Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Story Ideas?

I have many ideas for some stories. Many of which are fanfics. I'm just not sure how to write them yet. So here is a short list of some of them.

* Amy and Glasses - Everyone realizes that the jokes about Amy needing glasses are true. There's just one problem - Amy hates glasses/has a fear of wearing glasses. Can the Sonic gang figure out why she hates them so much?
*Knuckles' Early Retirement - Chaos tells Knuckles that he can retire from guarding the Master Emerald. Knuckles, however, has trouble adjusting to retirement.
*Forgetmenots - This is a story I've wanted to do since 2007 when I first started writing it. I'm re-writing the whole thing. I also plan on having other stories semi-connected to it. I just don't know what to do with it yet. Yes, it is a Sonic Fanfic.
*Sprite in the Eye - The sequel to Spider Princess. The first original story on this list. It deals with Josh and explains the voice in his head. I just don't have enough pieces for it yet.
*Discovering Sight - a boy loses his sight, but makes a new friend he never knew was so close.
*Banshee - a story about a banshee who is afraid of her abilities.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Super Hero Poem

Super Hero
We need a super hero

I need a spider-man to come and save the day
A protector of the night; batman
Where are you?
We need a super man to help us
Put us on the straight and narrow
Captain America
Where’d you go?
Just a man with a shield
Standing tall and proud in my TV screen
Calling out from the pages of a magazine?

Super. Super. Super Hero
We need a super hero

Take us back to the brighter days
Defeat the bad guys
Defend the helpless
Save the innocent

Where’d you go?
Where’d you go?
We need a super hero.
We need a super hero.

I’m afraid.
I really am.
Because while the target isn’t on me
Why does it have to be on my friends?
Just because their skin is different?
Is that what’s this is all about?

Tell me please.

Super. Super. Super Hero.
We need a super hero.

Wolverine’s attitude isn’t present.
Storm clap the thunder and show us your class
Beast Boy and Robin, I know ya’ll are full of sass
So let us hear it.

Who can I trust?
Who can I believe in?
Who can I put my faith in?

Super. Super. Super Hero!
We need a super hero.

A friendly neighborhood spider-man.
A high flying superman.
A crime fighting batman.
A cocky but moral iron man

Please, we need a super
Super. Super hero.
We need a super hero.

I want to go to the days before
Those younger years
When I could trust
And feel happy
Safe to play in the fields

But maybe that was a lie.
Maybe this is the way it’s always been
And I’ve just been wearing rose glasses
Strange the world didn’t seem pink then
Maybe I get older the roses are wilting
Is that what this is?

How long are we going to take this?
How long do we have to live in fear?
How long do we have to be so uncertain?

To worry that if my friend walks down the street
He or she will be unlucky to meet
Some cruel being who’ll take them off their feet
While they scream, “I can’t breathe!”
Will they let go?
Will someone come to their rescues?
Or will people just watch and laugh?
Maybe take a video for the internet?

We need a super hero.
Super. Super. Super Hero.
We really need a super hero.

I don’t care what your theme is
I don’t care what god you pray to
I don’t care how silly your name sounds
I don’t care about your background
I don’t care how many times life knocks you down

I just want a super hero
One that stands strong and true
One that’ll raise their head and shout!
“This isn’t right! This isn’t the way!”
One that’s moral.
One that’s here to help.
Even if you’re just saving cats from trees.

I don’t care if you’re the Flash or Sonic.
I don’t care if you’re a plumber looking for a princess
I don’t care if you’re rescuing Zelda or a Metroid
Just please, please, stop by and

Be our super. Super. Super hero.
We need a super hero.
We’re crying out here.
We’re crying for the loved ones we held dear.

Please this world is hard to bear
I don’t know how it keeps happening
Guess history will keep repeating itself
Maybe the final fantasy isn’t repetitive
But why must we repeat the failures
Why must we relive the pain?

We need a super hero
Super. Super. Super Hero.
We need a super hero.

One who’ll stand tall
Show it to the world
That it’s not right to shot a man 6 times
In some sorry excuse for self defense
That it’s not right to choke a man out
When he’s crying, “I can’t breathe!”

We’re so messed up.
We’re so far gone.
We need help before we nuke ourselves.

We need a super hero.
Super. Super. Super hero.

We need a super hero. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Poem: I want to Hug You

I want to hug you
But I’m too far away
I don’t know your country
I don’t know your state
I don’t know your town
All I know is that you’re down

I want to hug you
And tell you it’s okay
I want to make the doubts go away
If I can’t vanquish your fears
I’m sorry. I’m rather crummy.
I know there’s very little I can say
To help dissolve your doubts
And show you the rainbows
That are all around you

I want to hug you
But I’m too far away
I don’t know your country
I don’t know your state
I don’t know your town
All I know is you’re down

I want to hug you
And tell you it’s okay
You think you’re too childish
That you need to grow up
That your childhood dreams
Aren’t something you can achieve
You’re doubting your skills
And you’re uninspired
And through your computer
You share your feelings
I read your words
And my chest begins to ache

I want to hug you
But I’m too far away
I don’t know your country
I don’t know your state
I don’t know your town
All I know is that you’re down

