Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My Brain Webcomic

My Brain | LINE Webtoon A comic series about my brain and the random thoughts that pop into it.

So I've started making a web comic. I'm not sure when I'll update it yet. Depends which day I chose to update it on. But I'm working on making more strips. So look forward to it.

Monday, March 20, 2017

ShadAmy Beauty & Beast Scene: courting?

Sonic couldn't help but laugh as he made his way to Shadow's room. He knocked twiced in between giggle fits before entering the room.
Shadow glared at him from his usual seat.
"What is so amusing for you Sonic?" He growled. He wished for once that Sonic wouldn't be so obnoxious.
"I heard an interesting rumour, " Sonic smiled.
"Do I want to know?" Shadow rolled his eyes.
"It's about you," the blue hedgehog sang.
"That I'm awful? A disgrace to the crown? I'm a murderer? What could it be that you're laughing about me now?" Shadow sighed as he got up from the window seat.
"That you're courting someone." Sonic stated matter of factly.
"I'm doing no such thing," Shadow denied.
"What do you call wrapping your arms around a woman and putting flowers in her hair?" Sonic smirked.
Shadow clench his fist. He had done that. Several times already. Now that he thought about it was very much tip toeing the courting line.
"There are also sightings of you going for walks during the day. Outside your usual places, you know,  where people live. And people have seen a young maiden in your arms." Sonic put 'Young maiden' in air quotes.
"Rose has never been in my arms in town." Shadow spoke up to correct the blue hedgehog. "I held her hand to guide her so she wouldn't get lost."
Sonic became silent as he pursed his lips.  Shadow enjoyed the brief silence. "Not in town? So when is she in your arms?" Sonic gave Shadow a disapproving look as he crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair.
"I'm not courting her," Shadow said flatly.
"Hmhmm..." The humming sound made Shadow groaned. He held his head in his hand. "Well, I don't know what it is you're doing,  but I suggest you chill it out for a bit.  Because if mom hears about what you've been up to, she's going to have a nice lecture for you."
Shadow sighed, "I know." He hated admitting defeat. But he hated the idea of Aleena lecturing even more.
Sonic nodded, "Good to hear. Well I'll see you later!" And with that, he got up and left.
Shadow was left alone with his thoughts. What he was doing could be seen as courting Rose, even though that was not his initial intention. Though he had to admit, he didn't mind Rose as much as he did others. Even fact, he was actively seeking her out every day.
Shadow sighed, "I must be a fool to do this."

