a lily and turned it in its pot to examine it. “I’m afraid staring is all he can do for now until he figures out how to make it up to you.”
“Why don’t you give him advice?” Amy signed to the fox.
Tails burst into laughter, causing people to stare at them. “That’s a funny joke!” He put down the pot. “You should tell that to the others, they’ll think it’s a scream.” The on-lookers turned away going back to their normal lives. “But in all seriousness, Shadow wouldn’t take it. Not from me or anyone really. He’s more likely to punch my lights out if I try.”
Amy thought for a moment. It was true. Shadow did seem like that kind of person. “You have my sympathies.”
“As do you,” Tails bowed. “So do you see any flowers that you might want to get? Madam Rouge said you only need to ask.”
Amy looked around. Did she want any of these flowers? Her green eyes lit up when she spotted something familiar. It wasn’t a flower, however. Amy raced towards it without a second thought. The port was full of people, but Amy kept her eyes locked onto it. The boat was smaller than most in the port. Tails gave chase after her, calling for her to come back, but Amy wasn’t about to stop to explain to Tails. Amy leapt and wrapped her arms tightly around the large red male, who was in the middle of selling off some treasure he brought back up from a sunken ship.
“EEK!” He yelped as he nearly fell over. He stared at the pink girl that stared up at him with large green eyes. “Amy?” She nodded with the biggest grin ever. “Amy!” He returned a smile as he picked her up and spun her around. “Where have you been? I’ve been worried! And look at you, you’re dressed so pretty.”
Amy nodded. “A lot has happened,” she mouthed. She shut her mouth as she put her hand to her throat.
“You lost your voice?” Knuckles frowned.
“A trade,” She waved her hands over the legs.
Knuckles nodded. “I gotcha.” He put her down on the table. Amy sat proper and smiled at him. “Would you mind waiting until I sell all of my stuff before we catch up?”
“Not at all,” Amy smiled.
“Amy!” Tails heaved heavy breaths as he caught up. “Do you know this guy?”
Amy nodded euphuistically. “This is Knuckles! He’s my friend.” She signed and mouthed at the same time. She was bouncing up and down with joy.
“Yo!” Knuckles waved as he finished up his sale with the man in front of him. “It’s been a while Tails.”
“I can’t believe you know Lady Amy.” Tails stated confused.
Knuckles merely shrugged. “I found some cool stuff you can use for those little inventions of yours. Do you want to see them?”
“Sure,” Tails nodded as he sighed, “But how do you two know each other?”
Amy and Knuckles exchanged looks. “Old friends,” Knuckles said as Amy signed.
Tails nodded, accepting it as fact. Knuckles brought Tails a large box and dropped it on the table, causing it to wobble a bit. Tails had to stand on his tiptoes to look inside of it. While Tails was occupied with that, Amy told Knuckles everything. The trade she made, her life at Rouge’s, and how she found out Sonic was to marry another woman.
“So are you just going to stay with that rich lady for now?” Knuckles asked with concerned. He had been greatly worried about the little mermaid, but since he hadn’t seen her, he didn’t know what he could or should do. He was upset that she traded her voice for a chance to find love, but Knuckles wasn’t a man who cared much for love or girly things. He just didn’t understand it. But at least now he knew where she was and that she was safe.
“Amy, Tails, what are you two doing over here?” Rouge asked as she approached them. She held an umbrella to block out the sun. She wore an elegant dress that showed off her natural figure.
“Oh, hello Madam Rouge,” Tails bowed. “Um… This is Knuckles. He’s apparently an old friend of Amy’s.” Tails was nervous. He didn’t want to get into any trouble with Rouge.
Rouge nodded. “And you’re getting more things for those inventions you’re always making?”
Tails nodded.
Rouge smiled. “Well, continue on then.” She turned to Amy. “Are you having fun Amy?”
The pink hedgehog nodded happily. Rouge glanced at Tails to make sure he was busy looking into the large box. “Does he know about the fish?” She mouthed.
“Yes,” Amy mouthed back, “He knows I used to be a mermaid.”
“That’s how we meet,” Knuckles mouthed as he eyed the bat up and down. “Well at least I don’t have to worry about you,” he looked at Amy, “With a pretty lady like her taking care of you, no wonder you’re dressed so nice.”
Rouge blushed at that. She was often called pretty, but something about the way the red echidna said it made her face turn red.
“So how do you know Knuckles?” She changed her focused from the muscly man to the pink hedgehog.
Amy had a big smile on her face. “He’s a sailor,” she mouthed, “We met exploring a sunken ship.”
Rouge nodded with a smile.
“That reminds me,” Knuckles turned and went into his ship. He rummaged around through some things. He came back with necklace laced with emeralds. “This thing didn’t sell. Do you want it?” he held it out to the pink hedgehog.
Amy smiled at the necklace. It was how they met after all. She held it delicately. “Are you sure?” she mouthed.
“Well you did find it first,” Knuckles shrugged. “I couldn’t sell it. So I don’t see why you can’t have it. Or has the pretty lady here provided you with prettier rocks?”
Amy laughed, but no sound came. “I’ll keep it.” She tried to put the necklace on, but frowned as she couldn’t. She always had trouble dressing herself. It was like her hands were dumb. She looked at Rouge with pleading eyes.
Rouge smiled as she helped the young hedgehog. “She actually doesn’t wear much jewelry. It just doesn’t interest her like it does stereotypical women,” Rouge informed Knuckles. “What she really loves is the garden. I know, Amy, why don’t you offer to show your old dear friend the garden sometime?”
“Oh can I?” Amy clapped her hands together.
Rouge nodded, “I see no harm in it. He can even have lunch with us if he likes.”
Amy beamed ear to ear, “Please Knuckles can you?”
“I don’t know. I’ve got work,” Knuckles tried to make an excuse.
“Please,” Amy grabbed onto his arm and gave him her best puppy dog eyes.
Knuckles sighed. He couldn’t say no to that face. “I guess I can. When would be a good time for me to come by?”
“Tomorrow?” Amy signed to Rouge. The bat smiled as she nodded. Amy giggled as she turned back to Knuckles. “Tomorrow! We live in that big building over there!” Amy pointed to the far off mansion in a distant. It was far enough that no one could bother it but not too far that it would take more than two hours by carriage to get here.
Knuckles was jolted back into the real world as Amy shoved a pinky into his face. He hooked his pinky around hers. “I pinky promise,” he patted her on the head and rustled her quills.  Amy giggled, though Knuckles felt bad that no sound came out. Though she seemed to be very happy. Which to him meant that she was unaware that Prince Sonic was to be married in less than a week.
Krissie: This is a lot longer than I wanted it to be. But Shadow has a staring problem. Tails is adorable and now we have Knuckles! I may or may not try to write in a KnuxXRouge scene later.

