Saturday, January 31, 2015

Blurb: Fehler

Homework for Fantasy Writing. This story will combine several different short stories I have written. It'll be tricky because the main character speaks German. 

*Fehler (103 words)
During the raid of an illegal science compound, the government discovers something they weren’t expecting; a little girl named Fehler. They would hand her over to child services except Fehler isn’t a normal little girl. She is the final results of a mad scientist’s greatest experiment – creating a living human.

Commander Caderyn Bobber and Doctor Ima Stone must evaluate the confused girl to see if she is a threat to national security. And if she is, the two will have to dispose of her. An easy task for two of the government’s top agents, right? Only nothing about this assignment will be easy.

Blurb: Spirits in the Forest

Part of my homework for Fantasy Writing. This one would continue a short story I wrote a few years ago.

*Spirits in the Forest (85 words)

They blamed her for what happened. They told her it was her fault. They locked her away as punishment for her sins. They expected her to die out here all alone. But she wasn’t alone. I was here and I have kept her alive. I have found a way to free her. Now there are just a few more things left for me to do before I join her. I must find the ones who imprisoned her here and make them pay for their sins.

Blurb: The House Came With It

My homework for Fantasy Writing was to write a blurb for a story we'll be writing. I did 4 of them. This is one of them.
*The House Came With It (92 words)
The house down the road is the local haunted mansion for the church town. The house is old with an overgrown field that surrounds it. Many kids have their test of courage by knocking on the door. That is, until someone bought the haunted house.
Angel bought the house out of defiance of her parents who think she can’t make it on her own. Angel is determined to be independent and plans to fix up the rickety house. While exploring the house, she finds something that makes her head spin – a dragon. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Blurb For Tell Tale Heart

In Fantasy Writing class we had to write a blurb for a book that we knew. I did the Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe.

Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe

Bob lived in a quiet town. His next door neighbor was an old man. Bob only had one problem with his neighbor; he hated the old man’s eye. His neighbor had a filmy vulture-eye. It kept eyeing him and creeping poor Bob out. Bob finally became fed up with the old man’s eye and devised a plan to become free of it and his neighbor once and for all. After pulling off the flawless murder, Bob hide the neighbor’s body in his own house. When the police show up to question him about the old man’s disappearance, Bob is sure he can convince them of his innocence. Except the beating of the old man’s heart hidden inside the house is about to ruin all of Bob’s hard work.

Fantasy Writing this Quarter

I have a course on Fantasy Writing this quarter at school. It's very fun so far. I've written some blurbs and a few short things. I'll probably share some of them with you.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cleovim's Story Ch2

