Friday, June 9, 2017

Update about Art Institute of Atlanta

I was informed by a relative who knows about legal stuff to write a letter to the Art Institue of Atlanta about all the grievances that I've had with the school and teachers assoicated. I was told to write of every instance and explain how I did not receive the education I had signed the loans for and how I would refuse to pay them for the lack of education and quality they provided. I was informed to send it certified mail to them so that they would have to sign for it and to send a copy to my relative and a legal team. I was informed to send it before the school becomes non-profit durning the summer quarter.
I am slowly working on the letter because I don't want to miss anything and I will also include tales from fellow classmates that I have heard. Because a lot is wrong with this school, I don't want to be queit about it anymore.
If any of you have had similar experiences, I encourage you to also write a letter and send it certified mail as well.