Amelia & the Dragon Ch1

KRISSIE: I feel like re-writing an old story idea I had a few years ago.


Amelia stood in front of the old rickety house. It wasn't made of stone like the church she had grown up in. It was made of old dull wood. It looked rough all the way around the house, but Amelia saw potential in it.

In this house was her independence. She would no longer be made to follow all those crazy rules in the church. She smile as she pulled out the keys. They were old, dusty things. But amazingly, there wasn't a single piece of rust on the keys. There were some splatters of paint on them. But that was about it.

She took in a heavy breath as she turned the key. The deadbolt gave a low clack sound. The top bolt was a higher pitch, but still a low sound.

Amelia half expected the door to squeak as she opened it. To her surprise it didn't. She picked up the large travel suitcase off the porch and brought it into the house.

"This is my new home," Amelia stated to herself. It was all so surreal to her still. She placed her bag in her new bedroom. It had already been made and by the looks of it. It has been made just for her.

the comforter was pastel colors and the design was that of flowers. It was a big blanket for a little girl, but Amelia smiled at it.

The old maintenance worker had left this house to her. He was a kind old man with silver hair. It was sad when he died. But everyone was surprised when he left everything to Amelia, a little orphan girl who lived at the church. Even Amelia, herself, was confused. But she packed up her things and accepted. This old house, all its possessions, and an old work truck where now hers.



Monday, August 22, 2016

Beach Day Ch1

Time to write a beach story.


SHE brushed her hair out of her face. She was super excited for today. It was the first night she was going to be free in months!

She bit her lip as she stared at her face. She stared into her makeup drawer. Did she need any makeup? Would she look better or worse if she put some on? She was already dressed in her swimsuit.

"I'm going swimming," she thought to herself, "I don't need makeup for swimming." She closed the drawer as she tweaked with her hair some more. Her hair had gotten longer over the years and she had yet to cut it.

'Couldn't find the time,' was her common excuse when anyone asked. Though they only asked when she was complaining about its length.

She stood up and turned around in front of the mirror. Her swimsuit was a one piece. The top cut into a V. Strings of sea shells dangled from the the breast line all the way around. Since the section swimsuit that covered the stomach was transparent, most would thing it was a two piece.

Amy beamed at herself. She looked good and she liked that.