I want to hug you
And tell you it’s okay
Growing up doesn’t mean leaving your dreams behind
Growing up means reaching for your skies
Achieving your childhood dreams
The child in you will glimmer with pride
We all have times when we doubt ourselves
There’s nothing I can say to remove all those doubts
All I can do to make you feel better
Is hug you

I want to hug you
But I’m too far away
I don’t know your country
I don’t know your state
I don’t know your town
All I know is that you’re down

I want to hug you
And tell you it’s okay

I want to hug you
But I’m too far away
I don’t know your country
I don’t know your state
I don’t know your town
All I know is that you’re down

I want to hug you
And tell you it’s okay
All I know is that you’re down
All I can do to make you feel better

I want to hug you

Monday, December 22, 2014

Letter To My Old Friend

You seem to be under the impression that I am supposed to be beside you. You act as if you own me sometimes and it hurts.
You called me worthless because I didn’t want to come spend time with you. Because I wanted a day to myself? You called me worthless. Saying I broke my word. A promise that you said I made, but I don’t recall selling you my soul. Selling my free time to you.
I feel like I’m in an abusive relationship with you. Friendship shouldn’t feel this way. Friendship shouldn’t be this way. Friendship is supposed to be happy. Friendship is supposed to make me feel bubbly. I know not of romantic love. And the family love I know is hectic. The friendship love I do know, is supposed to be nice.
But this isn’t nice. This feels like abuse. It’s not physical, like you punching and kicking me. But it’s verbal. You say things to me that hurt. You insult me and try to take me down because I don’t want to be around you. I love you, I really do. You’re my friend. But this way that you’re treating me. That isn’t friendship. It’s abuse in friendship’s clothing.
That’s not something I can take. I don’t want to be around you anymore. You’ve snapped on me way too many times. You’ve been cruel to me way too many times. And it’s barely even been a week. I can’t take that! I just can’t. So until you decide to go back to being a sensible you. I can’t be near you. I can’t take your hurtful words. The ones you yell at me and the ones you text me. I can’t take it. You expect me to care about your life and your problems. You want me to sympathize with you. But I can’t. I can’t when you’re being so mean. So cruel with your words.

Yes, you’re right. Words mean something. But a man isn’t just his word. A man is his actions too. And your words and actions. They’re cruel. And I don’t want that in my life. That’s not a good relationship for me. It’s not a good friendship for either of us. So I’m going to walk away. I’m going down the block. I know I’ll probably never hear an apology from you. But I’ll suck it up eventually. And when I’m ready, I’ll forgive you. Because that is the hardest thing for me to do. But I will not put up with your abuse again. 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas on Angel Island Excerpt

Christmas on Angel Island
She stretched her hands above her head. She giggled as the soft snowflakes melted against her arms. It’s been years since she felt wind and grass. But those sensations she remembered. It was snow that she had no recollection of. It was completely alien to her.
She turned to smile at the giant green gem. “How do you think he’ll react?”
Chaos rose up from the water surrounding the shrine. The god shrugged. Are you sure about this?
The mental link still connecting the two. Tikal gave a swift nod.
You don’t even understand what they were talking about though.
Tikal shrugged. “But this Christmas holiday sounds really fun! It sounds so warm and enjoyable. And to think, when Knuckles gets back, I’ll have a Christmas on the whole island for him!”
Chaos rolled his eyes. You don’t even know how to cook. He shook his head as he stared out at the expanse of the giant island.
A fireplace, a Christmas tree, bright lights, ornaments everywhere, mistletoes, and lots of delicious foods meant to share. Tikal was sure she could do that. After all, Sonic and crew took Knuckles with them around this time of year since they’ve known him. Knuckles never stayed long, but Tikal wanted to give him a Christmas when he got back. Surely she could do so.
The orange echidna clasped her hands together. “Let’s get started!”
Oh boy. This won’t go well.
“Don’t be so negative Chaos!” Tikal hopped down the steps as she waved her hands. “I’ve got this!”
Several hours later and Tikal was doubting that she had anything. She had found mistletoe on the island. The plant wasn’t all that common on the island though. She placed the decorative plant along the rim of the top of the altar. She placed similar green plants along the steps. Satisfied with this, she turned her attention to the rest of the things on the list. A fireplace, a Christmas tree, bright lights, ornaments, and food.
Lacking a place to put a fire place, she made a large bon fire close to the shrine. The sky was still bright, so she didn’t bother lighting it. She placed wood inside of it and tried to keep the snow out of it. After she had a good amount of wood in it, she turned to Chaos and beamed a huge smile.
“Looking nice, isn’t it?”
I guess. But I’m not sure if Christmas on the main lands look like this. He shrugged.
“It’ll be okay if we change a few things.” Tikal assured him. She made torches and placed them around the clearing of the shrine. It took her a few hours to make the torches, but she did it.
Once she was done, she sat on the steps for a moment. “What does a Christmas tree and ornaments look like?” She sighed, placing her chin into her hands.
Beats me. Chaos shrugged. Guess we’ll just have to do without it.
“I guess.” Tikal stood up and brushed some dirt off her dress. “Well, I better get dinner ready.”
Chaos flinched. You intend to cook? You don’t know how.
“I do too. It’s just been a while.” Tikal stated.
A couple thousand years.

