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Jacksepticeye's Guardian Ep2

Here's episode 2! Enjoy the episode!

CasideXDonald Excerpt

Caiside wrapped his arms around Donald. Donald let out a squeak of surprise. “You seem stressed.” Caiside whispered softly into Donald’s shoulder.
“I’m fine.” Donald replied. He wasn’t sure why, but Caiside had a personal space problem. What he couldn’t figure out was why it occurred when no one else was around! It seemed the moment no one was around, Caiside would just gravitate to Donald’s personal space and just invade it.
Caiside squinted his eyes at Donald. He knew a lie when he heard it. Donald was stressed about something. He nestled into the crook of his shoulder. Donald lifted his shoulders some, but Caiside still stayed in the crook of his shoulder. “You’re stressed.”
Donald flung his head back and sighed in defeat. “I’ll be fine. It’s not like stress kills people.”
Caiside shook his head. Sure stress couldn’t kill a normal person, but it still wasn’t a good thing to have. Caiside began pulling Donald along with him.
“Where are you taking me?” Donald muttered as he allowed Caiside to drag him down the hallway.
“Just come on.” Caiside stated.
Donald sighed.
Caiside pushed Donald into his favorite recliner. Caiside pulled the lever and Donald gasped as the back fell back and his legs were lifted.
“Are you alright?” Caiside turned around from the book case.
“How’d you get all the way over there so fast?” Donald mumbled.
Caiside took his response as fine and continued skimming the spines of the books. He plucked one off and waltzed back over to Donald. He put the book in Donald’s hands and stood expectantly.
“What?” Donald arched an eyebrow.
Caiside tapped the cover of the book patiently.
Donald looked at the book. It was the book of mythical creatures he had been reading. He had been trying to pin down what kind of creature Caiside was. Donald sighed. He must be getting impatient. Donald cracked the book opened and began reading. He was hoping that the creature Caiside was would just pop out at him.
Donald flinched as he felt hands on his shoulders. He turned around to glare up at Caiside. “What are you doing?” he hissed.
“Rubbing your shoulders.” Caiside answered with a bored expression. “You’re stressed out.”

“So why do you have to rub my shoulders?” Donald shouted turning red.

Krissie: Been a while since I've worked on this series, so I'm getting back in the game with this. I'm going to finish these guys' story first before going to Genie and Rosabella to finish their story. 

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Jacksepticeye's Guardian Ep1

This is a let's play made by AquariaSC, who I follow on DeviantArt. I love her art and was excited to play a game she made. I like the game. There are a few bugs, but it's her first game, and it's a lot better then some games I have seen.
You can get the game here: Play the game here:

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Woke up to a surprise this morning

So I began watching a news channel called The Young Turks on YouTube. And this morning, I watched this video: 

Basically two guys, 18 and 27, brought GUNS, like actual guns, to a pokemon match in Boston. This fact just blew my mind. I found another article about it. It has a video of actual attendants talking. You can read/watch it here:
My problem is, it's Pokemon. It's a game. This is something that is aimed towards children that many of us young adults grew up with. I remember watching Pokemon as a small child and at 21, I still have fond memories of it. This was supposed to be a convention where a bunch of fans got together and played some games and just have fun. 
There's a major problem if people are threatening to shoot up a convention and it's very concerning to me.
Like I get it, we're America. Guns and shootings happen all the time here. And over the stupidest of shit. But that's the problem. Parents shouldn't have to worry about someone coming into their child's school and taking their life. I shouldn't have an innate fear of being large crowded rooms where the doors could lock you inside (Gyms, cafeterias, movie theaters) because I have a strange paranoia fear of shootings happening because I watch a few too many crime documentaries and hear about a few too many shootings. Like I've felt uncomfortable in movie theaters since 2006/2007 when I started to become aware of all the shootings that happen.
But to hear and find out about Pokemon. That's frightening. It's a convention. The one place I thought that would be untouched by crazy gun toting people. It really turns a lot of things on their heads for me. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Super Mario World Ep1

My friend, Dymond, has joined me once again to play video games! This time we're playing Mario.

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Weather Girl Ep2

Animatic: Weather Girl Ep.2
Sunny transforms. She kisses the locket and it glows as it swirls around her. Sunny’s poem plays in the background.
“This is so cool!” Sunny squeals as she looks at her new costume. “Now what do I do?” She looked0 up at Benjie.
“Well, normally you don’t transform until danger presents itself.” Benjie stated.
“Awe…” Sunny pouted. “Now what?”
“We wait and stop the evil when it occurs,” Benjie states.
Sunny grabs her wagon. “That’s a bit boring. I might as well go home and eat a snack. You coming with me, Benjie?”
“Of course!” Benjie follows her. “As your guardian fairy, I will travel with you everywhere.”
“That’s cool.” Sunny shrugged.
They leave the forest. Fade out to black.
In an old, dirty loft by the shipyard/ocean. A red and gold butterfly flitters in the window.
“The Helios locket has awaken.” The butterfly states.
“The what?” Storm loos up from her comic book.
“The Helios locket.”
“Is that another monster?” Storm grabs her spiked bracelet off the night stand.
“No. The Helios locket is our ally. With the user having the same purpose as you Storm, the bearer of the Lux bracelet.”
Storm stares down at her bracelet. “A new ally, huh?” She smiles. “Let’s find them in the morning then.” She tossed her comic book on the stand before curly up in the blankets. “Night Zhao.”
“Wan’an Storm.” Zhao taps the lamp off.

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Writing Tips #1

Hey Internet!
I’m KrissieDeathy. And this. This is going to be a post about Formatting.
Yeah, I know. Strange topic right?
Well there’s a purpose for it. I’m mainly making this to help out my fellow writers on the internet who haven’t been taught how to format or grasp it.
I actually used to think that formatting stories was so simple. But it’s not. I learned this year in college that many of my peers didn’t know how to write and format dialogue. So I figured I would give some Tips for those who haven’t been taught in school and/or don’t know.
Well let’s start off with the basics of basic.
What are you writing?
Well that doesn’t matter. This tips are to help you with original writing as well as fanfics.
What are your works going to be published on?
So where are you putting your awesome work up for display? I’m mainly going to focus on DeviantArt and because those are the two places I feel need the most help with formatting. No offense guys, but you’re my number 1 source for fanfiction.
But sadly, there have been many a time when I go to read a fanfiction and I just can’t because of formatting errors alone. I try to power through some, but unless it’s short, it rarely happens. So this is mainly catered to fix that so we all have more wonderful works to read and enjoy, kay?
Awesome! *insert thumbs up here*
Now let’s begin with some DON’Ts.
Don’t leave your work as a giant block of text. It’s unsightly. This is the main problem many of my friends, myself included, have when we look for fanfictions to read. The writer has left their work as a giant brick of text that you, the reader, must read through. There are now paragraphs, which means no breaks. So you have to pull your eyes through it. And a lot of the time, dialogue is in that jumbled mass of text. It’s crazy right? “Hey Jill,” Bob hollered, “Where are my car keys?” “I don’t know,” Jill replies. “Where was the last place you had them?” “In your hands woman!” Bob stomped his foot. “You took the truck out for a ride to town today, remember?” And it all just continues in this huge brick of text. Forever and ever and ever.
And frankly, I can’t do it anymore. It actually kind of hurts to do that. And it’s sad too. Now I know that this can sometimes happen when uploading your work on Fanfiction or DeviantArt, especially if you’re using that “Insert Text Here” option on the sites.
Frankly, I advise against that. If your work is just a block of text, odds are, no one will read it. I suggest getting a hold of a writing program, such a Word, which is what I’m using. You can also get Open Office, which is basically a knock off free version of word if I understand it correctly. Notepad is the basic writing thing on your computer. It only saves as .txt files, but those files are accepted by Fanfiction so they’re good. There’s also Google Docs, which comes in handy for people. There are probably several others that I don’t know about, but feel free to tell me in the comments.
So how should you break up this giant brick of text?
When there is a change of location. Say your characters are in an office and they’re talking about Bob and how he skipped work to watch Game of Thrones or something. Then you cut to Bob, and he’s not watching Game of Thrones, but is actually having a Disney marathon with 6 year old niece. You would make a new paragraph when you would switch from office to Bob at home.
You also make a new paragraph when you change topics. As I did between this paragraph and the one above it. Or let’s say you’re describing the way someone looks.
For example:
Bob was a stocky guy. Not fat, but not thin either. He was average height. He carried an air about him that said he was a southern boy who had never ventured outside the country a day in his life. His brown hair was rustled by wind and work. His leather jacket was thick, blocking out the cold as he leaned against his truck. His tan skin glowed in the sunlight. A white sign held firmly in his large, rough hands.
The sign stating one thing – Carol Santana
Carol was sure he was going to the stereotypical country boy. She plucked up her heavy suitcase and walked down the stair case. She paused to take a breath at the end of the stair case before plucking up her bag again and walking towards him. She dropped the bag ungraciously at his feet, clad in brown hunting boots.
“So, you’re patrol officer?” Carol joked.