THE BEACH was as lively as it had ever. Several of Amy Rose's friends were there. Antoine and Bunny were walking along the beach, holding hands. It was beautiful. Hershey was laid back, tanning. Her husband, Geoffrey St. John, was asleep in a beach chair beside her. A book was covering his face. Sonic was standing by a grill, cooking food. Knuckles was helping him. Sally was building sand castles with Niccole, Blaze, Cream and Cheese. Amy saw Rouge, Tails, Mina, and several others swimming in the ocean.

Amy walked up to the sand castle group.

"Hey, what's up?" Amy waved as she walked up.

"Wow Amy!" Cream clapped her hands together. "You look like a model!"

Amy blushed.

"She's right. You really do." Sally beamed. "Where did you find a swimsuit like that?"

Amy rubbed her neck. "A family friend made it for me." Amy blushed at the thought of her mom's best friend, who also happened to be a fashion designer. But Amy was going to leave that part out.

"So what's been up with you?" Rouge flew up to them. "You've been in Merica so long, it feels like you forgot all about us."

Amy gave a nervous laugh. "I didn't forget. It's just been hectic. What with the new baby and little Jon going through puberty, Rob and Marian have their hands full. So I've been helping with a few minor things here and there."

"Well I hear you've been doing a pretty good job," Sally stated. "You're becoming quite popular."

"Yeah, is it true that someone sent you a whole kart of flowers last month?" Niccole asked with bright eyes.

"I heard that too!" Cream clapped her hands. "Is it true? Who were they from?"

Amy giggled. "It's true, a kart of flowers were sent to me, but they were potted. They were given to me because I mentioned I wanted to make a garden for some of the kindergartens in the country."

"That sounds awfully kind of the donator, but who was it?" Blaze pressed.

Amy sighed. "He told me he didn't want anyone knowing they came from him."

"We'll keep it a secret," Rouge smiled as she sat down.

Amy rolled her eyes. "I doubt that."

"Just tell us!" Cream begged, "I really wanna know!"

"Shadow sent them. Though I still don't know how he got so many," Amy added in thought, "But he's always had a soft spot for children."

"That's not all he has a soft spot for," Rouge muttered. "But that does explain why he was shipping so many boxes from my club last month."

"Yeah. I knew it was him the moment I read your address. It actually didn't take long for me to get him to confess to it. But he doesn't want others knowing, so," Amy held a finger over her mouth. The other girls mimicked.

With that they went on building sand castles and playing. Amy swam a far way out to sea and dove under. The fish she could see were beautiful. Amy loved the ocean for this fact. She could swim for hours. At least she would if she could breath under water.

Amy panicked as something almost fell on top of her. It was blurry, but it was obviously a person. She gasped at the surface and crossed her arms as Sonic the Hedgehog scattered to the surface.

"Somebody save me!" He cried.

"You have to learn to swim eventually Faker," Shadow called from the shore.

"Did you throw him in?" Amy turned to the ebony male with a stern look.

Shadow nodded.


To Be Continued.... 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Little Mermaid Sonic Version Ch9