Tikal sent the god of chao an annoyed glare. “Stop being such a pessimist.” She turned and went into the woods, grabbing a bow and some arrows she had made earlier. 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Knuckles Breaks His Leg Pt. 1

Knuckles Breaks His Leg
Part 1
The red echidna glared at the blue hedgehog. He had come to his island speaking nonsense, and frankly, he didn’t feel like putting up with his antics today. Which is why the red echidna now carried Sonic the Hedgehog over his shoulder in an iron grip. He knocked on the wooden door to Tails’ workshop and waited for the orange fox to open it. The whole time Sonic squirmed and spoke rapid nonsense. Knuckles tuned it out, knocking on the door again.
I just want to return to my island.
Tired blue eyes opened the door. “Knuckles?” His groggy voice asked. “What are you doing here?”
He pointed to the blue boy draped over his shoulder.
Tails nodded. “Hi Sonic.” He pulled the door opened and gestured for them to come in. Knuckles came in and plopped the blue blur onto the couch with a careless thump. He nodded to Tails and began to leave. Or at least, he would have had Sonic not grabbed a hold of his arm.
“Aw come on Knuckles!” Sonic whined. “Can’t you hang out for a little bit?”
“No. I have to protect the Master Emerald.” Knuckles stated firmly.
“Ah! But it’s been snowing for 3 days straight. Why not just take a break and relax for once? We can build a snowman.” Sonic gave him a hopeful smile.
Knuckles looked at the blue hedgehog with a stale face that could rival Shadow’s. He shook his head and proceeded on his way. He didn’t have time to deal with this hedgehog. He had an island and emerald to protect.

Too bad for the echidna, the icy ground at Tails’ house was against him. His leg slid on the ice. He tried to steady himself, but his leg twisted in a way legs shouldn’t twist. Tails jumped at the loud crack that filled Mystic Ruins. Sonic stood frozen for a minute, silent as he stared at the echidna’s crumpled form. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


By: Krissie

Author Note: This is a story concept I came up with a long time ago. I might continue it one day. But I don't know.

Chapter 1:

She stared lazily around the room. Her head resting in the palm of her hand. Her half lidded copper eyes shifting in her sockets, moving from one mundane poster to the next. This certainly was Boredom Town’s dullest high school. Of course, Boredom Town is just what she called it. There was nothing really interesting here. However, often times Boredom Town got too long to say, so she usually abbreviated it as BT. It also didn’t help that Mr. Stream Train, her oh so delightful teacher, just drowned on and on in the same old monotonous voice. It dulled her to sleep like some boring lullaby. She closed her eyes as she allowed herself a few moments of rest as she wished for something interesting to happen in the dumb town.
“Gina! Gina!” An angry male voice screeched.
Gina twitched a little bit. Her head slid out of her hand and her body began to fall out of her chair. Her copper eyes swung open as she let out a gasp. She grabbed onto the edge of her desk and stopped her face from hitting the whitish blue school floor tile. Her face only a few inches from floor. She took a moment to catch her breath and quickly sat back up. She stared up at her teacher and gave a nervous smile. “Uh… Good morning…” She tried to laugh off the trouble she knew she was in. She could hear her class mates chuckling at the sight.
“Gina Rushki!” She cringed at the sound of her last name. “You know better than to sleep in class. Naps are for elementary or for home. I know math may seem boring, but please, try to stay awake.”
“Sorry Mr. Stewart.” She stated like a small child. “I’ll try to do better.”
“I hope so. Can you solve the problem on the board for us?” Mr. Steam Train asked as he readjusted his thick lens glasses.
Gina leaned over to stare at the bored. Her eyes became half lidded. For high school work, it seemed like he was assigning them middle school math. She sighed. “5.” She answered and then picked up her pencil. She clicked the tip for some lead to come out and pretended to be writing down the problem.
“Very good!” He congratulated her and then returned to the front of the class room to lecture some more on the Pythagorean Theorem.
Gina began doodling chibis of manga characters she knew. It helped pass the time in BT. Gina wondered if she would die of boredom in this town.
There was a knock at the door and someone nudged Gina. She glared up at Thomas, the boy who had nudged her in the arm. He was wearing a cocky smirk as usual. “Hey Gina,” He practically sang, “It looks like you’re in more trouble for snoozing in class then we thought. The principal’s here! Have fun!” He waved her off with a smile.
Gina glared at him and shook her head. She wanted to smack the cocky boy. But school wasn’t the place for that. She’d smack him off of school grounds. It was easier that way anyway. She looked up at the class room door. Sure enough, there stood the principal. Mr. McDon stood there in his usual military manner. The skinny Mr. Stewart raced to answer the door. He smiled nervously at his boss as readjusted the glasses on his face.
“Hello Mr. McDon. To what do we owe this pleasure?” He asked curiously.
“Hi.” He greeted courtly. “You have a new student.” He stepped aside and gestured to an unseen person beside her.
“Really? Hello!” He reached out his hand for a hand shake, but wasn’t given one back. He stood there awkwardly for a moment and then decided to put his hand in his pocket. “I’m Mr. Stewart, your math teacher.”
“Do you have anyone who has Literature with Mrs. Basely next?” The principal asked swiftly. Gina smiled. She actually liked this guy. He was short and to the point. It often caught everyone off guard, but she liked it.
“Um… Let me check.” He turned on his heels to face the class. “Who has Literature with Mrs. Basely after this class?”
Gina raised her hand as well as about 3 others.
“Now who has Art with the new art teacher after that?” The principal asked as he stepped into the room. Everyone’s hands went down except for Gina. She looked about the room nervously as the principal pointed to her. “Nice to know. Well, Ms. Rushki, right?” Gina nodded at the correct pronunciation of her name. “I have a special job for you. This student is new. Show her around the school and help her get her bearings. Since you have 3 classes in a row, it shouldn’t be too hard. Will you do that?” Gina nodded swiftly. She didn’t want to get in trouble with this scary man. “Good. Come on in Miss.” He ordered of the new student. She walked in. Her face was paler then a sheet of paper. Her long hair concealed most of her face. Her big icy blue seal eyes were her most prominent feature. She walked in a cowering stance as if she feared everyone. “Take a seat here. This is Gina Rushki. She’ll show you around the school and to rest of your classes for today.” The big man pointed to the seat beside Gina. She nodded and hurriedly rushed to her seat. She sat down and looked back up at the big man and shivered. The principal nodded and turned back to Mr. Stewart. “I’ll be leaving you now.” He stated as he strode out of the room.
After the teacher began to continue on with his lecture, Gina turned to get a better look at the girl she was now stuck with babysitting. “Hi.” She greeted in a whisper. “I’m Gina. Gin for short. What’s your name?”
The girl’s head whipped to the side quicker then she had expected. Her eyes were huge and almost glowing. “R-r-r-r-RosiBella.” She stammered. “I don’t have a shorten version.” Her voice was a high pitch squeak that was extremely hard to hear. It was like she was out of breath.
“It’s nice to meet you RosiBella.” Gina smiled at her warmly. She nodded and then turned to stare at her notebook. The page was completely blank. She was just staring at it. As soon as the bell rang, kids instantly rushed out for freedom. RosiBella didn’t move for a moment. Gina slung her backpack over her shoulder and stared at the new kid.
“It’s time to go.” Gina stated. “Let’s go.” She turned to walk towards the door. When she turned back, she was gone. Gina was shocked and turned to look around and found RosiBella a few inches from her face in front of her. Gina gasped as she took a few steps back and nearly fell on the desks behind her. “You sure move fast!” She joked. “Please, try to make some noise next time, ninja girl?”
“Ninja girl?” RosiBella questioned as she tilted her head.
“Yeah. You know, ninjas move really quick and are very quiet. That’s what you just did.” Gina stated. “It scared me at first. But I guess there really are people who can move like ninjas. You know, like the turtles or Naruto.”
“Oh.” RosiBella nodded. “So I’m like an anime character to you?” She stated.
“You’re the one who transferred to this school in the middle of the term. It’s no wonder I think something’s up.” Gina smiled. “With that swift trick you just did, I really wonder if you’re a ninja. But then again this is BT, so nothing like that could possibly happen.”
“BT?” The girl questioned.
“Yeah. Boredom Town.” Gina stated. “That’s what I call this place.”