And there you have it. I apparently really like Bob for a name when I make up random stuff. But that’s how it should be separated. Change of topic? Make a new paragraph.
Another thing that seems to get everyone is that when you change speakers, make a new paragraph as well.
For Example:
“Tails!” Sonic called for his little bro. “Where are you?”
Tails’ workshop was huge and the blue hedgehog was sure he had heard something fall down with a loud thud earlier. He looked for anything out of the oridinary or messy. But sadly, he rarely entered the fox’s workspace and workshop was a mess.
“How does he walk around here?” Sonic mused. He cupped his hands around his mouth, “Tails!”
“I’m over here!” Tails called. “I’m fine. The drawer just fell out of the filing cabinet.”
“Thank goodness.” Sonic sighed as he found his little brother. “So what happened?”
“I pulled the drawer out too far.” Tails shrugged.

Doesn’t that make it easier to understand? You, the reader, can clearly figure out who’s talking. When you don’t separate who’s talking in separate paragraphs, it can confuse your audience and turn them away. After all, dialogue makes a story fun. You spent your time and effort writing it, so why not format it properly so your readers can enjoy it!
That’s all I’ve got time for tips today, so I’ll discuss some more tips for in the future.
Bye everybody!


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Tikal is Navi

Animatic Short: Tikal is Navi/ Knuckles and the Fly
Knuckles resting up against the Master Emerald.
“Aw, now this is relaxing.” Knuckles smiles. “A beautiful peaceful day with the Mastter Emerald right where it belongs.”
A fly flies by Knuckles’ head, causing the red echidna to open his eyes. The fly lands on the Master Emerald.
Knuckles glares at the fly.
“Don’t touch the Master Emerald!” Knuckles punches the Master Emerald, shattering it. The fly flies a way. Knuckles looks at the Master Emerald.
“Oh no! / Oh shit!” Knuckles freaks out.
Tikal’s red orb appears behind Knuckles. “Hey listen!”


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Waking Up Sonic

Animatic Short: Sonic Underground – Waking Up Sonic
Sonic is asleep in his bed. Random construction noise begins. Sonic rolls over. His ears twitches. He rolls over again and wraps a pillow around his head. Sonic rolls over again.
Sonic jolts up awake and annoyed. “So not cool.” Sonic jumps out of bed, throwing the blankets off.
“Who is doing construction at this time at night?” Sonic opens the door.
Close up of clock: 1:11AM
Manic and Tails tinkering at a table.
Door slams open.
Sonic growls, “What are you guys doing?”
“Couldn’t sleep.” The two shrug with innocent smiles.


Amy's Cookies Animatic

Animatic I made about Amy's Cookies.
Amy Rose: CassyG
Sonic the Hedgehog: ZeldaLegends4525

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Weather Girl Ep1: Sunny Becomes A Magical Girl

Animatic Script: Weather Girl – A Magical Girl Series –
Episode 1: Sunny Becomes a Magical Girl.
Sunny digging for treasure.
“Treasure! Treasure! Treasure! I’m going to find some treasure!” Sunny sings.
Sunny then pulls up a locket caked in dirt.
“Jackpot!” She exclaims, brushing the dirt off.
Close up locket. A butterfly flies out from behind the locket.
“It’s so pretty!” Sunny squeals.
“Thank you so much for freeing me!” The butterfly flies around her.
“You can talk.” Sunny falls back.
“Don’t freight.” The butterfly lands on her shoulder. “I am Benjie. I am the fairy whose in charge of watching over the Helios Locket. It’s a powerful magical item.”
“Really?” Sunny asked as she sat up. “Should I put it back?”
“No silly!” Benjie tapped Sunny on the forehead. “You found the locket where the great queen hid it. You’re the chosen girl I’ve been waiting for.”
“Chosen girl?” Sunny tilted her head.
“Yes. You’re the girl chosen to use the power of the Helios locket and protect this world.”
Sunny jumps up. “You mean like a magical girl?” Her eyes filled with joy.
“Yes.” Benjie lands on the locket. “With the Helios locket you can transform into a protector of this world.”
Sunny squealed. “How Benjie! How do I transform?””
Benjie laughs,” Eager, aren’t you? Kiss the Helios locket and swirl it around you to begin the transformation.”
“That’s it? No phrase I have to say?”
“No. Just that.”
“Well, let’s give it a go!”
Sunny leans in to kiss the locket.


I used to trust the one in uniform
The one who in all the kids’ books are the good guys
That happy jolly guy with a cup of coffee and a donut
That is how I saw that uniform at age 5
But now I see different [with different eyes]
My eyes have been stabled opened
And with each shocking revelation after revelation,
My eyes grow wider
Shocked and appalled
And then I see the faces of all the blood
The innocent blood that stains those uniforms
The brothers, the sons, the fathers,
The sisters, the daughters, the mothers,
The cousins and the friends
The ray of sunshine in someone’s life
And still the uniform lies
Trying to take up for their own
Fearing for their lives against the unarmed child
Barely an adult in this world.
The uniforms have the gun
Yet so paranoid of the everyday person.
“The citizens are the enemy.” Is that your philosophy?
How fucked up considering your job is to protect us!
I hear the system of the uniform is broken.
But this isn’t broken.
Broken means you lack the ability to function.
This is corruption.
For the uniform still functions and still stains innocent red on the uniform.
A uniform meant for so much more and far greater dignity.
The uniform should be a symbol
Of the bravery to do what’s right
Of the courage to uphold the truth
Of the high morals and common sense that we can look up to and respect.
But it seems the uniform can’t see beyond colors.
For if your skin is anything other than a creamy peach,
You’re 5 times as likely to be their target.
To be more innocent blood staining the uniform,
With your name on a memorial plaque.
And to still not have any justice or change after a year,
To have those left behind crying.
For justice and change may never come
And still none of our lawmakers want to stand up and address the problem.
They’re all busy arguing and throwing fits
This really is the land of confusion.
But in 1986, Genesis said their generation would put it right.
Maybe it hasn’t been long enough or maybe it’s been too long.
But we need to make more strides.
Reach for the impossible and make the impossible real.
Martin Luther started it when he pinned that note on the church door.
King Jr. marched a peaceful march, preaching of a dream.
And who are we?
Will we huddle up in fear of a uniform?
Or will we finally all stand together?
Cry to the sky that enough is enough,
Demanding change, because it’s long overdue,
Because this nation was supposed to be built for its people by its people
And if enough of us demand it, they have to give it.
Because what so many of the uniforms don’t see
Is that from the blackest brown to the whitest peach,
We’re all a variation of orange
And We stand together in the same section of that giant pack of Crayola crayons.

Patchafire Run

The anger raging through the body was unbearable. Patchafire knew he wouldn’t be able to hold off for long. The rage had already been triggered when he saw that dreadful color. He was currently stammering away. He was hoping he could get far enough away where he wouldn’t hurt anyone, but when you’re in a crowded city, the likelihood of that happening where slim.
Patchafire’s red eyes locked onto a group of boys. His eyes shifted between them. His rage was still boiling. The inner demon longing for control. Fighting for it. Patchafire clenched his teeth. He couldn’t afford to lose control here.
He turned to walk away, but something about the laughter caught his ear. There was an odd tone to it. A tone he knew to mean no good. It wasn’t necessarily evil. But it wasn’t of good intentions either. They thought they were playing around, but secretly knew they were playing with a fire.
Patchafire crouched down as he felt his spine contort. Before he knew it, the demon had taken over. A white rabbit with lilac tipped ears and red eyes. He growled as the madness kicked in.
The group of guys turned, curious about the sound. Something in one of their feet told him to leave. So that’s what he did. As the others took a tentative step forward, he ran.


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Voice Actors Needed

Hey guys! I'm doing animatics for my YouTube channel. Many of them are in the Sonic fandom. But I can't do all the voices myself, so I want to see if anyone would like to collab with me and do some voices.
The characters I need voiced are:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog 
  • Manic the Hedgehog
  • Miles "Tails" Prower

So let me know if your interested in doing any of them.

Sonic Underground Ch5

Sonic Underground
Chapter 5:
Deathy: Hi! How are you all? I’m doing well. Now let’s answer Qs from the reviews!
UltimateCCC: Tails isn’t going to be coming in until later on in the story. Like a lot later. Currently Sonic is 9 and Tails is 5. I’ll post a link to the Age chart on my profile for you to look at so it’ll make a little more sense. But Tails won’t be joining the Underground until he’s 8 (approximately). So I have three years of adventures for the Underground to cover before then and I’m also still deciding if Knuckles should come in before Tails or not.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my ideas. But man, this story is gonna be long!
They were gathered in a large room. The mission was simple. They needed to raid one of Dr. Robotnik’s facilities. Sonia was confident that she could do her part. She had been excelling greatly in her training. Manic, however, was very nervous. He wasn’t sure if he could be of much help. He was a trained and skilled thief, but he had yet to inform the others about it. He hoped he never had too. The green hedgehog mainly spent his time goofing around, doing stupid stunts to make others laugh. It seemed to work as no one in the group seem to take him seriously.
“We can go in through this path.” Sally stated as she pointed to the make.
Manic bit his bottom lip. There were cameras on that path. They would have to be extremely careful if they took that entrance. Plus, Robotnik probably had heat sensors in that factory. It was where he kept spare parts. He had been in that facility before. He squinted his eyes as he looked for the vent he knew was there. “Wouldn’t it be safer to take this vent?” He pointed to the thieves’ entrance.
“Manic, I’ve already looked over the blue prints, there isn’t a way for us to get into the vent. Not unless we have someone who can fly.” Sally stated.
Manic scrunched up his face as he heard Hamlin chuckle under his breath. That pig was really a smartass. He didn’t regret helping Antoine get back at him a few months ago. “There is a way into that vent. It connects to this one and you can get into it through a passageway into the sewer.”
“Whoa! Really?” Sonic leaned forward to look at the map. “How do you know that?”
“Is that something you learned when you were with the Guild?” Rotor asked curiously.
Manic’s brown eyes widened. “How did…. You know?”
“I hacked into the badnik chasing you.” Rotor answered. “All it had on you was you were a member.”
“He’s from the Guild?!” Hamlin turned up his nose at the green hedgehog. “Why on Mobius are we letting him join us if he’s a part of the Guild?”
Sonic gripped his fists. “He’s my brother.”
“Excuse me, but what’s the Guild?” Sonia asked. “I’ve never heard of it.”
“Wow! You really are sheltered.” Hamlin scoffed as the other members stared at the green hedgehog. “The Guild is a group of thieves. No good, dirty…”
The room fell silent as everyone stared. Hamlin’s face was twisted with a large red handprint across his face. Sonia grabbed a hold of Manic’s arm out of fear. Sonic’s jaw hung as he put a hand over Manic’s and Sonia’s eyes. The two moved his hands out of the way. Sally tried to register what had happened, but couldn’t find the words.
Il est l’honneur parmi les voleurs.” The coyote’s voice was colder than the ice in Rotor’s glass. He stared down at Hamlin and waited for the pig to turn and face him. He clenched his fists as he saw that he wasn’t going to face him anytime soon.
Manic’s shoulders relaxed. No matter what language that phrase was told in, he knew it. He understood it and it made him relax.
“We are the minority. We, the children, are the ones fighting for a better life. A better future for the ones to come. And why? Because the adults have either backed down or been killed. We are few and far between. Temps désespérés appellent des mesures désespérées. It is time you’ve learned, Hamlin Pig. No. All of you,” he glanced around the room, “that this is a war. We are fighting a war. And right now, we’re the losing team. And we don’t have time to nit-pick who we let on our team. There are only three sides in any war: Dominating, Opposing, and Civilians. It’s us verses Robotnik. And we’ve got to keep ourselves safe. And not only that, but we’ve got to keep the civilians safe, because we all know Robotnik doesn’t give duex merdes about them.” Several of the Freedom Fighters hung their heads in shame. The others stared in awe. It was rare sight for Antoine to be so vocal. “If we’re going to come out on top, we have to work together. And that means, the Guild are freedom fighters too. If they’re against Robotnik, they’re on our side. They are our allies. And I think we all know better. I expect better of us. All of us.” Antoine stared around the room as he let his words sink in.
He marched back to his seat and sat down. “It is your call on the strategy princess Sally.” Antoine bowed his head to her. He didn’t like people staring at him. It made him uncomfortable.
Sally swallowed the spit in her mouth. She was used to being in charge, but right now she wasn’t sure what to do. She had none Manic was from the Guild, but she just decided to let it be until he decided to talk about it. “Manic, do you remember where that tunnel entrance is?”

“Was that thing with Antoine normal?” Sonia asked Sonic curiously as they broke in.
“No.” Sonic shook his head. “Antoine might sometimes give lectures. But he’s never out right slapped anyone before. That was probably the most serious lecture he’s ever given us.” The triplets crouched their heads as they walked forward into the sewers. Sally had decided it was best to send the triplets in one way and the other teams would come in another way.
Manic stayed quiet as they walked forward.
“Are you okay, Manic?” Sonia asked in a soft whisper, placing a hand on his shoulder. “You’ve been awful quiet since we left.”
“Yeah. I’m fine,” he nodded.
“It’s okay to be nervous.” Sonic interjected. “Eventually you’ll get used that queasy feeling in your stomach and you’ll turn it into the fuel.”
“You have that feeling too?” Sonia tilted her head.
Sonic nodded, “Everyone does.” He shrugged it off as if it were nothing.

The plan was going well. That was until a loud alarm went off. Red lights flashed as the freedom fighters scattered. Manic felt as if his heart was pounding in his throat. Sonia seemed the most scared as it took a hard tug from her brothers to move forward. Manic looked over and saw Hamlin being carried off by one of the SWATbots. Manic didn’t much care for the pig, but he couldn’t let him get robotized. They were on a team after all. He pushed Sonia towards the exit and went back for his fellow freedom fighter.
The green hedgehog pulled a pocket knife out of his fanny pack. He unfolded it to reveal several small mechanical tools. He jumped on the SWATbot’s leg and undid some screws and climbed around undoing bolts. The bot began to shake and tumbled over, dropping Hamlin onto the metal ground.
Hamlin looked at Manic with wide eyes.
“Run!” Manic waved his hand towards the exit. “Now!”

Dr. Robotnik sat in his chair, growling as he barked orders through a microphone. “I want them caught and robotized now!” The sound of his fist banging on the table echoed throughout his castle, which was quite nicely shaped like a demented egg. “ID these brats now!” He barked at another robot.
“Sir!” Snively rushed into the room, out of breath.
“What is it Snively?” Robotnik’s eyes glared daggers through his nephew.
“We have identified the intruders, sir.” Snively cowered.
Robotnik gritted his teeth. “Well, report already.”
“Ak! Yes sir!” Snively jumped as he raced to one monitor. “We have identified most of them. One of them is Princess Sally, heir to the Acorian throne. The three hedgehogs are Princes Sonic and Manic and Princess Sonia, heirs to the Motroplian throne. Antoine D’Coolette, son of Armand, the head of…”
“How are they alive!?” Robotnik slammed his fist down again. “Robotize or kill those brats now! That is an order!”
“Yes sir!”
Unfortunately, when they turned back to the screen, they were long gone.

“We did it!” Sally cheered as they all gathered in the center of Knothole. “A small mishap with the getting caught on a camera, but we did it! And best of all, we all came home in one piece!”
Everyone cheered as they enjoyed their meal.
“You guys did great!” Sonic complimented his twins.
“I froze.” Sonia pouted.
“But you snapped out of it.” Sonic patted her shoulder. “Besides, freezing up happens a lot to newbies.” He smiled at his brother. “You did amazingly Manic! The way you dismantled that SWATbot was way past cool.”
Manic blushed some at the compliment. “I just… You know, acted…”
“But it was fantastic!” Sonia cheered. “I had no idea you were so acrobatic.”
“Acro-whazit?” Manic and Sonic tilted their heads.
“Acrobatic.” Sonia stated slowly, “It means being flexible. Like doing flips and high jumps.”
“Oh.” The boys nodded.
“Where’d you learn all these fancy words?” Manic asked.
“School.” Sonia answered. “You would’ve learned them too if you had paid attention.”
“I never went to school.” Manic rested his head in the palm of his hand.
“Niether did I. We don’t have a school here.”
“Yay not going to school!” Manic high fived Sonic over Sonia’s head. “See you’re just privileged sis.”
“You guys don’t have a school here?” Sonia hopped up at this revelation.
“Nope.” Sonic popped the P.
Sonia rolled her eyes. “This is a tragedy.” She raced off to talk to Sally.
The boys shrugged. A
“Our sis is weird.” Sonic stated.
“I hear you bro.” Manic nodded. “But she’s our Spiny Annoying Princess.”
Sonic chuckled. “That name fits her perfectly.”
“Yep.” Manic smiled. “But I love our SAP anyway. Don’t you?”
“Yeah.” Sonic turned back to his chilidog.

A scout ran into the village. “They’re coming!” The young freedom fighter screamed.
“What’s going on?” Sally ran up to the turtle.
“SWATbots! A whole bunch! They’re coming this way!” Thomas attempted to catch his breath. “Robuttnik is with them. He’s here for the triplets!”
“Oh no!” Sally gasped.
Sonic wobbled out his hut at all the commotion. He was half awake. Manic followed closely behind him, holding a pillow to his chest. “What’s going on Sal?”
“Robotnik is trashing the great forest. He’s looking for you, Sonia, and Manic.”
Manic’s eyes widened. “We have to stop him!” he dropped his pillow as he raced back into the hut.
“Manic, where are you going?”
“Got it!” He raced out of his house holding a set of keys.
“What are those for?”
“If Robuttnik is only after us three, then if we run, he’ll chase us and won’t hurt the great forest!” Manic stated. “These are the keys to my van. Pack a bag and let’s go!”
“Are you are sure that’ll work?” Sally questioned.
“He hates us. There have been bulletins for only the three of us since our first mission. Robuttnik hates us. He’ll be so focused on us, he’ll leave the great forest to follow us. Plus, if we’re on the road, we can find those other freedom fighter groups you were talking about yesterday.”
Sonic nodded. “Sounds like a plan.” He zipped into the house and came back with a bag. “Let’s get Sonia and go!”
Waking Sonia up wasn’t any easy task, but they somehow made it happen. The magenta hedgehog had ruffled quills and was very upset. But she packed her bags and grabbed her motorcycle after the situation had been explained to her. She hopped into the van Manic had built during their time in Knothole.
“I can’t believe we’ve only been here a year and now we have to go on the run!” Sonia complained as she strapped in her motorcycle.
“Blame Robuttnik, sis.” Sonic waved his hand. “Hit the gas bro, but don’t leave a trail.”
“That I can do easily.” Manic revved up the van. It jerked a bit before zooming forward.
Sonia gritted her teeth. “Could you not hit every pot hole?” she groaned.
“Those aren’t pot holes,” Manic corrected, “Those are tree roots. We’re in the forest.”
Sonia groaned as she flung her head back.

“Yo Robuttnik!” Sonic yelled as he spindashed through several of the mad man’s robots.
“Get that rodent!” Dr. Robotnik ordered. “I want him and his siblings erraticated now!”
The robots drew closer to Sonic and the hedgehog smirked. They lined up like dominos to him. Sonic leapt into the air and hit one SWATbot, causing it to tip over into the one behind it. They all fell and broke within moments.
“Idiots! Imbiciles!” Dr. Robotnik banged his fist on the dashboard of his hovercraft.
Manic drove up from behind the dictator. Sonia opened the side door and smiled. “Hop in!”
“One minute!” Sonic held up a finger as he jumped into the air. He homing attacked the doctor’s hovercraft, causing it to spiral out of control away from the Great Forest. Sonic smirked as he zipped into the van and closed the door. “Let’s go. It’ll take him a few days to get out of the hospital. By then, he’ll think we’re in Fiji or something.”

Deathy: So yeah, when was the last time you guys got a chapter of this? Also that Age chart is on my blog, Galaxy of Tales. I’ll put a link to in my profile. So for UltimateCCC. I’ve now moved up a year. So now the Triplets are 10 and Tails is 6. So I have 2 more years to cover and then Tails will appear! Also updates, I’m doing animatics on YouTube now. I have plans for one that goes with this story, but I’m going to need to find some voice actors for them. I have a voice for Amy and Tikal. But my voice for Sonic still hasn’t contacted me. So I might have to find someone else for that role. But I’m going to give them another two weeks. After all, life is life. But anyway, Thanks for reading!

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Kirby Nightmaree in Dreamland Ep1

I've started my new let's play of Kirby!
He's such a cute little pink puff ball.

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ShadAmy Week 2015 Cooking

ShadAmy Week 2015
Hosted by ShadowxAmy-Love group on DeviantArt.
Krissie: I found about this and I want to participate in it.
Chapter 1: Cooking
Shadow stared at chicken in front of him. His arms crossed over his chest and his red eyes glaring into the uncooked chicken. Several other ingredients laid on the table. A cook book rested in his lap.
Ruby eyes looked down at the page and then up at the still uncooked food. He turned towards the clock. He had been sitting here for at least a half hour and all he had accomplished was getting the ingredients together.
Shadow sighed as he rested his head on the table. His ear twitched as he heard the door open, but he didn’t feel like moving. Maybe if he was quiet enough they would leave.
They didn’t leave. Darn it…
“You already got everything together.” Amy rubbed his shoulder. “Are you feeling well, though? If you want I can make the dinner.”
“I’m fine Rose.” Shadow pulled himself off the table. He had been hoping to have the food mainly prepared before his girlfriend arrived. He was hoping to impress the pink hedgehog, but he couldn’t figure it out. He was so anxious, a feeling he hated, that he couldn’t even start cooking.
Amy tilted her head. “You sure?”
Shadow nodded as he stood up. “Let’s get cooking.”
Amy beamed a smile at him.
Shadow guessed he might as well rely on the pink hedgehog to teach him how to cook. After all, the cook book wasn’t even in English. He didn’t know what language it was in, but Shadow guessed he would never know.
Krissie: So happy I finished this. I’ve been working on some animatics and let’s plays for YouTube. But if I really like one of these chapters, I make an animatic out of it.


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