Little Mermaid Sonic Version
Chapter 9
The dining room was huge. Chandeliers sparkled as the lights reflected off of them. It caused the room to be extremely bright for the late evening. Amy stared out of the window with awe. It was her first time seeing the sun set on land. It was red, purple, and orange, and it was beautiful.
Sonic, Shadow, Tails, and Sally were already seated as Rouge brought Amy in a wheelchair. They had decided to stay for dinner. And while it was hard for Amy to look at the man she loved, she would endure it. Rouge had helped wash away her tears so the others wouldn’t notice. Her green eyes were glassy, but she kept staring at the whole room. The land was a beautiful place and broken hearted or not, she wanted to enjoy the new world she was in.
“Now, I haven’t taught Amy proper table manners yet,” Rouge stated, “So please do not ridicule her if she doesn’t do things properly.”
“Yes ma’am,” Tails nodded. Shadow hmphed, crossing his arms. Sonic gave a thumbs up, and Sally merely smiled.
Amy barely glanced at them as she stared at everything else that could be stared at. The chandeliers, the candles, their holders, the curtains, the table, the cloth that laid upon it, the windows and the little latches on them. Everything in this room was amazing. She liked every inch of it.
Some servants came in. They pushed long carts covered in silvered covered plates. They laid out plates and silverware before them. Everyone was making small talk, Amy tuned them out into a small buzz. She stared at the objects before her. She picked up a small silver object. It was placed next to the spoon. She rubbed her fingers over it. It had four prongs on it. It resembled a triton to her, but it wasn’t one.
Something with prongs. She remembered Knuckles telling her about one once when they were talking. “A comb!” she mouthed. This surely must have been a comb. Knuckles said people used it to tidy their hair by running it through it. “I wonder if it works,” Amy thought as she began brushing her hair with the item. Knuckles had told her of a legend that if you give your hair 100 strokes, it would become silky smooth. She was curious if it was true.
Tails coughed to get her attention. When that didn’t work, he sat beside her and tapped her shoulder. Amy looked up at him and tilted her head.
“Yes?” she mouthed.
Tails gave her an awkward smile. “That’s not a comb,” he whispered to her.
“It’s not?” Amy mouthed.
Tails shook his head. “It’s a fork,”
“What’s a fork?” Amy stared down at the item in her hand that she had been dragging through her hair moments before.
Tails carefully took the fork away from her and handed it off to a maid, who promptly brought them another one without a word. “You use forks, spoons, and knives to eat,” he pointed to each object that was laid in front of her. “Just try to mimic my movements, okay?” he picked up the fork and knife in front of himself. The first course was a salad.
Sonic seemed to not care much for it as he begrudgingly at the leafy dribble as he called it.
Tails rolled his eyes at his best friend before going to work cutting the tomatoes in his bowl up. Amy attempted to mimic him, but she couldn’t get her fork to go through the red ball. She glared at it as she attempted to stab it roughly.
“Amy?” Rouge looked at her concerned.
Tails sighed as he leaned over. He placed his hands on Amy’s and helped her cut through the tomato. “No need to be so rough with it,” his voice was soft and his breath was warm on her neck.
Amy wasn’t sure why, but it reminded her of her father when he was teaching her how to hunt for the first time. He released her hands once the tomato was cut.
“Now try that one by yourself,” Tails stated as he sat down beside her.
Amy nodded as she carefully got the fork through the tomato and cut it to slices like Tails had. She looked up at Tails for approval. Tails nodded with a smile.
“Thank you,” Rouge mouthed to the fox.
Tails merely bowed his head as he picked up his silverware. Amy did her best to mimic how Tails ate for the rest of the dinner.
Sonic didn’t pay any mind to any of it as he was too busy stuffing all the food into his mouth. Sally talked with Rouge, carrying on a long and peaceful conversation. Shadow ate his food silently, but his eyes barely left Amy. The others might not have seen it and Rouge was probably trying to hide it, but Shadow could tell. Shadow knew. Amy had been crying earlier. A lot too. He felt guilt build up in the pit of his stomach.
Had he upset her with what he had said to Rouge? Was she really such a sensitive girl? If she was then why had she been naked, singing in a cave the first time they meet?  Could Rouge have done something to hurt her? So many questions were swirling through his head. And without a voice of her own, she couldn’t answer any of them for him. He either had to wait for her voice to return, for her to learn sign language, or learn to read lips himself.
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Little Mermaid Sonic Version Ch8

Little Mermaid Sonic Version
Chapter 8
Previous Chapter
As they were walking down the hall, Rouge beamed down at Amy. “Now why don’t we get you cleaned up?”
Amy nodded.
“It’s not like you to be so kind.” Shadow’s voice caught Rouge by surprise.
“Shadow, what did I tell you about sneaking up on me like that?” Rouge glared at the black and red hedgehog.
“It still doesn’t explain it,” Shadow stated with an emotionless face. “You’re not normally so kind. What are you getting out of her for taking care of her?”
“What makes you think I’m getting something out of this?” Rouge shot back.
“Jewels are your preferred items, but you’ll take anything valuable.” Shadow accused.
Rouge smiled, “You know me so well, but this is one time when I’m not getting jewels out of it.”
Hmph. I’m not sure if I believe that.” Shadow grunted.
“Believe what you will.” Rouge stated as she pushed opened some large doors. Shadow followed Rouge and Amy into the large dressing room.
“I fully intend to.” Shadow replied.
“Do you fully intend to watch Amy change dresses?” Rouge glared at him. “I had no idea you were such a pervert.”
Shadow’s face turned red. “I have no intentions,” he stormed out with that.
“Why can’t he stay?” Amy mouthed.
Rouge burst out laughing. “Amy it is improper for someone to see someone of the opposite sex naked unless they are married.”
“Really? There is no such rule in the sea.” Amy mouthed. “But then again, most of us don’t wear clothes in the sea.”
“Yes,” Rouge nodded with a smile. “Do you have any other questions?”
“What is a wedding?”
Rouge gulped. “A wedding is when a man and a woman, who really love each other, come together with family and friends and say vows to the lord that they will always be together as husband and wife. Do you have a thing in your culture where two people get together and stay a couple until one dies?”
“Yes,” Amy nodded, “We only ever fall in love once. Very rarely will we fall in love a second time.”
“I see.” Rouge nodded as she hugged Amy. “On land, we can love as many times as we wish. But once we perform a wedding that is when we vow to stay with that one person and love them the most for the rest of their lives. Do you understand that?”
Amy nodded. The concept was simple enough.
“Do you understand that Sonic is going to marry Sally? That woman you just met?” Rouge didn’t want to break Amy’s heart. But she didn’t want Amy to walk around confused.
Amy felt a chocking sensation in her throat. She had feeling when the word wedding was first said, but she didn’t want to think too much about it then. She felt water on her face and tasted salt in her mouth. The taste reminded her home. She touched her hands to her face and collected some of the water in her palm. She had never experience tears before. She rubbed her hands together out of habit as Rouge dressed her.
“A pearl!” Rouge gasped.
Amy glanced up at the bat who was staring at her lap. Amy looked down and sure enough, there were pearls collecting at her feet. She had been making them out of her tears and by rolling the water around her hands. “This is not a normal thing?”
“No. No human can do such a feet.”
“Then some of my mermaid blood is still in me.” Amy sighed as she collected the beads. “What should I do these?”
“Well, pearls here are a precious thing. We normally make jewelry with them,” Rouge stated as she picked up one of the pearls. It was nearly perfect. They were all varying colors. Pink, white, purple, some were even dark.
Amy nodded. She remembered hearing of jewelry from Knuckles before. “Please make it into jewelry then.”
“If that’s what you want,” Rouge nodded. She didn’t want to upset the young girl anymore then she already had.
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Monday, August 8, 2016