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Soldier of KOS Excerpt

Training? He tilted his head as he followed Ursula out of the room.
Breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs, fried hot dogs, and bread. He was grateful for that piece of normalcy. Ursula stacked his plate up with food and slid it in front of him.
“Eat up Corraidhín.” He handed him a fork and then grabbed two tall glasses. “Do you want orange juice or milk?”
“Orange juice please.” He replied. When Ursula finally sat down to eat, he decided now was a good time to ask questions. “Why do you call me Corraidhín?”
“That was your family name when they first join KOS.” Ursula stated.
“Oh.” He nodded. Then it hit him. He knew Ursula’s name. But he didn’t know his name. “My name is Scotty. You can call me that. I’m sure it’s a lot easier to say then Corraidhín.”
Ursula nodded as he went back to his plate. When he opened his mouth to ask another question, Ursula cut him off. “Eat your breakfast before it gets cold. After we’re done, you can ask all the questions in world. Until dinner anyway.”

Breakfast was silent for the rest of the meal. Scotty felt uncomfortable, but Ursula couldn’t have been more content. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Soldier of KOS excerpt

He couldn’t see it very clearly, but he could make out the curly hair well enough. It was a large dog. Its fur was a dusty grey. It was matted and had some prickly plants sticking in it. It ran at a good speed. From its large build, it must’ve been a stray of sorts. After a few minutes of running, he figured the beast wouldn’t come back around his home.
He stopped his chase and began to catch his breath. He looked up and hissed. He was farther away from his home then he expected to be. He turned to walk back and froze as he felt something holding onto his fire poker. He slowly turned his head to get a look at what had grabbed a hold of his weapon.
Giant almond eyes stared up at him. The dog now held the fire poker with its large paw. But the paw looked more like a fuzzy human hand then it did a paw. His eyes widened as he counted the five distinct fingers that gripped the poker. Before his brain could process everything, the dog stood on its hind legs and leaned in close to his face. Its breath was hot and smelled of fresh berries.
What an odd scent for a dog’s breath. He thought as he was assaulted with the scent.
“You’re the Corraidhín[1]?” It sounded more annoyed then angry. It let out a puff of hot air in his face. “I guess it can’t be helped.” It hoisted the young boy up with its other hand. He was now dangling mere inches from the beast’s face. It turned and began to cart him off into the woods.
His brain that had been screaming, “RUN!” finally got control of his body. He screamed as he tried to swing the figure poker. The poker made contact, but because of his size, it did no damage.
“It’s not nice to hit people.” It grabbed the iron bar and tossed it away.
He felt his freedom slip away with the echoing thud of iron on wood.