Cleovim's Story
Chapter 2:
The sky was now dark blue. There were bright street lights lighting the streets. There were still plenty of people out and about. Cleovim picked a direction and walked as she tried to figure out what to do next.
Plans weren’t her forte, but without one, she would be doomed to just walking around this new city. Since no one believed in vampires here, she must have been in Meroka. She didn’t know much about Meroka, since she didn’t pay attention to it in her studies. She only knew basic facts. Meroka was another dimension connected to her dimension, Myphelo. From her understanding, the mortals made life in Meroka very difficult for all magic creatures. So several magical creatures got together and formed Myphelo. There were many different opinions as to how it call came about, but that was the gist of most of them.
“Hey, cutie! Where you going?” A male called out from the side of the street.
Cleovim kept walking. She wasn’t sure what he had said, but by the annoyed and offended look on several women’s faces in the area, it was probably bad. She looked around and bit her lower lip. She wasn’t sure where she was or where she was heading. She was just hoping she would find a path back to Myphelo.
“Hey, where are you going, shorty?” The man who had been calling out into the street grabbed her shoulder.
Cleovim let a surprised cried.
“Hey it’s cool, shorty. I just wanna talk.” He held up his hand.
“I don’t understand English.” She shook her head, speaking Arabic.
The man raised an eye brow. “Isn’t that some Muslim talk?”
“I don’t know English.” She repeated as she took several steps back. “I have to go. I have to get home.”
“Hey, shorty. It’s okay.” He gave a smile that Cleovim knew to be evil as he put his hand on her shoulder again.
“Get your hands off!” She snarled. Without pausing to think, she grabbed his hand and twisted it until he screamed in pain. “No one shall lay a hand on me unless I wish it!” She bared teeth at him to make a point. She let go of his hand and went back to her walking. She didn’t have time to waste on some rude mortal.
After a few minutes of deep breathing, Cleovim had finally calmed her nerves. She stood at the cross walk and then she began laughing to herself. Did I really use a quote from a cartoon on him? The idea, in and of itself, was ridiculous. Yet she had done it and he had been afraid of her, though the fear was probably from her breaking his wrist. The sign turned from a hand to a person and off she went.
Cleovim’s stomach started to protest the lack of food. She had gone too long without food. She needed something. Something warm and bloody. She licked her lips. She stared up at a large concrete building. She stared at the word on the building. She still wasn’t very good with English. However, she did recall the word ‘library’ that was proudly carved on the building.
“A library!” She walked up the thick steps. Libraries always hold answers. Or at least that’s what her friend, Shelly, claimed. If it did tell her how to get home, she would have to give her a thank you gift. Maybe some rare sea shells? That probably wouldn’t work. A mermaid like Shelly probably had plenty of sea shells. She would have to get her friend something that she would like and be able to make use of.
She grabbed hold of the handle and tugged. She arched an eyebrow when the door didn’t open. Did she pull when she should’ve pushed? She decided to push the door, but it didn’t budge. She stood there dumbfounded for a moment.
A man came to the glass door and gave her a perplexed look. “I’m sorry miss, but the library is closed.” His wavy red hair framed his face and came to his shoulders. His mint green eyes seemed tired, but not annoyed with her. He held a stack of thick books in his hands.
Before he could turn his back to her, she reached up and grabbed his arm. She stared him in the eye and grabbed his hand. She hoped that he was susceptible to the mind control trick like the lady in the clothing store, but he seemed to be too strong for her.
“Come in.” He pushed the door open more to allow her entrance.
She bit her lip as she entered. She hadn’t seen his face go expressionless. But it was better than walking around hopeless on the streets. The door closed with a loud clack. He walked up to a countered and plopped the stack of books on it. He sighed as he walked behind the counter.
Why are you wondering around here lost?” His Arabic wasn’t perfect, but he made an attempt.
“How did you know I spoke Arabic?” She took an instinctive step back.
He arched an eyebrow at her. “You’re wearing an ankh around your neck.” He held up one finger. “You look like a lost frightened child.” He held up a second finger. “And you tried to use a mind control trick on me to get help.” He held up a third finger. “You’re from Myphelo. Am I right?”
Cleovim gave a soft nod.
“So, here is the big question. Why is a vampire like you lost in this dimension?” He crossed his arms and scrutinized her.
Cleovim took a step back. “I was kidnapped and brought here. I’m trying to find my way back home.”
“Uh-huh.” He nodded in understanding. He leaned under the counter. Once he found what he was looking for, He came back up with a gun. He put it on the table. “So how did they kidnap you?”
“They drugged me with a dart while I was walking in the park.” Cleovim shuffled her feet.
“Why did they kidnap you?” He came back up with several rectangular boxes.
“They said I was worth a lot.” Cleovim stated. “I think it has something to do with my parents.”
“And what do they do?” He opened the side of the silver boxes and began counting their contents.
“They’re the leaders of our clan.” Cleovim stated.
He nodded, loading a clip into the gun. “How long have you been walking around in the sun?”
“A few hours I’m sure.” She looked at her red hands. She was sure her face was even redder. Hell, it might have even been burnt by now.
He looked at her and shook her head. He started putting the extra clips into his pockets. “Why did you come here?”
“I recognized the word library.” She nodded. “My friend, Shelly, is always saying that all the answers can be found in a library.”
He smiled at this as he got out from behind the counter. “Come with me.”
Cleovim followed him, several steps behind him. She wasn’t too sure if she could trust him. He didn’t look like any of the men who had kidnapped her. But then again, anyone with a gun couldn’t be too safe to be around. He opened a door at the back of the first floor. He walked in and fumbled around for the light switch.
“I know that it’s here.” He grumbled. “Somewhere.”
Cleovim sighed in relief. He really was just a mortal. She stared at the light switch as he continued to look for it, on the wrong wall. After a moment, she walked forward and flicked the switch.
He turned and blinked several times as his eyes adjusted to the new found brightness. “I’m an idiot.” He chuckled.
Cleovim bit her lip as she took a step back. She could smell the blood pumping through his body. It smelled delicious and with his laughter, it was starting to smell sweeter. “You can’t snack on random people.” She chided herself mentally. She followed him down the stairs and bit her lip. His scent was wafting up the stairs into her face. She wrapped her arms around her stomach in an attempt to muffle the grumbles her stomach was making.