national cat day

So today is national cat day. That's really cool. I had no clue it was a thing until today. Apparently it's been a thing since 2006 or 2008. I forgot what they said in class today. But it has made me want a cat even more today than I normally do.

I've always wanted one. But I can't because I don't have a job to financially take care of one or a home I could keep one at.

I've always wanted a pure black cat. They've always been so sweet to me and they tend to bring good luck to me when they're around.

my boyfriend, however, wants a pure white cat. He wants his cat to purposely be a jerk to him. And that's normally white cats.

we both really love cats, which is probably a big part of our bond at this point. We've even given our future pet cats names. Though we change the black cat's name often, our white cat has been given the name Noir. Though they're all imaginary pets right now.

we also discussed the possibility of just getting one cat. Since when we walk through pet stores that have cats for adoption, we both instantly fall in love with the black and white cats. I'm not sure why, but we both just feel a pool towards those balls of fluff. So recently we've begun discussing getting just a black and white cat and naming it Tugs or Tuggy.

I just really want to own a pet cat. But I can't yet and neither can my boyfriend right now. I'm going that when I graduate I'll be able to get a job and get my own place and then I'll be able to have a cat.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Midnight Cuddles

KRISSIE: I felt like writing a romance scene today and this is what happened. I regret nothing.
Caiside wasn't sure why he woke up alone, but he did. He also knew that this wasn't his bedroom. He combed his wavy black hair out of his face. He found a pair of all too familiar glasses on the table.
"Donald," he gasped. "Where'd he go?"
The big bright red lights of the clock told him that it was only 3:37 am. Am. What was Donald doing not sleeping this early in the morning?
Caiside crawled out of the bed and gulped at the lack of clothes covering him. "What did I do last night?" He mumbled. His memory was still blurry and he didn't feel like making them clear right now. He threw on a robe he found in the closet. He had to figure out where Donald went.
He took the lightest steps he could manage as he entered the hallway. Donald wasn't anywhere in the bedroom. He stopped as he saw a light on in the study.
'If Bethel sees me like this, she's going to kill me.' He thought to himself.
He turned to walk the other way.
"You're awake?" The voice caused Donald to jump. He turned to find Donald standing in the hallway. "Are you feeling okay? You drank a lot last night."
"I... I'm fine." Caiside replied. "Why was I in your room?"
Donald chuckled, "You were drunk and wanted to cuddle."
"Naked?" Caiside questioned.
"I'm not going to lie, I enjoyed that aspect of our the most." Donald stated. "Do you want some tea?" He offered him the cup.
Caiside took the cup and sipped it. "Let's get back to bed." He mumbled as he walked down the hall.
Donald smiled as he walked with Caiside back to his room. The moment he closed the door, Caiside had a question.
"Did we have sex?" Caiside asked. It wouldn't be any fun to not remember his first time with Donald.
"No just cuddles and kisses." Donald assured him.
"Can we..."
"You stick to cuddles and kisses for now." Donald lead him to the bed.
"Okay," Caiside pretended to pouted as he cuddled up next to Donald. His fingers soon found their way between the gaps left in his shirt.
Donald chuckled, "That tickles you know."
Caiside just gave him an impish grin before pecking a kiss on his nose. Donald kissed him on the head as hugged him closer to his body. The two soon drifted off to sleep.