ShadAmy Beauty & Beast scene: Rose

Her face lite up at th sight of all of the flowers. She really liked flowers. Shadow wasn't prepared to have her stop at every flower and beamed at them. The ones she paused at were the roses though. Shadow was sure she had seen them before. After all, her last name was Rose.
Her green eyes began to water. "Hey there," her lip trembled, "I haven't seen roses since I left my parents home. We used to have roses like you in the garden. Mom was really proud of it. She worked to tend to it with everything she had." Tears began to stream down her cheeks. "Sorry. Sorry," she cried as she figerously wiped the tears from her face. "It's just been so long, I wasn't prepared to see Roses ever again."
Shadow walked up to her and placed a head in her lap.  As a werehog, she didn't notice that he was the same man she seldomly ran into in the palace. She also mistook him for a wolf, which was done by him. It made it easier.
"You know Lance, my parents were funny," Amy whispered as she laid her head against his. "They said when I was born I looked like a Rose. So they named me Rose even though neither of their last names were that. But I'm nothing like a rose. I often wonder why my parents made such a blunder.
Shadow tilted her head.
She wasn't like a rose?
He scoffed at the very notion. She was very much like a rose.
The next day, Amy was working hard in the kitchen. She still had plenty of pastries to make for the party. It was only a few days away. She had made several cakes and cookies. Today her, Bunnie, and Antoine were baking tarts. Since Antoine was head of the royal guard, Amy was surprised to find he was able to help out in the kitchen so often. But when there was no threat to be had out here in the deary castle, Amy could understand. Plus she was sure he just wanted to be with his wife.
A knock interrupted their laughter.
They all looked up to see Shadow standing at the doorway.
"Prince Shadow!" Antoine saluted, "What can we do for you?"
Shadow merely looked over the room and walked up to Amy who was pulling a tray of parts out of the oven. She gasped as she felt his arm wrap around her waist. She could feel as his hand quickly move through her hair. It was as if he was caressing her. Amy felt like her knees were weak as Shadow turned her face to look into his eyes.
"As I expected," he began. Amy felt her breath become hitched in her throat. She knew she was falling for the prince, but the last thing she wanted was for him to realize it. "Roses look nice in her hair." He seemed to smile but he was out of the room before Amy could tell if it was true or if she was dreaming.
Once she heard the sound of the door closing, she placed the tray of tarts on the table.
Antoine and Bunnie were oddly silent. It made the room feel thick and heavy. She just couldn't feel comfortable again now.
She walked back to the table and began focusing on her cooking. She heard Antoine walk out of the room a few minutes later.
"Shadow doesn't normally do things like that," Bunnie finally stated.
Amy looked up at her. Her green eyes sparkling in the light.
"You were thinking he must do things like that often, but he doesn't.  It's actually odd for Shadow to be so... impulsive. Though he is right. Roses look nice in your hair."
Amy couldn't help but laugh. "I doubt it."
Antoine returned holding a mirror. He handed It to Amy.
"Then have a look," Bunnie encouraged.
Amy gasped at the sight of the rose in her hair. It was a hot pink color. Bunnie and Shadow were right. Roses did look good in her hair.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Rain. Rain.  Rain.
There's a lot of rain today.
The sky is grey, but I'm feeling better right now. Maybe the sky is crying for me.
Who knows.
I'm actually thinking of writing a story about Persephone. I'm not sure why rain makes me think of that...

Thursday, March 2, 2017


These blog has really become a diary. Maybe I should turn my life into a book...
But i I have good news! I finally got a response from Dean Dawes. We're setting up a time to meet in person and talk via email. I just sent her my availability. I'm hoping the day she picks won't be one they schedule me to work. But since this is Thursday,  I can always ask for that day off of she does.
It only took 10 days for them to respond though. I sent an email stating I was told to hound them til I got a response and that I planned to email them everyday til I got a response.
It seems my mom's advice paid off.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Gent smiled as he polished the wind chime. It had a wonderful sparkle once it was cleaned up. He paused as he heard the soft foot steps from the other room.
"Do you want breakfast Fi?" He hummed.
She seemed to jump as she turned to see him. Her red hair tumbling off her shoulder. "Um..." She couldn't think of what to say.
Gent smirked in amusement as he stood up. He carried the windchime in his hand. It jingled with each step he took. "What do you think?" He proudly held it up for her to see.
Her brown eyes focused on it with wonder. "It looks really pretty." She finally answered after a long pause.
"It wasn't earlier. It's strings were tangled. Mud  was coated on it. It was even dented in a few spots." Gent explained, "But I worked on it long and hard to fix it."
Fi nodded as she listened.
"I care a lot for this windchime, just as I care for you." He stated. "It may hurt your feelings Fiona, but I see you as a damaged windchime and I want to make you shine and jingle like this windchime right here."
Fiona couldn't help but laugh. "So what? Am I some list kitten for you to save and make better?"
Gent smiled, "Yes. Only I hope you won't need an owner." He placed the windchime in her hands. "So I'll give you this as a token of my good will."
Fiona smiled at it.  "I wish I had a home to hang this in," she mused.
"So about that breakfast?" Gent changed the subject as if he had just started the conversation. "I can make some good hash browns?  Do you like those?"
Fiona shook her head as she followed the retreating man into the kitchen.