Thursday, January 8, 2015


I got tired. I got angry. I’ve spent a lot of time on this. Only to have it wasted. You asked me to do this and now you’ve backed out. Firing me when I was never really hired. I wasn’t getting paid for this. This was going to be a hobby. A hobby isn’t a job. Why are you trying to make it sound like one?
I think I’m feed up with your attitude. You’re being such a brat. I thought you had settled down, but you’ve haven’t. I’ve tired of it. I can find better things to do then deal with you. I stay because I care and I know that when I don’t come to hang out with you, you whine and complain. Like a child crying for a new toy. You throw fits and you whine and continually ask questions.  Like are you here yet? For over an hour you do that. It’s very annoying. I came over to hang out with you, not watch your children as you talk on the phone.
I want to have a conversation inside the house and not outside while you’re smoking a cigarette. Woman, it’s cold out here and I’m annoyed. I’m tired and frustrated with every little thing you do. Why do you behave in such a manner? Why do I even put up with it?
Is it because you’re my sister? Is it because you were my first friend? Is it because for years, I could only claim you as my best friend when asked because the only other option I had was a stuff doll? Is it because for a while you were the only reason I came back home? Why do I put up with it? Why? Why? Why?
I’m tired. I’m done. I’m walking away.

I know I’ve said it before. I don’t know why I walked back. But I did. Maybe I should just cut you out. I’m just not sure yet. But space is needed and that’s what I’m going to create. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Cleovim's Story Ch1