Shadow visits the past

Shadow knew he probably shouldn't have been here. But he found himself in the past, he wasn't in too big of a hurry to get back to his time. He wore a cloak to hide his features. He made tracks to a place he knew where there was literally no people.

Little Big Planet.

The lake was beautiful as was the rest of the scenery. The planet had yet to appear, so Shadow was left playing the waiting game. He had to admit, he was curious about LBP looked like.

When the planet did appear, Shadow couldn't help but mumble, "So this is the place where she met Faker?"

He walked like he owned the planet. There were plenty of wildlife. He was glad no one lived nearby such a beautiful area. The people would have polluted it. He stopped when he heard a thump, it sounded like something had landed harshly. He looked up to see Metal flying through the air. He looked slightly damaged.

His eyes widened. "Rose!"

In less than a second, he stood over Amy Rose's collapsed form. She groaned as he picked her up to check for wounds. She wore a green shirt with a white collar. Her hair was styled diffidently, it was similar to Sonic's. But the red hair band hadn't changed. The yellow tutu was childlike and Shadow thought it matched her perfectly. Her purple shoes had long laces.

He propped her up against a tree. She had a few scrapes and bruises, but she would live. He began tying her shoes. Rose was clumsy, he was sure she was even more so as a child.

"Who are you?" She muttered as she leaned forward. Her emerald eyes were barely open but Shadow could see that they were the same emerald eyes.

"You fell. I'm merely trying your shoes so you won't fall again," Shadow stated.

She gave him a lopsided grin. "My laces aren't why I fell. I got scooped up by since robot. He dropped me after I hit it a few times."

"With your piko hammer?" Shadow asked to indulge her.

She widened her eyes. "How did you know about my hammer?!" She shuffled away from him.

"Is it a secret here?" He mused. Rose was always using her hammer on anything and anyone.

"Here? I've never been here. And I would've remember someone like you. Are you from the future?" Amy moved to stare under the hood of the cloak. Shadow jumped back some. "Your eyes are as red as a rubies!" She clapped her hands excitedly.

Shadow growled some. "Sshh... I don't want anyone to know I'm here."

"Because you're from the future?" Amy asked.

Shadow sighed. She already knew, there was no use denying it. "Yes, because I'm from the future."

Amy nodded. "Are you here to get the time stones so you can go back to your time?"

"Time stones?" Shadow repeated. "I've never heard of those."

"You haven't?" Amy tilted her head. "Then why are you here?"

"Rose talks so fondly of this place, I wanted to know what it was about this place that made her talk so about it." Shadow mumbled.

"Rose?" Amy tilted her head, "Your friend's name is my last name!"

Shadow patted her on the head. "You're an innocent soul Rose. Don't let that change."

"Oh. I'm Rose." Amy nodded getting it now. "Are we not close friends?"

Shadow started at her for a long moment. "What makes you say that?"

"You call me by my last name," she pouted.


"Why aren't we close friends?" Amy demanded to know. "I want all of my friends to be close. So why aren't we close?"

"It's not that we're not close friends my time. It's just that I'm...." Shadow paused a moment, "I'm... Shy" he hated using that word. It made him sound weak, but it was the only word he could think of that she would understand. "I haven't had the best experience with making and keeping friends."

"You're afraid of getting hurt so you don't like to get to close?" Amy asked. Shadow nodded. Amy bit her lip in thought. "I know where the time stones are, you can use them to get back to your time. And when you get back, if you can me Amy, I'll give you a big warm hug! Ok?"

"But what if you don't remember bm meeting me?" Shadow mused. There was no way Amy would remember a promise from when she was a child.

"I'll remember for sure!" She stood tall and proud.

Shadow nodded. Then a smirk spread across his face. "Very well then. Can you make another promise to me?" Amy nodded happily. Her bangs falling into her face. Shadow was about to do something evil and he knew it, but Amy wouldn't remember anyway so it wouldn't do any harm. "If, by any chance, someone should ask you out on a date and you are not in a relationship were you and your partner aren't kissing, you have to accept that date. Do you understand?"

Amy smirked. "This reminds of a story my daddy told me. But sure. So when you get the guts to ask, I'll agree."

"What does that mean?" Shadow growled.

"You looked like some love sick boy when you said Rose earlier. I thought you were talking about someone else. " Amy shrugged. "But I am sorry if I break your heart."

Shadow glared at the young pink hedgehog. She had read him far too easily.

"I'm sorry if I ever break your heart," she bowed, "Now the time stones are this a-way. Follow me!" Amy walked off into the forest. Shadow followed behind her.

SHADOW WAS glad to be back in his proper time. Watching Amy constantly get kidnapped by Eggman was concerning, especially since he couldn't interfere.