[1] Ancient Irish, means “Little Spear” 

A little bit more from the thing I'm attempting to write for NaNoWriMo

Saturday, November 1, 2014

A chill rand down his spine

Here's the start of my NaNoWriMo! Enjoy! 

Book of Myphelo
The Soldier of KOS
By: Krissie Gault

Chapter 1:
He felt a chill go down his spine. The wind had howled at his window and he was sure he had heard a banshee. He crept out of the house with the fire poker in hand. If it was something more menacing then a banshee then he would fend off whatever it be.
His eyes tried to adjust to the darkness that laid before him. Luckily the moonlight was bright. But the wind caused many of the shadows to move, making him jumpy about what was before him. He closed the sliding door on the back deck. It gave a soft click and he slowly walked off the back deck. His eyes darted side to side as he tried to identify every rustle.
Another howl ripped through the air. He bent his head upward, looking for the source. There was just the moon, stars, and fall leaves in the sky. Nothing that could have caused the horrible howl that jolted him awake at night was seen. He continued walking forward, swaying the poker softly in front of him.
Maybe it was nothing. He tapped a large pine tree with the poker as he examined the shadows that formed from the woods behind the house. A rustle of the leaves made him jump back. “Show yourself!” He held up the poker.
No response. Everything was so still. It was eerie.
He glanced back at his house. Is it really nothing? Should I just go back home? Another sound caused him to jump. He jerked his body in the direction of the sound. He gripped the poker tightly in his hand and jumped into the woods. 

NaNoWriMo Starts!

Yeah, so I'm going to participate in NaNoWriMo this year! I'm planning on writing for 30 minutes every day this month. I'll try to share some of what I write with you guys this month. So yeah, lots of updates this month.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Letter To John Smith

Please Note: This is a letter that I wrote today to a man named John Smith. He is extremely rude and perverted and also an alcoholic. Needless to say no one likes him. I would have given him this letter today before I lift my sister's, but she advised against it as he throws fits like a two year old when ever someone doesn't like him and she doesn't want to listen to the brat whine. So to save her a headache, I did not send it to him. But I don't mind sharing it with whoever comes on this blog.

August 31st, 2014
Greetings John Smith,
This letter will not find you well.
I do NOT care that I pissed you off. Odds are, I never will. Let’s face it, I don’t care for you. You are one of those people who give off a vibe that I do not like. You always have and always will be. I merely play nice because that is my nature.
Let’s start with something simple. You told me, “Kristian, turn around.” Even after I looked and acknowledged your presence. I do NOT have to follow your orders, as that is how it was heard and taken. I felt insulted and angered and thus reacted as such.
If you have a problem with how I address you, check yourself first. Odds are you’ve don’t something to upset me. Other times, I am having a bad day and you should leave me alone.
Also, I am still pissed off at you for the phone call in which you asked if anyone had ‘accosted’ me the day after a man tried to sexually assault me at my home. Yes, I took great offense to that and still do. I will NOT apologize as I am NOT sorry. But you should really keep comments as such to yourself.
You are NOT my family. You are NOT my friend. You are NOT even an acquaintance to me. You are just someone my sister and brother-in-law and their two daughters live with. Nothing more.
No I am not sorry for this letter. No I will not apologize for it. You will just have to deal with it.
Good Day,

Kristian Anastasia Gault

The Balcony

Cleovim stood at the balcony. The view was breathtaking. She had never seen anything like it before. She looked down at the people going about their lives below. She wondered if they would hear her if she screamed.
“What are you doing?” A voice made her jump.
“Just admiring the view.” She turned to face the tall man. “And planning my escape.” She thought as she meet his disapproving look with an unhappy glare. “Is that a problem?”
“Not for the moment.” He answered.
There was a long silence as they stared each other down. This man had kidnapped her hours before. The other men who were with them before had split ways, talking about meeting up at the ‘fort’ later. He had brought her to this hotel, bond and gagged in a large suitcase. She hated him. There was only one problem that stood out in her mind.
“Why?” She asked through gritted teeth. He arched an eyebrow at her, but stated silent. “Why did you kidnap me?” Cleovim crossed her arms.
He smirked. “You’re worth a lot.” He walked up to her and grabbed her under her chin and forced her to look up at him. “Imagine how much money and land your family will give us to just have you.”
Cleovim gritted her teeth and squirmed out of his grasp. She knew of cases like these and she didn’t want to be another body in the river. “And what will become of me once you guys have what you want?”
The man shrugged. “That’s boss’ call. Not mine. I’m just supposed to keep you till we get to the fort. So be a good little birdie and I won’t have to put you in the suitcase again.” He patted her on the head before she turned on his heel to leave. “I have some errands to run, so don’t try anything.”

Cleovim glared at the closed door for a minute or two. Then she began to look about. She needed a way out of this hotel without anyone noticing her. She didn’t want to risk bumping into him or anyone he worked with.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rewriting an old tale

I have plans to re-write an old story of mine. The only name it has is Kyuketsuki. I began working on the story in 2002 when I was 8 and created my first character, Cleovim. It has since envolved over the years. There has been at least 5 to 6 drafts of the story that I can remember. and only one of those drafts has ever been completed in full.
I even began to make a comic/manga of the story. the comic is incomplete but it is 100 pages long. I doubt anyone cared for it really as I never got any feedback on it. But it was a good practice for me. I learned a lot working on it.
As for this new draft, a lot has changed, but a lot is still the same. The biggest changes are coming from the fact that I am tying this story into Spider Princess in that they both inhabit the same world. One character has went from a vampire to a demon. Another has had his whole back story changed. Some characters will have to meet instead of growing up together. A lot has changed. I have the opening of the story drafted. and I will post it.
I'm super proud of myself for finding a way to go with this tale. I really am. and I hope that you will all enjoy it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My apologizes that I missed updating on the August 6th. I got into a car accident on the 5th. It's been very chaotic since then. My dad and my papa (grandfather) have both informed me that the only reason I survived is because I was wearing my seat belt.
I am doing better though and will try to keep up with my updating schedule. I have some new pieces I'll be sharing. Plus that poem I mentioned last month.
Hugs to you all,

Art Block (Poem)

Art Block
By Krissie Gault
I wanna be funny,
But I can’t the bone for it
I settled down in the chair
Turned my music on shuffle
And grabbed my pencil
And then I stare
The white page, blank before me
Loathing the emptiness I see before me
Loathing even more the nothingness inside me
Did my brain go out on a lunch break?
My heart is pounding, demanding
Write, draw, make, create
Yet while I know I want to create
My brain isn’t pumping out the ideas
Those ideas that sprout like flowers
Crystalizing the invisible air
Yet when I finally sit
Prepared and ready
To harvest the rip ideas
Who shine so brightly that I just can’t ignore them
But when I go to work on the stare
My brain can’t send them out
It’s been hijacked and kidnapped
The walls so thick and tall
I can’t find my way in
Boarding my brain up in a box
A black that inside holds the light
Leaving me in the dark
As I try to do what my pounding heart’s demanding
To write, draw, make, create
But nothing of worth is coming out
Only messy scribbles and scrabbles
As another piece of paper is laid to waste
One after another
As I glare at the art block
Such a dastardly bastard
Who stole my brain who flows like the river of ideas
In all the colors of the wind
But holding hostage, persisting on keeping us apart
I stand outside the giant wall,
Banging my hands against the rough brick
Until they’re scarred and bleeding
Locked tight in its position
Tears of frustration stain my eyes
As I now want to drop the pencil in my bleeding hand
But I refuse to give up and let you have that satisfaction
Of knowing you beat me down and stole my source of imagination.
So while I fell to my knees in this sea of paper wasted
I screamed and cursed your existence
And while I struggle and stumble,
I stand up again and steady myself
With my fingers locked tight on the pencil
I scribble and scrabble on your prison walls
Turning each brick into another page
Which’ll lay to waste in the field
And one by one, I take those a thousand steps
To recycle you Art Block
And as your walls begin to disintegrate,
The colors, sounds, and visions begin to take shape
Becoming clearer with every new page I create
And as I get to the last piece I glance around
A sea of wasted papers surrounds me
Up to my waist with rocks of broken pencils and pens.
Holding up the final creation of this war
I can’t help but smile
Because behold!
I’ve found the diamond in the rough
A star grander and brighter
Then what it could have been
Had you not arrived
So while I hate your presence when you’re here
You make me writer harder, draw bigger, make better, create louder.
So while I hate you when you’re here
I must say, thank you art block
For pushing me and forcing me
To crystalize flowers from those invisible an untouchable breaths
To create diamonds from those crystalize flowers
Until they shine like twinkling stars
Mushing them together until they create their own planet
Until finally, I’m under the sea of tossed away pages
Only to hold an covet the diamond in the rough
So thank you Art Block for making me
Writer harder
Draw bigger
Make better

Create louder

Monday, July 14, 2014


So I wrote a poem today. I'm really happy with it. I even started singing it after writing a few lines. So I'm thinking of singing it. But heads up, I'm really a horrible singer. So don't be afraid to say I suck, I know I do. I don't write poems often, so I'm not really comfortable with them. In fact, I think most of my poems suck.
If I do sing the poem and share it, I'll also do a spoken word version of the poem as well. So far, I'm trying to decide a name for it and pacing of it. So far the name of the song is, "I want to hug you".

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Asylum or Sanctuary

Just a heads up, this one continues off of This One, But you don't have to read it to get the gist of it.