Cleovim's Story
Chapter 1:
Cleovim stood at the balcony. The view was breathtaking. She had never seen anything like it before. She looked down at the people going about their lives below. She wondered if they would hear her if she screamed.
“What are you doing?” A voice made her jump.
“Just admiring the view.” She turned to face the tall man. “And planning my escape.” She thought as she meet his disapproving look with an unhappy glare. “Is that a problem?”
“Not for the moment.” He answered.
There was a long silence as they stared each other down. This man had kidnapped her hours before. The other men who were with them before had split ways, talking about meeting up at the ‘fort’ later. He had brought her to this hotel, bond and gagged in a large suitcase. She hated him. There was only one problem that stood out in her mind.
“Why?” She asked through gritted teeth. He arched an eyebrow at her, but stated silent. “Why did you kidnap me?” Cleovim crossed her arms.
He smirked. “You’re worth a lot.” He walked up to her and grabbed her under her chin and forced her to look up at him. “Imagine how much money and land your family will give us to just have you.”
Cleovim gritted her teeth and squirmed out of his grasp. She knew of cases like these and she didn’t want to be another body in the river. “And what will become of me once you guys have what you want?”
The man shrugged. “That’s boss’ call. Not mine. I’m just supposed to keep you till we get to the fort. So be a good little birdie and I won’t have to put you in the suitcase again.” He patted her on the head before she turned on his heel to leave. “I have some errands to run, so don’t try anything.”
Cleovim glared at the closed door for a minute or two. Then she began to look about. She needed a way out of this hotel without anyone noticing her. She didn’t want to risk bumping into him or anyone he worked with.
She walked back onto the balcony and stared down. She was up at least 6 to 8 stories. So she couldn’t just jump out the window. He took the hallway, so she definitely wasn’t going that way. She walked into the bathroom and beamed when she saw a window. Her grin grew bigger as she saw that there was a tree by the window with one of its branches nearly touching the building. The window was smaller than most of the windows in the hotel. But Cleovim crossed her fingers as she hoped it was big enough for her to fit through. It took some elbow grease, but she eventually got it open.
She found a small foot stool under the sink and placed it in front of the window. She stood on it and pushed the window up as far as it would go. It was barely big enough for her to fit through. She put her leg out of the window and stayed straddled there for a moment. With one arm holding the window on the outside, she drew her other leg into her chest as she carefully twisted her body around. Her feet and thighs scrapped against the metal lining in the center of the window. She hissed, but kept going. She finally got her other leg out the window, causing her to sigh in relief. She cursed a second later when her shoe fell off her foot.
“I had to wear slip on shoes today.”
She grabbed on to the top of the window again and slowly rotated her head and upper body out of the window. She felt like some circus act doing this. Cleovim wished she was in the circus doing this. At least there would a net to catch her when she fell. She stared at the tree. One of its branches was 2 inches from her. But from here, she could see that it wasn’t as thick as she thought and she wasn’t sure if she could reach it. She took a breath and sent a silent prayer to gods to protect her.
She slowly stood on the small sliver of the window seal. Her feet protesting from being on the slightly slanted surface. Her mind went blank as her body pushed itself off the building. Her body slammed against the branch as her limbs wrapped around it. The limb began to bend under her and she scampered like a squirrel to the center and hugged the base. She stepped sideways on a lower branch and kept doing this crab step until her feet finally touched the concrete.
Cleovim’s brain finally kicked back in as she stood there hugging the base of the tree. She looked around and noticed that people were walking passing her. She let go of the tree and looked up towards the window she leapt from. She could barely see it from the ground. She needed to get away from here. She stepped out of the square that the tree was rooted in, only to pull her foot back at the heat of the concrete.
I must have lost my other shoe when I jumped.
She skimmed the ground and smiled with relieve that her shoes were laying on the ground. She dealt with the heat as she tipped toed to her shoes and picked them up. She slipped them on her feet and looked around as she tried to get her bearings. It was a city, but which one? She walked to an intersection and looked that the sign.
It proudly proclaimed itself, “West Chapel.” While the other sign called itself, “Jefferson Avenue.”
Cleovim had never heard of those streets before. She turned right and kept walking. She looked up at the sun and cursed. She was at a disadvantage. The sun was never a good thing for her people. She couldn’t afford to be found cowering in some dark space. That would probably be the first place they would look for her when they realized she was gone.
“Ra, don’t burn me too bad.” She murmured as she crossed the street with a group of people. No one looked at her, which relieved her. But she couldn’t help but notice that the people of this city dressed differently than she did. She wore a purple dress with leather sandals and silver gorgerine. An ankh dangled from the center of her gorgerine while different colored beads dangled off the necklace over her shoulders. The people of this country wore pants and t-shirts. Some wore belts and others didn’t.
Cleovim had heard of how other countries dressed differently than those in her country. At first she thought it was interesting. Now, however, she hated it. How was she supposed to blend in and lose her captures?
She glanced up and cringed. The sun sure was bright. Luckily though, it seemed to be getting lower in the sky. Which meant she wouldn’t have to worry about combusting anytime soon. Her skin was showing signs of a sunburn which meant she had been walking for nearly 2 hours. Her feet were sore, but she had to continue.
She had been keeping close to alleys and away from the road. He had probably returned by now and realized she had escaped. They were probably looking for her already, though she was hoping that the guy who was left to watch her was too stupid to actually drive around looking for her. Still she wasn’t going to take any chances that he might be smart enough to actually drive around. She knocked three times on a brick building as to not ruin what little luck she had.
She looked down at her clothes and grimaced. She needed to find clothes that would help her blend into this city. Just hiding in big groups of people couldn’t hide her strange outfit. She also didn’t like that some people had now started to actually look at her. She didn’t like gawkers. They always seemed to get under her skin like an annoying splinter. She wanted to confront them and make them speak, but this wasn’t the place for it nor was it the time.
Clothes. She reminded herself. I need to change my clothes and blend in.
She took a deep breath and decided to walk into a store she had seen people walking in and out of. She hesitantly walked in, relieve that she wasn’t repelled.
This must be a store. Cleovim looked around the area and smiled. What luck! There were several aisles of clothes. She walked up and down the aisles, amazed to see just a broad range of colors. Though they didn’t have the textures and patterns that many of her clothes had back home, they still amazed her. She had never seen so many shades of one color before.
“May I help you, Miss?” A light, cheery voiced chimed from behind her.
Cleovim turned around confused. She hadn’t comprehended a word the woman said. They must speak a different language here. She fiddled with her fingers. She didn’t understand the woman, and wasn’t sure if the woman knew Arabic. But still she had to try. “Hello. I am looking to buy clothes. How are your sizes organized?”
The woman raised her eyebrows at her. “Oh my! I’m sorry. I don’t know what you’re saying.” Cleovim slumped her shoulders as the woman shook her head and raised her arms to wave them in front of her. She didn’t know Arabic.
Cleovim sighed. She couldn’t stay here too long. She would have to hope that the woman was manipulable enough for her trick.
“Hold on, let me see if we have someone who speaks or knows what language you’re speaking.” She began to hurry off but Cleovim grabbed the sleeve of her orange blouse. She turned to her with a smile. “Would you like to come with me?”
Cleovim stared her in the eye as she grabbed her hand and squeezed. The woman’s brown eyes flashed a copper color as her face became blank. “Of course, Miss. Come right this way.” She gestured towards the back of the store.
Cleovim was glad she had been practicing this trick. Her father was right, mind control tricks were a necessity for their kind. It didn’t take long for the woman to pick out an outfit for her: a button up flannel shirt, a pair of jeans, and a pair of converse. Cleovim was even able to learn some of the woman’s language, English. It was a confusing language, but if it was what she needed to speak to get around, she would.
“Where are the vampires in this region?” Cleovim ordered of the woman as she changed clothes.
“Vampires?” The woman tilted her head. She was under Cleovim’s control, but she seemed generally confused. “No one believes those are real. They’re just stories we used to entertain ourselves.”
Cleovim bit the inside of her cheek. So no one here knew of her kind which meant just walking to the nearest hospital and asking for blood to fix her sunburns would not go well. She needed to get blood soon though. Her stomach had started to complain less than an hour after her escape and it wasn’t getting any quieter.
She knew she wasn’t supposed to feed off of mortals, but it was an emergency and therefore, would hopefully be forgiven. She only took a small amount. Not enough to make the woman dizzy. She covered the bite marks she left with a large band. She sighed with relief as her sun burns began to heal. She didn’t take enough to fully heal them, but it was enough to relief the pain.