He, however, wasn't planning on crash landing into Tails' living room. The table broke when he landed on it. Tails and Sonic freaked out and Shadow sat in silence as he tried to make sure he was in the right time.

"Dude! You've been gone for 2 months!" Sonic exclaimed, "Where have you been?"

Shadow shrugged. "Places."

Sonic frowned at that, but didn't push. He knew better then to try. "Well you sure did a number on the table."

That was true. The table was in fragments. Several splinters of which were embedded into Shadow's back. Tails wasted no time dialing their local nurse.

Amy Rose was there in minutes. She held a first aid kit in her hands. Shadow tried to just leave, but she would hear none of it. Shadow wound up laying down on the ironing board as she plucked the splinters out one by one. She tried to make small talk, but it was to no avail.

"So how have you been then?" Amy asked.

"I've been fine. The chaos control didn't go so well, so I wound up landing on the table." Shadow stated.

Amy nodded. "Anything new happen why you were away?"

"Not really, Amy." Shadow muttered. He promised the 7 year old her that he would call her by her first name at least once he got back to his time.

Amy froze as Shadow felt the awkward silence. He looked up at her to just see her standing there. Smiling like she had been dosed with joker gas. Shadow sat up, prepared to run.

"Rose? Are you okay?" Shadow tapped his fingers on the board.

She pounced a moment later. Shadow couldn't breath as he was engulfed by her hug.

"What's going on?" Sonic asked as he walked passed the doorway. "Should I just leave you two alone?"

"Help me!" Shadow rasped. "I can't breathe!"

Sonic sighed. He had been on the receiving end of Amy's famous death hugs. He knew the pain. He grabbed Amy's arm and pried her off.

"Let Shads breathe, Ames," Sonic ordered.

"Sorry! Sorry!" She said with a dopey grin. "I was just so happy when you caked called me Amy. I just wanted to hug so much."

"You finally called her Amy?" Sonic turned to Shadow, surprise and amusement on his face.

Shadow still trying to gain air into his body. "Yeah. But I think I'll stick to Rose. It doesn't leave me being suffocated."

"Aw..." Amy pouted some. "I really am sorry. I didn't mean to hug you so tight."

"Well either way, I just won a bet," Sonic laughed. He walked out into the hallway. "Tails, you owe me 100 bucks! He just called her Amy."

"Seriously?" Tails' voice echoed from where ever he was in the house. "I thought I would win for sure."

"They had a bet?" Shadow shook his head. He wasn't even going to try to figure them out. He turned to find Amy staring at him with a big crazy grin. It wasn't as bad as the joker grin, but it made him uncomfortable none the less.

"What?" Shadow scooted away from her. He wasn't about to be pounced this time.

Amy pouted. "You're not going to let me hug you again are you?"

"Not for a while," Shadow crossed his arms.

"Can I at least trying finish taking the splinters out of your back?" She gave her best puppy dog eyes.

"Yes," Shadow sat on the board again. "But I'm sitting up in case you try to hug me to death again."

Amy giggled as she began pulling the splinters out again. There were only a handful left. "So..." She began to make small talk again, "Did you like Little Big Planet?"

Shadow stiffened. "What makes you think I went to Little Big Planet?"

"Because that's were I promised I would hug you if you called me Amy." She stated. Shadow could hear the happiness in her voice.

"You still remember that?" Shadow asked. "You were like a tiny child."

"I do my best to remember all of my promises." Amy stated proudly.

"But I was wearing a hood!"

"I took a few peaks under it. Plus your voice is very distinctive."

Shadow grumbled. "Don't tell the others I was in the past."

"Of course not," Amy waved it off. "So what did you think of it?"

"It's a nice place. I see why you like it so much." Shadow shrugged.

Amy nodded. "So do youth you have any questions?"

"Not really. It was just a nice place to explore." Shadow replied.

Amy pouted some. "Okay. Well feel free to ask me any questions you may have." She pulled the last one out. "And you're all good! I've got movie night with the girls. So I'll catch you later."

Amy left quickly.

Shadow stretched on the porch before he made his run home. Then it hit him. She remembered everything. Shadow smacked himself in the face. "She wasn't asking about the planet..." He groaned. He took a deep breath as he ran. "Maybe if I don't bring it up ever again, she'll forget all about it."


Monday, August 1, 2016

Cake and Tarot Cards

She smiled like an angel. Her emerald eyes shone brighter than any emerald he had ever possessed. She was a delight to be around. One of the few people he cared so deeply for. Though he would never admit it.

While sitting at the table in the backyard, he looked up at the polka-dotted umbrella that shaded the table. A thought crossed his mind.

"How did she meet faker?" It was a thought that he hadn't voiced aloud, but a response soon came to him.

"Why don't you ask?"

Shadow's sharp eyes darted to Rouge the Bat. She had been flying around when she spotted her co-worker and decided to fly down and say hi.

"It's none of my business." Shadow was curt with his excuse. It was just a moment of curiosity. He should bit it down before he wound up like that cat.

Rouge chuckled. "Very well," she sat in the chair beside him, "Then I'll hang around until you do."

Shadow scoffed.

"Oh hi Rouge!" Amy was surprised to see the white bat. "What brings you by?"

"I just stopped by to say hi." Rouge grinned.

"Would you like some tea and cake then? If you don't like tea, I have lemonade and some soda in the fridge." Amy offered. The two didn't always get along, but Amy was in too good a mood to fight with the bat.

"if the soda's in a can, bring me one of those," Rouge winked at the girl.

Amy disappeared into the house.

Rouge turned to the ebony hedgehog, "Why don't you help her with that heavy tray?"

"Rose is perfectly capable of carrying it herself." Shadow rebutted.

Rouge rolled her eyes.

Amy reappeared quickly with a smile ave served up tea for Shadow, soda for Rouge, and Lemonade for herself. She gave everyone a good size piece of strawberry shortcake.

Shadow ate in quiet. Enjoying the silence.

"So Amy, I'm curious," Rouge began, "How did you meet Sonic?"

Amy blinked for a moment. She smiled, a small blush forming on her cheeks at the mention of the man she loved.

Shadow hated that the very mention of faker could create such a reaction in her. Faker didn't deserve it. Not with how many times he had made Rose cry.

"It was so long ago," Amy began, "I doubt you," she glanced up at Shadow, "Two would want to hear it."

"Oh, but I do!" Sang Rouge.

Amy looked at Shadow nervously. She knew the two men weren't the best of men, so she did her best not to mention Sonic around him.

"Please, just indulge her." Shadow stated. "The sooner you do, the sooner she'll leave you in peace."

"You sound like you're talking from experience," Rouge pretended to sound hurt.

"I am," was his blunt reply.

Amy giggled. "Very well. It was several years ago. I was 8. Sonic was 11. I had done a tarot card reading and it told me I would meet my true love on Little Big Planet. So I went there and I met Sonic! It was wonderful! Well, at least until Metal and Eggman showed up." Amy frowned at their names. She was soon beaming, "But Sonikku saved me. I've done my best to be with him ever since."

Shadow sat expressionless. There were so many things wrong with that.

Rouge pondered a moment. "So you read some cards and just trusted them? Doesn't that seemed a bit flawed?"

"Of course not." Rouge sighed. "You know most people don't believe in fortune telling. Most just see it as amusing. And yet, here you are putting all your faith in it?"

Amy glared at the bat. "Of course. Tarot cards are hardly ever wrong."

Rouge nodded, trying not to laugh at the naive girl. "And why do you think Sonic is your true love? What if he wasn't the one the cards were directing you to. What if you're supposed to meet a different guy there and you just made a mistake chasing the wrong guy?"

Amy sat back stun. She had never thought that she was supposed to meet someone else there. Doubt now crept into her and she hated it. She didn't like doubt. She bolted from her seat and disappeared into the house.

"Rouge," Shadow growled, "Did you have to say it like that?"

"You were thinking harsher things," she spat back.

"Yeah, but I kept them to myself." Shadow pointed out.

Amy returned with a deck of cards and incense. Her emerald eyes dulled from doubt shuffled the cards.

"Are we playing poker?" Rouge asked in a half whisper.

"No. I'm going to do a reading." Amy responded as she began placing the cards on the table. Once the pattern was laid out, she flipped them over one by one. A smile appeared on the first few, but a frown soon appeared as she flipped the rest over.

Amy was dead quiet as she stared at the cards. A tear fell down her cheek. She gulped back her sadness as she looked at Rouge. "You're right." She whispered, "I fell in love with the wrong person."

"You got all that from one card reading?" Shadow didn't seem to believe it.

"How could I made such a mistake? I should have done a card reading about the both of us," Amy began to ramble.

"Hey, hey," Rouge grabbed her shoulders, "You were young. You were just so excited. You don't regret meeting Sonic and making all the friends you have now, do you?"

"No." Amy shook her head. "But I do regret some of my behavior. If I hadn't been so over-protective of Sonic, he could have already met someone."

"Amy, you're too sweet some times." Rouge shook her head, "Sonic only loves running right now."

The two girls shared a laugh it was true.

"I just wonder who it was that I was supposed to meet on Little Big Planet." Amy muttered softly as she picked up her cards.