Prompt: Asylum or Sanctuary
Fehler looked over her shoulder curiously. “Where are we going?” She tightened her grip on her stuff toy as the strange people in dark clunky clothes pushed her along the road.
“We’re going to a sanctuary for you.” One of the men answered.
“Sanctuary?” She repeated curiously. “Was ist das?”
“It’s a safe place.” He assured her as he kept a hand on her shoulder, directing her down the hard path.
“But what about Vator?” Fehler pointed to the tall building. She had never left her home before. She just wanted to go back to the time before the loud popping sounds and the red paint. She wanted to go back home and be with her father. “And the others? They’re still sleeping in there. And there’s paint all over. We need to clean it. Otherwise, their boss is going to be really mad at them.”
The two men’s eyes widened as they stared at her. They then exchanged a confused glance over her. She stomped her feet into the ground and pouted. “I have to help father and the others.” She turned to walk back into the large compound, but was halted by a firm hand on her shoulder that turned her on a time.
“There’s no need.” The man stated. “Your father and everyone in there are getting… help. We have people in there who will take care of them.” He lifted her up with ease. “Now, it’s time to go to the sanctuary.”
The Sanctuary as he called it, was very different then she expected. It was surrounded by short green plants that poked her bare feet. The house was smaller than the one she was previously at. It was also a different color. Her home had been greys and whites. This one was a light shade of pale blue that seemed warm.
“Was ist das?” She pointed to the green plant. “It sticks my feet, but doesn’t hurt.” She struggled to find the right word.
“It’s grass.” The man stated softly, “It probably tickles your feet. We really should have given you shoes.”
“Shoes?” Fehler turned towards him with interest. “What are those?”
“You don’t know what shoes are?” He breathed in surprise. “I guess they didn’t teach you much…” He muttered, sad eyes staring into the ground. Looking up, he gave an apologetic smile. “Shoes are what you wear on your feet to protect them. Like these.” He pointed to his black combat boots.
“Those are shoes?” she marveled with childish delight, crouching close to look at them. “Can I have shoes like that someday?”
“Yes. We’ll go out and get you a pair of shoes sometime soon.” 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Virtues or Sins

Prompt: Virtues or Sins
“Haven’t I been good?” she asked with a pout. Her childish voice sounding innocent enough. “Didn’t I do everything you asked me to?” she walked over to the scientist sloughing on the floor. Pools of crimson clotted the floor like a muddy puddle as she walked through one to him. “Aren’t I your precious baby girl, daddy?” Her voice gave a wobbly crack as she knelt before him.
“Du ist Miene Fehler.” He gasped as he looked on her with pity.
“I know my name Daddy.” She stated as she curled up in his lap. “But you haven’t I been good? You said if I was good, that nothing bad would happen? But it did. There’s red paint everywhere and no one will wake up to help me clean daddy. What’s going on daddy?” She looked up at him, pleading with watery eyes.
“Meine Fehler.” He muttered. “This is the price for what we’ve done. You’ve done nothing  wrong.” He began to cough, blood coming up with each hack.
The girl gasped as she shot up. “Daddy? Daddy! You’re coughing up red paint!” She squeeze her toy cat to her chest as she cried.

She rushed across the room, slipping and falling in a blood puddle.

Day or Night

Prompt: Day or Night
“Is the sky exploding?” He squinted. As he stared up at the navy sky. Bright colorful lights were flashing above, at a fare away distance.
“No. It’s just fireworks.” Ben glanced up from where he was setting up his tent. “They must be celebrating something over that way.”
“Fireworks?” He repeated as he watched a yellow burst in the sky. “What are they?”

“You’ve never seen fireworks before?” Another man gasped as he dropped the pile of fireworks to the ground and rushed to the red head’s side. “Have you been living under a rock your whole life?” He placed a hand to his forehead.

En Route to the Dragon Festival

En Route to the Dragon Festival
Alphonse fiddled nervously in his seat. His eyes darted from the left to the right every second. Shelly watched his fidgeting in the rear view for the past 2 hours now. She wished he would just relax and enjoy the ride. But it seemed the further and further they went the worse his fidgeting became. Her green eyes were tired, but she couldn’t pull over to rest. The last exit was 10 miles behind them. The highway was a just a long winding road with lines, a median, lights, and cars. The far off road resembled the curve of a dragon’s back to her.
“Alphonse.” She spoke softly to him. “Are you alright, Alphonse?”
His hazel eyes met her green ones in the rear view. “Yeah.” His voice was shaky. “I’m alright.”
She shifted her eyes back to road. Liar. His pale clammy skin made him look like he was about to puke. She hoped she’d reach an exit soon. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could keep her eyes open.
“Are you alright Shelly?” Alphonse asked, leaning to where his chin nearly rest on the console. “You look tired. Do you want to pull over for a bit? I can drive if you’d like. I’ve got it down.”
“No.” Shelly shook her head then bit her lip in regret. The swift movement of her head made her dizzy. Great. Now I’m tired and hungry. Good day, Shelly. Good day.
“Are you sure?” Alphonse questioned. “You look downright awful. At least pullover so you can take a nap.”
“Yeah, but the exit isn’t for another couple of miles. Besides there is never a good place to pull over on the highway.” Shelly informed him.
“Then I can drive. I’ve gotten it down.” Alphonse stated.
“Alphonse, you’re a ghost. Remember?” Shelly stated simply. “Normal people can’t see ghosts. Now think about how it’ll freak everyone out if they see this car with an unconscious girl in the passenger seat as the car is moving on its own. It’s a bad idea. A REALLY bad idea.” She stressed.
After a few minutes of silence, she looked back in the rear view and noticed his fidget was still going strong. She looked down at her speedometer. She was going a normal speed for the high way. So why was he freaking out so bad? It wasn’t like she was just going to get killed. He was already dead.
“Okay, what’s up?” She began tapping her fingers on the stirring wheel.
“I’m just sitting here.” He stated as he glanced at the road ahead of them.
“Let me rephrase that,” she began with a sigh, “What’s your issue? You keep fidgeting back there. And don’t deny it; I can see you in the rear view mirror. So spill.”
He gulped. “It’s just my nerves Shelly.” He replied.
“Nerves have triggers.” Shelly stated after a moment of long silence. “What’s triggering yours?”
“I’ve been a ghost for over a century Shelly.” He began, trying to find the right words to explain. “I’ve never left my home. I’ve never explored outside my own yard. This is the first time I’m going to someplace new. And I’m scared. I mean, what if I’m one of those ghosts who are confide to a certain area? What if where we’re going is a place I can’t go? What if I’m just forced out of the car when we cross that invisible line? What if I disappear into some strange limbo?”
“Alphonse!” Shelly yelled. He stopped his ranting and stared at her blankly. “You’ll be fine Alphonse.” She said in a soft tone. “You’ll be just fine. I’m sure of it. Though if you were so worried about it, why didn’t you just stay at home?”
“You seemed so concerned about leaving me alone in the house for two weeks. And frankly, you’re right. I would’ve been lonely without you. You’re the first person who can actually see me. I miss being able to talk with someone.”
“I figured.” She smirked. “Well, you’re going to love where we’re going. Maybe someone else can see you too.”
“Really? I thought we were just going to a festival.”
“Yep! The festival of the dragons!” Shelly exclaimed. “It’s a very fun festival and there are a lot of physics there. Maybe one is real and can help us figure out why you’re still here. Also, you’ll just love the fireworks!”
Alphonse couldn’t help but laugh. Shelly loved festivals. She got so excited when she spoke about them. He rested his chin on his arms which were folded nicely on the center console. Once his laugh had died down, he smiled. “Seriously, let me drive you sleep deprived woman.” He ordered. “I fear you’ll fall asleep at the wheel and crash. Then we’ll both be ghosts.”
“Sleep deprived woman?” Shelly arched an eyebrow. “This coming from the man who called the seat belt the n word.”
Alphonse rolled his eyes. “From the 1800s. Back then nigger was a word everyone used. I don’t see why you find it so offensive. It’s just a word. It was the seat belt’s fault anyway.” Alphonse shrugged before muttering, “High tech shit.”
“And you want me to let you drive?” Shelly exclaimed. “Ha! Quit fooling around.”
“I know how to drive now. I’ll be really careful too! You’re just being stubborn.” Alphonse stated. “Just let me drive for a bit while you rest. Half an hour at least. Please?” He didn’t want her to push herself too far. “There’s a little space over there on the side. We can switch real quick and no one will notice. There’s hardly anyone on this road anyway.”
“Fine.” Shelly sighed as she switched lanes. She was far too tired to argue. Just a little while, she told herself as she pulled off the highway. She unbuckled her seat belt and hopped over the center console to the passenger seat. Alphonse giggled as he watched her maneuver around. He handed her the blanket that was fold up in the back seat. Shelly muttered thanks as he climbed up from the center into the driver’s seat. She mumbled the exit number and Alphonse nodded as he buckled himself in. He got on the highway and continued going in a quiet atmosphere as Shelly slept. He was grateful to her. When she found out that he lived in the house, she welcomed him as a roommate and treated him as such. He couldn’t be happier. Thanks to her, he was finally getting out of the house and depression of feeling stuck. He really did owe her a lot.

“Maybe I’ll make her something to eat when we get to this festival.” He suggested. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Updating Schedule?

I want to try to make myself write down some of my story ideas more often. So I'm making this schedule to help keep me in check and I'll do my best to follow this schedule. I've decided to chose my two favorite numbers to update on. So here you all go:
The 6th, 13th, 31st of every month is when I will be updating this blog.
6 and 13 are two of my favorite numbers. 6 because I was born on the 6th and 13 because... Well you know how everyone says a black cat is unlucky? Well, that's not the case for me. Every black cat I've ever been in contact with has brought me good luck in some way, shape, or form. Halloween has also been a lucky day for me too. So I see 13 as a lucky number as well. The 31st was chosen basically for the same reason.
So I hope you all will enjoy what I write and share with you all.

Free Will Or Fate?

Prompt: Free Will or Fate?
Josh stared into the mirror for nearly an hour. He had once again been arguing silently with the being that on one else seemed to see. But he knew. He could see it there. Rummaging about. Causing mayhem and trouble for him.
“Why?” He growled, but sounded more whiperish. “Why must you live in my eye? What’s the purpose for this?”
“Fate.” The voice stated simply in his head.
“Yes. Fate has bound me to you.”
“Bull.” Josh clenched his fist. “I want my life back. My body. My mind. Me. I want my free will. Where is my say?”
“Fate is fate. There is little that can be done Josh.”
Josh grumbled as he stared at the silvery green eye in his socket. The eye that didn't belong to him.
“I understand your pain Josh. But I am not here to control you or turn you into a puppet. I am only a sprite. Fat has bound me to you. I have no less control then you do.”
“Then what about my fits?” He flailed his hands about.

“Those fits are caused by the medications Josh. Not me.”


Welcome to Galaxy of Tales!
This is essentially a blog were I will post random stories or skits that come to my mind. Many will deal with my original characters. Some might deal with random fandoms. Some might even be dreams. Either way, this blog is dedicated to stories, finished or in pieces.
So if you like tales of any sort, I welcome you and invite you to stick around and enjoy.