The woman handed Cleovim a back pack with some bottles of lotion and sun screen. Cleovim thanked the woman as she grabbed hold of the woman’s hand. “Return to work and remember nothing of me.” She gave the order before she left the store. 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Leelah Alcorn

Leelah Alcorn

I’ve been seeing a lot of her on Tumblr. At first, I was very confused, because I don’t watch the news often. I got the gist of what had happened very quickly. Today I found a link to Leelah’s Tumblr as an html thanks to some wonderful people on Tumblr. I’ll link to those below.
Leelah was a beautiful young woman who was shun, not only be society, but by her own parents. As a child, we seek acceptance, especially from our parents. It’s human nature. We all want someone to love and accept us.
I feel like Leelah didn’t get that. She was a normal teenage girl who felt insecure. That feeling is perfectly normal. What isn’t normal is for parents not to support their child. She wanted your acceptance, and you denied her. And not only that, you cut her off from the support she could get. For what? What did you cut her off for? Because you were embarrassed? You felt your daughter was an embarrassment to you?
What about how your daughter felt? How did she feel? How did she feel with you constantly telling her that there was something wrong with her? How did she feel being told that she was an embarrassment for you? Did you every think about that? Did you ever think about what you were doing to your daughter?
If there was a prize for horrible parenting, I think you, parents of Leelah Alcorn, would be awarded. You refused to accept your daughter. You refused to allow her to be herself. And that hurt her. You took her out of school and cut her off from the world. You hurt your own daughter dearly and that angers me and several people.
Leelah Alcorn, a beautiful young woman, I hope you find peace in the afterlife. I hope you can still see this world and see that there are a lot people talking about you. Discussing what happened in your life and that there are people who support you. There are people who are going to make sure your death means something. There are people who are lobbing for change. We are sharing your words, we are reading them, we are understanding, or at least trying to understand them.
There are a lot of things that I may not understand, I will strive to understand. I, myself, will use my talents to show support. I think that everyone should use their talents and their voices to discuss what we as a society teach our children about gender issues and how we as a society accept trans people, and just people in general.
That’s really all I have to say at the moment.
Lots of love and hugs for Leelah Alcorn! I hope you are able to rest in peace. I hope you feel all the love and support people have and are putting out there.

Rest in Peace
Leelah Alcorn
A beautiful young lady
November 15th, 1997 – December 28th, 2014

Links to Leelah’s Tumblr: